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Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Day 861 - The Spirit of the Rose

I promise that today, my theory on Blue Rose will be explained, but I am very short of time, so I may not get through the whole agenda. This will also be my last blog entry for a few days.

1. Apologies For Absence
2. Matters Arising From Yesterday
3. Morrissey on Twitter
4. France
5. What/Who is Blue Rose
6. Justin Bieber
7. The Pessoas 
8. Album and Tour
9. Any Other Business

Blue Rose Society Members Present in the past 24 hours: TRB, HeatherCat, Loughton Lil, LizzyCat, Willow (@Smashingblouse7), Bermondsey Billy (a c**t), Fifi (Fire... a Morrissey pessoa), EARS, Romina (back to me thinking she may be a possible pessoa.... somehow.... with Damon's input?), Kate Ryan (a Morrissey pessoa), Yunaragunarso, Comrade Harps, Chuck Smith, MancLad, Astraea (a Morrissey pessoa), Father Brian (good to see you sir), GWO, Edge (not him out of U2...the photography guy), Kellie the Crisp and Clover Dean.


Girl On Bike
To set the record straight, I didn't criticise Broken's sexual preferences, nor did I call JB (or anyone for that matter) a fag. Parody Moz correct in stating that there is a line that shouldn't be crossed. For me, that line is being accused of things like mocking someone's suicide attempt (???) etc. Real Moz or not, but accusing people of things they didn't do and tweeting sarcastic comments about them is not on. But that is my problem, not yours.

It was fun while it lasted but for now it's good bye.


A) 'H'Yesterday, Morrissey mentioned 'H' when describing caramelised onion. I took it to mean a person called 'H', perhaps a waiter, but GWO offers this:

girlwithout21 January 2014 21:43

I did not read the 'caramelised onion H' as being a who, but as a what. But what a what I do not know.


HeatherCat has pointed out that Fifi's comment left on Day 859 of FTM referred to item 4 of that day's agenda, ie Rank, and not item 3, ie Jeane, as I reported yesterday! I really am getting rather muddled lately. In truth, I didn't understand what Fifi meant when she said, "last line on 3. He was. He is. I am." Here is the whole comment from Day 859:

What have you done, Water!?
Not cool.

Joking aside, very good job once again on the blog. You are on fire! Well, not literally. You know what I mean.

1. "Absence diminishes mediocre passions and increases great ones, as the wind extinguishes candles and fans fires"
2. See R's comment above.
3. Great analysis, Mr Rodent. Very, very interesting indeed.
4. Last line on 3. He was. He is. I am too.
8. Oh no you didn't! Bloody public domain.

I have to go. I have a swimming lesson.

Heather's interpretation was later confirmed by Fifi as being correct:

Heather is right about what I meant. Heather is always right.

I must go. I have to go buy some Fred Perry wellies and they're not easy to find. I will be back later.


Bermondsey Billy got confused by this, and thought it therefore meant Fifi was referring to track three on Rank (Vicar in a Tutu), but Heather later explained:

Billy, Fifi wasn't referring to the last line of track 3 on Rank, but rather the last line that Rat wrote on item number 3 on the agenda, which asks if Johnny was keeping a secret (about Jeane). Fifi is saying that Johnny is keeping a secret about Rank, and so is she. She also wrote 'soon', which I'm hoping means that she will reveal the secret of Rank to us soon. Thanks, Fifi - I'm not always right, btw :)

So what is this secret code that is in Rank? And on the subject of secrets, WHY were both @MorrisseysMum and @Banjaxer tweeting the number '22' the other day, and WHY, before disappearing from twitter, did Fifi and 'Mum' both post tweets quting the 'Vicar of Wakefield'? WHY WHY WHY? So many mysteries.



Romina suggested that Kristeen Young's song should have been higher in yesterday's chart, but the way in which she suggested this, with a highly amusing reply in 'broken' English, has ONCE AGAIN thrown suspicion back on her as being a Morrissey pessoa. I have always believed she had to be a pessoa, but her Italian is so fluent, I just couldn't work it out.... but it's simple, Damon Anacreonte is responsible for providing the Italian... or maybe Moz has learnt Italian himself! Either way, Romina HAS to be connected to Morrissey.

