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Monday, 10 March 2014

Day 908 - Morrissey World Peace is None of Your Business

At last, my marathon of a Ping Pong parody is over, and I have returned to reality. My lesson has been learned..... or is it learnt? Either way, I now know that NOBODY criticises Johnny Marr, although at the very same time that I was receiving my bollocking from Morrissey for my criticism of Johnny, Morrissey was, er...... well, look at this twitter posting from '@MorrisseysMum' (Morrissey) from March 2nd:

Lucky for him he eventually met the Crabs and the Modestly talented Mouse.

The 'Mum' tweet was sent in response to this, which had been tweeted by '@MozMarrLyrics':

Embedded image permalink

In fairness, Mum wasn't exactly criticising JM, she is having a (tongue in cheek?) pop at the talents of the Cribs and Modest Mouse, and I guess Fifi's theory didn't actually contain any positive references to Johnny's work in either the Cribs or Modest Mouse, but still! I therefore conclude that the actual lesson I have really learnt (learned?), is that nobody can criticise Johnny, except Morrissey, but then Morrissey and Johnny are twins, so it must break Morrissey's heart to see Johnny wasting his talent with people that he sees as beneath Johnny. I do honestly believe that both Morrissey and Marr would back each other to the end of the world.


The other lesson I have learned (learnt?) from Fifi's recent theory, is that Johnny Marr is heavily into codes and hidden messages. I have noticed with a lot of the imagery involved in Johnny's work, that it features rectangles, squares, boxes and straight lines. I may well be barking up the wrong tree, as often I do, but I am determined to try and crack the 'Rank' code, so I have been looking at the album sleeve again. Could this picture from inside the cover have anything to do with Johnny's codes?

Embedded image permalink

There are a lot of squares in the above picture. The other interesting thing about this picture is that the clock on the wall says 7.25, but why would Smiths fans be fighting over a shirt at 7.25? *Penny drops* Oh, the clock must have stopped! Now, what was it that Fifi said about that wall in the New Town Velocity video, "it smells rank." Aghhhhhh, what is the Rank code?

Fifi's 'theories' are always fascinating, although as to whether of not Morrissey and Marr are really playing Ping Pong through their work, who knows? The one thing that is certain, is that the Deluded Dozen will be looking for the signs.

Fifi also mentioned recently that she had a theory as to who 'Chris the wonder-kid' was, in Morrissey's version of 'Drive-In Saturday'. Although Fifi didn't share her theory, I 'reckon' it's NOT Chrissie Hynde after all, I think it's Johnny! Could it be that one Christmas, Morrissey jokingly nicknamed Johnny Marr 'Chris Marr s'? Oh, I'm being silly now...... aren't I?


Anyway, after what happened with Day 898, it is probably best if I get off the subject of Johnny Marr right NOW, before I upset the Gods again. And on the subject of Gods, or Godlike Geniuses actually, the NME has today announced that it's readers have voted to choose their Godlike Genius for 2015, and the person they have chosen is...... MORR-EE-SAY! Morrissey doesn't of course need the readers of the smelly old NME to tell him he is a Godlike genius, he already knows, although 'Godlike' is the wrong word, he is of course, simply 'God'!


It will be interesting to see if the NME decide to actually carry out their reader's wish, and award Moz with the 'honour'(?) next year. I expect they will, as they must be DESPERATE to rebuild bridges with Mozzer, but the question is, will Morrissey be prepared to attend their award ceremony to accept it, or in the words of Noel Gallagher, would he be "too cool for this shit"? Incidentally, the Gallagher quote was about David Bowie, who came SECOND in the NME vote. The world is at peace.........

........... which is a lame link to my main topic of the day, Morrissey's new album title, 'World Peace is None of Your Business'. Oh sweet Jesus, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you. As I pointed out briefly in yesterday's parody piece, the album title does of course contain the words BLUE ROSE hidden within it. Of course it does. It was always going to. It HAD to.


