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Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Day 987 - Ring of Fire

Appearing on twitter with a big corporate tick of approval as '@itsmorrissey', was NEVER going to be for Morrissey, but it really is extraordinary that he has been able to use twitter on an almost daily basis for the past three years, without either his fans or the media noticing that he is doing it.

It was on September 14 2011 that Morrissey first announced, in his own subtle way, that he had joined twitter, but despite me writing about it EVERY DAY (EVERYDAY?) since, and despite my blog having had 493,554 hits, Morrissey still manages to come and go on twitter completely unseen. He is right there, in full view of the whole world, and yet he somehow manages to remain hidden.

The current pseudonym/pessoa that Morrissey is using, popped into The Twitterdilly Arms yesterday evening, and once again mixed freely with the 'Dreary Deluded Dozen'. Morrissey actually has the grand total of 52 followers on twitter, although the 'DDD' are the ones who interact with him, and KNOW who it is they are following. Actually, before I go on any further, as this whole phenomenal story will one day be uncovered, I shall take this opportunity to list the 'Dreary Deluded Dozen' and the rest of the 'Deck of 52' who are currently following Morrissey on twitter. One day, these few will be able to say, "I was there".:

1. @OdysseyNumber5 (Harrison. DDD & BRS member)
2. @Bunnygal833 (Nicole. DDD & BRS member)
3. @caterita2008 (Romina. BRS member)
4. @loughtonlil (JG. DDD & BRS member)
5. @heathercat222 (Heather. DDD & BRS member)
6. @RFerenzi (Roberto. Observer. Not a member of the BRS. )
7. @smashingblouse7 (Willow. DDD & BRS member)
8. @AIRRAID25 (EARS. DDD & BRS member)
9. @LizzyCatMoz (Lizzy. DDD & BRS member)
10. @Rough_seas2 (Netty. Unknown what she thinks but presumed a BRS member)
11. @Starlight_Bliss (Jen Coates. No idea who this is)
12. @TheRatsBack (Rat. DDD & BRS member)
13. @southkirk (Kirky. BRS observer)
14. @MOZISMYSHEPHERD (Brian. DDD & BRS member)
15. @Jazissey (Jjazmine. DDD & BRS member)
16. @mancldmozfan (Woodhouse Park. DDD & BRS member)
17. @FadingGoldLeaf (Astraea. Goddess)
18. @Its_Mike (Mike. No idea who this is)
19. @tabootlb (Tracey Brown. Observer)
20. @stracey1675 (Stephanie. Observer)
21. @Menippus (Kevin Stoba. Intellectual)
22. @nothingtoclever (Robert Couture. No idea who this is)
23. @YunaraGunarso (Yunara Gunarso. DDD & BRS member)
24. @MozzeriansATW (Rosy Clover Dean. DDD & BRS member)
25. @girlwithout (GWO. DDD & BRS member)
26. @GorillePere (Gorille Pere. No idea who this is)
27. @IngeKersten1980 (Inge Kersten. No idea who this is)
28. @Piccolo_Sings (Nikki Marie. No idea who this is)
29. @rzulka (Rzulka. Observer)
30. @Fancys123 (Fancy. A grandmother (Hmm) & BRS member)
31. @ChloRS (Chloë. No idea who this is)
32. @MadAlix14 (Max. DDD & BRS member)
33. @BlueRoseSociety (!)
34. @willbh94 (Will Hemsley. No idea who this is)
35. @kie123star (Kieran. No idea who this is)
36. @NastyAmes (Anastasia Ames. BRS member)
37. @TheeOtherBill (Jack Shet. Secret BRS member)
38. @Bubo_The_Owl (Styro Drone. No idea who this is)
39. @beabastitabs (Caroline. No idea who this is)
40. @edgeindustphoto (George. DDD & BRS member)
41. @Oystein_David (Oystein D Johansen. No idea who this is)
42. @Denisc1962Denis (Denis Carroll. No idea who this is)
43. @MeIsSorry (Mysterious BRS member)
44. @GirlOnBike1102 (Sabine Maltby. Former BRS member currently serving a lifetime ban)
45. @NotRightMadster (Maddy Madster. No idea who this is)
46. @comradeharps (comrade harps. DDD & BRS member)
47. @geniussteals (Robert Neville. No idea who this is)
48. @MOZKIDKYLE (President of the BRS)
49. @TheRatsTalisman (Talisman. Believed pessoa of Jack Shet)
50. @_Awake13_ (Aaron Reyes. No idea who this is)
51. @mecaniqueorange (Orange. Believed pessoa of Jack Shet) - *Amended (An individual)
52. @shopliftersmag (A Smiths fanzine)


