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Friday, 14 February 2014

Day 884 - It is not inspiration. It is breathing.

A large number of Morrissey fans denounced MorrisseysWorld as a fake based on the author merely mentioning the name Justin Bieber. "As if the REAL Morrissey would watch Justin Bieber's 'Never Say Never' dvd", they crowed. No doubt, if Our Mozzer had decided to use Cliff Richard as the subject matter instead of Justin Bieber, the doubters would have scoffed even harder, after all, Morrissey would NEVER be interested in Sir Cliff Richard.

When MorrisseysWorld was still up and running (which sadly it no longer is), Our Mozzer would often refer to both Elton John and Paul McCartney as 'Sir' Elton, or 'Sir' Paul. The doubters scoffed, saying, "The REAL Morrissey would NEVER use the word 'Sir'....... and yet:

Morrissey With Special Guests Sir Cliff Richard And Kristeen Young June 21 Barclays Center Poster

The concert with Cliff is just one of 25 that were announced yesterday on True-To-You. The concerts will take place across America in May and June, and also included is a concert with Tom Jones supporting.

What is it that Log Lady said?:
 Feb 9

And of course they ARE all startled:

Did I just read that correctly? "Sir" Cliff Richard? SIR?? SIR???

Not only startled, but the irony of using the 'Sir', completely missed!
Sir Cliff Richard and Morrissey

I am guessing that Log Lady's "Rose of Eternity" is Cliff, and "Blue Toadstool" is Tom Jones, but WHY Tom is a toadstool, I have no idea, although Comrade Harps has been playing these songs in the Twitterdilly Arms this afternoon:

And WHAT did the "Nineteen" refer to? Has Morrissey signed to Simon Fuller's '19' management? On the subject of Simon Fuller, Our Mozzer once mentioned that Fuller was the very FIRST person to discover MorrisseysWorld. I wonder if that was true? It seems a bizarre thing for Our Mozzer to make up. And if it is true, has Fuller stuck with the whole phenomenal story, or was it just a passing visit?


For Morrissey to have managed to get both Sir Tom Jones (Tom's poster doesn't have his 'Sir' on it for some reason) and Sir Cliff Richard to SUPPORT him, is an unbelievable achievement, and it just goes to show what a major artist Morrissey is. Cliff Richard is the third highest selling artist in the history of the UK singles chart, with only The Beatles and Elvis slightly ahead of him. Morrissey and Cliff may be an odd couple, but it really is a REMARKABLE achievement.


According to a couple of interviews that Cliff has given, he apparently met Morrissey in a hotel in Kent in 2011, which must have been when Moz played Hop Farm. Cliff has told the BBC that Morrissey contacted his management about a month ago, to ask if Cliff would like to support him in New York, and Cliff replied, "yes please." Cliff added, "It's a great honour for me to be asked by someone like him because no-one would expect him to ask me, and that's what I like about it."

Cliff also makes some very crass and naive statements in his BBC interview, such as "I like to think he might eat some meat when I arrive, but I wouldn't expect him to." I would have expected a statement like that to have come from a nineteen year old like Bieber, not a seventy three year old, but perhaps such naivety comes from living a somewhat 'false' existence, in which Cliff has never really grown up, or challenged things (such as the monarchy or God), or moved away from the middle of the road. He has just been 'steered' by management, and 'thinking too hard' just hasn't been necessary.

It is natural to assume that the main reason that Morrissey has requested the presence of Sir Cliff, is because he is a fan, particularly of the early rock n roll songs, the film career, and of course Eurovision!


Sir Cliff Richard ROSE

Away from the excitement of the US tour news, there has been mixed feedback regarding the continued unravelling of Jean Cocteau's influence on Morrissey, with even Morrissey's own pessoa's (grocer's apostrophe) disagreeing. Here is what Our Mozzer had to say:
Who's this b*****d blog about? Me, or that foreign arty ponce?

It's like I hardly exist anymore.

Of course the REAL Morrissey would NEVER use the word 'ponce' (or indeed slag off Cocteau), but then again, the REAL Morrissey would never have Cliff Richard opening for him!

Another of Morrissey's pessoas, 'Astraea', was much more animated. Here are both Heather and Astraea's observations on the latest Cocteau revelations:

The number of apparent connections here is simply astounding. It seems that a Cocteau link is undeniable and it certainly lends many fascinating insights. Other notable items in the Twyman article are the photo of the wound shaped like a pentagram (Cocteau's signature) from 'Blood of a Poet' and this quote:

"My work is the result of serious considerations which consist of turning ciphers into numbers. And so, I belong to the blood donors, the only artists I really respect. The long red trail they leave behind them fascinates me."

