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Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Day 867 - The End of the Blue Rose Society?

In September 2011, having discovered that Morrissey had secretly started a blog and twitter account called 'MorrisseysWorld', I set up this blog of mine as a way of keeping my own personal diary of events as they unfolded. Morrissey himself became aware of my diary, and advertised it on the MorrisseysWorld blog for all to see.

Over the next twenty eight months, as the phenomenal story of MorrisseysWorld continued, I carried on writing my diary. Hundreds of signs were given by Morrissey to show that he was behind MW, but his own fans chose not to believe. It was just incomprehensible as to why Morrissey's fans couldn't see it was actually him behind the whole 'thing', but this made it all the more special. As I wrote my diary, approximately 30-40 souls, equally gripped by the MW phenomena, joined me on the journey. During this period, the Blue Rose Society was formed, with the 'Blue Rose' as our emblem.

A few weeks ago, the MorrisseysWorld blog closed, and two days ago, 'Parody Morrissey' (originally @MorrisseysWorld) announced that after 2000 tweets, he was closing the twitter account too.

At the request of 'Broken', a friend of 'Parody Moz', I closed my blog too, which seemed quite logical, as I only ever set it up to write about MorrisseysWorld, but yesterday 'Broken Morrissey' (@BrokenMorrissey) returned to twitter, and as I believe Broken to be Morrissey, I have decided to re-open my blog, to continue recording this phenomenal story. I am, however, a man of integrity (as noted by Broken), so if Broken requests that I close my blog again, then I shall. I have taken down hundreds and hundreds of my blog entries, and left just some of the relevant and funny ones.

I am hoping that we can take off from where we left, after all, this Blue Rose Society is too good to let go, and it has touched the hearts of a group of people right across the globe, but Broken has added to his twitter profile that the Blue Rose Society is dead. I really, really hope this is not the case.

'Parody Moz' may, or may not return, he's certainly an unpredictable s*d, but Broken and Parody M aren't the only characters to have been part of this journey, we were also introduced to a very special person called Fifi, aka Fire. Could Fire re-ignite the Blue Rose flame? If Morrissey decides that he still likes the idea of a global network of like minded fans, then perhaps he will send us Fifi. It would be great to have her back here, especially as she was promising to give us her 'Cocteau Theory'. Perhaps she could also provide us with more information about this photo that has recently cropped up on the net. We know it is of Morrissey and his Auntie Mary Dwyer outside a chapel in New York, but when was it taken, and who took it?


For the record, here are some of Broken's tweets from yesterday. Incidentally, he is using the 'Conan' photo as his profile pic. The doubters never did manage to explain why Moz made that owl sign. Hmm:


I won't be around for long but what an interesting experiment for an arch ironist: being oneself for a while.
The beauty of life is that it ends quite soon.

Hi Heather. I'm back as the real me now. No more irony. Nowhere left to hide.
How does it feel to be stripped bare, free of irony?
I'll utilise irony as ever, Heather, but I won't be defined by it on twitter. It was just an experiment, a fleeting fancy. Most people didn't get it anyway. Now people will realise just how frighteningly sane I am and how witheringly exact. I do miss MW though; it feels like the end of an era. I'll be posting MW classics and throwing in a few of my own! I'll miss MW. I think the blog was a work of art, and the Black Lodge could have gone almost anywhere.

When I was a kid, sleep felt like the biggest waste of time. Now I'm older, it seems like the only sensible thing to do. Sleep restores you, nurtures you; it's like drinking water. But what is this strange thing called sleep? Why is it so crucial
A soft, firm bed is one of life's great pleasures.
Somehow the guiltless pleasures are the most satisfying: sleep, not sex; cleanliness, not vanity.
Irony is a mature defence mechanism. It's a step up from humour and a step down from altruism.
The most sophisticated state to be in is simple acceptance. Try, but don't let trying kill you. Love, but don't let it contain you.
I promise you - life will change, life will surprise you one day.

I'm not Morrissey, or even Our Mozzer - I'm Broken, one of the authors of MW. Sorry to disappoint.
Thats ok, i'm not disappointed at all, you're quite an interesting person in your own right.
I'm fascinating... from a certain angle - specifically when you can't see my face.

