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Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Day 875 - Well, It happens a lot 'round here

The Twitterdilly Arms was once again a hive of activity yesterday, with Morrissey once again holding court, mainly as Parody Morrissey, but there was also visits from Fifi, Mum and Log Lady. Also in 'The Arms' was Astraea; who I am now convinced more than ever is Linder Sterling, and Kate 'Dolly Wilde' Ryan, who I am now starting to think can't be Morrissey, she just can't be. It is not because of what she says, as I believe Morrissey is MORE than capable of portraying a character such as Dolally Dolly, it's just that Dolly seems to be in the Twitterdilly Arms all day, and Morrissey has surely started work on the new album.... but I still can't forget those emails to Our Mozzer from Kate Ryan back at the beginning of the whole phenomenon. She has to be involved in this story somewhere.

Dolly sat in the corner of the pub, on her own as usual, and EVERYBODY steered clear of her, as they always do. I never really know what to say to Dolly, as she never seems to want to interact, but she did have these words for me yesterday:

YOU REALLY ENJOY making fun of me CUNT

I don't think she likes me much! Some would say that she is a good judge of character. This morning, she has posted this photo, presumably of her diary, which DEFINITELY puts to bed that she ISN'T Morrissey... doesn't it?:

Embedded image permalink

And the rear:

Embedded image permalink

I just don't know whether to carry on following Dolly or not. She absolutely fills my timeline with utter drivel, but.... there is something. I just can't put my finger on it.

Log Lady's appearance in the 'Arms' caused a stir, as her presence always does. Here is what she had to say:

My log is vibrating. Hang on. Do you remember when I predicted Morrissey would appear with a star? And I said, "France."
There was the 'white rose turns red' and the prediction of a blue rose photograph on the day Morrissey was in Israel. My log says I'm right to say Morrissey is about to leave a message on True-to-You. The message this week will be 'mind-oriented' and sad. Fish swim backwards sometimes, while water runs up in the mountains. Doves fall into lakes, and fish eat their mountain bikes. My log is almost never wrong. Two questions will be posed. Blue again. 'Wake up.'

Log Lady then took a slug of GWO's straight scotch, and left!

Mum (@MorrisseysMum) seemed to back up Log Lady's announcement of sad news, with the following:

*Before I move on, I must just mention that the Mum account has very subtly started 'wearing' one of the blue twitter verification ticks. I say 'subtly', because you can't actually see it unless you click onto the profile page. Let me put this in layman's terms for anybody who doesn't get the significance of this. The owner of that account WOULD BE SUED BY MORRISSEY (or at least his mother) for passing themselves off on twitter as the verified owner of an account. Read that last sentence again, Rosy Mires, and then tell me once again that Kevin Marinan owns the account.

What is more, the Mum account has had the twitter location switch turned on, and these observations have been made:
Hi, all.

I am just a long (well, short) time observer, with the occasional input. I just wondered if anyone else noticed that @MorrisseysMum left the location on one of her tweets? It states they are in Yvelines, France. I did some research and found that there are many recording studios in the surrounding area.

Hi! (Anonymous4 February 2014 23:43) He also left the location of Goteborg, Sweden on October 17... real twitter locations? just a fan looking for Moz?
I remember when TRM was pictured at a football match in Dublin with Robbie Keane, Mum was also tweeting that night from Dublin
Morrissey is openly FLAUNTING that he is on twitter, and STILL nobody notices. WHY have no journalists noticed the verification tick? The answer of course, is that they are all too lazy. The Mum account has just 734 followers. You couldn't make this up! Mum also offered this yesterday:
Let us just imagine for a moment that it's all true. Well? Now what?

"Now what?" indeed! What exactly will happen when all the thousands of Morrissey fans finally realise that he has been on twitter for three years, and had a blog for four? Well, according to Parody Moz, they will kick themselves, but more about that in a minute*


As soon as Log Lady had left the Twit Arms, I I immediately started shouting that a TTY message with sad news was imminent, and I even alerted Julie Hamill,  the leader of the #MozArmy, so that she would see for herself that this whole MW nonsense isn't nonsense after all. My shouting was of course wasted, because A) Julie Hamill just stuck her fingers in her ears and went la la la, and B) No TTY statement came! There is NO C)!

