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Friday, 16 May 2014

Day 975 - MorrisseysWorld is dead, and FTM has a complete loss of memory

MorrisseysWorld has GONE, with Parody Moz (@MorrisseyParody) announcing in 'The Arms' this morning, "If Morrissey wants me to return to Twitter, he knows what he has to do. Rat will report it on his blog."

The MorrisseysWorld blog had already closed yesterday evening, and the twitter account followed suit straight after the above tweet was posted at 7.15 am (4.14 am Utah time) this morning.

Also this morning, I deleted EVERY entry from this blog of mine; or at least I have put every entry away in a dark cupboard, and like Our Mozzer, I will only bring them back if Morrissey asks me to. MorrisseysWorld is dead, and FollowingTheMozziah has lost it's memory.


Since re-opening it's doors two days ago, 'Official Morrissey' (@itsmorrissey) has posted five tweets, with the latest three from yesterday being as follows:

"Albuquerque, thank you. Salt Lake City, you're up next. We will see you tomorrow night."
"Have you seen the album + autograph book bundle? It won't be available for long."
"Are you joining us on tour?"


I am sincerely hoping that the closure of MorrisseysWorld will be the cue for Morrissey to start tweeting from the @itsmorrissey twitter account, because at the moment, all we are getting from 'Official Morrissey' is corporate tweets. There was initial excitement two days ago, when it was announced by Pitchfork that Morrissey was tweeting from the @itsmorrissey account himself, but that excitement has subsided with these latest tweets; although the follower numbers haven't, they have now risen to 248,000.

With all the evidence from MW and FTM now gone, the decks are clear for Morrissey to start tweeting from the @itsmorrissey account in the style that we have been used to for the past three years, i.e, as HIMSELF.... whoever himself actually is! If Morrissey does start to tweet, it surely won't be long until somebody somewhere starts to put two and two together, and works out that MorrisseysWorld must have been Morrissey after all. Oh the irony, if all those non believers start trying to convince everybody that MW was Morrissey after all. There will be no evidence to support their claim. It will also dawn on people that if MW was Moz, then he must be behind the BRS too, but again, there will be no evidence to support their claims. I am salivating at the very thought.


I will continue to write my blog in the same style as I always have, and our little band of outsiders will be able to share our observations and thoughts, but I shall probably delete each entry after 24 hours, including this one. Nobody will be able to prove anything, it will all be speculation.


If Morrissey doesn't start tweeting with @itsmorrissey, then FTM will probably close. I started writing this blog to chart the phenomenal story of MorrisseysWorld, not to start a new Morrissey fan site. Hopefully MorrisseysWorld.Com will open soon and offer an alternative to the hatred and vile of Solow. I have enjoyed posting Youtube clips from concerts, but ultimately people can find these for themselves, they don't need me to share them. I will continue to write only if something emerges from a concert that is either MW or Blue Rose Society related, and that could very well start tonight, as the BRS Vice President, Vulgar Angie attempts to hand Morrissey a BLUE ROSE on stage at the rather grand looking Kingsbury Hall in Salt Lake City in Utah.


Before I sign off for today, here are the highlights from Parody Morrissey's visits to The Arms over the past 24 hours. There were a number of visits, and quite a lot of dialogue, so I will only share some of his words:

The Twitter Highlights of @MorrisseyParody 15th May 2014:

"My new album is my finest album."

In response to Vulgar Angie asking if he was in Utah yet: "I'm in a bedsit with a mobile connection; he, on the other hand, might well be."

In response to Rosy Mires mocking us: "FollowingTheMozziah: a blog devoted to proving that I'm Moz (when I'm not) and TRM isn't Moz (when he is). Genius. Why can't they just get it into their heads that I'm some bloke with a hairy back?" (Ed- I don't follow @RosyMires, so I have no idea what she has tweeted, but I am presuming that she believes that Morrissey has posted the tweets on the @itsmorrissey account. Well she would, wouldn't she, it has a blue tick!)

