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Sunday, 18 May 2014

Day 977 - @ItsMorrissey is dead, and FTM regains it's memory

Normal service has been resumed. Harvest Records (@harvest_records) yesterday issued this statement on twitter:

"We've taken over @itsmorrissey to protect it from interlopers. Alas, it's already time to bid farewell to the account."

I believe that the outside world was very, very close to having the real Morrissey on twitter; and I have no doubt that he would have taken the twitter world by storm, but at the last minute, there was a change of heart. Morrissey would have thought it through long and hard, and come to the conclusion that @itsmorrissey just wouldn't have given him the same sort of interaction on twitter that Parody Moz has given him. Morrissey would also have worked out that if he had started tweeting to the masses, he would have received interaction of two sorts, A) Mass fawning..... "Morrissey, you saved my life, I love you SO much", and B) Mass stupidity.... "Hey Morrissy (sic), I'm eating a huge burger. Shall I save some 4 U? Lol : )". Ultimately, despite his HUGE global success, Morrissey is NOT a celebrity, he remains an outsider, and he has found his true home in The Twitterdilly Arms.


A very good point has been made by Morrissey through this whole @itsmorrissey twitter 'thing' though; he has proven once again, that people really are sheep (no offence to sheep), and they will believe anything they are told if it has an official stamp, or even a semi-official stamp of authority attached to it.

Let me take our old friend @RosyMires as the perfect case point. Rosy has followed the whole MorrisseysWorld story from the very start, and came to the conclusion back in early 2012 that MW definitely wasn't Morrissey because: A) MW made fun of Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross, and B) MW showed no sympathy following the death of Whitney Houston. Rosy declared, "Morrissey just wouldn't do that", and despite ALL the evidence since; which has proven beyond all reasonable doubt that Morrissey is behind MW, Rosy simply refuses to accept it because there has been no 'official' word from Morrissey; and yet as soon as a twitter account appears with a little blue tick next to it, Rosy accepts this to be true, especially as a 'rep' (with no name) confirmed it was true via the website Pitchfork:

Hey Moz is on twitter! Blue tick Moz!! Oh happy day!!!

He's put a lot of fake Morrissey's out of a job!

Following the announcement that Morrissey isn't behind the @itsmorrissey account after all, Rosy is now starting to ask questions!

Why did Boz follow at all? Didn't it get mentioned along the way?Why wait till today to deny it?

Will Rosy, at last be able to see that not everything is all it would seem to be in Morrissey's world? And if Rosy starts to ask questions, will others also ask questions? Surely people must be able to see that none of the explanations being released by Harvest and 'Official Moz ring true? SURELY? Time, as ever....

One person who wasn't fooled by the official blue tick was @knitnurse, aka Helen Bridgwood; the wife of former Moz guitarist Jonny Bridgwood. Helen tweeted to say, "I was very surprised when everyone thought it was him." But after that tweet, it all went downhill for Helen, who followed it up with, "From what I can remember, I think he was a bit of a technophobe." And Helen continued, "He usually uses capitals." EVERYBODY KNOWS WHAT MORRISSEY DOES OR DOESN'T DO, and if your husband was once in Morrissey's band four hundred and three years ago, you even become an authority on such things! *shakes head.... which thankfully is still in place after yesterday*

Meanwhile, following the death of @itsmorrissey, FTM has regained it's memory, and the old blog postings are back in situ.... although not ALL of them; Day 898 DEFINITELY remains under lock and key. My blog entries returned after I was instructed to by Our Mozzer earlier this morning:

Asked by Mikey Bracewell what he thought about FollowingTheMozziah having deleting old posts, Our Mozzer stated, between mouthfuls of fresh falafel with lime juice, rocket and vegan mayonnaise:

"What? Deleted the whole b*****d thing? The s**ding primadonna. One can't have one's hangers-on behaving with such recklessness. What next? My session musicians pulling out of my tours because they have a bit of a cough? Boz Boorer failing to turn up for a music festival because 'nobody told me I was playing?' No, no, no. This will NOT do-"

After a gulp of gin:

"Instruct the c*** to bring it back immediately... the disrespectful t***-"

There is further good news, in that not only have we not lost Our Mozzer to the masses, but following the demise of @itsmorrissey, Mademoiselle Fifi has also returned to The Arms, and yesterday came in bearing a gift of Alain Delon for Astraea:

Astraea thanked Mme Fifi for the gift of the song, saying, "Merci, pussycat! You are ALWAYS a girl after my own heart. Verrry Amalfi-Coast-meets-Alain-in-the-south-of-France, n'est ce pas? And toward the end, he huskily whisper-sings... 'if you didn't exist already, I would have invented you... ' Oh la la,.... ALAIN! And the only thing better in life than Alain being husky, would be Alain being husky next to me, in a Primrose yellow, convertible E-type. In 1967. In Biarritz."

