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Friday, 7 February 2014

Day 877 - The Big Ship Sailed on the Alley Alley Oh... Hello Sailor

Have I got this completely wrong about Moz headlining Bestival, or is it a case of Rob da Bank (the curator of Bestival) not understanding  just how big a star Morrissey is? Here is a quote from Rob da Bank, published today in the Isle of Wight County Press (available from all good stockists at just 80 new pence):

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My immediate thought on reading the article, was that it can't be Moz headlining after all; mainly because the other headliners of Bestival are Beck, OutKast and Foals, who are ALL 'smaller' than Morrissey.... but that line about the headlining band having had "a lot of hits to their name", now has me thinking that it could still be Moz. And after all, why would Fifi have made such a thing up about Moz playing?

Either Mr da Bank has either got no clue as to how 'big' Moz is, or he is playing everything down a bit, just in case the festival goers are expecting somebody like Elton John (which is who they had last year). Hmm, In the word of Boy George, I  'reckon' it's the latter, and perhaps that isn't a bad idea.


If it is the Morrissey band headlining, then any appearance by Johnny Marr must be as a guest, unless of course Marr is going to be added to the line up in his own right. Fifi didn't exactly say they were playing together, she just said they would both be there. Here is a reminder of Fifi's words; and by the way, if anybody is reading this blog of mine for the first time, I should explain that Fifi IS Morrissey. I should also like to recommend that you got to the very first entry of Following The Mozziah, and start reading this whole mind boggling story. It will blow you away. Anyway, back to Fifi:

Good luck with whatever is next on the cards for you, Rat. Sail on, we will be waiting on the docks for your return.
"Oh the big ship sailed on the alley alley oh..." you know the song...

On your way to your new absurd world, drop your anchor at the Isle, make your way to Robin Hill. Johnny Marr will be there, I will be there and maybe good old friends will be there too. Who knows. I sure don't, I am only deluded.

Fifi xx

Fifi's wording is VERY interesting. Perhaps I should have posted MORE of that newspaper article. It's all in the 'SHIP':

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"HMS Bestival has washed up on a desert island, so the ship will still be there."
"Oh the big ship sailed on the alley alley oh".... and in WHAT month did that ship sail? SEPTEMBER! He's coming I tell yer, he's fuc*ing coming!




My thanks to Kirky for posting the lyrics to 'Pimlico Love'. Kirky's tweet also has Morrissey's quote about 'Istanbul', which I mentioned on Wednesday (or was it Tuesday? So much has been written lately, that I have completely lost track.):

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FANTASTIC lyrics, and I particularly like the line, "You're an ethical professional, But your hands are rarely clean." Is he talking Sweeney Todd? Is he talking Damon Anacreonte? Is he talking Bankers?
I also love "You scratch my back, and I'll wax yours." Well, Moz DID promise references to MorrisseysWorld in the new LP, and the hairy backed blogger has been a consistent theme!


It's ALL coming together. The jigsaw is nearing completion.


I can honestly say that I HAVEN'T seen this happen in other people's lives, but one thing is for sure, it IS happening in mine.


Log Lady has once again appeared in The Twitterdilly Arms, albeit VERY briefly. Here are her latest words of wisdom:

Almost, almost.
My rattle is jaded. It makes a sound like marbles in a wooden box. Sometimes my eyebrows look sad, but why? They are not sad.

Could the "almost, almost" refers to the announcement of the new tour? And if so, could the announcement be coming on Sunday? This was spat at me earlier today:

TELL bitch LOG LADY she better NOT shit on me SUNDAY!


GWO seems to have unraveled Log Lady's previous statement, regarding the star:

Another bit from me.
Log Lady tweeted - My log is vibrating. Hang on. Do you remember when I predicted Morrissey would appear with a star? And I said, "France."

I believe that the Lady of the Log is referring to the MorrisseysWorld blogpost with the ‘France’ heading and the star is the Steve Cochran Hollywood star. 

We have also seen Banjaxer in 'The Arms' (I should just point out to anybody reading this blog for the first time, that the Twitterdilly Arms is a 'virtual' pub, that the Blue Rose Society congregate in on twitter). Banjaxer informed everybody that he would be speaking to Moz, and asked for questions. Very few people took him up on his kind invitation, but GWO did:

Today I will be conversing with (it isn't really his mum) so if you have any questions for this person please let me know....
does have a working title?

Kevin returned today with an answer for GWO:

She said she's tried a few, but none of them work.