"@itsmorrissey Don't be half-hearted Morrissey. Either give your heart to twitter, or don't tweet."

"@itsmorrissey Announce the UK bits and pieces!"

"Laura Palmer, we love you."

"Twin Peaks is none of your business."

Embedded image permalink

"Vote for Britain, not for Scottish independence."

"Never apologise. Never defend yourself. Never be spiteful, cruel or untoward."

"The blog is dead forever unless Mozzer gives us the sign of life."

The Twitter Highlights of @MorrisseyParody 16th May 2014:

"Good morning is not a term I know. I say "hello.""

TRB: "@MorrisseyParody For FUCK'S sake delete this account and get yourself tweeting as @itsmorrissey. The masses need this."

In response: "@TheRatsBack Ask @itsmorrissey to give me his account, and I shall. I could tear up the Twitter script in 7 short days."

"Single named after a tweet. Log Lady predicted he'd be on twitter in 2014. Novel - tick. Nobody notices."

"The fake Morrissey is quite real, while the genuine Morrissey appears rather synthetic. British irony?"

"The heart is heavy with imaginary sin and quite real integrity."

"It's a miracle that I haven't run out of wit. Three years in and somehow I'm still finding new ways to demean myself in a public spectacle."

"I've contributed more wit than Wilde and something Twitter has never seen before: intelligence. Yet... I sink without trace."

"Perhaps @itsmorrissey and I should swap accounts?"

'It's a strange world, a lonely planet, a sphere of utter contempt."

"I just can't help it... cheesy wotsits."

"I turned my back on fame in 1990. Since then I've sought to make music and succeed in my field while studiously avoiding 'fame.' Fame is for pop stars and popular writers, not for artists. The irony of fame is that the truly famous are those great people we remember who shunned the media. Artistic integrity minus fame = mystique. The more one seeks fame, the more one will be remembered for one's trivial life and not for one's meaningful art. My life is only a show. It is nothing more. I don't live. I exist. Music is my life, and singing is my blood."

"And then... he was gone. Soon you will only remember me as a vague dream."

"And now.... farewell"

"My life is a show with no encore. Goodbye"

And then he was gone. There is one other tweet that I should mention:

"You will all be rather surprised later this week."

And here was a word of encouragement for Morrissey from @whoiseuan, the young lad who Morrissey came to the rescue of in El Paso, when the security were strangling him:

Fuck off Moz parody account and your delusional pathetic cult, you won't be missed. Don't give a fuck if any of you are offended

Before I sign off for today, BRS member, GWO left this comment on yesterday's blog, regarding the spoken Morrissey video: "The video for "World Peace Is None Of Your Business" is the first in a series of spoken-word performances directed by Natalie Johns and filmed at the legendary Capitol Studios. The short film features a cameo by Nancy Sinatra and is streaming at iTunes." FIRST IN A SERIES OF SPOKEN-WORD PERFORMANCES. How many of us had read that press release and not picked up on that? Well done GWO.

And finally, Mademoiselle Fifi has also left us. All eyes on @itsmorrissey.

Goes off singing *I take the cue from certain people I know, I use the cue and then I hand it on to you


  1. The Blue Rose picture which was published by David Lynch on twitter yesterday contains a secret message to BRS.

    The poster announces the Blu Ray release of Twin Peaks. "Blu" misses an 'e', thus the E on the picture is highlighted in red. The other two notable letters are S and D. There's no R to spell "Rose", but the D is the most similar to an R, and if you look closely, you see two thick felt tip lines that complete the D to an R. There's also no O, but there's two roughly circle-like blobs between the other letters. O-O. S and E then complete the word "Rose".

    Nika Alba's log

    1. That's utter rubbish.

      Johnny Wrotten

    2. At first I had the same impression, yet what bugs me is that I, too, see those thick lines that make an R out of the D. Could it be just a coincidence? Anyway, this only adds to the eternal, beautiful mystique of Blue Rose.