Fifi also pulled me into the toilets of The Arms, and whispered a sweet nothing in my ear. The sweet nothing made me smile, but I cannot say any more until the sweet nothing becomes a sweet something.

I haven'tt yet mentioned the small matter of last night's concert in Denver. Unfortunately, just as with the previous night in Utah, not much video has emerged, in fact so far, just Hand in Glove. Rumour has it that Moz tripped up during the encore:

Thankfully, the Blue Rose Society Vice President, Vulgar Angie has posted her videos from Utah, including a mesmerizing version of Trouble Loves Me..... it is ALWAYS mesmerising! ALL of the other songs Angie has recorded are also mesmerizing. I LOVE Bullfighter SO much, and have been mic whipping in the garden this morning. Not real mic whipping you understand, air mic whipping, which is far more skilful than air guitar playing.






There has been a rather interesting write-up of the Salt Lake City concert posted on Solow by somebody calling themselves 'Old Mathew'. I wouldn't usually mention that place, but the write-up is worthy of a greater audience. It is very interesting to note that Old Mathew mentions The Bullfighter Dies, adding, "I'm a sucker for a 2 minute pop song', which is something I wrote about the same song, just the other day! Old Mathew also has GREAT recollection, remembering not only the setlist, but also ALL of Morrissey's 'speaky bits' WORD FOR WORD! Old Mathew also takes the time to mention Vulgar Angie's blue rose, letting us know that Moz ignored it, adding, "I've never made head or tails of that insane inanity". Nope, Mathew, me neither.... but we wouldn't change him for the world! There is something rather familiar about Old Mathew. Hmm:

2:11 am (Utah time): A great show. Same setlist as ABQ except he actually did drop NFD this time. So:
Hand In Glove / Speedway / Ganglord / I Have Forgiven Jesus / I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris / World Peace Is None Of Your Business / Yes, I Am Blind / Life Is A Pigsty / The Bullfighter Dies / To Give (The Reason I Live) / Meat Is Murder / Everyday Is Like Sunday / Earth Is The Loneliest Planet / Trouble Loves Me / I Know It's Gonna Happen Someday // Asleep / One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell
A good rush and a push toward the stage during One Day, with at least two people out of a half dozen making it on stage. More tomorrow. Just got back from a four hour drive home....

2:53 am (Utah time): Ok, a few more observations. I always need an hour or so to settle down before sleeping after a long drive, even if it is nearly 3 am in the hither most regions of Utah...

When he came out on stage he said, "Today is Julia's birthday, and everybody's happy."

At one point he quipped, "I come from the land of carbon monoxide. So the clear air here is [wearing me down or something similar, referring to the altitude]." He did seem slightly tired.

Before World Peace he said [paraphrasing], "Today I made a terrible mistake. I turned on the television. And the first thing I saw was an advertisement for guns and ammo. Which you would never see on British telly. The only people who own guns there are the Royal family. Barbarians, barbarians, barbarians. But then I remembered: World peace is none of your business."

He returned to the theme of watching TV in SLC before Meat is Murder. "They'd advertise meat. Then the cancer care center. Then meat. Then the cancer care center. Again and again and again [making a circular motion with his hand]. Does nobody make the connection?"

Highlights were World Peace (Jesse's solo was great), Life is a Pigsty (amazing), The Bullfighter Dies (I'm a sucker for a 2 minute pop song anyways), and Trouble Loves Me (when he gestures to the audience on the line "at your age!"). And of course Asleep.

SLC tends to be a bit muted, so the sudden explosion of ambitious stage divers during One Day was a pleasant and welcome surprise.

I've seen the man on every tour since 1991. I damn well hope there are more to come. Now I'm wishing I had booked that flight to Denver for tomorrow night….

2:59 am (Utah time): Oh, and for what it's worth, he determinedly ignored the blue rose that was held out to him, and seemed to scowl at its presentation. I've never made heads or tails of that insane inanity, but it's clear he seems annoyed by it as well (and is aware what it means).

