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Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Day 924 - Le facteur sonne toujours deux fois pour l'un des enfants terribles

RULE 1: TRUST YOUR OWN INSTINCTS...... and don't believe what others want you to believe, or what other others believe, if you yourself don't believe that their belief is correct!

I decided NOT to have a break after all, firstly because Fifi left a message on yesterday's blog, secondly because Morrissey has announced he is to play the very intimate and exciting venue of Santa Ana observatory, and thirdly because anonymous comments were left on my blog yesterday from people wanting me to delete everything I've ever written, and leave, which OBVIOUSLY is a sure fire way to keep me here! Sorry anons, you are going to have to put up with me for a little bit longer. Actually, WHY do you bother reading and commenting if you don't like what I write? Life is too short. Go and read Proust instead, or listen to Moz reading Proust:


Can you imagine being in the audience at a Howard Deveto concert, and suddenly Morrissey walks out to read Proust..... or read ANYTHING for that matter! It must have been incredible. At the end of the reading Moz almost burst into song. I wonder if that happens with EVERY book he reads. Perhaps it is just as well that he didn't narrate his own autobiography, although to have Morrissey literally sing his life, would be awesome, and  I don't think I've ever used the word awesome in my blog before. Cool! I've never used cool either. Anyway (which I've used far too much), back to the plot. Here is Fifi's comment from yesterday:

The words of my little charmers
Sweeter than strawberry champers

My shimmying days are not over. They're never over.
Always in my heart,




Another interesting comment added to yesterday's blog entry, came from Romina. Romina seems to know MANY things, and she seems to have an explanation for the fall out between Kristeen Young and the editor of her video, who is apparently called Mr Devon:

Well, Kristeen's song is a bomb! I like it very much, it could be a summer hit, she found the right balance between Icona Pop and punk, it's a shame for the video and I misjudjed her, but now I saw her tweet and I know it was just a controvery between her and a certain Mister Devon, this man is officially the owner of the footage as Kristeen is the owner of the song and of her pretty face, of course, what Mister Devon could do with the footage without the song I don't know and it's not my business anyway Kristeen blocked the video and is working for another one as Mister Devon moaning by facebook's page because Kristeen worked at his footage with someone else. Case closed. Facebook is a source of news and of old pics as young Morrissey with his beautiful Aunt Mary, but the question is why this pics are posted in the main page of a certain site who, usually, Morrissey does'nt like? Has something changed? Aunt Mary got a facebook page and posts pics with her young and famous nephew, the Mum posted the same pic on twitter, but of course, she's her sister and Santa is busy with Rudolph the red nose reindeer...Someone is playing along and we only got to wait.

Embedded image permalink

WHAT is Romina trying to say about the twitter account MorrisseysMum, that it belongs to..... Morrissey's Mum? Hold on, I think she might be right! It has been staring us in the face all along. Morrissey is NOT MorrisseysMum. Morrissey is NOT MorrisseysWorld. Morrissey is NOT True-To-You.... they are all technically owned by somebody else, but does he have access to all? YES! YES! YES! It all makes sense.

Another comment placed on my blog yesterday mentioned that not all of those old photographs that I posted yesterday, came from Aunt Mary's Facebook page, so maybe it was Morrissey's mum who made the decision to post them. Or maybe Morrissey posted them. One thing is for sure, there is DEFINITELY a link. Rule 1: Trust your own instincts..... and NEVER forget the 'woman in the shed carrying wood' tweet!

Before I move on to the Santa Ana observatory, and the fact that Mum tweeted about planet earth a WEEK AGO, I must mention these two tweets from Kristeen Young, posted yesterday, after it was announced that she had made it to Number 1 on the greatest chart of all:

Adam McCollum (wearing ME), Dita Von Teese, and Marilyn Manson: The Midwest Alliance: Indiana, Missouri, Michigan

Adam McCollum (wearing ME), Dita Von Teese, and Marilyn Manson: The Midwest Alliance: Indiana, Missouri, Michigan and Ohio.

OOps ....and OHIO....

I am sure it is just coincidence that Kristeen's second tweet, which added Manson's birthplace of Ohio, contained an 'OO' at the beginning of Oops, but it is STILL worth a mention.

I had never heard of Dita Von Teese before, so this morning i have been researching her. It would appear that she was Manson's wife. They may even still be married, I don't know, but WHAT a woman. Could we hire her for the Twitterdilly Arms Christmas party?


