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Monday, 3 February 2014

Day 873 - Are We Going Gaga?

I have spent a huge amount of my weekend in the Twitterdilly Arms, leaning on the bar talking to Morrissey..... let me just repeat that again, and give myself a hard pinch as I do, in fact, I'll shout it.... I HAVE SPENT THE WEEKEND TALKING TO MORRISSEY.


Is this really happening, or is it just a dream? How have we arrived at this? More to the point, how can Morrissey possibly be logging on to twitter whenever he feels like it, and NOBODY is seeing him? It's not even as though he is tweeting as a parody anymore (well actually he still is, but that's a different account), he has registered as himself, '@BrokenMorrissey'. His profile clearly states, 'This time it's the real me', although he has obviously kept his irony close by his side. If only Marcus had read that profile, instead of presuming that the new 'Broken' account was the same as the old ironic one used previously, then he may not have been so accusing of me! But we move on. The 'Broken Morrissey' account has the grand total of 69 followers. Here are some of his highlights from the weekend:

"MW was once very beautiful."
"Broken without irony would be like Morrissey without moaning."
"@MorrisseyParody @BoyGeorge Boy and Morrissey - the two wittiest famous people on twitter . They fit together like hand in glove....... or like Morrissey's head in one of Boy George's hats."


"They're persecutin' Justin."
"#Beleieve by Justin Bieber is one of the most intellectually challenging movies. #BelieveMovie"

STOP PRESS: I can't post anymore of Broken's highlights, the old b*stard has just closed down both the Broken and Parody Moz accounts. There were loads more excellent quotes from Broken that I wanted to post, including a fruity conversation I had with him on Saturday morning about swords. He even mentioned that he thought we might be compatible; in his dreams, the fag....... Ouch! That looks horrific to see it written like that, doesn't it, GOB? Sorry, I'm being childish, but I hope she (and a few others) can see just why her words caused such a commotion. I'll leave it now.

Let me quickly copy the best of Parody Moz from my phone before the words disappear into a locked cupboard:

"Is there a person out there who can save me from a fate worse than life?"
"Wrong Direction should be thrown in the bargain bin of pop history before they do any more damage to young minds."
"Childhood is spent wishing to be older. Adulthood is spent wishing to be younger. Old age is spent wishing one had wished a little less."
"I can see Tony and Cherie ending up with their own chat show - Richard and Judy without the brains and the looks respectively."


"In the time it takes to have sex, one could read a couple of chapters of a book - or at least a couple of pages. #Honesty"
"Bad things come to those who wait; good things come to those who don't."
"With my wit, insight and literary flair, why am I impersonating a former pop icon rather than changing the world?"
"My followers are not as numerous as @justinbieber or as wacky as @ladygaga but they are the most intellectual 641 followers on Twitter."

Parody Moz once again got into conversation with Boy George yesterday, who as we know, is the ONLY celebrity who has managed to work out that it is the REAL Morrissey behind the parody account. At one stage George was tweeting about a racist act he had seen, and posted this tweet: "@MorrisseyParody I just hate cunts!" Parody Moz, quick as a flash, tweeted back:
"I know you do, Boy - but let's get back to the topic of racists." (Ed - I howled with laughter at this one. I'm not sure Our Mozzer would have appreciated Boy George's follow up tweet though, in which he informed Moz, "Your almost as quick as our new hero James Davidson!" (A reference to comedian Jim Davidson who has just won Celebrity Big Brother, and YES, I did watch every single episode of it!)


Just to prove that it isn't only Morrissey's broken side that has an obsession with Canada's finest, Justin Bieber, Parody Moz also tweeted about him over the weekend:
"@justinbieber My prediction is you'll be in prison before the year's out." Boy George replied:
"@ParodyMorrissey He's already in a prison of his own making!" (That is quite a poignant tweet, as it could perhaps relate to Moz, or at least to the Moz of the 1970's and 80's, although of course, Morrissey might argue that his prison was built by society rather than himself.... but perhaps that is a topic for another time.)
"@BoyGeorge Me plus you, I'mma tell you one time, Imma tell you #OneTime"
"I maintain that fashion is absolutely essential for those born without a sense of style. How else could they purchase one?"
"Elton John's music most certainly is NOT easy-listening - it's not challenging enough for that."
"Sometimes I even make myself laugh." (Ed - This is my favorite tweet of the weekend. You can just picture Our Mozzer laying on his bed in France, typing away on his laptop, with a large grin on his face as he lunges  into Elton John!


