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Sunday, 13 April 2014

Day 942 - MorrisseysWorld.Blogspot.Com Returns & The Long-Forgotton BRS Interview (Part 1)

Now WHO would have thought it? Despite all the talk of a new dot com website, and against all the odds, the MorrisseysWorld blog has returned, with the first new material since January 9th!

The new article, which was posted at 1.18pm today UK time (5.18am LA time), is entitled:

 "MW returns... with the first part of the long-forgotten BRS interview... and a few old gems... and ... nobody notices. C***s."

It's a catchy and embracing title. I had, of course, noticed the return of the MW blog, and tweeted yesterday evening to alert others..... but there aren't any others... well, hardly any. Willow tweeted back to say that she would take a look, but as I type this, over an hour since the latest MW article was posted, NOBODY, with the exception of myself and Heather have left comment. NOBODY! 

There actually isn't an article as such to go with the title, although this has been added under the heading:

Time, as ever, will-


The "long-forgotten BRS interview that is mentioned in the heading, has indeed been added to the MW site, although it is hidden away, and dated Tuesday 17 December 2013. I can only guess that it was originally intended that the interview would be published back in December, but for some reason, it didn't happen. The original interview questions were posted on FollowingTheMozziah on 5 April  2013, so MW is quite right when he says it is a "long-forgotten BRS interview", but it's still exciting..... at least for the few of us who are left to get excited! Here is a link to the original 30 questions:

And here is the article from the MW blog, which answers the first 9 questions:


The Forgotten Blue Rose Society Interview

Q1: From Climmy Worseapple
Sometimes, when I cry, I sit with a mirror before me and imagine that I am my own nonexistent disillusioned long-term partner, looking with scorn at my puffy, leaking face - immune to the rotting diseases of affection and empathy for "myself" thanks to a tough course of painful injections and some hard-earned antibodies. Your recent release of 'Last of the Famous International Playboys', did not make it into the Top 100 in the UK, did this disappoint you?
The Last Of The Famous International Playboys Digital Single Artwork

Morrissey: Now that I'm about as relevant as a bar of soap at a heavy metal gathering, it came as little surprise that my single failed to chart. The noise generation want immediate, unimaginative melody, words attuned to the repulsive cannabis-fuelled orgy that passes for pop culture these days, and electronic sounds. I gave them... well, I gave them exactly that - and it still failed!

Q2: From girlwithout
Question from me for Our Mozzer. When he met you at a recent Hollywood party, Gristle Bandage commented that you were like Bette Davis and Garbo, sat in a corner uniquely like someone from another era. How do you feel about this comparison and is there some other Hollywood star that you would have preferred to be compared to?

Morrissey: I recently saw an interview in which Justin Bieber was described as a hybrid of Elvis Presley and James Dean by a fawning Australian dimwit-journalist; Bieber smugly agreed. I developed a week-long tension headache and seventeen new grey hairs.

Similarly my mystique could never be compared to that of Garbo. I would compare myself to Julie Goodyear, or, at a push, Larry Grayson.


Q3: From Chuck Norrissey
Ok here comes my question. Don't be disappointed. Dear Our Mozzer, was there anything about this whole journey that surprised you, that came unexpected - concerning your followers/fans and/or media? Was it a mudslide, or did it all develop and unfold according to your plans?

Morrissey: I fully expected to have three million followers by Christmas 2011. I expected the Sun's gossip column to be scratching its head over the authorship of the twitter account. But, no. Looking back, I made the mistake of being too interesting. The British media would have been fascinated had I tweeted about what I'd eaten for breakfast and which fly on the wall I was watching, or pretending to.

Joey Ess-icks is the first polished product of the reality TV culture - he is more vacuous, in fact, than reality TV - and therefore he's utterly marketable in the present climate. These days less is more. The less you know, the more interesting the media will consider you to be, as they fire endless banal questions in your direction: anyone of intelligence would be rightly offended, and would soon get bored or cause trouble. The chief virtue of the modern 'celebrity' is an extremely high threshold for taking offence.

As far as the British media is concerned, the less you've achieved, the more deserving you are of your fame. Artists, on the other hand, are dragged backwards through hedges by their underpants, subjected to brutal character assassination and welcomed back briefly into the fold, only so as to begin the whole process again. It's very Freudian.


Q4: From Uncle Halfwit
This is ridiculous, you are just a "dickhead pulling a scam." You are just "some wanker who hatched a plan to make a film about internet gullibility", with the subject, "Morrissey fans." How long do you possibly think you can get away with pretending to be Morrissey before you are caught out? Tops P.

Morrissey: Morrissey has spent the past two decades pretending to be Morrissey. I haven't pretended to be Morrissey for a single moment.


Q5: From Mme de Staël
What is your favourite cover version of one of your songs? And is there any song of another artist(e) that you think would be worthwhile covering?

Tatu. Many - but I don't want to do karaoke. There are cheaper and more interesting ways to humiliate oneself in public - sex, for example.