Lol and DOUBLE Lol. He's a very funny bloke that Mozzer.... unless he actually means the working title of the new album is 'None of them Work'. If so, is this the album cover:


On the subject of the '@MorrisseysMum' twitter account, there has been debate among the Blue Rose Society as to who it really is, but as Banjaxer has confirmed (if you read between the lines), it IS Morrissey. Some have been confused by the location of the Mum tweets not matching up to where Morrissey is KNOWN to be, but I am pretty sure that he purposely alters the location, to add confusion.

And finally for today, look at this old tweet that Jazzy found:

 9 Mar 2010
Argh I love youuuu xx

I wonder if she feels the same now?

And finally, finally; here is Father Brian's theory on Years of Refusal, with HeatherCat's response:


This is my deluded story of why I believe that Years of Refusal is the start ,"Gateway" if you will to the beginning of the BlueRoseSociety. Please take this in with a grain of Salt. Back in 2007 Morrissey was presented with Blue Roses from Kristeen for their 100 concert together. This makes it apparent that Morrissey already had a liking of Blue Roses. Years of Refusal was recorded by the end of 2007. There was a long gap before it's release which brings it to 2009. The cover of the album has been speculated by many to have some king of hidden meaning, but to this day it really hasn't been figured out. So here is my thoughts. First Morrissey is wearing a BLUE shirt. The Morrissey logo and Years of Refusal is also in BLUE. The font used "could" be considered a "Rose Font". He is holding a baby ( Birth, Beginning). The Baby is clearly pointing his finger straight down (AKA- "Come Here"). The Symbol on the Baby's Head has a meaning which I can't explain- Heathercat if you could please comment about this I would appreciate it, Thank you. Years is also the Album that Morrissey says he is most proud of. After all this I started looking even more and I thought that it's funny that TRUE TO YOU Is also Outlined and has a Header of BLUE. The shirt that Morrissey has on is BLUE. Lastly the Cover of Autobiography has a picture of Morrissey in BLUE! Have I lost it? Probably- but haven't we all.....

-Father Brian

I enjoyed speculating about this with you on twitter, Brian. As I said previously, some of the imagery on the YOR cover made me think of Cocteau. Some have said that the symbol on the baby's head resembles a 'W' or upside down 'M'. Harps just mentioned something about an inverted 'M' in one of Cocteau's works a few days ago. The symbol certainly appears to be a butterfly and the one on Moz's arm looks like a caterpillar, which suggests a theme of metamorphosis, echoed by the presence of a baby in the photo. The metamorphosis theme reminds me of Cocteau for a few reasons: there is a theme of death and rebirth throughout his works, particularly in the three films which comprise the Orpheus Trilogy; Ovid's version of the Orpheus story is contained in a work actually entitled 'Metamorphoses'; and lastly, the Cocteau quote that Fifi tweeted a few days ago mentions metamorphosis ("Sun, I am black inside and rose outside which is the metamorphosis").

Unrelated to YOR, something else recently reminded me of Cocteau: I think GWO may be correct in her speculation that Log Lady's prediction of Moz appearing with a star was fulfilled by the photo of him with Steve Cochran's star. This reminded me of the fact that Cocteau adopted the star as his personal symbol, usually drawing one with his signature. I do realize this is very random and has no significance whatsoever. I believe everything that I've said here is indicative of nothing except that I seem to have too many thoughts of Cocteau swirling through my head. I can't help it, I find him truly fascinating, and whenever I read about him I discover more and more things that I want to research.

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  1. alas the footie team will be devoid of one angry midfielder.. liam is no more

    1. maybe someone should tell the roadies

  2. Here's hoping we see the captain of our ship singing some of these enticing lyrics on stage, whereever it maybe, sometime soon.
    Love the Popeye pic, so cute.

    Wishing you all a good weekend.

    1. thanks, ears, city to get back to winning ways at norwich

    2. Nope! ManCapitalist City fail to score AGAIN.


  3. What a crock of shite. And, if any of these lyrics or song titles are truthful, then again, it is no wonder why most of Morrissey's fans realize how he has devolved into some ridiculous sideshow. Compare the great tunes from Viva Hate and Kill Uncle to the crap he is pushing out now--how sad.

    1. Welcome to MORRISSEY'S World! Please spread the Word!

    2. You HAVE to be the self-deprecating Moz, you just HAVE to be. Those lyrics are sharp and witty. No Moz fan could deny. This new LP will be a masterpiece. I can feel it in me old rat bones.
      A number 1 for Harvest.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. I must proff read beta...

      Thank you heathercat for joining the dots (or is that finding connecting bits of the jigsaw) and linking the M or W (now, doesn't MW sound familiar) with the cover of Refusal.