Morrissey has adorned himself with wounds (and bandages) through the years. Could these be inspired by the wounds in 'Blood of a Poet', which serve as a metaphor for the poet and his art?

Very nicely phrased Heathercat, and thoughtfully relayed.

On The Blood of a Poet, Cocteau's own comment was,

"The poet's solitude is so great, he so lives what he creates, that the mouth of one of his creations lives in his hand like a wound, and that he loves this mouth, that he loves himself in short, that he wakes up in the morning with this mouth against him like a pickup, that he tries to get rid of it on a dead statue-and that this statue begins to live-and that it takes its revenge, and that it sets him off upon awful adventures. I can tell you that the snowball fight is the poet's childhood, and that when he plays the game of cards with his Glory, with his Destiny, he cheats by taking from his childhood that which he should draw from within himself."

I wish I could post the image he's referring to here, but everyone who has seen the film knows it.
Additionally, in The Paris Review interview I have posted before, he was asked not long before his death,

"The wound in the hand of the poet in your film ‘The Blood of a Poet’ — the wound in the man’s hand out of which the poetry speaks – certainly this reproduces the ‘wound’ of your experience in poetry around 1912-1914?"

And he responded,

"The work of every creator is his autobiography, even if he does not know it or wish it, even if his work is ‘abstract’...." There is more, of course.

However, I find one of the most beautiful - and one of the most striking - responses that he ever gave to a question to be this...

Interviewer: Can you say something about inspiration?

Cocteau: It is not inspiration. It is expiration.

This is a charmingly fluid and very elegant play on words, because in French, just as in English, 'inspiration' and 'expiration' also mean to inhale and to exhale.

In other words,

Interviewer: Can you say something about inspiration?

Cocteau: It is not inspiration: it is breathing.




And so we reach the end of another week. Will we see Parody Moz in the Twitterdilly Arms this weekend? Will we get any feedback regarding the album recording in France? Will Log Lady pull any more vibrating logs out of the bag?

I shall return next week.

*Goes off singing* Do you know what you've done? It's so funny, how we don't talk anymore


  1. well this is my last way of speaking with you, i have been err, ASKED to close my twitter account for good, i cant say i wasn't warned, i'm afraid i cant keep my big mouth shut, i may get back on in the future when the heat dies down but for now i will only be able to speak through here. to a certain young lady in LA dont worry it was not your fault it was all my own doing, anyway Liam may make some of the tour but not the start as his girlfriend is having a baby.. bye for now, i will probably be at the same concerts as some of you, but of course you wont know who i am..

  2. Ratty,

    If I'm a figment of just one man's imagination... we should all agree that I'm just too good to be true.

    Now where I have mislaid my gold glitter nail polish again this time?

    1. Oh, I'm sure we DO all agree.

      (the glitter polish is in the second drawer down, next to the finger bandage.)

    2. You borrowed that name too, didn't you? "Astraea"

    3. What are you trying to say brother/sister anon?

  3. I love that cliff and tom are supporting.
    I love that cliff/tom fans could go to see them
    - and then fall in love with the music of moz
    (and also vica versa)

    I love that people are so shocked and freaked
    out by this. that they think it's so very un-moz
    like. that list is very long!! top of the list,
    being connected to MW blog.

    I would be very happy if either were at a future
    uk moz gig. like you said rat, early cliff: very
    good. even some of the 80s pop stuff (wired for
    sound) some people: SIMPLY A CLASSIC. I would love
    to hear moz duet with tom on 'I (Who Have Nothing)
    not sure how some fans will react, considering
    so many didn't like kristeen (and after having
    seen her treatement at manchester) I'd like to
    think, even if they didn't like it, they'd have
    the decency to be well behaved and have manners.

  4. The young Cliff always reminds me of a certain Ronaldo - and didn't the old Broken go on about him a lot?

  5. It is fair to say I am not a fan of Cliff Richard, but I did have to smile when I saw the news that he will be a guest with Moz on the tour. I have a soft spot for Tom Jones & vivid memories of my nanna & mum sipping snowballs with Tom belting out Green Green Grass Of Home. I also hope Morrissey & Tom duet, I think their voices would sing in delightful harmony.