      That said, dear Rat, please republish the old articles, they're our history and shouldn't be forgotten.


  2. But why do we want Morrissey to tweet with official account? The sheep will continue to try and converse with him and the BRS will be lost in the fray. This constant drama is exhausting. I hope Parody continues and we hear more from the lovely Fifi. Surely that beats any blue tick?

    1. Couldn't have said it better myself. Not sure about the 'lovely' Fifi part though...: )

    2. ***** *****, **** plimsoll

    3. Same to you with with ornate knobs on.

  3. I'm sorry to hear you are deleting them each day. I like to go back and re read the complexities of things. But if it's something you feel you must do.....

  4. so am I. the past entries were great to have and go back to.
    it's been such a journey. if they are not here for new people to discover it is like
    all your hard work has been for nothing ... and like the whole thing never existed.

    I also hope moz doesn't tweet from only the official account.
    if sheep-followers had been interested remotely before, they would have found your blog/mw and the various twitters.
    ... but much easier to wait for a blue tick: fake acceptance for the fake masses.

  5. I don't know what's in store, but I'm hopeful that the best is yet to come. However, if Moz were to start tweeting in the style of MW from the official account, I don't expect that people would put two and two together unless something blatantly obvious happens.

    Rats, isn't the response to Rosy supposed to be "FTM, a blog devoted to proving that I AM Moz (when I'm not)..."?

    Best of luck to VP Angie at the concert tonight. We'll be with you in spirit and can't wait to hear all about it.

    1. Well spotted, Heather. I shall amend it tomorrow.... and then delete the entry!

  6. the thought of whiskers dribbling kind of makes me ill

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Agree with other posters here that it is a shame that you have put all the old entries in mothballs. I really enjoy the write ups for the concerts as it somehow makes me feel more a part of following the mayhem. I do appreciate how time consuming all this blogging malarkey is, but now that you have finally learnt how to post YouTube clips it would be a shame to waste that talent. Maybe you could just highlight a couple from each concert rather than trying to post every song played. And perhaps restore the blog entries for the current tour?

  9. Morrissey's World‏@MorrisseyWorld

    This was just tweeted.

  10. I am so looking forward to the next in the series of spoken-word performances. As they were all filmed at the Capitol Studios I wonder if they will have a similar theme to the first one. My fantasy is of seeing Morrissey look up from the piano (eyebrows raised) as Gaynor Tension approaches with a bunch of garage shop, cellophane wrapped roses and a carrier bag containing a bottle of Boz Boozer wine (just the one).

  11. Perhaps Rat is the one running and that's why this blog is being abandoned?

  12. It will not die!!!

    I am currently waiting for my single blue Rose

    Let's see how today goes

    I hope he takes my gifts or at least I get to make it to the pit
    I am about 2 rows behind the pit
    So hope I can get pass whoever is blocking the entrance

    I was at the venue earlier

    1. Nothing much is going on
      Just merch being taken in

      I'll will post if anything exciting happens

    2. Good luck! Try your hardest to deliver those gifts. Use you elbows & maybe a good kick to the shins if anyone tries to stop you.

  13. TTY - Moz says @ItsMorrissey is not him.


  15. Oh Ratty, Ratty! I write Ratty because in my language it sounds more friendly. Morrussey is such a teaser, what a fun! See you later. Romina with daughter's mobile.

  16. Love the 'untwitterably yours' on TTY.

    So many twists & turns on our MW/ BRS journey. Looks like the next stage maybe close now.

    1. I'm loving every minute of this and I'm so excited to find out what he has up his sleeve :)

  17. Anyone notice Mum had tweeted that it's the sales team hours before the TTY statement?

  18. Yes, wow! that is SUCH a surprise! Thanks Mum for opening our eyes.

  19. Today has been exhausting & confusing in Moz World. Fake Mozzas all over the place! Loved the TTY statement "That's, of course, if you should remotely care." Oh, please...Like we don't hang on his every word & he knows it!

