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Monday, 12 May 2014

Day 971 - Whoever says MorrisseysWorld is Morrissey shall be severely spanked by Mademoiselle Fifi with a Blue Rose

Another heavy downpour of good old fashioned English rain on Friday night, put an end to me watching any cricket over the weekend, which meant I was able to catch up on all the recent concert footage from LA. It is most disappointing that there is still NO Youtube footage of Morrissey singing Trouble Loves Me in Santa Ana whilst wearing a BLUE ROSE, but the fact that it happened is all that matters. There is also no Youtube footage of Morrissey actually receiving the rose from Devan during Yes, I am Blind, but again, it happened.

Luckily, some more Youtube footage has emerged of Trouble Loves Me being sung at the LA Sports Arena on Saturday. God, I love that song:

I still haven't gotten around to watching Mrs Shufflewick live at The Black Cap, but I have a feeling that Morrissey has chosen to bring Mrs Shufflewick to our attention to highlight The Black Cap, and NOT Mrs S. The Black Cap is a notorious gay pub in Camden, and I wonder if it is the image that Moz has of The Twitterdilly Arms?


I wonder if they spank people with wet plimsolls in The Black Cap, because a lot of that seems to go on in The Arms. Willow got very excited yesterday when the image was released of the new Morrissey single, with Moz wearing plimsolls. For months, Willow and Fifi have been going on about wet plimsolls, and I have had no idea why, so yesterday I decided to ask Willow. She tutted, before informing me "wet plimsoll" is a famous Morrissey quote from 1987. Well how was I supposed to know?! "Whoever says The Smiths have split shall be severely spanked by me with a wet plimsoll."

Fifi made a very brief appearance in The Arms yesterday, but I couldn't hang around to chat. She was very complementary toward me though, saying, "Lovely, Rat, so lovely. YOU ****&&$*****@@@@*!" At least I think it was a compliment! Fifi also added, "I wasn't here for Rat anyway. Only for my little charmers." Fifi has always called the BRS girls her little charmers, which is why Hand in Glove is a BRS song; along with the fact that it was the BRS who revealed that HIG is a Jean Cocteau related song..... well, Fifi revealed it, but she IS a member of the BRS, or at the very least a "Blue Rose Society enthusiast". It says so on her twitter profile. Fifi has also started using the picture that I first published on FTM as her new profile pic. It suits her:


And whilst on the subject of the man who split The Smiths, Johnny Marr has today tweeted to say that he will be playing the Wedgewood Rooms in Portsmouth on August 2nd. The last time JM played at this excellent venue, he allegedly "blew the roof off", so I have decided to go and check him out live. I have at times been a little scathing about Johnny's abilities as a singer, and received a hard rap across the knuckles from Morrissey for criticising him, but there is no doubting Johnny's ability as a guitarist, so I will go and see for myself what he is like. I shall buy a ticket for Fifi. Can you imagine if she came with me? Why not? I'll ask her. A night out with a rat, in the glamorous city of Portsmouth. Perhaps Fifi could wear her plimsolls.


Incidentally, I can't make it to the Kingsbury Hall in Salt Lake City this coming Friday to watch Morrissey live in concert, so instead, I am going to the Wedgewood Rooms in Portsmouth City, to watch The Smyths. I don't suppose there is much difference, and as The Smyths are going to be playing the whole of Hatful of Hollow, at least I will get to see and hear What Difference Does It Make, which the good people of Utah DEFINITELY won't!

I would dearly LOVE to be in the USA watching Morrissey with other members of the BRS, but my eldest son has started his GCSES this week, so as a responsible parent, I am remaining in the UK, and will just have to be satisfied with watching a pretend Morrissey with Big Mick! Big Mick always gets a bit touchy feely when he's had a few jars, so there is that to look forward to as well. Who said romance was dead?


Can you imagine having the job title of 'Mike Joyce Impersonator'? Come to think of it, can you imagine having the job title of 'Mike Joyce'? I'll probably get rap across the knuckles for having a pop at Joyce now! Perhaps not.

Whilst I am writing this blog entry, I keep checking Youtube to see if any more clips have surfaced. You would think that with all those people using their phones to film, EVERY song from EVERY concert would find it's way onto Youtube, but that doesn't seem to be the case. It is probably just as well, or my humiliation of Gt Yarmouth in 2009 would be there for all the world to see.