    What a beautifully profound quote - "It is not inspiration: it is breathing".

  6. oh our mozzer.. who remembers that vote we had.. (appearing on stage with a manufactured pop act) *got myself a crying talking sleeping walking living doll*

  7. As Edge mentioned, I love how Moz keeps surprising us with the unexpected and does things that people think he wouldn't do. Cliff Richard has been compared to Justin Bieber, as this piece illustrates:
    Even Sir Cliff himself has pointed out a similarity, saying: "I'm a bit like Justin Bieber in that we both started out young." Mistletoe (and Wine), anyone?

    Needless to say, I'm thrilled to have a chance to see Moz in the US sooner than I was expecting, but I do hope that our friends in Europe and the UK will have a turn soon as well.

    1. I may be imagining things, but the more I think about it, I seem to recall the MW blog mentioning a likeness between Justin and Sir Cliff. Does anyone else remember this?

    2. You are probably remembering day 349 of FTM, where Rat compared Biber to Cliff.

      The Right Honourable Clive Clip QC

    3. I definitely remember the MW blog mentioning Cliff, and I think it may have been in relation to JB.

    4. Heather, do you think the whole Cliff thing is Morrissey having a little laugh to himself? Does he see Cliff as the ultimate plastic pop star, who was just a cheap imitation, or IS he genuinely a Cliff fan? Can you remember if MW talked affectionately about Cliff?

    5. Unfortunately, I have no answer to any of those questions.

    6. "A rivetting biography of the enduring pop icon of the 1980s, Morrissey evinces an appreciation of the highly articulate singer-songwriter while remaining uncompromising about the man himself. Author David Bret uses unprecedented access to friends, colleagues and faces from the past to create an in-depth portrait, including such tidbits as accusations of racism and fascism; confessions of physical abuse; sexy, never-before-seen letters to a pen pal; the attack on Cliff Richard; and even a script submission to Coronation Street."

      From a review on Amazon.

    7. Lizzy, as was proven the other day by Fifi, David Bret cannot be relied upon for ANYTHING, so his Cliff revelation, whatever it may be (I don't know anybody who has read his book), is not worth a dot. Does anybody have another sorce?

    8. TRB, fair comment, as I am not on Twitter I do not know what Fifi uncovered about Bret.
      I will keep digging.

    9. Bret says Lucky Lisp was about Cliff.

    10. Although it's generally acknowledged that the title 'Lucky Lisp' is a play on the song title 'Lucky Lips', sung by Cliff Richard and originally recorded by Ruth Brown (see Mozipedia), I don't think it's generally known who the song is about. Some have guessed it could be about Billy Fury.

    11. Heather is right that Sir Cliff was mentioned in MW. Ironically, it was mentioned in the context of singing live with a Sir Cliff t-shirt in the front row; Our Mozzer said, with his fans nodding off and popping out for a pee during YOR songs, it was only a matter of time before a Sir Cliff t-shirt appears in the front row!

      How amusing this will be one day.

    12. Hmm. The only question is, will a photographer be quick enough to take a photo of a Sir Cliff fan in the front row, before she (because it will be a she) realises that Morrissey isn't for her, and she edges away from the barrier, and heads to the souvenir store, to purchase her 'Cliff Live in The Big Apple 2014' hoodie (size XXL)?

      So, Sir Cliff HAS been hired just for Our Mozzer's own personal amusement. Genius.

    13. I just love the idea of people hearing moz who wouldn't normally.
      and in the context of A MOZ LIVE GIG ... what a way to be

    14. Ooh yes Broken, it is all coming back to me now. There was a u-tube clip as well of a tv show with Morrissey and someone in the audience was wearing a Cliff t-shirt. Can't think what the song was.

    15. Lizzy, come back on twitter, I'm missing you! About Sir Cliff, better no comment.

    16. Bless you Romina, you are very kind !

      Very exciting to learn from ParodyMoz on Twit last night that the UK tour dates
      will be toward the end of 2014 and Christmas with Morr-ee-say was mentioned !

  8. Boz Boorer is bringing out his very own wine!!!! What next, Jesse Tobias mistletoe?

    Lord Derrière

  9. "Cliff Richard Elm Guest House"

    1. Don't post such things hiding as 'anon'. There is NO evidence whatsoever that Cliff was involved in the Elm scandals. This is not the place for such things.

  10. city city the best team in the land In all the world


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