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Friday, 24 January 2014

Day 863 - Postcards from the Poolside

Dear Blue Rosers, I have arrived back in the real world, where I find nothing much has changed. For some, the real world is hell on earth, but I am one of the lucky ones; my home is a loving place, and taking the dog for a long walk along the beach yesterday with a wife who adores me (well why wouldn't she?) was as blissful as one can hope for.
I will no doubt be "back down the rabbit hole" soon.



Dear Earth, Wind and Fire (llllol), Earth, thank you for keeping us all grounded, Wind (Air), thank you for providing a soft cooling breeze, and Fire, never stop burning.

Dear Justin, I know you won't be reading this, but following your arrest yesterday for 'driving whilst under the influence', I fear for you. You are just nineteen, and you are rebelling, but it looks as though there is NO cause. What was it that Log Lady foresaw in the last MorrisseysWorld article? Oh yes, a car crash. Hopefully, Justin, for you it will just be a career car crash, but I fear for you.

Live fast, Justin, Live fast.

A Friend of Broken's

Dear GOB, The MW journey has helped us all open our eyes and minds to many things, and it has shown us we have prejudices, no more so than how we all pre-judged how we thought Morrissey would behave. The journey has also shown us we have prejudices that we may not even have realised existed.

Sometimes in life we have to put our hands up, and admit we are wrong. With regard to your argument with Broken, despite what you think, YOU are wrong. You are perhaps seeing something in yourself that you do not like, but rather than offer excuses, or blame another (ie Broken), it is time to reflect, and then if you can see that you are wrong, you should apologize to Broken.

If after reflection, you still think you are 100% right, and you decide NOT to apologize to Broken, then I guess that you will be mounting your bike, and heading in the same direction as Rosy Mires, Still.I.Cling et al. Perhaps the BRS is not the place for you after all.

I hope to see you here on my return, but if not, enjoy your ride, wherever it may take you.


Dear Harrison (@OdysseyNumber5) and Stephanie (@Stracy1675) Thank you for your messages of support. The BRS is indeed a global family.


Blue Rose Postcard postcard
And now, back to the poolside...... "H, be a darling.... wash that caramelised onion off your hands and come and do my back for me dear."


  1. As I tweeted: @MorrisseyParody should take the Biebernator under his wing and teach him some quiet self-loathing

  2. Dear Water Rat,
    Thanks for always keeping us afloat and for your postcard update. Glad to hear your time by the pool is going swimmingly. When you feel sufficiently refreshed, we look forward to your return so that you may quench our thirst once again for all things MW-related. Enjoy the pool!

    Soddingly yours,
    Earth Cat

    1. As the months pass, fewer and fewer care. This is MorrisseysWorld.

  3. Dear whiskers.. if i know Sabine.. she will tell you to shove it... good for her i say

  4. Rat,

    Recharge your batteries and relax for a bit. When you're ready, we need you back for your intrepid reporting on Our Moz.
    Your theories, intuition and investigative reporting are essential for the journey we are all on. The setbacks can be a little frustrating but don't ever let that stop the search for the mystery that is The Blue Rose. A wonderful weekend to you and all The BRS members.

    Harrison (@OdysseyNumber5)

    1. Mysteries don't want to be exposed and explained.

    2. That makes the search all the more intense and exciting.

  5. happy that ur back Ratty, but I'm done w/ that Bieber kid, back to more important things...Our Mozzer, new album, tour & the BRS, don't put no James Dean pic beside that kid, who needs a good crack in the head...Sorry Broken, I luv ya but it's true...Glad ur both back. Enjoy ur pool time.

  6. Dear Mr. Rat,
    Whether Sabine is right or wrong, I honestly agree with what Marcus said on twitter that she doesn't deserve public flogging (My apology to Marcus for quoting his tweet without permission).

    If I ever make a stupid joke or speak blatantly and unintentionally offended someone, or being rude, or any other mistake that one possibly done, which lead to an enmity, I'd like someone kindly remind me, privately, for an apology.
    Thank you xxx

  7. There seems to be a disturbance in The Force, we should put our feet up until the next TTY statement and the Re-Group! - Love, Peace & Harmony

  8. Thank you for this blog post. The words are true, which is quite something these days.

    Broken tells me Justin is the new James Dean: handsome in every photograph; iconic hair; vacuous in every respect.


  9. It's disappointing to see so many turning a blind eye to what was certainly said. I saw it, many of you saw it. We saw what a certain person said of Broken's suicide attempt - which was quite real, as is broken - in 2007. Broken may be ironic and something of a parody on MW, but the person is quite, quite real.

    To excuse the prejudiced comments about suicide, mental illness and homosexuality is sickening to me.

    I'll never post again on this or any other website, nor will I tweet.

    I'm finished.

    I expected more of the #BlueRoseScoety.

    1. Ratty - don't mention this again. Don't mention her. And don't mention me. We were there and many us saw what was said in black and white. The whole thing is tarnished. I would urge you to close down FTM and they can all go back to the real world.

      This is no time for bitterness and resentment. Let's try to remember the good times. One more article perhaps?



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