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Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Day 868 - A Flickering Flame

I believe that Morrissey initially started his MorrisseysWorld website either through boredom or as a bit of fun. It soon became a place where he could show off his talent as a comedy writer, and express his views on certain issues, without the whole world having to see and pass judgement. Morrissey's views on a New World Order and freemasonary for example, are subjects that he may well not want to discuss as 'Real Morrissey', but ironically, as 'Parody Moz', he is able to be the real HIM. MorrisseysWorld is Morrissey's safe haven.

I believe that Morrissey has thoroughly enjoyed these past couple of years, spending time in an environment where he has been able to engage with a small group of fans without them passing judgement on everything he says, does, or stands for. It must have been especially refreshing for Morrissey seeing as he has had to suffer years of abuse from not only the media, but also from his own so called fans on the Morrissey Solow website.

During this MorrisseysWorld adventure, Morrissey has also been able to create the Blue Rose Society; a group of people who shared his outlook and views. The inspiration for the BRS came from Oscar Wilde's similar concept, whereby a small group of close friends and supporters wore a green carnation in their button hole to show allegiance to Wilde.


When the Blue Rose Society was formed, Morrissey asked that we all bring roses (red, white or blue) to his concerts, but unfortunately, although many people thought it was a good idea, most people's actions didn't speak as loud as their words. I remember heading up to Manchester in July 2012 as though it was my calling, but all the others who had been part of our initial little band (with the exception of Marcus Markou) found an excuse NOT to wade down to the mosh pit with their rose in hand. Most were either embarrassed or just didn't care about it in the way I did. I didn't let it bother me, after all, who am I to tell people what to do, and it showed me that there was a difference between 'MorrisseysWorlders' and 'The Blue Rose Society'.


I was gutted that I failed to get my luminous blue rose to Moz in Manchester, so gutted, that when a tour was announced in the USA, I headed over to New York, where I eventually managed to get my flashing piece of plastic to Moz (via his tour manager), although I once again failed to get my real blue roses to him at both Long Island and Brooklyn.



A number of the BRS have shared my passion, and have done all they can to get a Blue Rose to Morrissey. President Kyle succeeded in NYC, and Vulgar Angie even managed to pass Moz the Blue Rose Ring in LA. Little Devan managed to get his Blue Rose to Moz during the recording of Morrissey25:Live, for all the world to see. Others such as EARS, Heather and Moz Fiend have traveled miles to try, but as yet without success. There are people out there who really, really love the idea of BRS, but these people aren't necessarily the same people as those who love MorrisseysWorld.



With MorrisseysWorld now apparently gone, BRS needs to have a meaning. My interpretation has always been that it belongs to Morrissey, and it is his to do as he pleases with it. It can only survive if Morrissey wants it to survive, but I would guess that he, like Wilde, would like his society to be full of 'supporters', and NOT people who question his motives, actions and beliefs.

I didn't write about this yesterday, because I hoped that it would go away on it's own, but the reason that Morrissey wanted to bring an end to this whole phenomenal adventure was because people started to take him to task for his actions. WHY the hell should Morrissey have to justify anything to anybody? If he doesn't want certain people in his society, then that is up to him. Did people not stop to ask themselves why Morrissey would want to pass niceties with anybody who shows signs of homophobia, or mocks suicide? He doesn't have to prove things were said to him, this isn't a court. If he says he witnessed it, then he witnessed it. Why would he make it up? Only two days ago Morrissey was describing  how harrowing his youth had been, as he battled with what society perceived was 'normal'. He tweeted that he had been taught that his "desire for love is a blight from the devil", so WHY, 40 years later, should Morrissey have to face a cross examination? The answer is, he doesn't, well certainly not here anyway. "I don't want to be judged, I would sooner be loved, I would sooner be blindly loved."

"I am human and I need to be loved."

If Wilde's green carnation represented homosexuality, which many believed it did, then wouldn't it be great if the Blue Rose represented humasexuality, although ultimately, it is up to Morrissey what he sees it representing, it is HIS society. What is more, if those people who are around Morrissey aren't the sort of people he wants around him, whether in the 'real' world or in cyberspace, then why would he put up with them?

If Morrissey decides tomorrow that he doesn't want me around, I would accept it and move on. It has been an absolute pleasure to have been able to get this close to a man who to me, is untouchable as a modern day poet. The words he has given through song define my life. I don't care if people think I am a fawning sycophant, I owe Morrissey far more than I could ever afford to pay, and so the very least I can do is to offer my support, which I will do, unquestioningly, for as long as it is wanted.

 I am sure that many people won't agree with my view, but that is fine, I will lose NO sleep. Whilst MorrisseysWorld is gone, if Morrissey sees FTM as a safe haven, where he can escape the torture of everyday life, then that is what I will provide.

Anybody leaving petty or hurtful comments will simply have them deleted. If you want to take Morrissey to task, Solow is just a click away.

Viva Blue Rose



  1. Everything always comes back to one thing- We will always Rejoice in Music of Morrissey! Viva Lord Mudslide

  2. Beautifully written, Mr Rat. My ambition this year is to reach the front row of a Morrissey concert & hand him a blue rose. I'm worried this might be his last tour, so it's now or never! Btw, if anyone has any advice on exactly how to get to the front row, it would be much appreciated!

  3. Excellent post, Rat. This entry, in particular paragraph 8, quickly brought tears into my eyes.

    You have real heart.


    1. That's thanks to Dr Griffith, my heart surgeon. Thank you.

  4. Thoughtfully composed with true heart & emotion
    A misty eyed & heart felt thank you from me.

    EARS ♥

  5. Well said, Rats. Your words have moved me and I'm inspired to say more but unfortunately, work duties are presently calling. I'll write more later. Until then, thanks for keeping the torch burning.