This whole wonderful journey just gets better and better. Could Blondie have come up with this sort of thing? No! Move over ALL Godlike Geniuses, NONE of you are fit to even look at the soles of Morrissey's beautifully hand-crafted shoes, he IS GOD, he IS a GENIUS! (I'm getting excitable again, aren't I? I would NEVER win any awards for being cool, but do I care? Do I care? Do I care?)

The fact that BLUE ROSE is hidden in the title of the new LP will, of course, be missed by the masses. It will only be in the year 2073 that historians will finally believe it to be true. For now, I, along with Comrade Harps, Heather Cat, EARS, GWO, Loughton Lil, Father Brian, Yuna, Willow, Vulgar Angie, Clover Dean, President Kyle, MancLad, Romina, Fancy123, CC, Harrison, Edge, Marcus the Greek (Yes he still believes), Jjazmine, Bunny Gal, Stephanie, Chio and one or two others, remain the only ones who can see it. We remain, the DELUDED DOZEN, but surely our numbers will grow? SURELY?

Also hidden within 'WORLD PEACE IS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS' are the words Boorer, Francoise, France, red roses and there are even a couple of 'OO's for good measure. ALL coincidence. EVERYTHING is ALWAYS a coincidence. The question that everybody should be asking, is WHY this particular title for an album, but of course no journalists have any investigative intuition these days, so if they can't phone hack, they haven't a clue. The newspapers and websites are all full of the new title of the album, but not ONE single newspaper has questioned WHY it is called 'WORLD PEACE IS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS', but then again, as Fifi pointed out, not one journalist has ever asked Morrissey for his thoughts on Johnny Marr's album. Why does NOBODY ask the right questions anymore?



So, WHY 'WORLD PEACE IS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS'? The only thing that google seems to throw up is this:

World Peace

What goes wrong with humans is they say, “I want WORLD peace.” And we say world peace is none of your business. Personal peace is. You can’t orchestrate world peace. The only way you could ever orchestrate world peace is if you could convince everyone to want exactly the same thing. And you don’t have a prayer of doing that. There is no possibility of getting everyone to agree with you, you see. So then you say, “Yes, but what if I ignore him and so I disengage him [the enemy] from my vibration.” Good word, isn’t it? I’ve deactivated so I’ve disengaged him from my vibration. “But what about the others that he’s trampling? What about those that don’t know as much as I do?” And we say, now you’re back involved. In other words, you get to choose. And we’re not for a moment suggesting that getting involved is wrong. What we’re getting at here is—there are a lot of people that want purpose in life; they want reason; they want something to focus upon. In other words, the war or the cause—at what point does anyone get to decide that it’s gone past nobility and patriotism and into terrorism and overtaking other countries. In other words, It’s really a fine line who gets to decide who the bad guy is and who the good guy is. And always the good guy is you and the bad guy is them—and you all think that. So finally when you say, “I don’t have to figure it out for any of them. And I’m going to align with the energy of well-being and follow that path.” Then it gets easier for you to watch everyone else play out their games. Every now and again, Esther will find herself straddling the line. She can’t decide if she’s happy that the government is making effort to protect all of you or if she is worried that the government in all of its efforts are part of the cause of the problem. And then Esther discovers that there’s no right answer to that. But the answer for her is: withdraw from the thought and live happily ever after. And it is our promise to her and generations that follow—YOU DO NOT NEED TO WORRYABOUT WHAT ANYONE ELSE IS DOING IF YOU ARE TAKING CARE OFYOUR OWN VIBRATION. We would say that to an individual, but we could never say it to a nation. A nation is made up of too many different vibrational beings, you see. As an uplifter we hear the basis of these questions because you are a teacher to the very core of your being. And it’s not any easy thing to know what you know and to live a life that is stable and good-feeling and see others around you that have not figured it out or who cannot find their way. KNOWING YOUR WAY IS THEBEST POSSIBILITY OF THEM FINDING THEIR WAY.
Abraham—Boise, ID 7-3-02

The above piece comes from a Spiritual Well-being group called Abraham-Hicks, who specialise in the teachings of Transcendental Mediation, or TM for short. Of course, even the thought that Morrissey might have anything to do with such a group, or such a practice, would have the masses laughing their socks off, and they would all cry, 'Morrissey would NEVER do that', because, of course, they KNOW. People ALWAYS KNOW what Morrissey would or wouldn't do.