I still can't believe the setlist that is on this tour. I desperately hope that Trouble Loves Me stays. I thought from what Fifi had said, that it wouldn't be sung again after Santa Ana, but I get the feeling that Moz is really enjoying singing it. It's almost as though this is the 'Unofficial Blue Rose Tour'. Bear  with me whilst I just watch Trouble again:

Saturday night at the LA Sports Arena was apparently a rough place to be, with even battle hardened war horses like Vulgar Angie and Jazissey finding it hard going, but I can't believe that it was any different to Manchester in 2012, where we literally could not move an inch for the whole concert..... although I did manage to find just enough room to blow up my inflatable red rose! Oh, happy days. Dear Moz, COME BACK TO THE UK..... PLEASE!

By all accounts, Tom Jones was on top form on Saturday night, with It's Not Unusual being a highlight for many people. Both Louis Theroux and Kimberly Kane attended the concert on Saturday, although I am presuming not together, and I am also presuming neither of them were there in a professional capacity. It would be great to have Theroux investigate the secrets of MorrisseysWorld, but of course he will be blissfully unaware. They are ALL blissfully unaware. It has been announced over the weekend that a new biopic is to be made later this year about Morrissey's pre-Smiths life in Manchester. It is provisionally called Steven. Perhaps Kimberly Kane has been asked to play Moz! It is not known at this stage if Morrissey has given his backing to the project.

I will move on from the Californian concerts now, but I had to laugh when I saw a clip of Moz singing Asleep on Saturday night. At 2 mins 40, you can see that Moz is lost in the emotion of the song, where as Boz is picking something off his fingers. You've got to love musicians.

Does Johnny Marr sing Asleep, and if so, does he lose himself in the lyric, or does he concentrate on playing the guitar? I've never really understood how anybody can do both. If you are singing a song, and truly meaning what you sing, then how can you possibly think about what notes to play? Mind you, what would I know, I can't do either! I am actually looking forward to seeing JM, and I will definitely attend open minded, but I just cannot believe that listening to Marr and his band singing/playing Smiths songs, can be anywhere near as good as hearing Morrissey and his band singing/playing Smiths songs. It just can't be, but Johnny IS a fantastic guitar player, and so is Boz Boorer.

Embedded image permalink

The comments being left on the MorrisseysWorld blog have all but dried up. There are now 48 out of a target of 1000. Any thought that the masses would come running to the MW blog once Morrissey had sung Trouble Loves Me were misguided. Any thoughts that the masses would come running once Morrissey had sung Trouble whilst wearing a BLUE ROSE were further misguided. Any thoughts that the masses would come running once Morrissey had sung Trouble whilst sporting a blue shirt revealing a sweat shaped heart were even further further misguided. The masses ain't coming. We remain a secret. Not through choice, but a secret no less. Despite me writing about MorrisseysWorld for the past 971 days, the masses don't even know that MW or the BRS exist. Quite a few hardcore Morrissey fans know we exist, but they will NEVER believe that Morrissey is involved, and have no interest in being convinced otherwise. Dickie Felton is a prime example, he just isn't interested.

I have no idea why any fan of Morrissey, who is prepared to fly half way around the world to see him sing, would have NO interest in interacting with him on twitter. Rosy Mires once said that she would eat her hat if Morrissey ever sung Trouble Loves Me, but even through he has now sung it three times in a row, and whilst wearing a BLUE ROSE, Rosy STILL won't accept what is right in front of her eyes, and she has followed the whole phenomenal story from the start. These people just don't want to believe the truth. To quote Jack Nicholson, they can't handle the truth. Personally, I believe it is a fear. Morrissey is their untouchable God, and to talk to him, would be to make him mortal, and they don't want their God to be mortal. They want him up on his Mount, preaching through word of song, and NOTHING more.


True-To-You have now announced that WORLD PEACE IS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS will be released as a digital download tomorrow. It would appear that the release has been brought forward by a day, which would suggest that Morrissey wants to maximise sales to get a better chart position, although thinking about it, that can't be the case, or otherwise a physical version would have been released at the same time.