  6. just perfect rat.
    some people listen to music. for others it is something they need.
    opinions from the former are not important.

    love seeing that manchester pic, when I took it
    I had no idea it was you! I was just determined to
    get a shot of it!!

  7. - A (Extremely and Surprisingly) Long Letter to Broken/MW/OM/M -

    My dearest Broken,
    If my differing opinion about public flogging to Sabine (which I wrote on Day 863's comments section), my silence, and the lack of participation in fighting, has been considered as a support to whatever Sabine did/said, then I've been misunderstood.

    Broken, there are sensitive issues one would refuse to discuss. In my case, suicide attempt is one, yet also any joke about blindness, autism, race and faith etcetera etcetera, and I have my own reasons which will not be revealed as they're too personal. Besides, I don't think anyone interested to my life story anyway, so....

    I'd never fight you, Broken. You were the one who paid so much attention when we talked about my nightmare on chat (on the night when I talked too much), remember? For that, I thank you with all my heart. You've always been so kind, I like you, Broken, and I believe you. I do. Even if one day you broke my heart, I would never fight you.

    But please be forgive, I would never fight anyone else either, not even if it's just to please you. Fighting raised my anger and I promise you, you don't want to see the worst of me. Most importantly, I also know how it feels to be bullied, to be publicly judged, to become a joke, a despicable, an entertainment. Oh an old story. I would never do that to anyone, no matter how wrong he/she is. Moreover, I wouldn't do that to my friend or my neighbour, or whoever, someone I know. These last few days feels like going back to high school all over again, I hate high school...
    I'm not a saint, I'll never forget what people has done to me (and to those that I love most), good and bad. I might say I have forgive one, I lied, I don't forgive.

    Dear Broken/MW/Our Mozzer,
    I really hope the society survives, there are more people with love in it, who give their heart to you and this journey. Of course you could decide who would you choose as a member. It's alright if you won't choose me (no, actually, it's not alright but….), I'm nobody's favourite after all. My husband is my only fan, he is insane.

    Dear Morrissey,
    The hope is thin I know, also it is too hot in here I know, and the traffic is nuts, the government too if you must know, but I wish you would come back to my beloved country, oh how I dearly wish…
    (We have a hotel named Morrissey, you know? Not saying this could be a come-back reason though… You see, persuading is not my thing, I wish I could be more convincing.). Anyway, if you do come back, while I'm alive (and there's no force-major or whatsoever), I'll be there, with a rose, this I promise.

    My friends,
    I hate to admit how very sensitive human being I am, the fight has cut me deep, how sad it is seeing friendship fallen apart, whilst the rest stay silent with teary eyed. I've been there too much and I've never learned. I should've learned.
    Perhaps I've had enough. You, take care.

    The overlooked, the unnoticed.

    Ps. Rat.
    It will be much appreciated if you don't delete this, I'm not a troll and I think you can guess who I am. I revealed too much about myself, which is not easy to be done by an introverted as I am.
    Thank you.

  8. Dear Rat, I'm very happy to read your new post, but of course, I'm a little bit worried to. What'happened with Sabine? I don't know her personally, but I can't think about her as an homophobic or as someone who mocks suicide, sorry, but I think there must be a big misunderstanding about her and I hope for an explaination. About Blue Rose you are right, sometimes I think I did a bad mistake when in Rome I did'nt take a blue rose at the Cavea Auditorium and I can't forget that I peronally saw Morrissey refusing gladioli on the stage and accepting a bunch of white roses. Also, this must be one of the usual coincidence, I remember to have send a tweet to MorrisseyWorld saying how much I would love to see him in concert just at the Cavea...Just now I was re-reading some pages about Autobiography and found some words about his band compared to a military band just as in some post of the blog there was a parody pices about a submarine, do you remember? Coincidences. Was Morrissey himself trying to paint his nature in a funny way searching new fans? Could someone accept a site as Solo just like a fans site? An artist exposes his intimate nature with his own art and he can't avoid bad judjements, but this does' nt mean that we can write words of hate almost everyday.Personally I was' nt happy to know about Jake's edit in USA verion of his book, everybody knew yet about Jake and he did'nt write something morbous so why? And having to versions of the book how could he think to hide the whole story? Of course he does' nt want at all to hide something he loves to be under the lights having attentions, but beeing under the lights could mean be judged, sorry this time he can't have both. Humasexual? Why he did this strange statement? I did'nt read his book for his love life, I read for the pleasure to know how he became a singer and a lyricist and all the things releted to his artistic life, never thought about he and Johnny as lovers and always desired to know about the court case, so, somehow, I'm satisfied. Is Morrissey a mysogeny? Yes I think he is, as Wilde, as Giulio Andreotti, Alessandro Manzoni and many other important men and, last but not least, many other women who use to emulate the worst men's attitudes. That's life, that's Blue Rose Society, somehow still alive. I'm posting it as anonimo just because my new mobile is not completely setted. Romina, with all my respect for everyone here and outside.

    1. Romina, I got you wrong, I can see that you are definitely not Morrissey. I whole heartedly apologise. I do not wish to debate the issue you raise, far too much time has already been wasted on it.

    2. I do wish people would stop saying, "I can't see Sabine that way." She has admitted she made most of the comments and has in the past apologised for them. Her most recent comments comparing an adult homosexual attraction to 'child abuse' are still on Twitter.

      Sabine derided a man who shared his most personal experience of a suicide attempt. She also made homophobic comments. I know this because she tweeted them to me directly and I blocked her.

      When her own friends say she made these comments, why then do the NICE people all claim she didn't?