"@MozIsMyShepherd I think Kyle should sing another Morrissey song for #BlueRoseSociety. I would suggest he sings with his actual voice. (Ed - As opposed to miming along) His voice has potential."
"I ask you - could anyone else do this?"
"The joy of Twitter, for me, lies in succeeding with some style, yet without anybody noticing."
"The witless 'thoughts' of C-listers make the front pages, while my witticisms and self-deprecating paeans to nihilism are disregarded."
"I will forgive anyone at any time. Just say 'sorry'. I love the #BlueRoseSociety" (Ed - MIKE JOYCE TAKE NOTE, he says he will forgive anyone, although I have already pointed this out to Mike Joyce on Day 43 of FTM; which Mike Joyce then left comment on saying, "in my opinion, I wasn't wrong to take up proceedings in the first place, nor will I ever be." Unless Joyce has subsequently reflected on his mistake, just like one or two of those involved in Bikergate have done, then I don't suppose we will be seeing a Smiths reunion any day soon. There is no place for a reunion at present anyway, but nobody could ever say never, although without that apology, I am pretty sure it wouldn't happen.

 I very much doubt that Mike Joyce still reads FTM, and as he claims he hasn't read Autobiography, then I don't suppose the ramblings of an online rat are going to push aside his current reading material (whatever it may be), but if Joyce happens to be reading this in 2021 (when the penny finally drops to the world that MW REALLY was Morrissey), then do please leave an updated comment Mike. Let us all know the current lie of the land inside your head. Thanks. And yes, I DO know I am a cunt, I really do!)


"Each time one forgives, a small part of one's spirit dies."
"It is no coincidence that most religions preach the value of forgiveness; once they can make you forgive, it's over."

Back to Bieber. Parody Moz posted a video of 'Under the Mistletoe' and tweeted: "Justin Bieber before he discovered he was black."
I then engaged Moz in a discussion about the influence of rap and hip hop, particularly on the white youth of today. Here is his view:
"Mainstream rap and hip hop reinforce extreme right wing values. They are utterly without intelligence. Irony is 'gay'. #Panic"

I pointed out that my children like rap and got this reply:
"@TheRatsBack Do your kids call you 'bro', flash gangster signs at you and wear their baseball caps backwards?" I can report that they don't flash gangster signs or even own any baseball caps, but they do in fact call me 'bro', albeit that it is said with irony.... I think/hope!

"The only time I get down on my knees is to wipe the kitchen floor."

(Ed - Before I carry on re-posting Our Mozzer's tweets, this rather hilarious mention of kitchens has just reminded me of a fantastic photo that Comrade Harps tweeted last night, of Jean Cocteau washing up. The posting of the photo prompted Fifi (who also happened to be on twitter last night; I think it was a bit of a last night blow out from Moz before work starts on the new album today) to tweet:

, I bet is going to love this one!

Fifi is right, I DO love it! Here is Harps great find:

Embedded image permalink

Actually, the reason Fifi had appeared in the Twitterdilly Arms last night, was because I had asked her a question, following a particular posting on twitter by '@RosyMires', a former Blue Roser (for those who are new around here (Willow and co); Rosy is a 'former' because she lost the faith a couple of years ago (See Day 153 of FTM), although she still apparently reads my blog every day (everyday?) and even visited the Chapel de Notre Dame recently on the back of all Fifi's revelations, although it should also be noted that Rosy Mires DOES NOT believe for one minute that Fifi is Morrissey! In fact, while I'm in these brackets, let me mention that I had another go at trying to convince Rosy that Morrissey is behind this whole phenomenal adventure, but of course I was wasting my time. The only reason I am so determined to get Rosy to see, is because she was there at the beginning, and only lost her way because of 'Houstongate', much in the same way that LizzyCat, Marcus and Chuck have lost their way because of 'Bikergate'. They all lose sight for the wrong reasons, and in fact if you bother reading back through that Day 153 entry, Rosy's actual reason for losing the faith was because MW joked about Morrissey having IBS, which Rosy claimed, "Moz would be hurt by that"! What a line, and reading it back has just made me 'Double Lol'! Anyway, where was I? I'm still in these brackets, so I can't have finished on Rosy.... oh yes, I was trying to convince Rosy (in the Twitterdilly toilets ie twitter DM) that Morrissey is behind OM, Broken, GreyerGirl, Fifi etc, and she informed me that I was wrong, saying, "If only you knew what I know", whatever that means, so I asked her WHO is behind MorrisseysWorld and all these characters? I hope Rosy doesn't mind me sharing her reply, but I think it represents the viewpoint of ALL the thousands of Moz fans who just haven't been able to accept the truth. Here is Rosy's excellent (if somewhat misguided) take on the person behind the curtain:

"He is an intellectual. He gets Moz in an acutely accurate way which most people miss. But he himself is very different to Moz. His parody is more him than Moz. That's his mistake. His ego has taken over."

I asked Rosy how long she and Moz had known each other. She replied:

"His book, his songs, his interviews.... quite a lot to go on. Enough to get a good sense of who he is. What he 'would' and 'wouldn't' do!"


I have now been in these brackets long enough, so I shall get out and get on with what I was getting on with.). Here is the piece Rosy tweeted:

Embedded image permalink

Here is Fifi's response to the piece. Fifi doesn't usually get angry, she is the calming, gentle pessoa, a little like Astraea (who I have to say, I am starting to think might be Linder Sterling!):

My view is it is complete BS. Not true.
They are talking about two different photos, the original one was not modified. Outrageous!

Embedded image permalink

And this is the Smiths photo
Embedded image permalink

So how was the original image altered??
Saying Cocteau's vision was not respected is horrifying! And wrong! Marais could NEVER have said that!
Who wrote that article dear Rosy? I want to send a vehemently repulsed letter to that journalist!

Thanks. Interesting. The excerpt was from "Morrissey: Scandal and Passion"

Oh, I unnecessarily lost my temper. Coming from him, it was OBVIOUSLY wrong! Thank you Rosie!

'Morrissey: Scandal and Passion' is apparently written by a bloke called David Bret, who I mentioned in a blog entry a few days ago. #JournalistsWhoLie

Right, back to tweets from Parody Moz:

"I am considering a duet with Lady Gaga. She wrote to me, asking if I would record a song with her."

Oh, that's it! There are no more tweets left! A duet with Gaga? This isn't the first time Gaga has been mentioned lately. Either Broken or PM tweeted that they had recently 'met' Gaga again. It would certainly be a VERY interesting combination.

That will do for today, although one more quick mention about Rosy Mires. I decided to try and get '@Banjaxer' to convince Rosy that he ISN'T the man behind the twitter account '@MorrisseysMum'. Banjaxer decided to pass the buck to 'Mum', who tweeted:

Now ain't that the truth! "You don't WANT to believe. You are sleeping."

 'Mum' also sent us all a message yesterday, in the form of a photo, confirming that work on the new album hadn't yet started:

Embedded image permalink

Finally, finally, I have had no word from Fifi regarding her Cocteau theory on Your Arsenal, but this excellent Cocteau piece was posted on my blog by Comrade Harps:

Re heathercat's observation about the visual connection between the Cocteau murals, Hand In Glove and other Smiths over art, I find that several of the cover stars poses are similar to the poses in the murals. Head down or eyes down, especially. Look at The Smiths LP cover, William It Was Really Nothing and How Soon Is Now singles, for head down. See Strangeways or Sheila Take A Bow for eyes down.
Then look at the Viva Hate cover, Every Day Is Like Sunday, Your Arsenal.

The Live in Dallas DVD cover pose is an echo of a pose in the Judith et Holopherne mural.


Obviously not Truman Capote on The Boy With The Thorn In His Side, though.

