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Saturday, 10 May 2014

Day 969 - What's New Pusscat?

And breathe.

With no show last night..... sorry, I should clarify, when I say "no show", I don't mean Morrissey didn't turn up, I mean there actually was NO SHOW.... where was I? Oh yes, with no show last night, it has meant that I have had a bit of time to catch up with the events of the past 48 hours, and WHAT a 48 hours they have been. Because SO much has happened, I haven't be able to pay enough attention to the fact that the BLUE ROSE SOCIETY anthem, Trouble Loves Me, has been sung TWICE in as many days, including Morrissey singing it in Santa Ana whilst WEARING a BLUE ROSE. They said it would never happen..... IT HAPPENED! Play it again, Sam:

I should add at this point, that all of those who have been beside themselves with joy at Trouble Loves Me being added to the setlist, you should make the most of what we have had, because I don't think it is a permanent addition. From what Mademoiselle Fifi has told me, I think Trouble was only originally intended to be played on that opening night in San Jose, but because no video clip of it had appeared on Youtube, Morrissey played it again for us in Santa Ana. Hopefully I am wrong. PLEASE may I be wrong.

I have more news for the BLUE ROSE SOCIETY from Morrissey, received via Mademoiselle Fifi's secretary, during a rendezvous in the toilets of The Twitterdilly Arms. Here is the news:

"Sire asks if you noticed (probably not, you never pay attention) Day 1 - Bonsoir + Hand in glove. Day 2 - Hand in glove + Merci. HIG = the Cocteau link = BRS treat."

13961412508 5dc6fb2a75 o Live Review: Morrissey and Kristeen Young at The Observatory OC 5/8/14

Actually, YES, WE DID NOTICE, and it was a thrill, albeit a cheap thrill, but a thrill none the less.

M.Fifi's secretary continued, "That tiny blue rose was not easy to spot and yet, he lunges (in a ratty manner), takes it and keeps it in his pocket. Kid on stage = BRS member Pride."

And the most touching thing EVER, was this statement from The Mozziah (I haven't called him that for ages): "Trouble with the Blue Rose was such an emotional moment." We couldn't agree more. Hopefully some Youtube footage will emerge of Moz singing Trouble in Santa Ana, wearing the BRS rose. Fulfilled.


Although Trouble Loves Me may be disappearing from the setlist, the good news is that All the Lazy Dykes might soon be appearing, well, at some stage during the tour at any rate. Apparently it depends on whether or not I show enough respect to His Mozzness. I will try my utmost, but he can be a **** at times.... sorry, sorry, sorry. *Must try harder to be respectful*

Before I move on, I would also like to just a spend a moment taking in I Know It's Gonna Happen Someday. In previous years when Morrissey has sung this song live, he hasn't used the radio interference at the beginning, but this time he HAD to. It is a MASSIVE part of the BLUE ROSE story. Many people think that the radio interference used on the record is just random, but it ISN'T! Morrissey doesn't do random. The interference, AND the song, is all Jean Cocteau related, and now that Morrissey has shared that information with the BRS, it makes it a VERY special song for us. Almost as special as Trouble. Hand in Glove is the same...... Fucking hell (excuse my French), are we actually aware of just WHAT is happening via this whole MW/BRS phenomenon? Morrissey is sharing 'stuff' with us that NOBODY else knows about. I don't think any of us quite comprehend just how historically important all of this is. Morrissey is the modern day Oscar Wilde, who won't be fully appreciated for his genius until he is long gone, and WE are in his world.... PINCH ME. HARDER. If Oscar had been around today, the MW blog would have been exactly what he would have created..... although it would probably have been called OscarsWorld, no, no, no..... WildeWorld.

I seem to have gone off at a tangent, I want to take a moment to savour I Know It's Gonna Happen Someday, and whilst I am at it, I also want to savour Life is a Pigsty, which despite being my favourite Morrissey song of all time, has somehow not been mentioned in all the excitement of the past two days. Breathe.

And whilst I am playing videos, here is Moz singing Everyday is Like Sunday in Santa Ana, whilst wearing HIS Blue Rose. Yes, it's HIS Blue Rose.

A number of other video clips of the Santa Ana concert have now surfaced on Youtube, and I have added them as links on the setlist of yesterday's blog. The clips include the brilliant new songs WORLD PEACE IS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS and The Bullfighter Dies. There is also a fantastic new version of First of the Gang to Die, which I thought was a Samba, but it is apparently a kind of Mexican folk music called Mariachi. Asleep with Moz STILL wearing the BLUE ROSE has also appeared. I DO hope that Trouble emerges, if not, Moz will HAVE to play it again, and will HAVE to take another Blue Rose.