Here is Romina's comment from yesterday, which interestingly enough mentions 'swimming', just as Fifi mentioned it the day before! Hmm:

Dear Rat, sending you my massive apologize for the char, I was out for shopping and these promotional sales make me waste a lot of time! Anyway cheers for the fantastic songs! maybe Kristeen's song deserves an higher position, but cousin Fluff is the DJ and I don't want to hang him! Fingernails is very interesting, the word remainds me my holiday in Dublin three years ago, on a local newspaper there was a picture of Morrissey and Tony Visconti busy recording the three "new" songs, but in the front page there was a large picture of Shane McGowan sporting a veru strange kind of French manicure, do you know French manicure? Simple, just the top of the fingernail is painted with withe nail polish and all the finernail is painted with transaprent shining polish, but Shane's top fingernails were painted in black as the dirty fingernails of a young boy...curious coincidence, as always. Yesterday post was very interesting to, I'm agree with Comrade Harps about the interpretation of the lyrics, in fact, interpretation is strictly related to the personal culture of the reader and sometimes the author does'nt know about the symbols or the connection with other artworks, or maybe the reader, or the listner, got a particular idea about the author and misunderstands the meaning of the words. This, in my opinion, happens with the song "I can have both", due to the constant gossip about Morrissey's sexuality people read this song as a clue of bisexuality, but in my mind it is simply a song about the attitude with love's choise, not about gender choice. Sorry if I'm a little bit boring, now I got to go, my daughter got very important swimm training. Ciao!


The Parody Moz account has once again been closed, so there is nothing to report. More importantly though (and you'll see where this leads under items 5 & 6), Broken has been back on twitter with his 'Ironic Boy Belieber Twitter Page'. It is also important to note that Broken's twitter profile reads:

'A Boy Belieber. I believe Justin has talent and will in a few years discover The Smiths. He will be the new Morrissey/David Bowie. Watch this space.'

Here are some of Broken's (@Broken1andonly) tweets from yesterday, and remember, these have been written by Morrissey. This IS important:

Will the real Justin Bieber please stand up?
I think the real JB is a sweet, slightly damaged dude from Canada and he's created an image to sell to the world.
He loves animals, his family and pizza pie.
But somewhere along the line he picked up a Georgia accent, indoor shades and a few Ferraris. He needs to find himself.
Maybe that's what Justin's doing? Finding himself?
People don't realise Justin just has to live. He'll make mistakes but he'll come out stronger than ever.
He's too good a singer and performer to keep doing this bland R&B shit.

Menippus (@Menippus) made a very brief appearance yesterday, with just this one tweet of note:

For some surreal reason I dreamt I was at Judy Finnigan's 70th birthday party at a funfair/carnival. No Bieber in sight.

Astraea (@FadingGoldLeaf) is the musical director of Morrissey's online life, and most of her tweets are music related. I actually wonder if Astraea is feeding us material that may at a later stage appear on Morrissey's pre-concert warm up video. I do hope so, her taste is impeccable. If that is to be the case, then her account will no doubt disappear before the tour starts.

Yesterday, after the weekly chart was published, Astraea posted the Jayne Mansfield's version of Quando Quando Quando, which is just UN FUCKING BELIEVABLE! : Astraea also posted Suey by Jayne M, which will make your liver quiver:

The only other pessoa to put in an appearance yesterday (the only other to my knowledge that is, although there could of course be hundreds more) was Kate 'Dolly' Ryan, but as she has now apparently blocked everybody, I can't report on her tweets, although she was having a rant about Morrissey not using his official twitter account '@itsMorrissey', which incidentally hasn't been used since 2009, and yet still has over 72,000 followers. It will be interesting to see if the marketing men at Capitol look to get that account active before the next album comes out.


It is interesting to note in Fifi's first quote above, that she posts a link to floods in Saint Tropez, and then mentions buying Fred Perry wellies in her second post. Presumably this means that Morrissey is heading to the South of France, as I previously suggested.... perhaps he is already there!

So, WHY France? Morrissey's previous two albums were recorded in LA and Rome, so is he heading to France for any particular reason? I personally believe that Jean Cocteau is the pull, and Cocteau has obviously influenced Morrissey for years, but why go now, why has he not gone before? Perhaps Moz always meant to record in France, but just never got around to it.

Perhaps Morrissey is planning to meet up with Francoise Hardy. Could that be the French connection? There has been rather a lot of Francoise's music played in the Twitterdilly Arms lately by Astraea.


Right, I've put it off for long enough, so here goes.... THE MAIN EVENT of today's blog entry.
I don't really know how to start, and I don't even know what I am going to write, so let's see what spews out of my rat like brain. For many people, this whole next bit might be a little bit too much to comprehend, and I have to admit, it is WAY outside of my comfort zone.