But what is TM all about? Well, let me leave it to Russell Brand to explain, because TM is what he practices, and guess who has a TM Foundation? David 'Twin Peaks' Lynch. Jigsaw, jigsaw, jigsaw.
Here is Rustle, with David Lynch, talking about TM:


Before 'Parody Moz' disappeared from twitter, one of his last tweets was regarding 'meditation'. So, is Morrissey's new album title taken from the Abraham-Hicks piece, and if so, is Morrissey involved with Abraham-Hicks, or the Lynch Foundation, or meditation in any way? As I am now in email contact with Morrissey, I could of course ask him, but I am pretty sure that he would tell me that the influence for his new LP title is, well, none of my business. Actually, he probably would't be quite that rude, but one thing is for sure, he DEFINITELY wouldn't tell me!

My theory is this: Through Morrissey's friendship with Russell, the subject of TM has been mentioned (well it would be, wouldn't it), and it has aroused Morrissey's interest enough for him to research the subject in full. During this research, I would guess that Morrissey stumbled across the Abraham-Hicks article which mentions 'World Peace is None of Your Business', and the phrase appealed to him, A) Because it is a GREAT phrase, and B) Because, as I have previously written, it contains the letters to spell BLUE ROSE, without it being too obvious. There is NO C).

Perhaps Morrissey does meditate, but I very much doubt that we will ever find out, and do we really need to know?



And finally Cyril, and finally Esther (not the one from Abraham-Hicks, I am referring to her from That's Life), here is a beautiful poem written by the father of the President of the BLUE ROSE SOCIETY. I do so love our deluded little group!

Mothers cry, while Fathers stress
to be polite is a disgrace
as children mock you to your face

every day the papers show
that crime and rape did upward go
the things done in laboratories
are stashed away in lavatories

drugs and sex aren't hard to find
it seems as if the worlds gone blind
for what the people fail to see
is messing up society

as Dads no longer head their home
and kids all sit, and chat by phone
what once to all has been a home
is looking like a war torn zone

no longer do you find that kids
are playing in the park
for it's become a hideout place
for gangsters after dark

what once was right now seems so wrong
no more joy and no more song
as what this all was meant to be
lies buried in a cemetery

by telling you these things my aim
is not to make you mad
it's just to tell another truth
which soon will make you glad

amidst the chaos of this world
of hurt, despair and pain
and hate along with treachery
all done for selfish gain

there's this one thing I know of
believe with all my heart
that when I bend my knees to pray
Morrissey will show the Way!


  1. If you have ever had the Blessing to look Morrissey in the Eyes YOU will know instantly that he is Watching Everything/ Everywhere/ Everyday

    1. Hey, Father Brian, this poem was written by Lydia Preston in 2008, it is called God will make a way. I suppose you also wrote, "Ere thrice the sun done salutation to the dawn"? If you must write prose/poems, the words you use should be your own, don't plagiarise or taken "on loan". I've tripped you up, haven't I?

      Big Nose..... ha ha ha ha ha ha

    2. Ok First of all I never took credit for this Poem. I changed GOD to Morrissey in it. My mistake I should have put the Writers name at the bottom. Oh Well, sorry if it bothered you that much! But my question to you is this - why do you come here? Why do you hang around? And Mainly why be such a Dick about it?

    3. "such a dick about it" Is that really necessary? All I did was point out that you nicked somebody else's poem and made no attempt to credit the original author. In answer to your question, I come here because I like the people here, I like the theories, I like the laughs, I like the songs that are shared, I like blue rose and I like the wicked games we play. You?

      Big Nose

    4. My apologies, but I wasn't trying to "Rip anyone" off . YOU made it out like I was trying to pull something off on everybody. And yes I do enjoy it here or I wouldn't be writing this, Have a nice day!

    5. Father Brian, why have you put "rip anyone" in speech marks? You now look as if you are quoting me. And why the accusational "YOU"? I never accused you of pulling anybody off and yet now you are accusing me of accusing you. This really is all very unnecessary. You seem very aggressive, perhaps you should try a little TM.

