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Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Day 959 - Sacré Bleu!

The debate rumbles on regarding the design for a new Blue Rose Society t-shirt, and it doesn't look as though any of the candidates can get ahead in the polls. We could end up with a hung t-shirt..... as opposed to a worn one!

My current preference is for the picture of Cocteau drawing the rose at the Notre Dame church in London, with a speech bubble saying "MORRISSEY? SACRÉ BLEU!"

The reason that I particularly like this idea, is because it features Cocteau (tick), and it features a blue rose (tick), although what makes this idea subtle, is that the rose in the photo is still in it's uncoloured state, which therefore doesn't make it obvious that it has anything to do with the Blue Rose Society. I also like that with this picture, it is a work in progress, symbolising that the Blue Rose, and the Blue Rose Society, is incomplete; it is a work in progress.

When Cocteau drew his picture at the Notre Dame church in London (in 1959, the year of Morrissey's birth), he would light a candle each morning, and would speak to Mother Mary, perhaps asking for guidance for his drawing. By using the caption "MORRISSEY? SACRÉ BLEU!", it is as though Cocteau has just been told by Mary that the rose is for Morrissey, and Cocteau is showing his utter dismay and surprise, "MORRISSEY?" he asks, "you mean all this hard work is for MORRISSEY?", and then Cocteau continues to display his astonishment by saying "SACRÉ BLEU!", which is not only a French term of astonishment, but it also translates as "sacred blue", which is perfect for us, just perfect. The fact that Cocteau's drawing is in a Catholic church adds to the perfection of this idea. It is ALL perfect, and although modesty would normally prevent me from stating this..... I am a genius, well, a genius in the rat world, at least!

I am unable to post a picture of my idea, because I am useless with computers and design, but here is one that Jjaz made earlier, with a different caption. A white shirt would look better then grey.


I have nothing else to add today, except to share this tweet from Nancy Sinatra:

Caught up with old friend Morrissey last week. Was reminded of this lovely picture taken by my daughter

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Last week, Astraea was playing Nancy Sinatra songs in the Twitterdilly Arms, but Astraea is NOT Morrissey, it was a coincidence. EVERYTHING is a coincidence.

*Goes off singing* But then, you open your eyes........ 'OO'


  1. Hi Ratty, I think it is a very nice shirt, maybe better adding Morrissey's face too, or simply a quiff somewhere, but anyway it's very, very good. I'm very exited for the new tour and I can't wait for listening Morrissey's new songs. See you soon, ciao!

  2. love your idea rat. it hints at it ... but is also quite evasive
    so it is perfect

  3. Your idea is very clever, Rats, but I'm afraid I'm not sold on it because it requires too much explanation to be understood, even for BRS members. It's probably impossible for all of us to agree on the same design so maybe we could have the top two designs as a choice for making our own shirts? Just a thought.

    1. I agree for a BRS member to wear it's a bit vague
      but for the moz it's perfect because of that

      for members I like just plain: blue rose society (kyle's font)

      btw there's a singer called BLUE ROSE CODE (!)
      coming to leicester next month!

  4. I agree, it is very clever.

    Now that we've heard the singles may be dropping soon I'm realizing it will be a very good summer!

  5. OK, you need my help here.
    It's not "sacré bleu" my dear Rah, it's "Sacrebleu!", it's old French.
    And you would not say "Qui sont la société de rose bleue?" or whatever it is you wrote in your other post, it is hard to translate it into French. You'd write "Qui est la Société de la rose bleue?" but that sounds a bit strange, or "Qui se cache derrière la société de la rose bleue?" (which means "Who's hiding behind the BRS?) but neither sounds quite right and they're a bit too obvious if you want my opinion (and you probably don't).
    You can believe me, I am French, born arrogant and rude. I promise you.
    Mademoiselle F. asked me to help you so if you need any more translations, let me know, that's what I am here for.