Ultimately, most Morrissey fans will probably see the Blue Rose Society as just a bit of fun, although I use the word 'most' fairly loosely, because actually, most Morrissey fans have never heard of the BRS. Actually, the word 'fun' is a fairly loose word too, as most Morrissey fans who have heard of the BRS don't think it's fun, they think we're all a bunch of crackpots, and what I am just about to write is probably only going to heighten those thoughts.

I suppose that this whole Blue Rose thing could just be a Morrissey Fan Club, set up by the man himself, via a parody website, but I agree with Broken, "it goes deeper than any of you realise."

I am very much an atheist, and as far as I am aware, I have never had any sort of spiritual side. I'm just your average run of the mill bloke, who likes cricket and football, works hard (or probably smart rather than hard if I'm honest), and doesn't try to think too deeply about things... but this MorrisseysWorld experience has opened my mind on so many matters, and I keep stumbling across things that seem to link to other things. Jigsaw, jigsaw, jigsaw. I'm waffling aren't I?

Ok... *deep breath* my theory on Blue Rose is that Morrissey, or perhaps we, the BRS as a group, have 'subconsciously' created a modern day equivalent of either the Priory of Sion or the Rosicrucian, but perhaps not with any religious connotation.

For those who haven't immediately logged off, and are interested enough to want to see where this is going, then I aught to explain just what the Priory of Sion is; although because I have neither read The Da Vinci Code, nor read any more than a wikipedia entry on the Priory of Sion, I am very much out of my depth here. Here is the wiki entry:

The original Priory of Sion is supposedly a secret organization responsible for preserving the truth about the 'Real Jesus', and according to what I have read, it's Grand Master between 1918 until his death in 1963, was none other than Jean Cocteau. It is believed by some that Cocteau was unable to find a successor to his role, presumably because there was nobody who he felt worthy, and it may well be that the order failed to continue after 1963.... but if I had a spiritual bone in my body, I would say that perhaps it was just 'on hold'.

It could be that Cocteau had initially earmarked the younger Raymond Radiguet to succeed him as Grand Master, which is why, when Radiguet died so suddenly, Cocteau took it so badly.

Image result for cocteau radiguet

Although all this is out of my comfort zone, I can't help but feel that there was a 'spiritual' reason for Cocteau to come to Britain in 1959 and draw his 'Three Frescoes of the Annunciation, Crucifixion and Assumption' at the Notre Dame de France church in London. Could it be that Cocteau was drawn to England because he sensed his successor was here, even though he didn't know their identity? Was it his calling?

Cocteau's drawing in the Notre Dame de France church is very interesting, in that he doesn't show the face of the person on the cross, so although most people would presume it is Christ, it could be Cocteau's faceless successor. Cocteau drew a large Blue Rose, a large letter 'M', and he signed it off with DDD.

Jean Cocteau mural, London. by TheAltruist.

More information about Cocteau's drawing in London can be read here:

The article mentions another society with whom Cocteau was supposedly involved, called the Rosicrucian. I have a feeling that I have read somewhere before that Oscar Wilde may also have been linked to the Rosicrucian. Information on the Roscicrucians can be read here:

I don't believe for one minute that Morrissey has ever been 'inducted' as the Grand Master of the Priory of Sion, but I DO believe that he himself feels some sort of spiritual connection with Cocteau, and Morrissey will be more than aware of both the Priory of Sion and the Rosicrucian. Does Morrissey feel that he is Cocteau's successor, albeit that it may be a 'spiritual' succession, and if so, has he ever shared this with anybody?

I can't imagine for one minute that Morrissey would ever go public with such matters, it would put him into David Icke territory, and I don't believe for one minute that either the media, or indeed Morrissey's own fans, would be willing to let him off lightly if he ever made such a claim

All the masonic imagery that Morrissey placed on the MorrisseysWorld blog, was put there for a reason. Perhaps it was Morrissey showing that he knew there was a connection between him and the Priory/Rosicrucians, but maybe he didn't know what he was supposed to do with it. Perhaps it is only the natural evolvement of the BRS that has awoken something inside him, which again, may account for him feeling the need to record in France, close to Cocteau.

I may of course be barking mad, but there is definitely something spiritual about the Blue Rose Society, and perhaps I have only touched the tip of an iceberg, perhaps this already runs far deeper.

Morrissey IS Blue Rose.