Line of sight was important in Cocteau's murals:

I haven't figured it out yet, but there is something about an "inversed 'M'" mentioned at - another M reference in a Cocteau mural? Indeed, "inversion" appears to be associated with the artist as a theme (not surprisingly ), but there's probably more to it - and Morrissey would, I'm sure, have read up on it. Sexual inversion is a theme of Coctaeua's Blood of a Poet

Come to think of it, a few of the mural figures are looking up, too. And side ways. So, maybe nothing, but I do see echos in Moz/Smiths covers to the poses that Cocteau illustrated in the murals.

Posted by comrade harps to Following The Mozziah at 1 February 2014 23:54

In response to Harps, I posted this:

I was particularly interested in the article you linked about Cocteau's 'The Blood of a Poet', which I still haven't found time to watch yet. 
The more I read about Jean Cocteau, the more obvious it becomes JUST how big an influence he has been on Morrissey's life. It would be interesting to know at what age Morrissey discovered Cocteau's work. M must have found Cocteau's works as the answer to all his prayers, or at least felt great comfort in being able to get a grip on how he felt about the world. Having said that, the world of Cocteau's (and therefore Morrissey's) was far removed from what was 'acceptable' to the outside world, so although Morrissey may have found comfort, the world (in his eyes) would certainly not have allowed him to be the REAL him, so perhaps it just caused more pain. The very fact that this is all coming out now, and Morrissey has found an accepting group of people in his life, may mean that finally, finally, the pain might start to be aliviated for M...., although of course, he would fight against such pain relief with every last bone in his self-deprecating body!
Viva Cocteau


  1. rat, I know how long a simple blog post takes
    how the hell do you manage such great in detail ones!?

    thanks as ever for posting all the tweets.
    eternally grateful.

    1. Edge (not the one from U2, who incidentally released a free single last night), It is an absolute joy for me, that I am in this most fortunate position of being the BRS scribe. Your thanks ARE appreciated though.
      Thanks from me back.


  2. "Emotional air raid survivor3 February 2014 12:45

    More fascinating Cocteau connections, thank you all for your contributions.
    Heather you have expressed so beautifully the definition of blue rose. As I have said previously I have always felt safe within our community to be myself. This is a rare experience for me & one I will always treasure.
    We have something so unique & special here. Let us embrace it with the love & care it deserves."

    I think this is true. Some people lost sight of the precious experience of being in 'Blue Rose' and thought they could say whatever they wanted to about anyone else with no consequences. You can't mock someone's suicide attempt, make homophobic remarks, and then expect/demand that the victim treats you equally. MW isn't your Dad - he's a blogger.

    It's a great society, but it's important to cherish it and respect it.

  3. Love this one Ratty, lovin the tweets! That was great Heather! Thank you...

  4. What a terrific weekend it was in the Arms! One of the things Parody Moz tweeted about was acquiring new members of the BRS in July. News has just hit twitter that Moz will be playing a concert in Italy in July. Hmm... I'm very happy for you, Romina, and wish I could be there.

    I had also come across that excerpt from David Bret's book about the Orpheus photo and wondered about it. Thank you, Fifi, for setting the record straight on that. Lastly, I have to say I'm very disappointed not to hear about the theory on 'I Know It's Gonna Happen' - I've been waiting with baited breath ever since you mentioned it, Rats. I really love that song and would like to learn more about it.

  5. I know how you feel Rats, I still need to pinch myself on a regular basis. Thanks for capturing the last few days here.
    Great find Comrade, what a cracking photo.

    It is very exciting to think about Moz & the band busy in the recording studio. I can't wait to hear the new album.

  6. My favourite Morrissey quote over the weekend:

    "Punctuality is the pride of the prejudiced. For the beautiful, it matters not at all."

    "Friendship is consistently disappointing, but unfortunately not sufficiently disappointing to make us abandon it altogether."

    There were so many.

    Arguably his wittiest time ever.

  7. Morrissey hints that something might happen in July and this the next day about a date in Italy in July!

    He also mentioned tour dates yesterday!

    The coincidences never end, so for those of us here every day, we know it's him! How can you doubt after owl eyes, tour predictions, Falklands speech, OK signs and even the novel and new album announced on twitter 24 hours before on True To You?!

    Class - in the future historians will debate the meaning of MW and why he chose to do this!!!

    Still pinching myself that I'm here.

    Sad to see Sabine leave the BRS. She was always polite to me.