I think my shouting about there being something 'sad' in the statement, was a prediction that would be hard to shake off as a coincidence, so I 'reckon' Moz pulled it.... although that's rather conceited of me, and can't actually be true, because it was Log Lady's prediction, so my 'shouting' wouldn't have mattered.... although perhaps the idea was to delete the Log Lady tweet, so that it couldn't be proven it was ever said! Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh and Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr! I think that perhaps I over think these things at times, although interestingly, when I sent the following tweet to Parody Moz (who just so happened to turn up in The Arms at exactly the same time as Log Lady did), Log Lady then retweeted it, probably with a wry smile on her face:
Oh you old bas*ard. You are always one step ahead. Toss it in the bin.

Before I move on to yesterday's offerings from Parody Moz, I must firstly cover those words of Log Lady's. Firstly she has mentioned Morrissey appearing with a 'star' and she has mentioned France. Could this be, as we have previously mentioned, that Morrissey has met up again with Lady Gaga?


Secondly, what was that "mind-oriented and sad" message that was going to be posted on TTY? I shall ignore the bit about fish eating their mountain bikes, but what about the last sentence, "Two questions will be posed. Blue again. 'Wake up'." Could these be Cocteau related? Time, as ever, will tell.

So, on to the arrival of Parody Moz in the Twitterdilly Arms. Once again I am unable to repeat most of his actual words, because he has once again closed the account, but I am able to scramble through my time line and try and make some sense of it. Some of the tweets remain on my phone, which for some reason tends to hold on to some tweets, even after an account is closed, but they too will soon be gone.

Moz began his visit to the world's greatest on-line pub, with a brief interaction with Moz Army leader, Julie Hamill, whom Moz corrected for using 'Everyday' in the wrong context, pointing out that he had made the same mistake with 'Everyday is like Sunday'. Although Julie doesn't believe PM to be the real Moz, I told her that she should cherish that tweet, as one day she will look back on her very first conversation with Morrissey, and laugh at how he corrected her. I even mentioned that she may one day write about it on her excellent blog (JulieHamill.Com), whilst interviewing Moz.


Parody Moz then posted praise for both Matt Walker's drum playing, and Boz Boorer's tea making, before then posting some lyrics to a new Jesse Tobias song about a hairdresser in 'Pimlico'. The tweet has now gone! I am GUTTED that I didn't have the chance to copy these important tweets, but I have NO idea how to take a screen shot with my iphone! If anybody reading this happened to copy any of PM's tweets from last night, then PLEASE PLEASE  post the content below. Thank you.

PM also tweeted something like, 'if you like crying into your gin, then you will love 'Istanbul'', which is reference to ANOTHER new song. WHY doesn't the miserable old s*d leave his account live, so I can copy the exact words, does he not realise this is a historical document? Does he even care? Aghhhhhhhh!

When I asked PM what the 'sad news' on TTY was all about, he informed me that I was overstepping the line, and that he had sacked people for less; either by "third person" or "postcard". I replied that at least the plus side to that, was that at least I could sell the postcard on ebay. PM trumped that, by saying that his Mum would just buy it back; adding that she has thousands, which she will sell posthumously. Genius! I bet she#s got carrier bags full of his famous hair too! You can picture it now, Morrissey's Mum huddled over her lap top, listing little packets of 'ACTUAL HAIR FROM MORRISSEY'S QUIFF. SMITHS. MEGA RARE. OWN A PIECE OF THE MOZZER. GENUINE SELLER. 99% POSITIVE FEEDBACK.' (She'll never forgive that one bas*ard who gave her negative feedback for that Meat is Murder Mayking promo. How was she to know it was a snide?)


PM also had some interaction with former Blue Rosers', Still.I.Fawn and DozyMires. He tried to find out from Still.I.Cling as to why she had started following him, but she claimed it was a mistake. Within seconds of the exchange, Still.I.Cringe's minder, RosyMires stepped in to make sure that PM left her alone. I think Dosy has always felt responsible for Stilli, ever since convincing her to leave the BRS on the back of 'HoustonGate'. I'm sure when the truth comes out, that Still.I.Clam will have NO regrets about believing Dosy, and having NOTHING to do with, what will one day be seen as, one of the most sensational experiences in the history of modern art! *Can you actually kick yourself to death? 'Worried'*

The main subject that I want to write about today, is the possibility of Morrissey headlining this year's Bestival on the Isle of Wight. As I wrote yesterday, I believe that this is part of a  two legged European Cup tie (I'm sure there will be plenty more tour dates) between The Morrissey Band and The Blue Rose Society. Having said that, Loughton Lil, Edge and Ears have all ruled themselves out of the away leg, and MancLad wants to play with a bag on his head.... much as he forced to do whenever he takes the occasional lady back to his bedsit! Willow has also ruled herself out of travelling. I might be taking on The Morrissey Band alone. It's Brooklyn all over again!