      Now, here's another clue for you all: the owl was Cocteau. You know, all those owl eye images on MW and the The Real Mozzer does owl eyes and later we find the owl on Linder Sterling's studio wall ( ), well, now I can reveal that Jean Cocteau drew owls: (note the star, too)

      Picasso also draw an owl illustration for one of Cocteau's poetry books:

      Cocteau muse and sometime Smiths cover star also made at least one owl sculpture:

      So, jigsaw, jigsaw, jigsaw.

    2. Thanks for your continuing research, Harps. I really like the Cocteau drawing of the face with the butterfly on it that you posted on twitter today. It's not surprising that Cocteau drew owls. The owl is an important occult/Masonic symbol, and Cocteau is known for incorporating these types of symbols into his art.

    3. Speaking of Cocteau's symbolism, I've just discovered a fascinating connection between his signature symbol, the star (which he sometimes drew as a pentagram), and MW's symbol, the rose (which, of course, also appears in Cocteau's works):

      "From a period long antedating the Christian Era, the rose was a symbol of love. It was the flower of the goddess Venus, the Roman goddess of love and fertility. The rose was also attributed to Harpocrates, the Greek adaptation of Horus in Egypt's spiritual tradition. He was the god of silence. It is by this reference that the rose is also used as a symbol of secrecy.

      In Medieval times secret societies met "sub rosa", signifying that everything that was done and said in these reunions had to be kept "under the Rose" (in secrecy). This precaution of secrecy was necessary as protection against persecution by the orthodox Church against everyone who dared to think differently. It was heresy to think otherwise than as prescribed by theological dogma. Whoever dared to do so was in danger of forfeiting his life and the lives of those who listened to him.

      Wild roses have five petals, the same as the number of man's physical senses. In the spiritual tradition, the geometrical pattern for the rose has become the pentagram, a form which can be seen when we draw a line in a special way between the inner leaves of the rose. This form is also the symbol of the microcosm, the symbol of man. Four points of the pentagram symbolize the four elements and the fifth point at the top is called quintessence, depicted as a wheel. It symbolizes the domination of spirit over matter. It is through the spirit that balance and mastery of the four elements of the physical world is achieved. In connection with the symbol of the rose, we notice that both symbols point to perfection and the highest realisation of consciousness."

      Here we see not only the convergence of the rose and star symbols, but also the four elements (fire, water, earth, air) connecting with them as well. Jigsaw...

    4. Heather, superb research. It is all starting to make sense. Jigsaw, jigsaw, jigsaw indeed.
      I shall blog your excellent findings tomorrow. Today is the Sabbath, and I am resting.

    5. Wonderful Heather, great work. Thank you.

    6. For anyone who might be interested in reading more about the rose/pentagram connection, here are two additional articles:

      Interestingly enough, the first article is written from a perspective about fencing, but it has lots of pertinent info. Both articles mention the red and white colors of the tudor rose, which are, of course, the original colors of MW.

    7. madam, i doth my cap to you, i would place my coat over a muddy pool for you to walk accross, except, that i am no gentleman

    8. You've always seemed to be a gentleman to me, Manc :)

  5. @MrJakeWalters: @MorrisseyParody @itsdanielcope It's called humour. @itsdanielcope was the assistant. The real Morrissey would have got it.
    Jake 1 : MW 0

    1. @MorrisseyParody: "@MrJakeWalter The real Morrissey would never have tweeted you."

      MW 1 JW 0

  6. Good stuff. I feel I can come here again now that Sabine has gone. Remember Rat a lot of your followers don't say much but we read every word. Mesmerizing stuff.


  7. Morning Rat, I'm very busy this days and daughter is ill once again! anyway. i'm very curious about Morrissey's new album, what's happened to "Boredom is a plague", do you remember it? Tweets excanghe with Jake Walter and not a point in your favour, but, anyway, why a fake Mozzer should expose himself so much? Maybe the Parody Moz does'nt know the truth and the pantomome? Or is the theory of the killer who leaves a clue for be discovered and never kill once more? Mistery, or mystery...I don't know! take care, ciao!

  8. I have no idea what lines you are reading between, but you have things a bit skew-whiff with regards to @MorrisseysMum. Shame that @MorrisseysMum was de-frocked, the early tweets from Betty about ‘my boy’ were quaintly charming. Interesting though that there has not been any brouhaha about ‘passing off’, misleading gullibles, etc from the usual suspects who would bang that drum about MorrisseysWorld.


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