    I was shocked at the tweet by Euan W, but I presume he really does think MozParody is an impostor, & we are worshiping a false idol.

    I'm just looking forward to the videos & pics of the Utah concert now. I thought Albuquerque was the best concert yet...Moz & the band sounded brilliant, & Moz looked more at ease.
    And that flighty filly Fifi has flitted away AGAIN? Always flouncing off like a diva...If you return, Fifi, I'll entertain you with a tantrum & a few asterisks.

    1. P. S. Great photo of Ratty, me & JG. JG looking particularly spiffy there. My hat/kilt combo was a good look too, I thought.Were we line dancing?! It's all a blur now.

  20. Pure parody. If we could step back three years and write what has actually happened we would fall around the place laughing. The latest twist is just perfect. So even the 'real' account is denied. Bloody genius.

  21. You couldn't make this up or could you ? The twists and turns of MozWorld and Twitter accounts.
    Thanks to my mates in The Arms, I can discuss and cogitate the events.
    Our Mozzer, you continue to surprise and entertain us. For that, many thanks.

  22. Rosy ‏@RosyMires May 15
    Morrissey joins twitter …

    comrade harps ‏@comradeharps May 15
    @RosyMires @RosyMires Old news. Just been tweeting as @MorrisseyParody for a few years.
    ‏@RosyMires May 15

    @comradeharps @MorrisseyParody Really? But it says he's a parody? Were there some secret signs or summat? Did I miss it all?
    Expand Reply Retweet Favorite More
    comrade harps ‏@comradeharps May 15
    @RosyMires Apparently you did miss it all. Perversely, the @MorrisseyParody secret remains public, which is only as it should be.

    Rosy ‏@RosyMires May 15
    @comradeharps @MorrisseyParody Oh no! A public secret? If only Rat had explained it all to me at length and told me to believe!

    In reply to Rosy and 1 other
    @MorrisseyParody @RosyMires @comradeharps FollowingTheMozziah: a blog devoted to proving that I'm Moz (when I'm not) and TRM isn't Moz (when he is). #genius

    #Genius indeed, what with the TTY disclaimer on the official (corporate, blue ticked) Twitter account when Morrissey claims "I do not know who has opened this recent Twitter account" - esp. as it's not recent at all, only active recently.. Denials all round. Oh what a tangled web we weave, World peace is none of your business and question all "truth".

    I am now
    A central part
    Of your mind's landscape
    Whether you care
    Or do not
    Yeah, I've made up your mind

    That's, of course, if you should remotely care.

  23. Tick this bitch............ you need to stop trying to regulate the natural behaviors and inclinations of other humans. YOU HAVE NO CONTROL.

  24. It's all getting mysterious and some what confusing-with all the blogs coming and going, and now there are almost too many twitter accounts for Moz. The one named mozzeriesguts(spelling might be off) was the one I knew to be him or someone close to him and he followed, because Oct 8, 2012 we talked of women singers on twitter and I mentioned Billie Holiday as a favorite and Oct 10, 2012 Morrissey gave an interview in the Village Voice and mentioned her. Plus all the blue rose signs, there are too many for it to be a coincidence. I can not imagine with so much that has pointed to the BRS this tour that he isn't involved some how. Mr Ratty, hope you have a good weekend and win your cricket games if you have any. I have our town's annual car show, which is nice in that the cars are set up on Main Street as if they were naturally parked there, and offers music, games and food. This July we have ZZ Tops is coming and Milwaukee has 'Jesus Christ Super Star' with John Rotten Lyndin--I didn't realize it was his middle name. #BRS

    1. MozzerieGuts reads like someone trying to impersonate Our Mozzer, never mind this "Morrissey" character.


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