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Monday, 5 May 2014

Day 964 - "It's over. Until Blue Rose is finally fulfilled..."

Fifi, Astraea and Our Mozzer have all paid a visit to The Arms in the past 24 hours, and Our Mozzer has also posted Part IV of his parody piece Lounging Around in the comments section of Day 929 of FTM. I have no idea if there is any relevance to the final part of the parody piece being placed on my blog entry about Banjaxer, but I am guessing not.

Here is PART IV of LOUNGING AROUND written by Our Mozzer aka Morrissey (but don't ever ask him if he is Our Mozzer, or he'll kick yer teeth in.)

"Sir, they've posted another comment on your blog!"

"How many in total, Boz?"

"Seventeen, Moz."

"..And how many by that bored rodent bod?"

"... erm... uhm...most of them, sire."

The seminal artiste closes his eyes, as if tired of this world, and too tired to breathe any longer.

"It's puzzling, Morr-ee-say," says Mikey Bracewell with a look of concern in his eyes. "Your blog is the online equivalent of Ricky Gervais' Extras: it's very arch, ironic, postmodern..."

"-It's also edited by an incompetent c***," says Broken, gazing at Mikey with glassy eyes.

"Good point Broken," says Morr-ee-say, opening his electric blue eyes. "Perhaps the editing is to blame for my blog's lack of success, just as it was to blame for my book's critical mauling?"

Mikey Bracewell gulps.

"I thought Mikey did a splendid job, Mowwissey!" says Wossy with a glib smile. "Maybe the reason your blog isn't widely known about is because you keep deleting it?!"

"Oh come now, Jonathan. A truly great piece of art will draw people in, regardless of whether it's immediately available."

"A bit like my c*ck!" swoons Russell.

Morrissey glowers at Russell Brand.

"...Well sometimes it's not immeditely available.... depends on the old swab test!"

Morrissey rolls his eyes and looks out of the window.

"The weather's awful," says Mikey.

"Absolutely, Mr Bracewell," says Boz. "It's p*ssing it down out there."

"Boz Boorer, would you kindly watch your language?" asks Morrissey primly. "Stop acting like a c***."

Nobody speaks for thirteen minutes and four seconds.

"Another comment, sir!"

"That's it... delete the b*****d thing." Morrissey utters solemnly. "It's over. Until Blue Rose is finally fulfilled..."

The only question is, what exactly does "fulfilled" actually mean? Does it mean somebody getting a BLUE ROSE to Moz on stage; just as Kyle did in 2012, and Devan and Vulgar Angie did in 2013, or is there MORE to it than that? Our Mozzer often hinted that there was more to BLUE ROSE, but what?

For now, let's just presume that Our Mozzer means that we have to get a BLUE ROSE to him on this new tour, so who's going to attempt it first? I presumed that Vulgar Angie had a ticket to the concert at Santa Ana Observatory on the 8th, but she hasn't, so unless the name Angela Reyes just happens to be on the guest list (it may be worth asking Angie, because you never know!), then it will be up to Clover Dean to try and get a BLUE ROSE to Moz. The good news is that Angie will be at a couple of other concerts, including one in Utah, and she has also agreed to get the Cocteau t-shirt made, and give it to Morrissey.

And on the subject of t-shirts, Jjazzy is going to get one made of Morrissey doing the 'owl eyes' sign:

Fifi's visit to The Arms was a silent visit, but she was definitely present, just lingering near the jukebox. Astraea's visit amounted to watching a compilation video of Elvis swinging his hips, and later meowing, yes, you read that right, meowing. I once met the woman who sang the Meow Mix Cat Food song, but that's another story. (Her name is Toni Wine, and she was also in the pop group The Archies. I met her at a Tony Orlando backstage party in Vegas, along with Tony Orlando who gave me his cell phone number, but that's another story too!)

Our Mozzer's visit to The Arms was also brief, mainly because the pub was virtually empty. His account was quickly closed down again, but I managed to pick up these highlights:

"Are you around, my little online worms?"
"Americanized spellings. Rose symbolism. Owl eyes ("ridiculous signs, Morrissey wouldn't do that.")

And finally for today, a poster campaign has started in NYC and LA for WPINOYB:

And this from Sam Esty-Rayner on twitter:

Image preview

It is interesting that CAPITAL LETTERS are being used for WORLD PEACE IS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS. Remember it was @MorrisseyWorld who tweeted it in capitals first. Whatever happened to that MorrisseysWorld.Com site? Perhaps it will never come to anything, but if we want the original  MorrisseysWorld back, then BLUE ROSE has to be fulfilled, so it is now up to the BLUE ROSE SOCIETY to make it happen. EVERYBODY has to take a BLUE ROSE for Morrissey. Two days to go.