Yesterday's visit to The Twitterdilly Arms by Morrissey was fairly brief. I was accused of making up the tantrum that I mentioned yesterday, and there was also this rather amusing quote, "I never cause trouble, I don't have tantrums and I hate drama." Morrissey left The Arms with a song, Ring of Fire by Johnny Cash:

This choice of song had me immediately speculating that Morrissey might be planning to either WEAR the BRS ring on stage in Memphis, or perhaps even sing Ring of Fire as a tribute to Fifi (the BRS element of fire) and the BRS. Early indications are that neither of my speculations came to fruition in Memphis last night, although as there is NO Youtube footage whatsoever of last night's show, who knows? It has been reported that security was particularly tough, with NO filming allowed, so I guess we will never find out if the ring was worn.

STOP PRESS: A certain somebody has just dragged me into the toilets of the Twit Arms, and informed me that, "Ryman was a former house of the Grand Ole Opry, hence the Johnny Cash song at Grand Ole Opry. And 'ring of fire' because I am fire. You got confused with the ring but it wasn't meant to confuse you. Or anyone." So, NO RING, but does this latest message mean that it is TONIGHT that Morrissey will sing Ring of Fire in Nashville? Have I been a day too early with my speculation? No, of course not, it was just a song being played on an internet jukebox, nothing more, nothing less. I sometimes get carried away.

The set list for yesterday's show has been posted on the internet, and I am very happy to see that Pigsty has returned, although as there is no footage of it, I guess it's actually irrelevant to me or my life if it's on the set list or not!


1. Hand In Glove
2. Speedway
3. Ganglord
4. One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell
5. I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris
6. I Have Forgiven Jesus
7. World Peace Is None Of Your Business
8. Istanbul*
9. Everyday Is Like Sunday
10. Trouble Loves Me
11. The Bullfighter Dies
12. Life Is A Pigsty
13. Certain People I Know
14. Yes, I Am Blind
15. Earth Is The Loneliest Planet
16. Meat Is Murder
17. Asleep
18. First Of The Gang To Die

A) I am thinking of changing the name of our twitter pub from The Twitterdilly Arms to either The Wrong Arms or The Troubled Arms

Embedded image permalink

Embedded image permalinkIt would appear that the shirt toss returned last night in Memphis (see above), but the only other thing of relevance that I have read, is a tweet by @NoelGallagher (and NO, it's not that Noel Gallagher), who wrote, "@BlueRoseSociety Morrissey noticed a few of the roses I threw at the stage!!!!"

morrissey noticed a few of the roses I threw at the stage!!!!

It would appear that the message about roses continues to reach people, and tonight in Nashville, our very own Heather will have the chance, AT LAST, to spread the message visually... and hopefully get her BLUE ROSE to Moz at the same time. We wish her the very best of luck, and if Moz were to sing the line, "and when you look at me, you actually see me", I think Heather would pass out... so it's just as well it isn't on the current set list!


I have nothing else to add today, other than to say that Joey Barton has alleged that Morrissey asked him to wear a World Peace is None of Your Business t-shirt on Question Time tomorrow, but Joey not only refused, he decided to tell the newspapers! Oh Joey!

Embedded image permalink

Embedded image permalink

*Goes off singing* And when you look at me, you actually see me...


  1. The beer garden of the Twitterdilly Arms is looking very enticing. Wait a minute - we haven't got a beer garden. Or a garden. Hardly any beer in fact. The bar is now stocked with Babycham and some stuff with a big cork in it that's hard to get out. Stilletos left all over the place and as for the toilets . .

    Still, it's our little home.

    1. The beer garden is a figment of our collective imaginations whilst Moz tours the USA. If he ever comes back to the UK, our collective imaginations must lose sight of a beer garden, and instead picture a back street pub, with nicotine stained walls; which have bubbling plaster falling off, soaking wet bar towels, and a juke box with bits missing from the casing. I am also thinking of changing the pub name to either The Wrong Arms, or The Troubled Arms, what do you think?

    2. The Wrong Arms is good, if a name change is needed. Perhaps a change would refresh us all, mind you it would still be "aka the Twitterdilly Arms". One of those pubs that in years to come people still call by the old name.

    3. If it works, why change it? It’s where we all go to when we want to babble and exchange bits and bobs. The twitter in the ‘Twitterdilly Arms’ provides the clue as to where the internet pub is.