  9. Dear Rat, the top picture of that single blue rose being held aloft is mine. You had the inflatable red rose and the flashing one. I’m not a big fan of concerts. I find them too loud and overwhelming. I have learned through my own children I probably suffer from Sensory Processing Disorder. Some of you may also have it.

    The only other concerts I have been to was David Bowie at the Milton Keynes Bowl in 1990 - with my ex girlfriend 'P' and Neil Diamond at Earls Court where a Brummie leaned across and told me off for talking too loudly as ‘he was trying to concentrate on the lyrics’. I kid thee not. When I leaned across to whisper to my wife… “What a dick…” my wife leaned away, disowning me. I leaned in 3 or 4 times only for her to lean away. I still laugh when I think about it.

    Note to editor: I only went to Neil Diamond because it was a date with my wife after we had our first child. First time out of the house in months. She chose the concert. Not me (although I do have a soft spot for Neil).

    These are my only three live concert experiences. My first girlfriend, my wife and you. So please let me have this point of view. I feel I have earned it.

    My view is simple and maybe I'm a simpleton. Happy to be labelled an oaf or something nicer. I don’t take these Twitter insults personally because my own horrors in childhood have taught me not to take my life personally.
    I’m not taking sides and I don’t see myself in a clique or a group – which is why I’m happy to leave BRS. As I said before, I can’t do groups. This has been a blast but also a reminder. But everyone, even Broken, cannot expect to upset someone and just because he’s a genius not have to justify it. Firstly, I don’t believe Broken is Morrissey. I have no idea who he is but he’s previously claimed to be a meat eater and he’s not remotely witty or poetical. But more worrying, if Broken was/ is Morrissey or somebody famous then sadly we cannot just accept his view because of his talent or fame – in the way that the children abused by Jimmy Saville simply had to accept it because Jimmy was making their dreams come true every Saturday night.

    Note to editor: I am NOT comparing Broken to Jimmy Saville. I am using an extreme example to showcase how celebrity power can be abused.

    Look, Sabine felt totally wronged in my eyes and I was willing to put our friendship on the line for that. I felt you and Broken had made a mistake. But then it got personal with Broken and me and of course I'm going to fight back. My name Marcus Markou (Mars, son of Mars - as the 'ou' in Cypriot culture means 'son of') is War Son of War.

    1. Marcus, you have totally and utterly missed the point of my blog piece. You say "we cannot just accept his view", well guess what, YES I can. If your wife told you that somebody had made an offensive remark to her, you would believe her and protect her against the offender, you would NOT ask for proof of times, days, dates etc, you would believe her because that's what friend's do.
      Morrissey being famous or having talent is nothing to do with your argument, and to even mention Jimmy Sav**e in your reasoning IS offensive.
      I really enjoyed standing with you in Manchester, and I am disappointed to lose you from BRS, but the memories of this experience will last forever.

  10. Your blog is beautifully written today Ratty.
    I have been struggling with what to say, but now Marcus has put my thoughts into words.
    I know who I believe Broken to be, but their behaviour over the last week or so has shocked me.
    I know and have met Sabine and I think she has been unnecessarily villified.
    I am not sure what to think or believe any more.
    The BRS was a special group but I am not sure where it goes from here or if I want to
    be part of it after what has gone on.
    Sometimes you have to nail your colours to the flag and I was on Sabine's side because
    she is flesh and blood and not a name on the internet who could be anybody.

    1. Lizzy, we all have nails and flags. You have chosen where to nail your colours, and I have chosen where to nail mine.
      From now on I will delete any comment that continues to debate this issue, it is tiresome.

  11. I'm not looking for an apology and I may be wrong and I may have missed the point Rat and you may even refuse to agree to disagree but you could be right... I'm just not right for this.

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Chuck, as my blog piece says, Morrissey doesn't come here to be cross examined and judged.
      Take care

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. The person above whom I will not name is self-pitying and self-centred, as well as disingenuous. This person demanded I provide 'proof' of the things I said. She demanded I repeatedly. When it was pointed out to her that Heather and Lizzy both witnessed the mocking suicide part and have said so as eye witnesses, she simply ignored it and demanded more proof! Sabine's latest cover story for the 'he's a fag' line, which she deleted after MW blocked her in 2011, is that her son typed it! If this isn't an admission of guilt, I don't know what is. Her son apparently logged on to her password-secured twitter account on one occasion only and used it to tweet MW about Justin Bieber labelling him a homophobic smear? If you actually believe her latest story, you're insane. All it proves is that even she knows she did type it!

    So yes. I'm such a bully. I must be - for objecting to homophobic abuse from Sabine. Sabine called Justin Bieber a 'fag' in 2011, and in 2014, she likened being attracted to him to 'child abuse' and blocked me. She also mocked my suicide attempt; a fact which both Lizzy and Heather have testified to.

    A scene in a coffee shop.

    Our Mozzer and Broken are having a cup of tea with Jjaz and JB. Broken is admiring Justin's latest owl tattoo and nodding safely as he explains its deeper meaning.

    "Fag!" comes a voice as a middle aged woman cackles on the table across the café.

    "Pardon?" asks Broken.


    "You just called me a fag-" says Broken. "Do you think that's very polite?"

    "Prove she called you a fag!" says Chuck, sipping her latte with caramel.

    "Prove it? She just said it!" says Broken.

    "Prove it - I just want to see the proof, is all" says Chuck.

    "But she did say it," says a tender voice; Heathercat is sitting with a pensive look and dewy eyes.

    "Oh that doesn't sound like Sabine..." says Chuck. "Can I have some proof please?"