  1. Nicole ( Bunny)5 May 2014 at 20:49

    Sadly, despite my efforts to get pit tickets for Boston I ended up 18 rows back( it was cut throat!), so I cannot get a rose to Morrissey. Otherwise I would! I hope those who are closer can get a rose to him. Good luck, all!

    1. That is NO excuse. I had BACK ROW tickets for Brooklyn and Row 13 tickets for Long Island, but managed to stand at the very front for both. All you have to do is go down to the front to watch Kristeen Young's show, and then STAY there. If you DO get moved, just rush to the stage when the lights go down. It is easy. EVERYBODY made excuses for the Manchester concert in 2012. People talked the talk, but didn't walk the walk. There can be NO excuses. EVERYBODY has to make it happen. We HAVE to get roses to Moz.

    2. Nicole ( Bunny)5 May 2014 at 21:18

      Ugh, I shouldn't have said anything. I've gotten my first slap on the wrist.

    3. It is NONE OF MY BUSINESS if you take a rose to Moz or not...... BUT YOU MUST! Sell your ticket and buy a pit ticket if necessary. MAKE BLUE ROSE HAPPEN.

    4. I'm rooting for you Bunnygal. Give it your best effort. If you can't get a Blue Rose to Our Moz, we will all still love you and you will know you tried. Also, I really like Jjazzy's Moz "Owl Eyes" shirt, it's quite exquisite!!

    5. Thank you dear, Harrison. I will try! If that's what Moz wants, I'll try.

  2. Maybe the reason your blog isn't widely known about is because you keep deleting it?!"
    - haha well yes!!

  3. I think it will be fulfilled very soon.
    the brs is stronger + more determined than ever now.
    I hope fans who are going to any gigs take blue roses with them
    regardless where their seats are.
    it's such a statement, walking in with an armful of blue roses.
    sends a strong message.
    moz would want that.

    1. Excellent comment!! :-)

    2. One simply doesn't walk in with an arm full of roses, the roses have to be cleverly concealed, to avoid being thrown away by venue staff.
      Use rat's method and shimmy 'em down your pant leg!

    3. to avoid being thrown away by venue staff.
      - I didn't realise this could happen, a real shame

  4. Hi Ratty, very funny post, thank you! I could be wrong, but I think Sam Reiner's picture could be the sleeve of the new disc and the man in the pic is Morrissey's younger nephew, Sam's brother, to me it is a very funny choice and you know: the younger is the most loved....Good night. Romina....go lazy to login

  5. What we have here at BRS is extremely precious. Every rose taken will be a reflection of our love & appreciation of Morrissey. I will be with you all in spirit.

    Thanks to you, Our Mozzer & Rats.
    Viva Blue Rose.

  6. I pray to the mozziah I can get that shirt done in time I tried to get the lettering as similar as possible to the anon posters, still need to get the white roses dyed blue fingers crossed their a nice shade of desperate blue by Saturday very busy very excited! ♥

  7. If morrissey adds my name to the guest list that would be a dream

    But I will try and find my some how

    If I do not make it in I will give my roses to Andrea so she can hand them to him

    As for the shirts they will be made on Friday

    I thank you kind Rat and the rest of the BRS for your help

    I do hope I make it in
    But we won't know till Thursday

    Please please please let me get what I want lord knows it would be the first time

    Viva le blue rosa
    Viva le rat
    Viva moz Angeles

    1. Good luck to you and Jaz and to everyone going to upcoming concerts. Love the owl eyes, Jaz!

  8. Hmm, "until blue rose is finally fulfilled" does seem to imply that there's more to it than just giving a rose to Moz, which has already been done. But until we discover what that is, those of us who will be attending concerts certainly must try our best to get a rose to him, because we must. Thanks for Part 4 - vive la rose bleue!

  9. LOL

    the telegraph comments on Mountjoy wondering if it's about Doug Mountjoy the snooker player referred to by MW character broken 2 whole years ago! Amazing how these signs keep on coming. Broken mentioned Doug Mountjoy, Judd Trump and MW mentioned Ray Reardon and 'Ronnie O'Whitevan' in a tour journal piece!!!

    Yet the telegraph, like everyone, has no idea of all this! Class!!!