And whilst I am on the subject of Kristeen Young, yesterday, I decided to pre-order her new album, from the website I couldn't decide whether to buy the cd or the vinyl LP. The problem is, these days, I want to be able to own albums on vinyl, cd AND have mp3 copies of all the song, but hardly any artists/record companies seem to have cottoned on to what the buying public want.

When cds replaced vinyl, there wasn't a big problem. I, along with most of the music buying public, eventually gave in to the fact that vinyl was dead, and although I hated giving in, I had no choice. Morrissey remained one of the very few artists to continue to release everything on both formats, but the vast majority of artists didn't, and what is more, we all wanted to listen to our music on the go, i.e. in cars and on Walkmans, so the cd did actually make more sense.


Since the advent and mass acceptance of the download, the cd is now dying, as we no longer have a need for it, but it would appear that the music buying public want to own something tangible, hence the sudden re-birth of vinyl.

I went into HMV last week, and was both shocked, and delighted, to see that their vinyl section had doubled in size since my last visit. Admittedly there were no singles for sale, but there were LOTS of LPs, including The Smiths, Magazine, Bowie, T Rex, The Velvet Underground, and even more encouraging, new releases from artists such as the Arctic Monkeys. All LPs were priced around £15 to £20, but only one artist was offering the sort of bundle I wanted, i.e. the vinyl album PLUS the cd PLUS a code to access the download, and all for £19.99. WHO is this ground breaking artist, with the foresight to be offering the public what they want?.......... Kylie Minogue!

Before I get banished to Kylie rehab, I should explain that I didn't buy the UK's new Number 2 best selling album, Kiss Me Once (beaten to the Number 1 by G****e M*****l) , but although Kylie may not be offering the actual record I want to buy, she IS offering the package I am now after when I buy a new album.

For me to buy Kristeen's album in every format, it will cost me $12 for the cd, $20 for the vinyl LP and $9.99 for the downloads, presuming that there is no code to unlock a download. I could, of course (tuts to self), burn the cd onto my laptop, but therein lies another problem, my new laptop doesn't actually have a cd drive, so I would have to go and buy an external drive, which I can't be bothered to do! I want simplicity. The times are a changing.

What is more, if I am to buy Kristeen's new album from her website, it has to be shipped from the US, so there is another $11 to add for the cd, and another $17.50 to add for the record. There is no option to buy both and combine shipping, which has resulted in..... me not yet buying the new Kristeen Young album yet! Oh, the dilemmas of life.


Right then, to the observatory. Here is the TTY announcement:

25 March 2014
Morrissey will play a special show at Santa Ana Observatory (California) on May 8th. Tickets for this show will be available on March 31st.

The observatory only holds 550 people, so it really will be quite special, and it means there is hope that Moz may play other smaller venues. Perhaps the people of the Isle of Wight will get to see Morrissey play at Shanklin theatre. It would possibly go some way toward healing the wounds of the poor souls who had bought tickets to see Adam Ant play there this Saturday, only to have him cancel!


So, am I back for good, or is this blog entry just a one off during my break? I guess it depends on Moz. If there is something to write, I shall write it, if not, then I won't. Everything seems to have gone quiet on the rumoured concerts in Sicily and Manchester, but surely there will be an announcement soon about UK or European dates?

And on the subject of Europe, Morrissey's friend Patti Smith has been spotted out and about, at the opening of the Robert Mapplethorpe Retrospective exhibition at the Grand Palais in Paris, where she sang a BRAND NEW, and specially written song. I'm not sure what it the song is called, but it is excellent. Perhaps it is not too late for me to get into Patti. I am guessing the song is either called 'I Came to Paris in 1969' or 'Looking for Robert Mapplethorpe' or maybe 'Robert in Paris'. If anybody knows, or can find out, please leave comment. Here is the clip of Patti singing:


And here is a link to a review of the exhibition, and a mention of Patti's performance:

Interestingly, the review quotes Patti as telling the 400 guests, "I would rather sing than talk to evoke Robert. Robert and I were like the infants terribles of Cocteau." I sometimes feel that way about myself and Fifi when we bicker in the Twitterdilly Arms! Oh Jean, Jean, Jean, so much to answer for.

For photography lovers: exhibitions this winter and spring | Paris ...

Here is a Mapplethorpe clip that is also linked from the review:


So, now all we need is for Morrissey to announce a concert in Paris before July 14th.... not that I would probably be able to make it, the cricket season is upon us. One day I shall get to see Paris. One day.