    "You want me to prove Sabine called me a fag when your two friends heard her?" asks Broken.

    "Stop bullying me!" shrieks Sabine, cowering under the table.

    A plump man with a limp and a slightly ill-fitting t-shirt sashays up to the table. He speaks in a soft London accent and appears to be holding flyers for his latest film.

    "I'm sorry, is this man bothering you?" asks the man.

    "Yes!" screams Sabine. "What have I done? What?"

    "You called me a fag!"

    "Trouble maker," says the man.

    "But..." says Broken.

    "This witch-hunt has GOT to stop, besides you're not really real and the tree bark told me this morning that you're not even Morrissey."

    Broken looks over to Jjaz who rolls her eyes. JB is rubbing his blue rose tattoo and Our Mozzer is jutting his jaw out and gazing out of the window.

    Our Mozzer stands up.

    "Is there a problem here?" He asks in a soft voice, grimacing and poking his tongue into his left cheek.

    "Yes," says the man. "This c*** is harassing this woman and claiming she called him a fag!"

    "But she did!" cries the whole table, except Sabine and Chuck.

    "She wouldn't.... proof!" cries Chuck.

    "She mocked my suicide attempt in 2011" adds Broken, looking quite serious.

    "Non-existent people can't kill themselves" laughs the man, gazing down at his film-themed t-shirt and wondering what he can eat next.

    "I didn't say that anyway!" shouts Sabine. "My son tweeted it!"

    "Leave this woman alone, c***" shouts the man. "Here's my mobile, phone me, c***. If you dare, c***."

    Our Mozzer licks his lips.

    1. EXACTLY!!!! Eye roll and everything!!!

    2. Is that greedy fat man in the ill fitting tee shirt and the film flyers me? Seriously, where did my limp come from?

    3. "I heard her say it, and I blocked her a few years ago for saying it, old son," says OM.

      "But I didn't say it!" shrieks Sabine. "I wouldn't do something like that."

      "You have said it and you've apologised for it," says broken in a mellow voice. "There are witnesses."

      "Look I've already apologised for that - stop raking up the past!" Sabine cries.

      "Proof please!" shouts Chuck in floods of tears. "All I'm asking for is proof!"

      "But your friends witnessed it - just ask them."

      "It's true," says Heather and Lizzy in unison.

      "Prove it! I'm only asking for proof!" cries Chuck, standing up and storming out of the café, before reappearing at the doorway.

      "I want proof - is that too much to ask?" she screams.

      Jjaz rolls her eyes.

      "Look, Sabine admitted she mocked my suicide. It's even on the MW archives. But we don't need to post that because Heather and Lizzy witnessed it!"

      "My son logged on and made that comment!" cries Sabine.

      "See! You lying scum!" screams Chuck. "You bully! Leave us alone!"

      "Your son?" laughs OM, stroking his chin.

      "Stop this at once," mutters the man, gazing at his t-shirt and wondering what to eat next.

      "OK chaps, we'll move over there," says Broken quite calmly.

      Our Mozzer nods softly, grimacing and licking his lips.

      "Stop right there, b*****!" comes a loud voice from the other side of the café.

      "You can't b******d leave! You b******d treating chuck like this!"

      "Pardon?" asks Broken.

      "Bullying a helpless woman because she'd defending another helpless woman, who was probably only defending another helpless-"

      "I'm just moving away from the homophobic abuse and rudeness," interrupts Broken.

      "You can't leave! You can't leave! Don't you dare go! And don't you DARE close down the blog, you cruel b******d!"

      "OK let's go home. This is insane," says Broken. He, OM, Jjaz and JB stand up and leave.

      "I knew there was something not right about him," murmurs Lizzy, looking at Broken.

      "Not a very nice man," says the man. "And your aweful grammer!"

      As they leave, someone throws a piece of fruit at Broken.

      "Perhaps now the bullying will stop" says Chuck to Sabine.

      "Don't count on it," she says, with a roll of the eyes. "The f*g is a right c***."

      "All I asked for was proof!" shrieks Chuck, in tears. "Is that TOO much to ask?"

      Sabine nods, her eyes closing as she downs her tea.

      "I hope this isn't the end," says Heather. "I love the BRS."

      "I know... it's awful," says Lizzy. "After we've spent all these years following the blog and twitter too! All the time and effort we've expended. Where's the loyalty? Where?"

      Sabine nods.

      "Nasty bullies!" says Chuck.

      Lizzy runs to the door and shouts down the street: "You scum have no loyalty to your loyal readers! How dare you close the blog down after upsetting my friend Sabine! I tell you what! I don't give a fig for your blog anymore! You've ruined it all!"

    4. Please... can we finish this parody. I want to know what I eat next.

    5. Sorry... but did I lose my limp or have I still got it? And did everyone in this scene take a flyer.

    6. Mr Anon. It doesn't matter. I'm just a little peeved that I didn't get the mellow voice in this scene. You know, I do believe I am the only classically trained actor here? Hello. I went to LAMDA. Shared the lead with Ed Stoppard in the final year show. He, of course, went on to work with Polanksi in the pianist but I got to play a Turkish drug dealer in 'Burnside' a spin off of The Bill. I didn't have any lines and I was killed off in the opening sequence. Look, I just think we should work on this a bit more. Not sure I would use the C word like that... Look at the text Rat. The text. All clues to character are in text. I am tree hugger. Trees and the C word? Can we impro it?

    7. This is a bit close to the bone broken. I tried to defend Broken when I saw what Sabine wrote a few years ago and she got everyone to attack me and say I was broken even though I was here before broken, Sabine or even Lizzy. I've seen how Sabine operates and it's not very nice.