    MW is pure genius, it's unbelievable that we can all know and have it proven every other week, while most of the world has no flimming idea about any of this!!!!

    Thanks Morrissey!


    1. You have a good memory. You really should write a blog about these signs.

    2. LOL indeed Jon. Thanks for sharing this. The article is written by somebody called Jonathan Lewd, who writes that "nobody is actually fussed about his (Morrissey's) music anymore", and yet Lewd knows the titles of ALL the tracks for the new album. YOU COULDN'T MAKE THIS UP.

      And obviously it is not just Lewd who IS fussed about Morrissey's music, we ALL are, and the excitement leading up to a new Moz album after a 5 year wait is nothing short of....... (enter your own word here)..........., so why does Lewd feel the need to write such crap? It is typical of the British press. All of the Brit journalists think they are being cool by 'Moz Bashing', whereas they are actually just jumping on a bandwagon that set it's wheels turning in 1983. The fact that not one journalist has discovered MorrisseysWorld just goes to show what an incompetent bunch they all are. Lazy, useless and with no intuitive skills to find a story. MW was FAR too clever for ANY British journalists. Nobody is fussed about reading British newspapers anymore. I haven't bought one in years.

  10. Love the poster campaign, but as street art it is… um….a little bit too polished. Curious as to where the ‘guerilla art’ has come from.

    1. I agree.
      does anyone else think the letters/words are placed in the form of a mouth/lips?
      is the rest of a face to come?

    2. I see what you mean about the lip shape. It is all exciting stuff.

  11. Busy,busy,busy in the World of Moz. I do hope that everyone enjoys the US concerts, & for any first-time attendees at a Moz concert, you are going to have the time of your life! And possibly a few bruises. Hopefully someone can get some decent video footage of the concerts for us poor souls in the UK & elsewhere who are unable to see the man in action. And details of between-song banter & shirt rippage would be greatly appreciated.
    I love the album posters - is that Moz's scruffy writing?
    Loved the parody."Your blog is the online equivalent of Ricky Gervais' Extras: it's very arch, ironic, postmodern..." My favourite line! Also "electric blue eyes", & "seminal artiste" always makes me laugh.
    "It's over. Until Blue Rose is finally fulfilled..." No explanation as to exactly what that entails, but most intriguing & exciting...& slightly infuriating.
    P.S. Astraea,the naughty Pusscat, had probably been out prowling all night & was meowing at the door of the Twitterdilly Arms for someone to let her in & give her a saucer of Veuve.

    1. You're right, the lettering IS similar to Morrissey's writing style, but the letters have been 'puffed up'.

    2. 'Naughty Pusscat'. Lol. INDEED.

      My All Night Prowling Is None Of Your Business. I do think it has quite a certain je ne sais quois to it, non?

      Scrumpet, one of these days someone is going to be tempted to grab one of your wet plimsolls off you, and will want to chase you around the fountain with it.

      'Meowing at the door of the Twitterdilly Arms for someone to let her in and give her a saucer of Veuve.' Honestly. I'm absolutely speechless.

      How did you know? (Did you see me?)

      The meowing does make me purr, I will admit. Or was that the Veuve?

      I also know how to meow in French, by the way. MIAOU.

      Le 'miaou' can - and does - also come in quite handy on SOME of my all night escapades... but then again, MANPINOYB.


      Naughty is as naughty does

    3. Chase me around the fountain?! Well YOU would never catch me in your pencil skirt & kitten heels, & Fifi DEFINITELY wouldn't in those 4 inch glitter heels. I'm a quick & wily little alley cat, Pusscat!

    4. My pencil skirt and kitten heels have aided and abetted me, like no person ever has.

      Doesn't Tom have a funny little way of snapping? He always does so in the same exact manner. I wonder if he's as good with his left hand.

    5. Oh Astraea, you are naughty.

    6. I was transfixed by his right hand throughout the whole video....& his left one. I think the snapping may be a nervous tic...seems almost compulsive.
      And must you always have the last word ,Pusscat? This comments section could go on forever.

    7. The last word is NEARLY as good as a saucer of Veuve. Good thing I'm not silly like that.

      All night prowling still beats the last word however.

      Because everyone should always have their priorities straight.

    8. Since I won't be prowling around all night for some time, I'll be content to have the last word. The End.

    9. Epilogue.Is the Pusscat hiding under the table, or has she climbed up onto the roof? Or did she sail away with the Owl?

    10. Have you sailed away, for a year and a day, to the land where the Bong-Tree grows?

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.


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