Embedded image permalink


Watching Life is a Pigsty -- my God that man can sing.

3:18 am (Utah time): I really shouldn't have drank that Red Bull during the last hour of the drive, though I suppose this beats waking up ensconced on a Prickly Pear cactus beside a rolled-over truck…

A final thought, and plea (for the day, there will be more pleas and perhaps even thoughts tomorrow):

I loved how he came over to shake my hand during Everyday (just after the "greased tea with me" line), and that it was caught on video… that said, I am still waiting for one of you to cough up the video of me dancing with him during King Leer at Jones Beach, 1991. Anyone, anyone? I know it exists. Or Great Woods, Mansfield, MA, 1991, during "Suedehead?" Come on, come on….

Old Mathew's comments are followed on Solow with this from Anonymous:

"Official Statement: This is NOT Old Mathew. I would like to stress that I do not drink Red Bull. I gather that someone is commenting in my name that I drank Red Bull - bit that is NOT Old Mathew. Please be aware that he is bogus. That's, of course, if you should  remotely care.

Uncommentably yours,
Old Mathew
Salt Lake City
17 May 2014

Somebody calling themselves 'Blue Rose' on Solow, then left this comment: "This is all part of the journey. if he accepts it all of the time, it would not be the same! Read Following the Mozziah; you will see!" (Ed- For the record, 'Blue Rose' isn't me.)

Uncle Skinny then threw in his view: "Just fuck off, you tiresome cunt."

Another of the spoken word promo videos has also been released onto Youtube, and this time it is The Bullfighter Dies; which is a bit of a surprise because we were expecting the next two singles to be Istanbul and Earth is the Loneliest Planet. Has there been a change of plan? I would LOVE Bullfighter to be released.

Embedded image permalink

Has anybody yet managed to work out what is being sung at the end of WPINOYB? Is it a foreign tongue, or a record playing backwards?

That will do for today. @itsmorrissey is dead, but could it be that an official MorrisseysWorld is still on it's way? @MorrisseyWorld has tweeted to say, "The wait is almost over". Is Banjaxer involved? I have to say, when I first read that "Dunno" tweet from @itsmorrissey, I immediately thought it had Banjaxer's handwriting all over it!

There is no concert tonight, and tomorrow night it will be the Rococo Theatre in Lincoln Nebraska. It will also be Boz Boorer's birthday.

*Goes off singing* All in all, imagine this: Nobody loves us, Dab-hands at trouble, with four days of stubble, we are....


  1. Bullfighter is an amazing song, I do hope it is released.

    Our Mozzer knows that he can interact with the BRS without the fawning or rude comments. That's not how we operate!

    Being pulled into the toilets by Fifi is such a treat, isn't it?

  2. Replies
    1. Who me? What lies? Are they hidden lies? I am always very open and honest. I have told the truth all the way from the beginning. Some of it you may not like, but it IS the truth. I don't mean you no harm, but as you are one of the few people to have followed the whole MW phenomenon, you are the perfect case study of somebody who completely got it all wrong, but if 'I' have got this whole thing wrong, and MW DOES turn out to be a hairy backed blogger in a bedsit, I will apologise.... and eat my hat.... and eat blue roses.

      NOT Liar

    2. You do lie when you mis-quote me to suit your own purposes. I don't always correct you because I can't be arsed to but occasionally it gets annoying being mid-represented. There's not a shred of logic behind any of your bonkers theories and every daft account that tweets something 'mysterious' is not Morrissey. Goodbye.

    3. And when you DO manage to quote people accurately after stalking their timelines for scraps you can use, you take away the context, you suck out their humour, their innuendo and their meaning. You really should work for The Sun, or The Daily Fail.

    4. Rosy, don't let Rat wind you up. I have followed you on twitter for a long time and I really enjoy your humour. We are from a similar background. You probably know who I am. Rat is right though Rosy, you have got this wrong. Moz has even worn a blue rose whilst singing Trouble. Don't let it upset you. Maybe you can take Moz a rose in Flint?

    5. I agree. Don't let Rat upset you. He gets it wrong too. A lot! And don't think you are being judged here. It might feel like that but it's not the case. I always take what Rat says with a huge pinch of salt. He does have a habit of 'constructing' and sometimes he over builds and so if he does take you out of context, just let it go. People know what's what.