I had written yesterday that it was Log Lady who had predicted that Morrissey and Marr would BOTH play Bestival this year, but somebody else had also previously mentioned it, and I had COMPLETELY forgotten. The reason I now know this is because this message was left on my blog yesterday by Fifi:

Oh what a pleasant surprise! The 'fantastic bird' I played for my lovely Astraea and Willow reached the top of the charts. I love the feeling.

May I ask you, Rat, why I am nowhere to be seen on the Twitterdilly Arms photo?

Am I asleep on @Morrisseysmum 's lap?
Am I discussing glitter stilettos and omelettes with Log Lady on the patio?
Has Willow poured me too much Babycham resulting in a bad fall on the edge of the bar and a cut eyebrow, hence being now on my way to get a huge scar, courtesy Davyhulme hospital?
Or have I already stormed out following a heated conversation with...well, everyone?

I demand a response.


PS. Day 825
PPS. I saw a UFO last night (no Babycham whatsoever was consumed)


I replied to Fifi with this:
All of the above. Just a usual evening in The Twit Arms.
Day 825 you say?
UFO or Fantastic Bird?
This morning, I slid over to page 825 of FTM, and found Fifi's first ever posting:

Jean Genet was a prominent and controversial French novelist, playwright, poet, essayist, and political activist.
He directed the movie "Un chant d'amour" (A song of love) in 1950.
Because of its explicit (though artistically presented) homosexual content, the 26-minute movie was long banned and even disowned by Genet later in his life.
Un chant d'amour was quoted by Morrissey as being one of his favourite movies.
And yes, Genet wrote "theatre de l'absurde" plays and is part of the movement.
Saying Morrissey and "Absurde" are linked is an understatement.
You could also read this. It compares Genet and Morrissey in Jean-Paul Sartre's paean "Saint Genet". An interesting read.
There would be a lot to say about this and I will leave it to that.
If you want to find out more, you should wander to some obscure Parisian theatres on some cold nights. Absurde plays are not the most sought after plays these days, but you might meet a gentle soul who will convince you that life is better lived absurdly.
When I lose this concept, I know where to find him and he knows where to find me.
Good luck with whatever is next on the cards for you, Rat. Sail on, we will be waiting on the docks for your return.
"Oh the big ship sailed on the alley alley oh..." you know the song...

On your way to your new absurd world, drop your anchor at the Isle, make your way to Robin Hill. Johnny Marr will be there, I will be there and maybe good old friends will be there too. Who knows. I sure don't, I am only deluded.

Fifi xx


So, it was FIFI who had mentioned Johnny Marr playing the Isle of Wight with Morrissey, which actually gives it 100% credibility.... not that Log Lady isn't credible! *Gulps hard*

Having discovered that it was Fifi who had posted the comment about M&M playing the Isle of Wight, I replied to her on my blog of yesterday with this:

OMG, it was YOU!
And got this in reply, earlier today (during a tea break in the studio?):

"OMG, it was YOU!"
Was it?

It was a real UFO. It's not the first time I see one.
The truth is out there.

All of the above?! So does it mean I am nowhere and everywhere at the same time?

"In France the emergency population warning network is called the "Réseau national d'alerte" (RNA). The system is inherited from the air-raid siren network (défense passive) developed before World War II. It consists of about 4,500 electronic or electromechanical sirens placed all over France. The system is tested each month at noon on the first Wednesday."

I can hear AIR RAID right now! Thank you for reminding me that you're always here, Air!

Be good little charmers.


Before I continue my ramblings about the Bestival, let me just remind both myself, and my readership of something.... MORRISSEY IS CURRENTLY RECORDING A BRAND NEW ALBUM IN FRANCE AND IS COMMUNICATING WITH US ON A DAILY BASIS. Pinch me mother. Harder.

Every year, Bestival has a theme to it, and this year's theme is 'Desert Island Disco'


Picture this scene.... The final song of the final night of a disco themed weekend is..... 'Death of a Disco Dancer' (Remember the DDD on Cocteau's drawing in the Chapel de Notre Dame). I must stop. Can one actually self combust with excitement? Morrissey and Marr playing DDD from Strangeways Here I Come for the first time EVER? Pinch me harder mother, pinch me harder.