As well as masonic imagery, another 'constant' throughout this MorrisseysWorld journey has been the inclusion of Justin Bieber. There has to be a reason why Bieber of all people is continuing to be part of 'this', and I think it could be that despite Bieber's awful songs, fashion faux pas' and THAT moustache, Morrissey finds that he has a connection to him, and if I am right about the whole Priory of Sion thing, Morrissey could actually see Bieber as his protege!

Having observed Morrissey's behavior towards Bieber, both in 'real life' through press comments, and via Morrissey's 'online pessoas', I would guess that Morrissey is battling himself about Bieber. Every bone in Morrissey's body must be telling him that Bieber is just "another nonsense non-star" who can't dance, can't sing, can't do anything... and yet, and yet, and yet.... he feels a connection. By using the pessoa of 'Broken', the 'ironic boy belieber', Morrissey can pass the whole Bieber thing off as a joke, and if Bieber fails to live up to expectation as a successor, then the whole thing WAS a joke, but those words,  "I believe Justin has talent and will in a few years discover The Smiths. He will be the new Morrissey/David Bowie. Watch this space.", I believe could very well come true. Jigsaw, jigsaw, jigsaw.

There was an interesting tweet the other day, not by Broken, but by Parody Moz, which said something like, "They are ruining him." Bieber is only 19 (20 in March), and if he's not careful 'they' might not only ruin him, they might kill him. And people thought 'The Kid's a Looker' was a throw-away song? Bollocks!

Knowing who is who in this whole phenomenal MorrisseysWorld journey is one of the biggest mind fucks. Most people on twitter hide their true identities, and therefore everybody is suspicious about everybody else. There is also the impossibility of working out which pessoas might, or might not be, the work of Morrissey. Personally, I believe Morrissey to be behind Parody Moz, Broken, Greyer Girl, Menippus, Kate 'Dolly Wilde' Ryan, Astraea, Fifi, possibly Romina, and Morrisseys Mum, but I may be wrong. There could also be MANY others. Each pessoa has there own personality, gender, age etc, just as Fernando Pessoa created his. In the case of Kate Ryan, she is not only mentally unhinged, but she is also a writer in her own right. What is very important to remember is that NONE of these pessoas is Morrissey.

There are now just 10 days before work starts on the album. The excitement is going to be electric. Hopefully the tour will also be announced soon, and I can't wait to see what cities the tour takes in. The 2013 tour kicked off in Long Island, especially, it would seem, for Kyle, the President of the Blue Rose Society. Will Morrissey play concerts close to the homes of EARS, GOB, Loughton and me? He knows where we all live! And will any of Astrea's music, or any of the MorrisseysWorld imagery make it onto the tour video? Can you imagine our faces if Billy Britt suddenly appeared?

It's going to be a GREAT year for Morrissey.


A) David Bret

I had never heard of David Bret until the other day, when a few of the Blue Rosers got into an argument with him on twitter, but although he is being particularly scathing about MorrisseysWorld and Parody Moz, it is only because he, like many others, just can't comprehend that Morrissey could possibly be behind it. From the comments left by Broken though, I get the feeling that Moz actually has a soft spot for Bret. Here is what he tweeted:

Broken: Bret seems a bit petty. Have you seen him interviewed? He's rather eccentric. But he's superior to the average Moz fan. He's also right about M-solo. He's more enlightened than the cesspit of Morrissey fans. He's a many-times-published writer. He's got something to say.

Chuck: disagrees is just too brainless to understand his enormous insights.

Broken: So very much like Morrissey then? Every TTY note more or less says the same. I'm right and you idiots don't understand, you idiots! And why am I so ignored?

If Bret is as intelligent as Morrissey thinks, then it will only be a matter of time until he realises that there couldn't possibly be anybody except Moz, who is behind MorrisseysWorld. Many have tried to find somebody else who could possibly be behind it, but once you put together all the pieces of the jigsaw, there actually isn't ANYBODY else it could be. It's impossible. Slowly, slowly, they will all begin to realise.

B) Blue Rose member, Chuck Smith, has created a blog, which keeps tabs of all the 'coincidences' and 'signs' that surround the mystery of MorrisseysWorld. It is currently a work in progress, but hopefully she will list as many as she can.... and there really have been HUNDREDS. Here is the blog:

So, that's it. I have entered unchartered waters with my Blue Rose theory. I certainly don't expect Morrissey to admit it, but we are on a ride to somewhere, and I'm holding on tight.