      Sorry the BRS has let you down, you've every right to expect them to condemn a homophobe and even someone who makes fun of a suicide attempt.


    8. Come off it JMH, you were around then but that was then and this is now. You were a sensible person then, you must know how acid Broken is. BRS has let nobody down.

    9. Maybe stop using anon. Sabine is a troll. I witnessed what she said first hand.. couldn't believe it. Her friends defending her is what happened last time too. Broken attacked for criticising her abuse. MW blogged about it I think. Maybe should be reposted?

      I know who's to blame. What's broken done? Can anyone tell me?


    10. Thanks JMH. Only the very lowest elements of BRS are convinced by Sabine. We're better off without them.

    11. Okay I've looked at it from your perspective broken, and I can see why you're pissed off with Sabine. I didn't witness sabine's comments but I believe you. I don't see how her son would've logged onto her twitter account and made that homophobic remark. So I'm sorry for jumping to conclusions and calling you a bully, I would be upset if someone made a transphobic comment towards me and mocked my suicide attempt and I would want everyone to see that persons true colours. I just didn't see it in your way and because you're anonymous it makes it harder for me to believe you. I'm not a psychopath like what you called me the other day, I'm just an idiot.

    12. Yes Anonymous. It's all making sense now. I don't know how I missed this. Sabine is not very nice at all. At least we all know the truth now. Your words are like beacons of truth. And I agree with your idea. You have every right to seek redress by letting her employers know about her homophobia. She should lose her job and her family should also suffer the consequences of her behavior. It would only be fair and she would only have herself to blame.

      Please understand why I cannot use my real name here. I just wanted you to know how some people feel about this.

  14. I've taken a few dozen roses Blue and Red I might go for white this time or Pink if Its allowed lol the trick is getting them past security its sad to see all the flowers left in the trash bins but if you make it past that obstacle your halfway there the next is to maneuver through the sea of bodies and over barriers with your roses still in tact! I've been concert going since age 2 barrier jumper since 10
    I'm through with the fighting if you weren't witness to it yourself then there is not much I can do to help you understand that our perceptions of people are never quite what they seem the glass hidden in the grass if you will
    I look forward to your blog always Mr Rat merci

  15. Morrissey, Have a great time recording your new album! Can't wait to hear it...

  16. Hello! I'm still here! How did I get the limp? I fucking hate it when writers do that. They just throw in these things with NO backstory. I'm not saying we should take the text as gospel as Mamet suggests in True and False (read it people) and I am not saying we should be going all the way over to the Method school. But please, someone, tell me how I got this limp because as it stands (no pun) in this scene I just don't feel comfortable having it. Where did it come from? Is it related to the film? Or my weight? Why am I in the cafe? For the flyers? Am already sitting down? I'm dying here. You don't know how difficult it is being an actor. You think we just get up and 'do it'. But I need to work with people who are willing to explore the text. Sorry. Rant over.

    1. I see the limp representing your shortcomings Marcus, the way you babble on and yet say nothing useful.
      I don't talk to the trees very often. I shut up and listen.

    2. I assumed somebody booted you

    3. You know little about me, and assume too much.

    4. "I assumed somebody booted you" = how Marcus acquired a limp, not how you became however you are, which, as you've stated, is a mystery to me

    5. Marcus is a pompous fool with nothing real to say. He's clearly got issues with this out of control ego. His siding with Sabine reveals a darker side to him. On the surface he's all 'light' and 'flowers' and talking to trees but this has been a very valuable experience for outing him. Jjazmine - you speak the truth.

    6. Marcus Markou you will soon receive correspondence from my lawyers informing you of my intention to fund 'Rat' in his bid to secure a civil case for invasion of privacy and threatening use of communication.

      You will also receive correspondence notifying you of my intention to represent Broken in securing a case against you for defamation.

      Warm Wishes

      I advise you to cease and desist from your current conduct.

    7. I still think I could have had the warm voice in the parody. Happy to accept the limp now. Found the motivation. Yours

    8. That seems to have shut you up Marcus.

    9. Did it? I look forward to the court case. I will obviously be submitting Broken's parody piece here as a crime against literature. I'm not sure marking his parody as a C- qualifies for defamation and I am sure I will emerge as a champion for art. It will be fascinating to see me lose my entire wealth and name as a result of tweeting him a picture of my socks, my gluten free loaf of bread and my two cats, Lucy and George. If so, this will in fact be a peverse victory for surrealism and may finally make me as an artist.

    10. I have to say that Rat has been abused here and he has every right to seek the correct legal redress.

    11. How does this work? Before I get my court order, don't I get an official cease and desist letter? Or is this very weak entry from 'Morrissey' above my official cease and desist notice? On a website run by an avatar of a rat? And what exactly are the material damages? What is the material loss to the avatar of this Rat character Has he lost income from this site? Has his reputation (an Avatar of a Rat) been diminshed by my tweets or posts? Actually, as a surrealist concept this is pretty good! However, back to reality. I really do have a CPE Diploma in Law from Westminster Uni (not proud of it... did it to please my Dad) and the one thing I know from civil actions is that you need to demonstrate 'loss'. Actual loss. And to day, considering that I am one of the few 'real' people to be subjected to insults that can be viewed publically on this website and on tweets. I say this: IT IS ME who has the case for loss. I look forward to the court case. Will we see all the people who have been posting here at court as witnesses? I'm up for it. I may just have my day.

    12. Rat, don't delete this thread above! It looks like Marcus has walked right into it! Nice one Moz!

    13. Marcus, you think this is one big joke, well it is not. I feel physically sickened by your harassment of me on twitter, where although I have chosen not to publicise my name, you have not only bullied me by tweeting my name, but you have also tweeted my occupation and the county I live. I have purposely chosen NOT to use my name whilst writing this blog as I have purposely wanted to keep it seperate from my business activities, as I am a very well known and respected businessman in my community.