I wrote last week that WPINOYB could be Number 1 on Morrissey's birthday, but the reality is, there isn't a cat in hells chance of the single even charting. These days, unless Capitol FM play your song, or unless you have collaborated with Will.I.Am, or David Guetta, or Calvin Harris, or Rihanna, you haven't got a chance of having a hit. I also believe that a number of Morrissey's fans won't actually bother purchasing the song at this stage, and instead will wait for the whole LP, or for the physical version of the song. Many fans will have downloaded the live version of WPINOYB from Youtube, and will be content to listen to that (and other concert versions) until July.

Morrissey released Satellite of Love as just a download initially, and I think I am right in thinking that it only reached the chart (Number 124) once the physical version came out. Maybe I am completely wrong, and WPINOYB will sail into the Top 40, but I really doubt it. The song is far superior to anything currently in the chart, but then again, bearing in mind the lyrics, it would be quite apt for it NOT to chart. If the masses aren't being told to buy it, they won't buy it. I wonder how many people have seen the WPINOYB posters that are going up in major cities all over the world, and have bothered to investigate what they relate to? *Goes off to google 'World Peace is None of Your Business Poster'* It would appear that NOBODY has written anything about the poster campaign. WHAT is wrong with people? Has nobody got an inquisitive mind anymore? No wonder MorrisseysWorld wasn't discovered!

Although I don't believe WPINOYB will make the Top 40, it might be a different story for the release of Istanbul next week, IF Morrissey doesn't sing it this week. The fact that the song has NEVER been heard might be enough to get people parting with 99p out of curiosity. Time, as ever, will tell. I should of course make it clear that I still fully expect Steve Barnett to get WPINOYB to Number 1 in the album chart.

That will do for today. I must make mention that the mysterious B.M.V. left a comment last week to say that the stage back drop of Amanda and her cousin Amy is NOT the work of Diane Arbus, but from Mary Ellen Mark. Another stage back drop has also been identified by Erica Calil. It's a black and white photo by Danny Fitzgerald called 'Johnny, New York, 1962.":


Not to be outdone, GWO has identified the original artwork of the new sword wielding Morrissey poster:

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It is David Slaying Goliath by Rubens:

Embedded image permalink

Personally, I think it's about time Brigitte made it onto a Moz back drop or t-shirt.


*Goes off singing* Each time you vote, you support the process, each time you vote, you support the process, each time you vote, you support the process...... all men have secrets and here is mine......

STOP PRESS: The WORLD PEACE IS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS album has appeared on i tunes with extra tracks listed. Expected release date is July 11th. The tracks are: Scandinavia, One of Our Own, Drag the River, Forgive Someone, Julie in the Weeds and Art-Hounds. HAPPY DAYS!!!!


  1. Very excited about the extra tracks on the album, including Scandi and Art-hounds - hooray! I don't think we were really expecting the masses to come running after Trouble was sung with the blue rose. Clearly, Moz can be as blatantly obvious with the signs as possible, and still they won't believe. As we've already said, this could go on forever without being discovered, which is fine with me. Let the fun continue!

  2. Saturday night in LA was a dream. Luckily, @EricaCalil taped the whole thing, so I was able to relive, enjoy.

    Erica @EricaCalil · May 11
    AUDIO BOOTLEG of tonight's Morrissey show in Los Angeles recorded by yours truly: …

  3. ART HOUNDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    (you have no idea)

    1. Really pleased for you that Art-Hounds will get a proper airing, and am over the moon that Scandi will make the deluxe edition.

    2. thank you. I'm happy you got yours too!:)
      I love that too, but AH was always my favourite new song.

  4. I am obsessed with the smyths now.
    (+ your cheeky lil comment rat!!)
    be careful rat, I only saw 1 tribute act
    a manic street preachers one. it was bizarre
    because I got the feelings from being at a manics
    gig from the music, but it wasn't them ... just
    a weird scenario.
    so be warned rat


    1. I've seen The Smyths many times already. They are actually quite good. It's all tongue in cheek parody, they don't take themselves too seriously and the audience join in the parody by trying to get on stage. At the end of the day, it's a night out with my good friend Big Mick, and I get to sing What Difference Does It Make at the top of my voice.

    2. that's what got me rat, I was surprised how good a tribute act could be. I will have to see if they come near me.
      I hope Big Mick behaves/watches his drink. keep your eye on him.

  5. I don't spank people with wet plimsolls, it's Willow's beloved job, I would not want to take that from her. I retired from wet plimsoll spanking years ago.