And finally, Morrissey's autograph and self portrait have been spotted on the wall of the dressing room at the Auditorium Theatre in Chicago:

"Self portrait" by Morrissey from 2007 at the Auditorium Theatre in Chicago.
Posted by @surfcombat on Twitter: 

Went to @AuditoriumChgo last night & they had this thing by Morrissey in the star dressing room @dollbabytina

And as pointed out by Erica Calil on twitter, our idol is a cereal!:

Embedded image permalink

Although, there is a DEFINITE likeness:

And finally finally Andrew, and finally finally George, for some reason, the number of hits to my blog from Sweden has, for some reason, gone through the roof! I am currently getting more hits from Sweden than from the UK! WHY? Who is out there? Please show yourselves. Leave comment and say hello.

And on the subject of Sweden, earlier today, I stumbled across this EXCELLENT photo video of Morrissey's book signing last year. Magic happens at the 1 minute 36 sec mark:


*Goes off singing* I want to start from before the beginning


  1. you know what I feel sorry for all those people that stood in line saying goodbye to you, shame on heather and romina, they really should have known better, not happy with my photo it looks like I crawled out of an eighties porn magazine, or so I'm told, anyway keep plugging away ratty. you know it makes no sense

    1. Hey Manc, I' m still here, I'll never leave my poor lonely Rat! Thanks for posting my sefie in the same page with Morrissey's self portrait! Romina, locked at the swimming pool with 'usband tablet, see you soon, ciao!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Sorry, Fashionvictim, whoever you may be, I was doing some editing whilst you were posting your comment, and it must have got eaten. Here is your comment in it's full glory:

      Well this has taken a turn! Love the Sweden video-great start to my dreary day.

  3. Lovely video, Ratty. Hopefully we can expect more dates soon.

  4. Hey Ratsville, thanks for keeping my memory alive whilst I have been a little AWOL (even if you did call me a bastard). You know I'm always here, as deluded as ever, just been laid a bit low with a bug.

    1. Bug? Er! Off..... you b*****d.

    2. Very good, you're still a loveable rogue

  5. Kristeen's new song is great, can't wait for the album!

  6. "Le facteur sonne toujours deux fois pour l'un des enfants terribles"

    If you want to speak French, at least do it properly.

    Flighty Brigitte

    1. I was about to correct Ratty's French but I'm glad you beat me to it, Brigitte - much better for it to come from a native speaker.

    2. You two must be seeing things. I think you will find that my title is written EXACTLY as 'Flighty' has written it! In my defence, I changed the title at the last minute. It was going to be a simple 'Les enfants terribles', but I decided to factor in le facteur, and 'Les' got left in by mistake. Poor Les, I have no idea if he is a boy or a girl. He is probably a humasexual, so therefore, he fits right in. I should have left him in the title. Oh well, at least he/she has made it into the comments section.

      As for my 'un de les' instead of 'l'un des', I offer NO excuses, it was just plain wrong of me. It will come as no surprise for you to learn that I managed to achieve, if achieve is the right word, just a grade 3 cse in French at the building I occasionally attended from 1979 to 1983. The building was apparently called a school... or ├ęcole if you prefer, but as the definition of school is 'institution for educating children', I can only presume that the building was wrongly labelled on the local authority map. Oh well, there is always the next time..... except, there isn't a next time. My education was stolen, and the stealing goes on, and on, and on.

      C'est la vie.


  7. I will defend certain Kylie songs to my third last breath.

  8. So good to hear from Fifi, we look forward to seeing her in the Arms, hopefully soon. Rats, I know one online source says the Observatory's capacity is 550, but I've seen others that put it closer to 1,000. Either way, it promises to be a special, intimate concert and I'm beyond envious of those who will be attending (especially since I used to live nearby there - why did I have to move?). Loving the video links on the blog, they're a valuable addition.

  9. Fifi and Astraea,

    Thank you for the kind comments on yesterdays blog. You are both very lovely and classy ladies.

  10. This is... well... (coughs a little) a faster return from a passionate goodbye than even a certain iconic pop star could muster.


    Positively anonymous,

    Herbert Obsidian Green

  11. Time really flies. Seems like it was only yesterday that you were taking a break from your blog, and here you are back again. Entertaining as always. Well, welcome back, hope you rested well on your holiday. BRS

  12. It is Dita von Teese (as in tease).

    1. Thank you. Yet more sloppy writing from mois. Amended.

    2. Me = moi
      Month = mois

      Mr Whiteside, your french teacher from the old grey school

    3. Dear Monsieur Whiteside, that one was a joke, honest. I am the Les Dawson of french writing. My son has his GSCE French oral today, God help him.

      Back to the old grey 'eckhole.


  13. Hello Ratty, I forgett to say you thanks for the beautiful video with the Sublime Maladjusted, cheers!


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