    6. I disagree with both the other two Anonymouses. Rosy has a bad attitude, isn't very funny at all, is aggressive and is bitter. And she then comes to continue with all of these character traits here. Yes, Rat baits her. But her responses are always bad tempered, spiteful, and churlish. Do we really need to keep listening to all of this?

    7. Rosy is friends with Uncle Skinny which speaks for itself.
      Why she bothers to come here if Rat winds her up I cannot imagine.
      I also find her annoying and strident.

    8. Strident is a good word and has good qualities. Annoying? We're all annoying to someone. Friends with Uncle Skinny? Ah... tough one. No one is perfect, I guess. Friendships come and go - you hope. As for the statement... "she 'has isn't funny, aggressive and bitter" - please note, you said this in a way that wasn't funny. It was delivered in an aggressive and bitter way. Ahh... yes, the irony of human existence.

    9. I like Rosy, and I like Rat. But which one's better? There's only one way to find out: they both take turns trying to inflict physical damage on the body of popular entertainer and Morrissey fan Harry Hill, and whoever causes the most long-term suffering wins.

    10. Rosy, I was more than happy to give you your right to reply, but if the best you can come up with is, that I should work for The Sun, then it has become sticks and stones time. Either give a logical argument as to why Morrissey is; standing on the stage wearing a blue rose whilst singing Trouble Loves Me, making 00 signs, accepting a blue rose ring, denying he owns @itsmorrissey whilst verifying it etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc, or just remain dignified and silent.

      You have taunted members of the BRS for months and months, making us all out to be fools, so don't start whinging now the reality is starting to dawn on you.... and if the reality ISN'T starting to dawn on you, then God only knows just WHAT exactly Morrissey would have to do to make you see.

      Let's leave this now, your name will not be mentioned in my blog again..... apart from in the parody piece that Morrissey has written, which is going to be published within the next hour!


    11. This Rat fellow reminds me of the Spanish Inquisition.

      A. Abolendam

    12. I want Rosy in this club - warts and all. I would also like to see Still I Cling here and Girl on Bike. Blue Rose can unite us once and for all.

      Arboretum Jones

    13. Rosy and Still I Cling and Girl on Bike don't want in the club.

  3. I reluctantly respond. There ARE certain things Morrissey wouldn't do in my opinion. A) trivialise the images of the moors murderers by using a photoshopped Brand/Ross. B) trivialise the death of Whitney Houston within hours of her passing.

    1. Yes, we all know what you think, and your thoughts are irrelevant. You don't know Morrissey, nobody does, and you have made the huge mistake of thinking that you do. You honestly believe that a man who made a comment saying that the Norwegian massacre was equivalent to the KFC murders wouldn't take the piss out of the moors murderers or the nauseating Whitney Houston? You really, really haven't a clue, but if Morrissey offends you so much, then why do you keep coming back here?

      Deb Utant

    2. Deb,

      I really love your dress.

      The limo driver

    3. apols people... 100% i am with rosy on this one..

    4. What do you mean manc lad? 100% with Rosy that Morrissey wouldn't write those things? So are you saying that Morrissey isn't MW? You never were fully committed to the BRS; always pretending to take a rose but never quite getting it to him. You change like the wind, and what is more, you are always making little comments about not being gay; why do you feel the need to keep doing that? Who cares if you are straight, gay, transexual, transgender... ? Your comments have a homophobic tint to them.


    5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    6. Now you're talking Manc Lad! And we love it!

      Yangella Jago

    7. This comment has been removed by the author.

    8. Trouble loves you Manc Lad.

      Yangella Jago

  4. Morrissey is NOT a celebrity, he remains an outsider, and he has found his true home in The Twitterdilly Arms.
    - I don't know why, I just found that really beautiful

  5. Fantastic entry Rats!
    After straining my poor ears I have come to the conclusion that what is being said at the end of WPINOYB is Spanish by either Jesse or Gustavo (i think its gustavo though) the words are "paz mundial es asunto que no te concierne" or World peace is none of your business