    1. It's not a job, it's a calling. I'm very good at it - it's all in the wrist action.

    2. I'm also very good with my wrist action!!!

  6. ill be posting trouble loves me from santa ana show today

    1. Mozboy76, if you get it posted soon, then it might make The Twitterdilly Arms chart tomorrow. Please post the link here.
      Thank you.

    2. Here it is:
      Profoundly moving and beautiful.

  7. Back on Janurary 24th of 2013 Kyle changed his Twitter name for a brief time to "ARTHOUND" Morrisseyworld tweeted him and told him that he must change the name to Art-Hound because it will look like that when the album comes out. Sure enough , that's how it appears on it. MW=M BELIEVE!

    1. I remember when Moz sang it in London, he went to great lengths to explain it was "Art, hyphen Hounds. Capital H. Art as in Oscar Wilde blah blah blah" but having it appear on the LP is a huge bonus. It's like the Deluxe Quarry years all over again. Deluxe and delightful. Great that Moz tipped Kyle the wink. Kyle and Devan are both lucky boys, but they are also nice kids. Does Kyle have a paper round? I had a bastard of a paper round. It was a really steep hill that I had to go up ony bike. The man at No. 4 had The Morning Star and never tipped at Christmas. Tight s*d!

    2. Hounds as in Baskerville

    3. Always missing those little references, Ratty! Didn't Fifi say you were rubbish at this game?

    4. since that day in london when I stood transfixed.
      it's *all* I've wanted (to hear it again live, didn't happen palladium/manchester/nyx3)
      then to hear a recorded version. I was sure it would be on the album. heartbroken to
      see it didn't make it. then this news ... I have no words for my joy.

  8. More & more concert footage. Deluxe album with extra tracks! And a single tomorrow, complete with jingly tambourine & a plimsoll pic. Halcyon days. Do wish we had the Trouble Loves Me & Yes, I Am Blind rose footage though. Still thrilled that those songs are on the set list.
    Also in regards to plimsolls, Johnny is wearing a fine pair in that Danny Fitzgerald photo.

    1. P.S Fine plimsolls being worn by the boys in the band on Saturday night in L.A. too..

  9. 'not to be outdone' - cheeky wotsit. Love that the BRS share bits and pieces, like identifying the Mont Blanc pen.

    Did you ever post the Peter Blake triptych? FRONT ROW. Don't think any other site picked up on that one.

  10. There is so much excitement in the Morrissey camp right now! What a wonderful time to be a fan.

  11. Well there is plenty to keep us occupied with all the Moz news at the moment with
    the next show tomorrow and the single download release.
    The Black Cap sounds like a lively place to visit.
    I used to wear black plimsolls for PE at school.

  12. Wow more songs to come too. Intriguing titles, Julie in the Weeds has caught my attention.
    Here's hoping for Trouble complete with blue rose footage.

    My regards to Big Mick!

  13. Mr Rat, Very few people have inquisitive minds or can think for themselves. Its much easier to watch tv, watch sports etc. and be force fed crap. I think this line from "The Logical Song" says it best "Won't you sign up your name, we'd like to feel you're acceptable, respectable, presentable, a vegetable!" Also, Baudelaire said in regard to the public:
    "One should never offer a delicate perfume. It exasperates them. Give them only carefully selected garbage."

    1. Good quote! You know I love a little Baudelaire. However, you didn't use the word 'euphonious' ..truly disappointing. : )

    2. I know you like Baudelaire, so a small encore “As a small child, I felt in my heart two contradictory feelings, the horror of life and the ecstasy of life.”

  14. Also, I don't understand how anyone can be interested in tribute bands since its not the real thing. I get a kick out of these concerts on PBS with Doo Wop groups from the 50's. There is one guy from the original group who is like 85 and the rest are in their 30's. It looks silly to me but the crowds who go love it. The illusion has become reality.

    1. that's why I only saw 1.
      I was so used to having the feelings from the real group, it was too weird to get them
      from a tribute act. I only went because I had seen/loved/love the original group. would
      be strange to otherwise go see one.

  15. I am looking forward to Fridays show!!!
    I'm beyond excited for the new album

    I will be hanging around the venue on Friday all day hopefully he will take my roses and shirt

  16. I have never doubted, from the very first tweet, that he was Morrissey's World. It was in the DNA of the tweets. However, I would still like World Peace. When do I get spanked?

    Trevor from Bolton


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