Q6: From Lizzycatmoz
My question for Morrissey AKA Our Mozzer is, and I consider this to be ' personal' however not ' personal life.' Having been extremely ill and on IV drips for 5 weeks, I'm sure the
experience changed you, but what I'd really like to know, but am afraid to ask, so am relying on that b**tard Rat to completely change and 'sex up' my question a bit, is:  You have used lots of homoerotic imagery in your art over the years, and yet I have found you quite flirty, do you bat for both sides?


Morrissey: I don't bat at all. And on the odd occasion I've tried, the balls always seem to catch me off-guard.

Q7: From TRB
I'm sorry about Lizzy's deeply personal question, I did warn them not to, but they just ignored me. Let's cut to the chase and get down to the nitty gritty, do you have a fold away sofa bed in your bedsit, or a proper bed that takes the place of a couch?

Morrissey: That question is too dreary to contemplate.

Q8: On Behalf Of  Marcus 'The Greek' Marcou
I saw it as my calling to travel to Manchester with a Blue Rose, but I couldn't get it to you. I have recently released my debut feature film, 'Papadopolous and Sons', would you do me the honour of watching it and letting me know what you think?


Morrissey: I thought the film showed potential. Unfortunately it wasn't quite my cup of tea. However I did enjoy A/S/L very much. If you do create a MorrisseysWorld production, I expect an invitation to the premier, a goodie bag and three shop warm Co-Op pain-au-raisin.

Q9: From Vulgar1mkela
I was so honored that you took the blue rose ring from me in Moz Angeles but what happened to it after I gave it to you and have you any plans for it?


 The ring remains on my bedside cabinet. I use it to cast spells on carnivores, war-mongers and knighted pop singers.

to be continued


I shall now work my way through the rest of the old postings of MW. Happy days.

In other news, the buzz continues as to what the new album songs might be about. Comrade Harps immediately thought of the NYD's Lonely Planet Boy when he saw the title Earth Is the Loneliest Planet:

It has also been noted that Kick the Bride Down the Aisle is likely to have come from the Reparata song Shoes, which is an old favourite of both Morrissey and Marr:

A recent Marr interview mentioned Shoes, so could Kick the Bride be a Morrissey Pong?:

Smiler With (a) knife was an unmade film by Orson Welles, and the book it would have been based on has a character called Strangeways. Heather Cat has mentioned that Smiler, Kick and Mountjoy (if the song is about the prison), could all have loose Strangeways references. Heather also remembered Astraea recently mentioning Strangeways. The buzz continues.

And finally, it would appear that Clover Dean was wrong about Liam being in LA with Moz, he's in Camden, with Boz!

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  1. Ratty, I haven't posted a comment yet as I am still working my way through all the old MW posts & marveling at what I missed out on. So much to catch up on. I'm totally enthralled! I'm sure there will be plenty of traffic on the website soon, & I'll definitely post a comment later today. Wouldn't want Our Mozzer feeling neglected!

    1. P.S. Thank you for posting the shirtless pic. Very much appreciated.

  2. Just for the record I did notice & I left a comment re the interview last night.

  3. Instinct alone told me to check your blog this morning Rat I'm so very glad I did. Without twitter I feel clueless

  4. MW never ceases to surprise us, and the latest return of the blog is a delightful surprise. Amazing to think that the interview questions were posted a year ago - better late than never, I love the answers and hope that more will follow. What will happen next? Could there possibly be two MW sites?

  5. Hello. Rat, I love your blog and all the picutres you posted, cheers to you and to Boorer family!

  6. Smiler With A Knife is a book by poet Cecil Day-Lewis, a detective novel written under to pseudonym of Nicholas Blake. It's no. 5 in the Nigel Strangeways series. Strangeways is said to have many of the characteristics of poet W.H. Auden.

    The title is a quote from Chaucer's The Knight's Tale: "The smiler with the knife under his cloak"

    So, we have English literature (poetry, fiction), movies (the unmade Orson Welles flick) war and prison and danger and criminality all mixed in - such is the stuff of Morrissey lyrics and references.

    There saw I first the dark imagining
    Of felony, and all its deep conspiring;
    Cruel Anger, glowing fierce and red,
    The pick-purse, and after him pale Dread;
    The smiler with the knife under his cloak;
    The cattle-shed burning in black smoke;
    Treason, and the murdering in bed;
    Open war with wounds that sadly bled;
    Contest with bloody knife and sharp Menace;
    All filled with creaking was that sorry place.

  7. I can't believe I missed this news last night (or this AM). I was up most of the night, on the internet, because of the numerous thunderstorms rumbling through the area I live in. It has to be the blasted time zone I live in! I imagine MW reappeared about the time I finally went to bed. Well, I am glad I finally did find it. As for the titles of his new songs, I studied them last night and I am at a loss for what they could mean, but then, by the time I got to sleep this AM, the words 'Peace is not Your Business' was being bounced around in my head to the tune of 'There's no Business Like Show Business' -- and Ethel Merman was singing it! I decided it was time to go to bed. Glad for all the good Moz related news. Have a good week.#BRS

  8. A big thanks for posting the pictures of the shop all went well

  9. tatu. larry grayson. fold-a-way sofa bed (classic rat, attaboy)

    the Pièce de résistance, getting DREARY in the reply. yes yes!
    perfection. DDD all the way (we need badges made)


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