The perfect 'last piece' to the whole jigsaw, would be for Morrissey to release his brand new album on September 7th (on the back of the publicity of him playing with Marr), and it entering the chart at Number 1 on September 14th, which ironically, would mark EXACTLY 3 years of Following The Mozziah. Jigsaw, jigsaw, jigsaw... or just a dreamer? One thing is for sure, as PM pointed out to me yesterday, he has changed my life.



Yesterday, Astraea was back putting up posters on the walls of the Twit Arms, including one of a 70 year old Catherine Deneuve. She is one SEXY lady. I wonder what went wrong for Mrs Whiskers Senior? It must have been all those years on the streets, it aged her prematurely.

Embedded image permalink

Embedded image permalink

Embedded image permalink

Embedded image permalink

Willow and Astraea once again hogged the jukebox in The Arms yesterday, and their taste in music was, as ever, impeccable. The familiarity between Willow and Astraea is almost 'sisterly', and when Fifi is thrown in too, they are 'As one'. I cannot believe that these three don't know each other.... and I think I've changed my mind again, Astraea ISN'T Sterling, it IS Moz... I think! Oh, WHAT do I know?


Astraea also turned on the Twitterdilly Arms newly installed projector screen yesterday, to show this Pasolini feature, 'What are the Clouds?'It is in 'parts' - PART 1:

And finally for today, I tweeted Joseph Jannides earlier today, to see if he had seen my blog of yesterday. Here is his reply:

No i didn't but nice formation. Nammock & I would rule that midfield. Boz might be better in goal though, for obvious reasons!

He knows, you know! They ALL fu**ing know!

STOP PRESS: This has come flooding in within the last hour, whilst I have been busily typing:
Keep your eyes open. Countdown begins. Density of egg white is important. Sperm whale sighs.

I can smell a Bestival announcement. And if we get one, I PROMISE that Bestival curator Rob de Bank will wear a BLUE ROSE. Remember where you read it first.

Babycham anyone?



  1. Parody Moz once tweeted Kristeen Young asking her something about showing up as Log Lady. We only have her answer...
    @MorrisseyParody I'm sure this is drop dead funny, but I have no idea what it means. And somehow....I'm alright with that.
    Something to do with the appearance of Log Lady on twitter?

  2. Bestival with Moz & Marr?! Can you imagine?! Do hope you've put the jigsaw pieces together correctly, Mr Rat. That would be a once in a lifetime experience.
    Now...I'd like to make a statement. (Are you listening Ratty?) *clears throat* I do not know Morrissey, & had never met Fifi or Astraea before I came to The Twitterdillly Arms. I have come to regard them fondly, & admire Astraea's taste in music & film. As for Fifi, I just love winding her up. If either or both are Moz, I can only say that they dance remarkably well in high heels.

  3. Oh Rats! That blue rosette that Mum is wearing is in the wrong place, it’s too small, it’s a bit dull, and it has none of the characteristics that a blue badge has. I will whisper this just to you. It’s FAKE.

    1. It's irrelevant that you know it's fake, it looks like the twatter authority tick, so it is therefore convincing people, like Rats for instance, that it is authentic, therefore, if it isn't an authentic account, it is breaking a law by pretending to be.
      I'm with Rats, Moz would sue, but we all know he won't, coz it's him!
      Charles Vanden-Plas

    2. I'm not disputing Rat's opinion about Mum but I thought I should mention, in light of the comments he posted, that apparently it is possible to fake one's location on twitter. I'm no expert on this but I have read that it's possible, so I don't think the tweet locations necessarily prove anything.

    3. It is fake, you can use it too if you like:

  4. Another bit from me.
    Log Lady tweeted - My log is vibrating. Hang on. Do you remember when I predicted Morrissey would appear with a star? And I said, "France."

    I believe that the Lady of the Log is referring to the MorrisseysWorld blogpost with the ‘France’ heading and the star is the Steve Cochran Hollywood star.

  5. Another action packed night in The Arms last night. It is difficult to keep up at times. Astraea, Willow & Fifi have a delightful relationship. I think a night out on the lash with them would be entertaining & memorable. It was lovely to hear from Fifi this morning.

    I can only hope that you are right about the Bestival. Time will tell...
    Lastly, just how stunning is BB!