  2. exactly. shoes strewn everywhere. a certain someone keeps losing them (probably while can-can dancing)
    *thanks* for doing the list rat, I loved looking down it and seeing all the members!!

  3. I wish someone would drag me into the loo.
    It has been quite a long time since that happened and
    I am very good at keeping secrets.
    Always happy to be one of the DDD vintage 2011.

    1. dear!!! dear!!! Lizzy, surely you dont want to be dragged in to the loo

    2. ah, no surprise to find you hanging around the bogs miss smutt

  4. Heather, I know how long you have been waiting for this.
    Have a grand time tonight - absorb & relish every moment. x

  5. You got that wrong, Rats. I'm not a pessoa, I'm an individual.

    Excuse me if this was mentioned before, but who has watched The Blue Rose?
    It's 13 episodes, and they're all named after Smiths songs. Coincidence for sure.

    1. No, nobody has mentioned it before. I have just watched the trailer on Youtube, and the acting is just dreadful. How bizarre that the episodes are named after Smiths songs. The whole thing is DEFINITELY a coincidence, but very odd. Trailer:

    2. It certainly lacks the charm of something like Twin Peaks, although the plots seem to be similar. It starts with a corpse and leads to people organising themselves in secret alliances to solve the riddle (see the Bookhouse Boys in Twin Peaks, or the beginning friendship between Audrey and Donna). And I agree that it is just a coincidence - yet, indeed, a very odd one. Very very odd.

  6. The T-shirt might clash with his Hugo Boss suit? What are the odds Le Pitbull and Le Pitbullshitter will be bestties by the end of the recording? Winston McKenzie would blow them both out of the water when it comes to political savvy and articulating an important argument. IMVHO.

  7. how odd, demoted by whiskers, do make your mind up whiskers, maybe I don't fawn enough.. the eyes have it, if only you knew

    1. I have NO idea what you are on about. Demoted? Fawn? Eyes? Has the Perrier gone to your head?

  8. Hate to advertise Slowlow, BUT, someone called Joe done a review on the Santa Ana 'gig' (hate that word), can't think of another though, that was BEYOND beautiful.

  9. Thanks for the lust mention but I protest slightly at the number "13" status

  10. Sorry meant to say list. Oh look 13th comment

  11. Oh Ratty, I'm number three! Thank you! What's happening with Manc, be gentle and kind...each other of course!

  12. Thank you for the mention. I hope Fifi is enjoying herself and not passed out shoeless behind a jukebox somewhere.

  13. Heather, I hope you have a wonderful time this evening seeing Our Moz at the historic Ryman Auditorium. You will be in all of our thoughts. We hope you can get a Blue Rose to Moz. Most of all, enjoy yourself.

  14. I know we are all joyous with all that is going on with Our Moz. There is sadness today, with the passing of Maya Angelou. Mr. Rat, I would like to post this small poem in honor of her.
    There are some nights when
    sleep plays coy,
    aloof and disdainful.
    And all the wiles
    that I employ to win
    its service to my side
    are useless as wounded pride,
    and much more painful.

    1. The above poem was written by Maya Angelou. I apologize, I didn't introduce it very well.

  15. M.A. We loved you. I knew why the Caged Bird Sang.

  16. - Heather got a great spot, right in front of the stage
    - Shirt Toss
    - Maya Angelou backdrop
    ((Live reporting))

    1. oh and #morrissey is trending in Nashville.

  17. Oh Ratty, there were plenty of things in tonight's concert that almost made me pass out. WHAT A CONCERT! I don't know how it's possible for Morrissey to keep surpassing himself, but he continues to do it. Tonight was electrifying, emotional, intense, and magical. The setlist is already on Solow so I won't bother to list it here, but the highlights for me were: Trouble (of course); followed directly by Pigsty, which was mind-blowing; Istanbul sounded incredible live; and Asleep was breathtaking. My rose was ignored but I had no expectations otherwise. At least it can be seen in photos and videos, since I was lucky enough to get a spot close to the stage. All in all, it was a very special night and I'm so thankful I was able to go. Time for sleep - I'll certainly have sweet dreams tonight...

    1. Sounds like a magical evening Heather, so glad
      you had a great position near the stage.
      The Maya Angelou backdrop was a touching idea.

  18. And the blue rose was ignored because...?

    1. because he predicted days ago by yours truly

  19. I was going to comment, but I'm just observing.

  20. Thanks for the list, I hadn't realized it was so big. Glad to see the beer garden is still there. With all the snow and rain we had, I wasn't sure we'd get to enjoy it this year--just hope the mosquitoes aren't as bad as last years.


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