      Big Nose
      Nose City

    6. You Win, I apologized , wished you a nice day etc.... I feel like this is a SOLO thread right now ! Your right I was wrong. P.S. - your so good at what you do;)

    7. Dear FB, If this seems like a Solow thread, then it is only through your making. I have remained polite and jovial throughout our exchange; I even threw in a little bit of schoolboy humour with the "pulling anybody off" joke. If I were a pedantic person, then I might point out your misuse of 'your' (twice), but I am not a pedantic person, so I won't.

      Go in peas.


    8. I miss you, let's catch up on Twitter:) - Life is short.

  2. Dear Rat, no one like you got the ability to put his body and soul in a bush full of thorns! What the hell is this Abrham now? I need a little time to ponderate, now I'm busy cooking something for dinner, wolves coming back from swimming pool and I'm late, ciao! Romina, to busy to login.

  3. An anagram of " World Peace Is None Of Your Business "
    is " Word Is, One Blue Rose Can Unify Posse. "

    Courtesy of Roberto Ferdenzi

    1. Lizzy, you are still banned from here. If you wish to appeal your ban, please put your request in writing, addressed to HM Our Mozzer. Your ban ends on May 1st. See here:

      Morrissey1 February 2014 15:29
      Ban against Sabine - upheld, permanently.

      Ban against LizzyCat - upheld, for a minimum period of 3 months.

      Ban against Chuck - upheld, for a minimum period of 1 month.

      All rise.

      'R' - magistrate to the eminent artiste Judge Morr-ee-say QC.

    2. Rat, you have obviously not learned anything about me in the past 2+ years.
      * goes off laughing *

  4. Thank you for the research on TM rat it is a fascinating subject for myself have you ever tried meditation? Have you ever tried to feel your own vibrations?

  5. It's an intriguing album title, open to various interpretations. In addition to what Rat mentioned, it has interesting political implications and, of course, has a 'world' thrown in for good measure for Morrissey's World. Can't wait to have it in my hands in just a few months.

  6. A fascinating theory Rats about an inspired album title.
    I wonder what design will be on the album cover ....

  7. Well Grasshopper, you have taken us down many paths but I did not see TM coming. In homage to MorrisseysWorld I have chosen my mantra as ‘OM’ (Our Mozzer). Just off to practice now, hoping I will send myself off into a Sara Lee trance.

  8. The most intriguing thing of all will be that all of you fools will praise the album as awesome despite the fact that he will include the shitty patchwork songs he has leaked out over the past few years done by horrid musicians. Go back to Alain, Spencer, and Gary.

    1. You have taken the wrong turning. You should be at the Solow place, unless of course you are Moz playing the part of a 'Parody Solower'. I shall leave your comment, just in case.


    2. yada yada yada.

  9. Johnny Marr is one of the best guitar players on the planet and his creativity, music, melodies and arrangements were an essential part of The Smiths. For me personally, it was Morrissey who drew me to The Smiths. His Lyrics, his voice, the joy, the anguish, the emotions, the irony, the angst, the charisma, the intelligence, the duality, the ambiguity, the highs, the lows, the victories and the defeats have always drawn me to Our Moz. Looking forward to "World Peace is None of Your Business"!

  10. As usual, I am a bit late in catching up with your blog, but quite enjoyed the ping pong parody.

    1. Good to know you are still with us.

  11. Nice research, Rat.

    Makes as much sense as anything else we BRSers and D12 believe.

  12. "as Dads no longer head their home
    and kids all sit, and chat by phone"
    What has the world come to? Kids are both sitting AND chatting... by phone! And there is no dad at the head of our home. Doomed! We're all doomed!

    1. At least drugs and sex aren't hard to find

  13. So...why was my comment deleted??? All I said was that World peace is none... is also an anagram of Solo and solow. Why the censorship? I've not abused anyone nor have I caused drama. I just stated MY thoughts! ....Obviously I am not entitled to share my opinion(s) on here.. Time will prove everything indeed...


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