  6. Just tweeted you screenshots of pimlico

  7. I'm with GWO on this one, about as real as my Armani jeans purchased in Singapore, oh by the way, I'm a cherry B or snowball girl myself


    This is my deluded story of why I believe that Years of Refusal is the start ,"Gateway" if you will to the beginning of the BlueRoseSociety. Please take this in with a grain of Salt. Back in 2007 Morrissey was presented with Blue Roses from Kristeen for their 100 concert together. This makes it apparent that Morrissey already had a liking of Blue Roses. Years of Refusal was recorded by the end of 2007. There was a long gap before it's release which brings it to 2009. The cover of the album has been speculated by many to have some king of hidden meaning, but to this day it really hasn't been figured out. So here is my thoughts. First Morrissey is wearing a BLUE shirt. The Morrissey logo and Years of Refusal is also in BLUE. The font used "could" be considered a "Rose Font". He is holding a baby ( Birth, Beginning). The Baby is clearly pointing his finger straight down (AKA- "Come Here"). The Symbol on the Baby's Head has a meaning which I can't explain- Heathercat if you could please comment about this I would appreciate it, Thank you. Years is also the Album that Morrissey says he is most proud of. After all this I started looking even more and I thought that it's funny that TRUE TO YOU Is also Outlined and has a Header of BLUE. The shirt that Morrissey has on is BLUE. Lastly the Cover of Autobiography has a picture of Morrissey in BLUE! Have I lost it? Probably- but haven't we all.....

    -Father Brian

    1. I enjoyed speculating about this with you on twitter, Brian. As I said previously, some of the imagery on the YOR cover made me think of Cocteau. Some have said that the symbol on the baby's head resembles a 'W' or upside down 'M'. Harps just mentioned something about an inverted 'M' in one of Cocteau's works a few days ago. The symbol certainly appears to be a butterfly and the one on Moz's arm looks like a caterpillar, which suggests a theme of metamorphosis, echoed by the presence of a baby in the photo. The metamorphosis theme reminds me of Cocteau for a few reasons: there is a theme of death and rebirth throughout his works, particularly in the three films which comprise the Orpheus Trilogy; Ovid's version of the Orpheus story is contained in a work actually entitled 'Metamorphoses'; and lastly, the Cocteau quote that Fifi tweeted a few days ago mentions metamorphosis ("Sun, I am black inside and rose outside which is the metamorphosis").

      Unrelated to YOR, something else recently reminded me of Cocteau: I think GWO may be correct in her speculation that Log Lady's prediction of Moz appearing with a star was fulfilled by the photo of him with Steve Cochran's star. This reminded me of the fact that Cocteau adopted the star as his personal symbol, usually drawing one with his signature. I do realize this is very random and has no significance whatsoever. I believe everything that I've said here is indicative of nothing except that I seem to have too many thoughts of Cocteau swirling through my head. I can't help it, I find him truly fascinating, and whenever I read about him I discover more and more things that I want to research.

    2. More interesting food for thought. Thank you Father B & Heather.

  9. Rat, I have wondered about Kate Ryan myself, I am not sure what she is saying or trying to say. I do love the charming Astraea, Fifi and Willow and their musical selections and dancing in Twitterdilly. Their interaction is lovely and full of true warmth. Rumor has it you are taking a day or two off. You deserve it. You have been busting your tail (no pun intended) as of late and some rest is in order!

  10. Rats, to take a screen shot with your iPhone just press the button on the top edge and the button on the bottom at the same time. Check your photos, your screenshot should be there. Scrunch your photo to see exactly what it will look like to other people - you might want to edit it to get rid of your phone details etc. Simples.
    You do know you could have googled this you lazy b*stard.

  11. thanks for all the detective work about 'mum's twitter/location ... I totally believe it.
    I don't believe someone is going to the trouble of faking that. they just didn't
    expect king rat detective (KRD) on the case ... or Cagney + Lacey if you had
    a partner(!!) ... nah, second thoughts, lets keep it uk style - JULIET BRAVO!!
    ... moz would like that;)

    1. The location is set for near Paris. I thought the recording was taking place in the South of France? I also remember that when Morrissey did the book signing in Gothenburg, Mum's location was set to Stockholm which is miles away. Why does Mum only ever set the location as visible at times when it is public knowledge where Morrissey is?

    2. Morrisseysmum is an illiterate called Peter Finan.

      It has nothing to do with the improbable list of coincidences ascribed to MorrisseysWorld

    3. Sabine, you are the only fool who still believes that Finan is behind the mum account. You even managed to get that wrong.
      Crawl back under your rock. We don't want you here. Go, go, go on, just go.


    4. Harsh slinging of rocks Anon (7 Feb 08:00). That does not sound like Sabine to me at all.
      Anon(6 Feb 20:35) you remind me of an echo from the past. Tossing a pebble into a pool – RoadHog used to bang that drum. Are you related?


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