    1. Her behaviour is insane. She comes to Rat's blog, where she's not welcome, having said all these things, and posts rat's personal details, and then says she will go to the police for stalking!

      She's been stalking rat - posting his name and personal details against his will, visiting his blog when she's not welcome and then playing the victim.

      She's unable to understand how her actions affect others.

    2. what sabine did is a violation of the data protection again and punishable by a 2 year jail term. You're not allowed to type people's personal details into twitter without their permission, real or implied. Sabine uses her real name; Rat doesn't.


  8. Impressive research, Comrade Harps and Heather!
    I loved the Cocteau photos posted by Harps too.

    Heather, you will hear from 'French Epic' soon. I promise.

    Exciting times ahead for the Blue Rose Society

    1. Thanks Rats for posting my Cocteau comment and pictures and thanks also to Fifi, EARS and others for their positive responses.

      I'm on holidays at the moment and have time on my hands to explore.

      Expect a season creep collage in the next week or so featuring Cocteau's hands!

  9. Rat, Our Moz was certainly on fire with this wonderful weekend of tweeting. We are certainly fortunate to be able interact with his creative intellect. Its amazing so few can see or choose to believe. Thanks for documenting things so thoroughly. I very much appreciate the time you put in organizing all of the different threads that are going on in The BRS.

  10. Great as ever Rat! This is all so very exciting-goose bumps exciting. First off I want to say what a pleasure it has been to come into contact with such great people and of course Morrissey himself! I think I may just have a permanent grin. Yesterday I witnessed for myself the July tweet and thought "wait, is this something?" Sure enough, what's in today's news-a July concert! Looking forward to more!

    1. It's a pleasure to have you with us, Stephanie.

  11. Kellie the Crisp4 February 2014 at 01:29

    Very interesting reading as always. Rat I'm honestly sorry I don't post comments here often as much of the time I don't understand a lot of the concepts or know the people (Cocteau) that you are referring to. It more often than not leads me to research them to gain an understanding but I am always miles behind you lot (in SO many ways) so could rarely offer anything of interest or insight to comment on. I just hope that you Rat and all know that I am still part of the BRS in my heart and follow as best as I can with enthusiasm where IQ points and time permits.

    My love always,
    Kellie the Crisp
    (The dim member who LIVES for the day when she is featured in a FTM blog photo behind the bar at the Arms or dancing on it or asleep under it whatever is appropriate or inappropriate).

    1. Kellie, you're miles ahead of us in putting smiles on everyone's faces. BRS loves you xx

    2. Kellie I am often a few paces behind everyone else. I am happy to see you here & hope you will visit more often. I am confident with your vibrant personality you have much to offer.

      Great to read the thoughts & comments from Stephanie & Harrison too.

    3. Kellie, I'm a country mile behind everyone else too! Just a little newbie here, so I prefer to watch & learn, & gradually build up my BRS knowledge. By the way, there is no honour in appearing in an FTM blog photo when you're not even wearing your best pinny.
      P.S I will be posting you some Twiglets by Air Mail.

    4. Crisp Lady, you don't need to apologise for anything. It is always great to get feedback from anybody who is in the BRS, or who is BRS curious, or a MW fan, or anybody who reads this old nonsense.
      Kellie and Comrade Harps are our upside down members.

  12. As I said to you during our 'private' rendezvous by the murinals, you'll see I'm right in the end.
    By the way it was most ungentlemanly of you to scuttle off so abruptly. That's the last time I venture into the gents with you.
    "I tried. I really tried, but Mum is right, you ARE sleeping. See yer kid."
    You poor deluded rodenty thing, that did make me LOL!

    I will go now and ponder your wise words.
    (Can you really laugh your head off? I'm worried!)
    Ever yours,

    1. You've had 3 years to be proven right but you haven't been. Everything MW predicted has happened. You still can't explain how or why. Is MW his PA? Julia?

  13. Look i've been coming on here for ages.. will someone tell me who this pub singer called Morrissey is, or better still tell me where he is playing so i can check it out for myself

  14. I don't comment here that often but I owe you an apology Rat, for the stupid comments I left on your blog last year. So sorry, I took you the wrong way. I'm glad to be part of the BRS again and I hope to hear more from MW soon.


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