      I have informed you on a number of occasions that I am NOT the twitter user @BrokenMorrissey, but you continue to ignore this and harass me.
      I am a real person and I am feeling violated by your actions. I beg you to stop.
      This is NOT a joke.
      Rat (who defends the right not to have to use his real name just because he is being bullied)

    14. Funny how Broken has suddenly stopped accusing me of being homophobic. Have 'snipped' those.

    15. Marcus, I don't believe that 'Broken' ever accused you of being a homophobe, he merely pointed out that you supported somebody who had made homophobic comments, but either way, I AM NOT BROKEN as I have told you many many times and I implore you to stop hounding me. Your comments are no longer welcome here and au ask that you stop posting. Your mere presence is now distressing me. Please stop this.
      This is NOT a joke, I am feeling bullied and it can't be right.

    16. Funny, because I've snipped the tweets. If you're not Broken then that's fine. You have nothing to worry about. As for the parody, it does show promise but I think you rushed it. Feels like a first draft to me. The limp has grown on me.

    17. Marcus, I have asked you not to keep hounding me and to cease posting comments, and yet you continue. THIS IS HARASSMENT. I have told you many, many times that I am not Broken, but you ignore me. Once again I AM NOT BROKEN. You have written that I have no need to worry, but I was unable to sleep last night with the distress of your harassment, and ten minutes ago I vomited with the worry of all this. As I type this I am crying tears, REAL tears.
      I have so far resisted accepting the kind offer from Morrissey to pay for the cost of bringing a civil action against you, on the grounds that I don't want the added stress of a court appearance, and more importantly to me, I don't want Morrissey to have to compromise himself by having to admit he is behind MorrisseysWorld, which I hope he NEVER has to do, because the mystery is what has made this whole experience so pleasurable.
      YOU, Marcus Markou are ruining this experience for me with your continued harassment. You KNOW my full name so don't try and convince yourself that you aren't dealing with a real person's feelings here. You are causing me distress and it must end NOW.
      Do NOT reply to this or leave any other messages on my blog as I will take this as further harassment. I am NOT Broken and I am asking you to leave me alone.

    18. But it's perfectly fine to give me a limp in a parody!

    19. Marcus, could I please ask that you divert your talents and energy into something else. I enjoyed our evening in Manchester with Ratty and it's sad to see it disintegrate in this manner. I know you feel wronged, I know Rat is feeling this strain of this and perception is reality. if you feel wronged then you are wronged and if he is feeling strained then he is strained. Nothing can change that.

      However, I think this has gone too far. Rat is a person - we've met him, we've had beers with him. I know he is not Broken and I suspect you also know but now it is payback time for you and you are making the most of it in the way you do best.

      I like you both but if you have to go your separate ways then please do so and leave each other alone. You both have better things to be getting on with.

      With thanks

      JG (aged much more than 8 and feeling every year of it)

    20. Hi John, I agree. This has gone too far. This is very serious. Specific allegations have been made by anonymous accounts regarding real people, who's feelings have been trashed ruthlessly. The term for this is trolling. I personally don't have a problem with it. My entire approach to trolling is not to block or hide away but to challenge them face on. I have that right. Since making the film I've had one prank phone calling and a litany of Facebook abuse from Greeks who felt I should have cast more Greeks in the film. My advice is always to ignore and move on. But that only disempowers the victim of such an attack. My empowerment is to take the attacks on - from directly facing the abuse to getting legal advice. This is my right John. If someone tweets me, I tweet back. If someone parodies me, then I parody back. If someone gives me good rational arguments, then I give good arguments back. You're a gentlemen, by the way.

    21. Marcus, Yet AGAIN you post here when I have informed you in no uncertain terms that your being here is causing me distress. This is NOT a joke Marcus. How many more times? Please will you cease from posting on my blog. I am NOT an anonymous person, you have met me and know my name. I am not trolling you, YOU are BULLYING me, and it is making me ill, but do you know what, I refuse to let the bully win, so despite my continued torment, I will attempt to write a blog entry today, and I ask YET again that you respect my rights, and do not post a comment.
      JG has confirmed to you that I am NOT Broken, so LEAVE me, Rat, alone. I have neither bullied you, harassed you nor accused you of ANYTHING, and yet you CONTNUE to attack me. I have promoted your film many times on this blog of mine, and yet this is the thanks I get.
      Rat NOT Broken

    22. The person Marcus is defending DID - and many have testified to this, including ehr own friends - make homophopbic smears and other bullying comments. Marcus is actually the bully here. He is bullying you and Broken - apparently stop you from raising your concerns about Sabine's despicable comments.

      Since the facts of Sabine's bullying have been acknowledged by numerous people - 'real' and 'anonymous' and are not even dispited by her - she's apologised for them, just Like Ron Atkinson and, no doubt, other racists and homophobes who are exposed always do.

      Yet she still did and said those things, and continues to do them.

      quite why marcus has chosen to spend all his recent energies on defending this person from proper and apprropriate scrutiny and why he has chosen to bully rat and broken (the actual victim of the repeated bullying) is unclear.

      Marcus is currently the troll, of that there is no doubt.

      His motive is less clear. he is adamant he's not homophobic. Why then attack those condemning - in very polite terms, actually - homophobia?

      This has been described as a 'witch hunt' or 'crucifixion?'


      A blog pointing out how wrong homophobia is and how wrong bullying is using her first name only is a 'witch hunt?!'

      Meanwhile Marcus continues threatening Rat, posting his name etc.