    Mademoiselle F's SPF-30 spreader, Mr M's tea-stirrer and now Rat's personal translator

    1. Thank you, thank you, thank you, or rather, merci, merci, merci. Do you have a name? If not, make one up.... most people do around here! "Morrissey? Sacrebleu!" It is still my favourite. I do understand what Heather is saying in her comment above, but why do we need to offer an explanation? The explanation can be found on FTM, as can the explanation for EVERYTHING that has happened during this phenomenon.

      One last question to our new French friend, what t-shirt design do YOU prefer? (Please say mine, I'm very proud of the idea!)

      Ps SPF-30? 30? Not with THAT tan!

    2. I like all designs and all ideas because they were made with the heart.
      Your enthusiasm is much appreciated by the Management.
      Being French, I think it is fun you want to use french phrases and I am prepared to help.
      My thought is - Keep it as simple as possible. Think about something that most people would not understand, if they are not part of the BRS because you are only doing this for the BRS and obviously for the Man Himself. Whatever it is, He will know what it is about. He will.
      Mademoiselle's skin is very delicate hence the SPF-30. She checked herself out of rehab, she is now ready to join the Arms again. I am not sure when but it's going to happen. Be prepared, I believe she is worse than she was. Rehab apparently was a total waste of time and of her boss's money...

      Jeanne Gabin

    3. Merci once again Jeanne.... Jeanne Gabin? I think I once knew your sister, Logge. No, sorry, I am mistaken, she was a Cabin, not a Gabin. Did you know that Jean Gabin's first wife was called Gaby? Gaby Gabin! Fancy that.

      You are SO, SO right about the t-shirt design, it HAS to be as simple as possible, and something that most people would not understand..... which is why my "SACREBLEU" idea is SO good. *Pats self on back once again, and even shakes own hand*

      It is great to hear that Fifi is out of rehab, and will be joining us again.... WORSE than she was before? Oh good!

      Water Rat

    4. I am so very happy to hear she is back, but I am sorry rehab didn't work out this time

    5. Fifi is returning & worse than ever?! I have so missed the days of shimmying & violence & asterisks. I shall soak my plimsolls in The Twit Arms fountain in readiness for the slapping I owe her.
      As for this t-shirt many good ideas....& it pains me to say this, but I love Ratty's "Sacrebleu!" suggestion.

    6. I'm delighted to hear the delectable Fifi will be returning! You can't rehab a wild mustang! She was right to check herself out. Worse than ever = Better than ever. :-)

  6. I suspect there will be many of us waiting to buy Fifi her first drink back in The Arms.
    May the shimmying commence....

  7. Why do you want outsiders to understand? Surely it is about being part of the clique? Your fellow BRSers will understand, as will Himself, that is all that matters.

  8. So thrilled to hear that Fifi will be in our midst once again. We await her return with open arms and plenty of Veuve at the ready. As Edge pointed out, my hesitation with the shirt design is mostly because I don't personally feel compelled to wear it at a concert. I'm fine with whatever design people think is most appropriate to give to Moz. And my point about the obscure meaning is that, in my opinion, something that has to be explained to BRS members doesn't quite accurately represent and capture the essence of the society, if that makes any sense. But I have a terrible tendency to be overly perfectionistic about things, which causes all kinds of problems in my life, so I think it's time for me to shut my mouth now, good and proper.

    1. I know, I know.... you are finding it hard to believe that I actually came up with a good idea for a change, but if Jeanne Gabin thinks it's good, then it MUST be good, and I am glad that you can accept that. And once again, it DOESN'T need to be explained, the explanation is here!

      Walter Rahley

  9. The dark art of MW. Pyramid. Eye.

  10. Like your idea, as long as you get the correct French spelling and wording, but I still would like the rose in Morrissey to be blue. BTW when I saw the Nancy Sinatra 'Let Me Kiss You' video you posted today I recognized the goddess Diana and sure enough found the video to be made up of scenes from Cocteau's film, 'Beauty and the Beast' which I commented on a few days ago, because of the exquisite way it was filmed and that the story centered on a rose. It fits the lyrics well--about looking at some one who may not be physically attractive-as with the Beast. I am glad to see Fifi is coming back. On next week's countdown are you going to have Amy Winehouse's 'Rehab'?#BRS


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