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Thursday, 23 January 2014

Day 862 - Wrong

Yesterday's post went in the wrong direction. An over-active imagination perhaps.

Broken: "TRB your blog was interesting but wrong today."

Time for a rest.


  1. Enjoy a break from the Moz madness, you deserve it.
    Take time by the pool Ratty and only return when you are
    You owe it to yourself and your family.

    1. PS
      I found your theory very interesting and plausible.
      No shame in that Ratty.

  2. Uh oh. Don't be upset about this.
    Do take a break. It was a lot to take on in one sitting.
    There is no right or wrong. Not in the BRS anyway.
    I am impressed with your last 2 blog entries.
    Unfortunately, I'll have to sit on Broken's side of the canoe on some points.
    You cannot be blamed though, all you can do is guess, interpret, imagine...but who is truly handing you the truth?
    We should talk.

  3. There's nothing wrong with being wrong. It's merely a theory and quite an interesting one. MW is one of the great unsolved mysteries of the universe, so how can one possibly expect to make sense of it all? Enjoy your time off, Rats - you certainly deserve it.

  4. Hey Rats, you do a fu**in grand job here. Please don't give yourself a hard time.
    I echo the others, take some time out & enjoy it.

    Take care.

  5. When all we have to go on is hints of shadows, it 's all deliberately confusing and mind bending. I fully understand why most Moz fans stay away. What they want is a verified Twitter account and I completely understand that.

    We didn't want to end up all Ickey, do we? Take a rest and wait for something to happen. It will.

    Btw, another lyrics that's been noodling about my bonce this week: "I am a living sign"

  6. LOL

    Don't be so upset, old fellow. You're more melodramatic than our Mozzer!

    Incidentally, Sabine is a liar. She has lied one time too many. I don't want anything more to do with her, or her immature behaviour.

    I repeat once again - she mocked a suicide attempt and made a homophobic comment about Justin Bieber. I'm sure Our Mozzer could post some of her comments if you wish - many of which are still on the blog and which she emailed to have removed on a few occasions.

    Ever Bieber's,


    PS Don't fret, Justin. Your arrest will only make you more loved!

    1. You're no better than her though are you? Stop trying to make Sabine out to be a nasty person when you are ten times worse. You manipulate people all the time if they don't agree with your backward views. I'm sure if you had your real name and photo on here, twitter or anywhere else on the Internet you wouldn't say any of the stuff you have been saying to people.

    2. sod off Sabine, you tedious and glib pain.

    3. I'm not Sabine.

  7. The path lit by the torch bearer is followed by not only the open minded supporter, but narrow minded critic. Either way it's a heavy burden. I applaud your efforts.

  8. A few days ago, Broken's comment would have really upset me. Now I just find it laughable. Who is the immature one around here? Lol!


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