      He is the troll.

    23. Really Anon? Please provide some proof then - I am still waiting.
      And now Rat is claiming that this is making him ill? Give me a break! Over ten days ago I agreed to disagree and leave the BRS to get on with it. I was quite happy to let you all get on with it but it is certainly people who cannot let go. The reason I don't 'defend' myself on here is because everything that is said just gets twisted.

      Some advice Rat, if this is making you ill then either close your blog or at least delete all comments and disable the comment section. Problem solved.

      And just to let you know that if anybody does think of emailing my employers to make allegations against me then the matter will be referred to the police for harassment and stalking.

    24. There was fault on both sides. Sabine and Broken. Their behaviour was wrong
      and they should have sorted it out between them.
      Broken was bullying and spiteful. Sabine was inappropriately outspoken.
      Other people have become involved, to their detriment.
      How this situation has descended into such an almighty mess, beggars belief.
      How fragile the BRS must have been to crumble so quickly.
      The clock should be wound back 2 weeks. Everyone should forgive each other
      for any perceived wrongdoing and move on.
      Does anyone agree ?

    25. And there speaks sense. I know nothing of the various alleged homophobic tweets but Sabine was wrong to publish the newspaper article concerning Rat. No doubt about that. If somebody wants to remain anonymous they have that right. There are a number of BRS members who are in that situation, in fact one or two of whom we know absolutely nothing except what we read in their tweets. It's not an issue unless they cause problems.

      Sabine knew exactly who Rat was anyway so why disseminate this information to a wider audience? There can only be two motives, either malicious or something she thought was fun. Either way it was a bad decision and has in part led to her current woes.

      Broken in turn went on and on but seems to have eased off, only to be replaced by Marcus who now won't let go.

      Give it up people, this is only going one way and it's not a good way.

    26. The two posts above are the most sensible things I've read here since this whole sad situation began.

  17. Here's LizyCat's thoughtful response to the fact I've been homophobically abused and objected to things said about my suicide attempt>

    Lizzycatmoz (guest): But you and Ratty can arse-lick each other now

    Jan 29 2014, 10:20 PM
    Chuck307: lol

    Lizzy makes a homophobic comment directed at me and Rat. Such a surprise. Almost echoing the earlier parody that so offended her!

    "Lizzycatmoz (guest): broken You deserve each other. You and Ratty. He became spiteful when Sabine unmasked him.

    Sabine posts Rat's real name and Lizzy rejoices in this. Well, why not? Rat has only kept the BRS alive for 3 years, something she claims to love!

    Sabine, on the other hand, has mocked a suicide attempt, which Lizzy admitted she witnessed, as did Heather and JMH, made homophobic comments (which she always deleted), which Sabine apologised for in 2011, and now claims her son made (!)

    Lizzy now responds with some more homophobic comments about Rat and Broken who have committed the terrible crime of telling the truth about Sabine!

    And another leaf falls away.

    1. Amusingly, the homophobe who mocks mental illness's details are all readily available in the public domain on linked in. Perhaps someone should unmask her and report her to her employer? Would Lizzy continue laughing along so jubilantly then?

      I doubt Rat or I would do anything so vulgar. Because we're a cut above such behaviour, you see. We don't sink to those levels.

      Nothing is worse than hypocrisy.

  18. Sorry. One last question. If I'm hungry, thinking of what I'm going to eat next, why am I throwing the fruit?

  19. Broken has very sharp observation skills. He is holding up a mirror for you to look in – you might not recognise or like what you see, but given time you may just see that the reflection was yours.

    1. This is as beautifully crisp and true as Broken's parody piece.

      I wondered if Girl On Bike had listened to a single word I'd sung when I saw some of the things she tweeted and wrote in late Summer 2011.

      I am weak, unlike some of you. I'm too weak to throw fruit and cackle over tea, or even to stand up and address the coffee shop opprobrium.

      All I can offer is the truth. Those things were said. And why then are Rat and Broken wrong to condemn such cruel words? Should the victim really be victimised? Should the many turn on the few? Should we smile while our lives are ruined by people who are NICE?

      Blue Rose Society will never die.

      Morrissey, France, 2014.

    2. I agree. Sabine should have been exposed for the lies. She really upset Broken and no one seems to take that into account. She said some vile things and I really think you should use the little influence you have in these matters and somehow let her employers know - I think you can find the details on LinkedIn. If we are to be true to ourselves then we cannot allow any room for lies. And although this sort of action is painful, in the longterm we shall become better people because we will be living in our truth. And the tragedy here really is the truth.

    3. I see an overweight man in a tight fitting tee shirt handing out flyers, thinking about the next meal. Yep. Very, very sharp. Crisply observed. Deft. The limp was genius, if only because it comes from nowhere. But can you ask Broken why my name was never used? I'm referred to but not specifically mentioned. Please assure the people behind this parody that I am not litigious. It would be nice to have my full name in the last parody. The Last Parody! I think it's a good name for your next novel.

  20. The Real Morrissey thinks to himself
    "Oh yes, let me check FTM" reads , shuts off computer , tosses Blue Rose Ring in the trash, deletes every Twitter Acct. If there was one. And never has anything to do with a Blue Rose Again! Sorry but this is what I see for the Future. Just my opinion.

  21. How wonderful to read the message from Moz. The BRS lives on.
    I shall return Friday with an unbelievable Cocteau revelation from 'Fire'.
    Viva Blue Rose.
    Viva France
    Ps That Broken has great potential with his parody writing, and NO Marcus, Broken ISN'T me, it's Mo... Oh, what's the point!