A picture captures a thousand words. A poem captures a thousand pictures. A Morrissey song captures a thousand poems.
I've always loved poetry, but it's a hugely under-appreciated art; why are poets always derided, ignored or imprisoned?
Can you imagine The Jonathan Ross show with philosophers, painters and poets among the mindless B-listers?

There's nothing more frightening than the truth. Knowing what's in your heart tells you what's behind your mind.
So true and sad so many people run and hide from truth all their lives.
Yes. Gay people do it too. They refuse to accept they might love and be loved by a woman. Hence - humasexuality.

The cause of all despair is lack of love. We're conditioned to believe we're unlovable.
The message of all media is sex = proof of love; money = you can love yourself; beauty = leads to love.
The media never tells you that it's OK to be you and you can be loved just as you are. Does it?
Homosexuals grow up despising themselves, hiding themselves, hoping one day to be someone else. Is this fair?
My message is - you are lovable.
Have you ever wondered how it feels to be taught your desire for love is a blight sent from the Devil?
I remember being 13, spending all my time alone, living in my own world, because the hatred was palpable every single place I went.
Does anyone think a child should hate to feel that way? How evil can a child be?

I see, yes...accept the truth and be liberated.
The truth is more complex, as Morrissey has always said. Nobody is 'gay' or 'straight' or 'bi' - we're humans who need humans.
By categorising ourselves according to certain sex acts we play into the hands of society. Just be you. Isn't this enough?

Your internal dialogue is one constant stream of self-abuse - or bullying as we call it. Why don't you stop bullying yourself? (Ed: What a quote!)

You are lovable - you can be loved. The first step is to love yourself. You can love a simple flower, or a sunset. Why not love YOU?
God, I just think sometimes... where did my teenage years go? It's so frightening to realise they were frozen.
All I remember is my frozen child's heart. I was in emotional hibernation, from which I'm not yet fully thawed.
I'm in the microwave on defrost, but the bloody thing always leaves me cold in the centre.

People like us treat "irony" in the same way the pious treat godliness: bathed in it, surrounded by it, shining from within
Irony is impossible to define, yet it defines life for those of us who suffer while we think and think while we suffer. Irony will protect you from the consequences of being intelligent enough to know better.

People will forgive anything except forgiveness - that will eat them up for life.
Don't ever try being yourself - if you have to try, you're being someone else.
Imagine if you were loved deep and pure by your friends.
It's impossible, isn't it?
Is love compatible with humour? Is civilisation merely a defence mechanism to protect us from the individual?
Many want us all to be like Jesus. But what's the point in healing the sick when there's no one left to heal?

So there we have it. As to whether or not the Blue Rose Society continues, only Morrissey can decide, after all, if he doesn't want roses, we can hardly force him to take them, but we can live in hope.

Viva Blue Rose
Because We Must

*Goes off singing the 2000th tweet of Parody Moz* Time is like a dream, and now for a time you are mine, let's hold fast to the dream, that tastes and sparkles like wine.

(Footnote - Do feel free to read through some of the FTM blog entries that I have left 'live', some of them are really VERY good, and will remind you of many things you will have long since forgotten.)


  1. 1976 at St Patrick's Cathedral, Manhattan, NYC.


    1. Love the New York Dolls t-shirt. Glad to see our fire hasn't been extinguished.

    2. Moz and Auntie look so happy, what a sweet photo.
      I was very moved the first time I visited St Patrick's.
      I was in turmoil about something and I found the
      cathedral a very calming place, even though I am
      an atheist.

    3. The gift of Fire has arrived, and we thank you. 1976.... the one thing that nobody on Solow could confirm.

  2. I am very happy that things have returned to some kind of normality.
    It would be extremely sad if the BRS were to wither and die.
    So glad to have BrokenMorrissey on Twitter, he has been greatly missed.
    Happy too, that you are blogging again Mr Rat.

  3. Great to see you and the blog back, Rats, but why did you remove so many blog entries? Also great to see Broken return in a new guise and to have his tweets recorded here. BRS certainly is too special to let go - even if it's dead to Broken and Our Mozzer, it will never be dead to us. No matter what happens, it will live forever in our hearts. Hoping to see a flicker of Fifi's flame sOOn...