  6. Welcome back Mr Ratty, hope you enjoyed yourself while away. Did you do anything interesting, besides visiting the Twit Arms? I m happy to see the clips of the tour, they make one feel as if they were attending themselves. At the car show I attended yesterday, the band played 'Solitary Man' and it reminded me of Moz, who at times can be Mr Solitary, and who I think, may have been testing the waters by having the new Twitter account announced. Although, it might have been r/t promo for the release of his new songs, in some of the older MW postings he'd complained about not getting the large number of followers that other entertainers have. Now he knows that he too can get the followers by announcing a Twitter account as the other entertainers had done, but, then again, he'd also, in the past mentioned he liked the intimacy of the smaller, closer group of followers he had with MW. Wishing you a good day, and week ahead. #BRS

  7. So, some people got it wrong and might still be getting it wrong. Can you blame them? This life is series of let downs and abuse based on lies. Can you blame anyone for not believing who the parody was or wasn't? In this world of deception? People crave a simple truth sometimes - that doesn't make them sheep. They just don't know. I KNOW that UFOs exist. I KNOW that chemtrails in the sky are poisoning us. I KNOW what is coming down the track - and it will blow your mind in a Starman/ Bowie sort of way. Do I say that those that don't know these things are sheep? Can I blame anyone for not seeing the obvious? Look up. Those aren't vapor trails. Am I mad? Am I deluded? No, just ahead of the game. And anyone who's ahead of the game needs to know that they are going to get some stick. That's part of the contract, I'm afraid and I don't feel any resentment to those people who call me mad and deluded. First they ignore you, then they fight you, then... well, by then you just don't care. Enjoy the process. Who can blame them? Pity the non believers but accept that all those who are enlightened to anything must suffer - in everything! Even in electrical engineering or football management or wind up radios... Come on BRS. Show some leadership because at this moment in time world peace is not looking like any of your business.

    Itupp Whippin

  8. Nice to see the blog pages back! First I wanted to say how much I adore the Bullfighter video. It's utterly sublime and mesmerizing, and I greatly look forward to seeing the other videos as they are released.

    I don't know what the ultimate point was of the whole twitter episode, but I think it's great that it caused people to ask questions, including the question of what's really real. Some things in the story we were told simply didn't add up, much like official stories that we are told about world events. One of the main points of MW is to make people aware that things aren't always what they seem - we should always question the 'official story' that is fed to us. I was pleasantly surprised that an online article in the very mainstream 'USA Today' actually questioned Moz's TTY statement, asking if it could possibly be the 'real fake' instead of the twitter account (the article appeared just hours before the account closed). Now we ask: what will happen next?

  9. Apparently Harvest didn't have the twitter password for the official Morrissey account and got access to it from Twitter after they read Morrissey's statement on TTY. I probably shouldn't be telling you this.

    1. Who's Harvey???

    2. Tatiana Eccles19 May 2014 at 12:18

      Surely an impostor should've made more of an effort?

    3. Years of training wasted! I speak on behalf of the DAG (Digital Anarchists Group). We take on digital personas in order to disrupt people's perception of reality. We'd been working on the Morrissey project for years. Fucking years! We flew in one of our best people. But he just froze. All the training in the world just couldn't prepare him to be Morrissey. We've done Alan Sugar, Piers Morgan (easy - just be a twat), Jeremy Clarkson (again, easy), Madonna (Whore archetype work - standard)... but Morrissey? You can't just be an enigma. We took a beating on this I'm afraid. It's been a big hit for DAG. A big, big hit. We are now looking at some very dull celebrities now, just to get our confidence back.

      Scanlon Jones

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. What a priceless comment - totally brilliant ! Now we know the truth..........

      LizzyCatMoz ( unplugged and unlogged )

    6. This comment has been removed by the author.


    8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. The promo videos are an ingenious idea. So unique & profound.
    Glad to see the old posts back again Rats.

    Happy Birthday to Boz!

  11. The iconic pop star casts his eye over the comments section of a little known but interesting blog. He deftly scrolls down the page, titling his head to one side. A sardonic grin threatens to break the stony face of Pop's most royal rebel prince. The mewling monsters are starting to scrap again - like hungry yapping dogs. A chuckle emerges. All is well with the world.

    Orijon Perkis

  12. "You have to admit, they don't have this much charm and wit or bite on the Solo shite site"

    Your new strapline Rat

  13. If you are a believer or not there are these facts that cannot be denied:

    1. He has accepted and worn Blue Roses.
    2. Accepted a ring that represents the BRS.
    3. Never called for the "Shut-Down of MorrisseysWorld.
    4. Wrote NOT Morrissey on TTY

    Just stating the FACTS........


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