Love Blue Rose MT (Menton) - Trouble Loves Me


  1. There is a Rose that Never goes Out...

  2. great writing rat. I definitely see that blue rose
    connnection/meaning. after all, all the symbols on MW
    had to be there for a reason. as for bieber, I totally
    agree, it is like he has painted himself into a corner
    musically/artistically ... I've said all along, it's
    only a matter of time before he discovers moz/the smiths
    and then starts seeing things differently.

    ** and yes I can't wait for the tour film footage to
    have BR symbols mixed in and people STILL DENY
    IT ALL

  3. Mr Rat, wonderful blog, your hard work is much appreciated. Here is an interesting quote from "Meetings with Morrissey" by Len Brown,p139. "This connection or staged coincidence, I would learn, was very typical of Morrissey. There always seems to be another reason why he wants to meet you somewhere, or why he mentions something, as if it's all part of some intricate masterplan".

  4. "If Bret is as intelligent as Morrissey thinks, ..."

    I feel the urge to comment on that. He kept tweeting a travel blogger who has taken the @morrissey nick, not realising that it's not Morrissey - so I wouldn't place a bet that he has the mental capacity to realise what's going on with MorrisseysWorld. He's also incapable of constructive debate, or he just refuses to discuss his views, for good reasons probably. I'm really not one that likes to fight, in fact, I avoid it, because I'm very likely to lose, but give me that Bret character for a discussion anytime, I'd easily (and very happily) wipe the floor with him. His intelligence is sufficient for twisting Morrissey's statements so that they fit his agenda, but that's about it.

    Ok that was hopefully the last comment that I made about that clown. Sorry but he really raises my blood pressure.

  5. Ratty, please I'm not Morrissey, not Damon and not related with both of them! Tomorrow I'll write a proper comment, great post! P.s. are you David Bret?

  6. Over my annoyance towards Mr. Bret I totally forgot to thank you for mentioning my blog... it was a bit of a spontaneous idea, it kept me well-entertained for a sleepless night and the following day, and I didn't add much since, but I recently gave it a make-over and updated some articles, so everyone is invited to take a look and leave comments.

    1. I have added your blog to season creep's public blog list. Keep up the good work.

  7. Great blog today Ratty, giving plenty of food for thought. I think you may well be onto something.
    I wonder if any other famous person has created pessoas ?
    It is a fascinating concept.

  8. fuck me gerbil breath, if Moz plays at any leisure centre then it will be the Forum near me..oh and did I tell you that I have been to Sion, 1984

    1. I am hoping Moz plays a venue near me. I have mentioned it enough times.
      He played there 3 years ago come June.

  9. 'Can you imagine our faces if Billy Britt suddenly appeared?' I can imagine mine!! You are getting your Billy's in a twist. It was Bobby Britt.

  10. What happened to the item on 'NME nominations?

  11. Last night Australian time, Kate 'Dolly Wilde' Ryan's Twitter profile said something like "playwright for David Icke".

    Today it says "A Work Of Art - Wherever SHE IS"

    Someone's who's tweets are protected is playing along via her profile.

    I wonder who her 1 follower is? And who are the 2 accounts she is following?

  12. Rat,
    I have been regular reader of your blog and I apologize for not commenting. I suppose I am too lazy or a wallflower or some other lame excuse. I do want to Thank You for doing a great job. There is no other place on the net for info on all things Moz. I feel you are the glue that holds the BRS together. Your theory's, reseach and knowledge are quite impressive. So keep up the good work. Alot of people appreciate and rely on you to keep things going for The BRS. Thanks Again!
    Harrison (OdysseyNumber5)

    1. Amen to this comment, it is exactly right!

  13. Well done, Rats. Although Broken tweeted that your theory is wrong, it's fascinating stuff nonetheless. The blog really has become better than ever lately and we greatly appreciate your efforts.

  14. The idea that Morrissey might see himself as the heir of Cocteau is fascinating. To add to the coincidences about this, let me refer to two lyrics: How Soon Is Now and Heir Apparent. Although in no way am I suggesting that these songs have anything specific to do with Cocteau, I will point out that both lyrics have the word "heir" in them, which is an unusual word in popular song and Morrissey has used it twice.

    It suggests that Morrissey has an on-going interest in the theme of heirs.

  15. I am dreaming of a Morrissey & Francoise Hardy duet - Mouthwatering!
    Another action packed blog Mr Rat.

    I am off for some winter sunshine at the weekend so forgive me if I am unable to comment for the next week or so. Canarian wifi is not terribly reliable!


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