  4. I don't think the BRS was ever just open to anybody. It represented failure, beauty and Morrisseyism.

    Some members have so lowered the standards that the group is now entirely without meaning.

  5. I'm relieved to have you back for a moment I envisioned the end and it was pitiful. I feel as though those of us who remain carry the torch onward through this darkness. I'm grateful to be surrounded by such like minded people especially broken. Carry On

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. thanks for going to the trouble of posting all those tweets Rat.
    really appreciated.

  8. If I say I agree with a comment which has been removed, will this comment also be removed?

    1. The very fact you've written this comment is disappointing. I removed the anonymous negative comments because they have nothing to do with what Blue Rose represents. Perhaps Broken was right that BRS is dead, but tomorrow I shall write about how I feel BRS can survive, although there will probably be more casualties. At the end of the day, if people don't support Morrissey against those who attack him, how or why would they be part of his society?
      More tomorrow.

    2. One of the comments you removed was stupid and deserved to be removed. The other asked Broken if he felt that he had contributed to the current problems. A reasonable question in response to a Broken comment which seems to refer to other BRS members. It is disappointing that you felt you had to remove one comment but not the other.

      This is supposed to be about Morrissey, as you say.

      I don't want to fall out with you after all we have been through so I am looking forward to your next post to see what direction you are going with this.

    3. What do you mean disappointing that I removed one and not the other? I removed both! This is about Morrissey, and 'Broken Morrissey' IS Morrissey, which I have pointed out in this blog a hundred times, so continued attacks and questioning of 'Broken' are continued attacks on Morrissey, who quite frankly doesn't need to come here to get attacked, he can get that anywhere else in the world, no more so than on the most popular Morrissey fan site, Solow.
      I will blog about this later, but this is NOT our BRS, it is Morrissey's, and therefore we either support him or we get off the bus.

  9. Just spent ages typing a comment which would not publish so will be brief.
    Happy to see you back Rats. I hope those of us remaining will keep the spirit & meaning of blue rose alive.
    Great to see BrokenMorrissey on twit last night with such meaningful words.

    EARS x

  10. May we all be Thankful that "He" is with us!

  11. Rat,

    Glad to see The Blog back. It's required reading for me each time you post. The decision Our Mozzer and Broken make, we will have to live with. Things seem to be quite tenuous at the moment. I look forward to your post tomorrow, your insights are always most welcome.

  12. BRS descends into farce.

    Sabine's latest claim is that her son used the 'f' word to homophobically abuse someone on her account. How preposterous is this claim? Just think about it for a moment. She's admitting her account tweeted it. Yet she's blaming her own son who apparently managed to log on to mummy's account (somehow) and use a homophobic smear (who did he learn that from?) in his five minutes (unsupervised) on mummy's secure account?

    If you believe that you're an idiot.

    So she's more or less admitting she said it. Both Lizzy and Heather have admitted they witnessed other things I said.

    Yet still I'm accused of lying and proof is demanded.

    Now I'm told Sabine said 'sorry.' Erm, not initially she didn't. She posted a comment on Rat's blog accusing me of lying!

    You can judge for yourself whether she's lying. She has apparently blamed her son for using the f word in the preposterous excuse detailed above, which is as good as an admission of guilt. And Heather and Lizzy - her own friends - witnessed the other incident.

    Sabine lied. And when cornered and faced with the facts, she utters her usual insincere 'sorry!' and continues unrepentant.

    TRB's article was honest and fair.

    Fuck everyone who supports her homophobic attitudes, who remains silent when she mocks a suicide attempt, and who bullies the genuine victims here.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. need to let it go...stop bullying, no anti homophobic comments anymore (like that's ever gonna stop) & show what the BRS really is about, & its nothing about any of this that's been going on...We just have to respect eachother. Some ppl don't take it lightly, & some just don't care, but I know (well I feel) though that Sabine was sorry & we just need to let it go. I agree w/ what Chuck said, in private is best, were all adults here. Remember, we're not that other site, don't go that 'Low'. Sorry once is enough.."Oh, please forgive..."
    you say:
    "Oh, live and let live..."
    Love you all xx BRS forver


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