So, what happens now with the BRS? Morrissey has now taken a BLUE ROSE on at least four occasions, and has worn it on three, but will the masses come running to us? I believe that the answer is NO. The Solowers have written us off as a bunch of fruit cakes and nut jobs. Even with Morrissey blatantly showing his support for the BRS, they are SO lost up themselves, that they can't see ANY of what is going on, but the Solowers aren't alone. Even a seasoned Moz fan like Dickie Felton CANNOT see what is going on right in front of his own eyes. I like Dickie, I think his books about Moz are well written, and he is never negative about anything to do with Morrissey. I also like his Scouse wit, and the BRS would really benefit from having him in our ranks, but despite me having sent Dickie many, many pieces of evidence, proving that Moz is behind MW and the BRS, Dickie just doesn't want to know. This week, Dickie has stood right in front of Moz in Santa Ana, watching him sing the BRS theme tune, whilst wearing a BLUE ROSE, and STILL he cannot see. You therefore have to say, if the likes of a switched on cookie like Dickie are failing to realise that Moz is behind the BRS, then there is NO hope of the masses seeing. This could run and run.

The most recent MorrisseysWorld blog article has currently amassed forty two comments. The target figure before any new articles are posted is one thousand. There have been some excellent contributions, none more so than this, from Broken:

"I hope hardly anyone discovers our oasis of peace and Morrissey-adoration on the chemical-cesspit that is the world wide pleb. We are lucky to have a group united in loving Morrissey, his beautiful songs, and his wistful words. We need nothing more. We are open, not secretive, yet our existence is largely a secret. Gradually our membership grows, aware MW is not Morrissey, but equally aware Morrissey loves BRS. Until he issues a legal injunction and orders us to cease and desist, we will remain true to YOU. The beautiful days and hilarious nights will continue. Our peaceful, witty community is something close to a genuine home. All are welcome; just be beautiful. Whispers of blue roses spread far and wide - from Columbia to Salford; Los Angeles to Krakow. I Know It's Gonna Happen Someday." Broken - BRS

Harrison left these wise words:

"I am not sure if the masses will ever believe Morrissey is behind MW. It does take some thought, intelligence and time to read through FTM and MW. It seems most people are only interested in their own little pathetic worlds and have little time to bother with anything else."

So there we have it, the BRS remains WELL under the radar, and it would appear that the members are all more than happy with that. There was once a time when we all got VERY frustrated that nobody could see, but now, we are happy that they don't. It is more exciting when the odd one or two stumble upon us. It means more that way.

Embedded image permalink

Early this morning, Mademoiselle Fifi popped into The Twitterdilly Arms, and chatted very briefly with myself and Jazzy. Jazzy asked which of these t-shirts she should give to Moz:

Embedded image permalink

Fifi replied, "OOh tricky question." Let's now see if Jazzy can get the shirt to Moz, and then let's see if he will wear it. We must also wait to see if Angie gets the BRS Cocteau shirt to Moz. Exciting times ahead.

Fifi also posted a video of YESTERDAY MAN by CHRIS ANDREWS:

Rather spookily, I had already posted that video on this very blog entry, along with

Both of these videos are in the new pre-concert montage.

There is much more that I could write today, but as usual, time is short, so I will add the rest in bullet points:

1. Moz has so far been wearing a blazer on this tour. I believe it is because he KNEW he was going to wear a BLUE ROSE, and therefore needed a button hill to display it.

2. Moz hasn't stripped and tossed yet on this tour. A lot of people are hoping this situation changes soon.

3. The drum has once again had red and blue lighting around it, a la Dr Jacoby's glasses in Twin Peaks; a MW link.

4. I believe that all three of the new songs that have been played so far are Jesse Tobias songs. They just sound like they should be. I have illegally downloaded them from Youtube, and have been listening non stop. I love them all, but particularly Bullfighter at the moment, although this will no doubt change. There is something special about a 2 minute pop song, and the lyrics are both witty, and yet strong. I also seem to have WPINOYB in my head the whole time.... that is when Trouble, I Know It's and Pigsty allow it to surface. It could become the anthem of the non voter. And on the subject of WPINOYB, not only are there posters in LA and NYC, but now Manchester too! I haven't seen any around my way, but if I do, I will post it on here!

Embedded image permalink

5. Apparently That Man (David Tseng of Solow), was refused entry to the Santa Ana concert on Thursday, and has been informed that his concert ban remains in place. His website remains full of Morrissey haters, and his chief moderator Peter Finan has spent the past day NOT discussing how good the new songs are, but demanding that Morrissey proves that he doesn't have AIDS! No, I am NOT making this up. Solow sinks lower than ever, and yet they cannot see it. Tseng has even described going to Morrissey concerts as part of his "job". He has completely and utterly lost focus of what he originally set out to do. It is all very sad to see.