  22. Rat, this was a beautifully written piece from the heart. There is no tolerance for homophobia or mocking of suicide. I know a little bit about both. I won't go into details but the words of a bully in mocking someone can scar you and damage you for life.
    To me, BRS is for those who love Morrissey unquestioningly but in the end its his and his to do with as he pleases.

    1. I agree. These simple truths are forgotten by the moth-eaten. "Mocking someone can scar you and damage you for life."

      Those who don't know this are not in Blue Rose Society, whatever they might think.

  23. The blue rose-rare, beautiful, extraordinary, it's bold and incomparable. Enigmatic-it possesses mysteries capable of stirring madness within our finite minds! The blue rose is not meant to be analyzed-it's sheer acceptance, of self, mind and body-of others. Free from prejudice-it is unwavering individuality.

    I recently stumbled across this mystery with open mind and heart. At its very core, its essence is an 'individual'-Morrissey whom I admire greatly. His lyrics evoke passion and promote purpose in my life. This Society has brought together so many from all over the world to share in him! I'm here to share with those of like mind and truly hope that BRS can continue forward.


  24. Really?
    Morrissey created ALL of this so he could comment on NWO and freemasonry and not be judged?
    That is simply fascinating, do go on!
    Since when has Morrissey ever not discussed confronting and/or unpopular subject matter in the public arena?
    Please, Steven Patrick is not a shrinking violet when it comes to speaking his mind, quite the opposite.
    The man compared eating meat to paedophilia, he's hardly worried about people "passing judgement".
    And to show off his talents as a comedy writer????????
    I would be laughing heartily if it wasn't so utterly ludicrous.
    He's written an autobiography which showcases that talent rather nicely and I believe is writing a novel which should do the same.
    And anyone who is a Morrissey fan can hear the wicked and wonderful humour in his lyrics for the past 30 years.
    If that is your best reasoning as to why Morrissey is behind Morrisseyworld then......................... ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

    1. his book is awful. Most critics are laughing at it. Poor grammar, shocking sentences and devoid of warmth or genuine wit.

      Judging by your typing, you're functionally illiterate. Perhaps you are his target audience. Enjoy the novel!

      For those of us with intelligence and wisdom, the MW phenomenon is far superior to Morrissey's delusional literary career.

    2. Dear Anon 1, I was going to delete your comment but as you were put in your place by anon 2 I won't bother. My best reasoning was actually that Morrissey was either bored or fancied a bit of fun, but MW became so much more.

      I was also going to delete anon 2 for writing that Morrissey's literal career is delusional, but there is every chance that anon 2 is M himself being self-deprecating, so I'll leave it!

    3. Mesmerizing detective work, Rat. I was indeed the author of the critique!

  25. Ah gerbil breath..wrong again, i too managed to wave a blue rose at moz in boston.. i also passed him a real blue rose, all be it in an asda carrier bag before the concert at the staples center. OK maybe only me Moz and Liam know the fact.. but that is good enough for me

  26. Just a quick hi to JMH.. and thank goodness i left the chatroom that night before all this blew up..god. was it a couple if years ago.. surely not

    1. However many people say Sabine did this, more say "No she didn't... surely not.... not Sabine...!"

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Dear fake moz... i was surely not to it being a couple of years ago.. i am well aware that sabine can have a temper but then cant we all

  27. I like this blog. My teacher gave me a big book called Autobiography and it was heavy. I dropped it on my hamster by mistake and nearly squashed him. He is almost better. He is longer though.

    My teacher gave me a CD as well by a kind looking man called Morrissey and said that I should like it cos we have the same name nearly.

    It's nice and funny, especially the song about getting sick on your vulgar pullover, I get Mum to sing that to me. And the one about throwing your homework on the fire, I laugh when I hear that.

    I will come back and say hello again if you let me.

    Night night.

    Patrick Steven Morshee (aged 8)

    1. Oh, Patrick. You Little Thing. Sweetpea. Isn't that song about getting sick on your vulgar pullover just THE funniest and nicest, in the entire world?

      You must have a very nice mum, by the way. Being sung to is very nice indeed.

      Throw your homework onto the fire - listen to what that singing man told you, on that subject and many more...

      And then age 9 will be better than age 8

      And 12 will better than 9

      And then, by the age of 13 and 2/7 you will know more than you ever should have, over even 5 and 2/5 lifetimes

      In only the best way possible - because only the best ones ever do

      Nighty night,... and keep laughing always, little chicken

      Astraea (even though I'm not 8)

  28. Excellent Ratty!!! I am just happy to know such lovely ppl & I they have become part of my love for Our Mozzer ('M') & my life really...As for the homophobic slurs & suicide comments, I too dealt w/ that in my life (I mean who hasn't) but I have also learned to let go of things, as angry as it might make me, but you let go and you move on... Life is to fucking short to deal w/ bullshit. I'm sure no one in the BRS is a bad person really. Sometimes we just say things we don't mean or we kidd around, but at the same time we should always remember to not mock or bully about those kinds of things, its just a very sensitive matter, but we learn from our mistakes, & that's it! Stop holding so much damn grudges 'OM'. But at the same time it is why I love you, don't ever change! I lerv you...I mean love you...
    -Rosy (MozzeriansATW)

    Yesss Blue Rose Society will never die.
    Viva Le BlueRoseSociety
    Viva Francia
    Viva OM/M
    Viva MorrisseysWorld

  29. I'm in la la land, I mean MorrisseysWorld & a new album is in the works...Viva Morrissey!
    PS: Boz ' The Bear' Boorer spill the beans already (if u read this) lol Cuz I know you do!!! ;)

  30. That's why I LOVE THE BRS...The modern 'Green Carnation Society'... I m so in love


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