13961360447 911fbc1e12 o Live Review: Morrissey and Kristeen Young at The Observatory OC 5/8/14

That will do for today. I will be watching cricket tomorrow, so there will be no FTM until Monday. Tonight, Tom Jones opens for Morrissey at the Los Angeles Sports Arena.

I will sign off with Morrissey's latest TTY statement:


9 May 2014
The figure on the drum heads for Morrissey's current tour is British comedian MRS SHUFFLEWICK, who died in 1983. Only one live clip of Mrs Shufflewick is known to exist. Thought to have been filmed in the 1970s, the clip is presently available on You Tube.

WHY did Moz feel the need to identify Mrs S? All those times when we haven't been able to identify the backdrops and drum kits, and this one time we do, there is a TTY statement. Hmmm.

*Goes off singing* My love, wherever you are, whatever you are, don't lose faith.

*Pops back in* I meant to mention that it is very disappointing that no footage has emerged on Youtube of Kristeen Young. I tweeted the other day to say, "This is the tour where KY will win over any doubters. The Knife Shift is THE LP of the year so far." I have not taken the cd out of my car cd player since I received it. I know virtually every word to every song, and I would go as far as to say, it has already become one of my favourite Long Players of all time. It really IS that good. *Gone*

14168107303 ca761c4b50 o Live Review: Morrissey and Kristeen Young at The Observatory OC 5/8/14

*Pops back in again* I would also like to thank Vulgar Angie for her magnificent description of her day in Santa Ana. For anybody who missed it, I added it to yesterday's blog entry.

*Goes off singing again* I know it's gonna happen, sa-a-a-a-um-day, to yooooooooooo

*Comes back yet again* STOP PRESS: It's only a snippet, but it's OUR snippet. TROUBLE LOVES ME LIVE IN SANTA ANA, WITH MORRISSEY WEARING THE BLUE ROSE:


  1. oh I'm in shock I never knew they were talking about such a thing on solo, it really is sad.. had a great couple of years with all of this and I don't think that it is going to end any day soon, thanks for sticking with it all whiskers

  2. rat, great pic of moz/blue rose over at

  3. Now my heart is fool?

    K Chairs

  4. Ratty, I really hope you're wrong about Trouble being taken off the setlist. Hopefully, at the least, it can still make an occasional appearance - I'm praying it will appear in Chicago, as it's my dream to hear it live (please, please, please). About the blazer, it had also occurred to me that it might have stayed on for rose-wearing purposes - it provided a perfect place to wear one. Now if only a video of Trouble sung with the rose on would appear...

    On to more fun tonight. Best wishes to everyone attending tonight's concert - have a blast and show Moz how much the BRS loves him!

  5. The past few days have been very special for us here at BRS. The memories will be etched on our hearts & minds for years to come.
    I genuinely still feel quite overcome & emotional by what has happened.

    I must agree with you Rats, Kristeen's album its bloody brilliant.
    All of you going tonight, have a good one. And love to Moz from Blighty.

  6. Warmest wishes to Morrissey and everyone attending the show tonight!

  7. I like that TROUBLE was sang especially to make a point - and if it was *any* other song
    I would agree taking it off the set list is a great way to make that point. but I need to hear
    it again so badly I hope it stays in. or re-appears every so often at least.

    the t shirts all look amazing.

  8. Good luck to all those attending the concert tonight bearing shirts & roses..we know you can do it. The BRS are a tenacious lot. And of course good luck & lots of love to Moz, not that he needs either.
    The atmosphere in The Arms is amazing - so full of excitement...It feels like we've been having a party that began on Thursday & is still going on. And we need more Babycham I think. I'm sure Astraea & Fifi had the last of the Veuve too.
    P.S Glad that **** is still banned from concerts. Love that last photo of Moz...& the caption. Parfait!

    1. P.P.S Think today's entry should have been called 'What's New Pusscat' 'y' of course..

    2. Merci beaucoup. Much better.

  9. I am happy to be part of the BRS again. I never really left, just took a holiday away from it.
    These are exciting times indeed. Continuing thanks to Rat for the updates and news.
    Eternal thanks to Moz for creating something very special in plain site but also under
    the radar. I cannot express adequately in words how I think/feel. I am not worthy.......

  10. Silly me. Wishing Moz and the band a thrilling show in LA tonight.
    Perhaps M and Tom Jones will sing Sex Bomb together !!


    ... so special.

  12. I really love Jjazzy's Moz owl eyes t-shirt. Jjazzy, have a wonderful time at the show this eve, we are all with you in spirit! Moz and Tom Jones in LA, I'm sure it will be a rapturous evening. Mr. Rat, you have been working some serious overtime here, why don't you take sunday off :-) Hi Willow, I hope your day is beatific.


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