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Thursday, 29 May 2014

Day 988 - Love Grows Where the Blue Rose Goes

Posted by BRS member Heathercat:

WHAT A CONCERT! I don't know how it's possible for Morrissey to keep surpassing himself, but he continues to do it. Tonight was electrifying, emotional, intense, and magical. The setlist is already on Solow so I won't bother to list it here, but the highlights for me were: Trouble (of course); followed directly by Pigsty, which was mind-blowing; Istanbul sounded incredible live; and Asleep was breathtaking. My rose was ignored but I had no expectations otherwise. At least it can be seen in photos and videos, since I was lucky enough to get a spot close to the stage. All in all, it was a very special night and I'm so thankful I was able to go. Time for sleep - I'll certainly have sweet dreams tonight...
Posted by heathercat to Following The Mozziah at 29 May 2014 06:52



3. Ganglord 
5. World Peace Is None of Your Business 
6. One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell  (Heather's rose can be seen front left)
7. Certain People I Know 
8. Let Me Kiss You 
9. Trouble Loves Me 
10. Life Is a Pigsty 
12. Istanbul 
13. Yes, I Am Blind 
14. Earth Is the Loneliest Planet 
15. Meat Is Murder 
16. The National Front Disco 

18. First of the Gang to Die (Very clear view of Heather's blue rose)

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It would appear that last night's concert once again saw Morrissey in top form. I can't believe that Heathercat didn't mention that Let Me Kiss you returned to the set; I guess she was still overwhelmed by it all when she wrote her little piece, but I am presuming that this is where the shirt toss came in.

Last night's show gave Heather  the chance, at last, to take a blue rose for Moz. She managed to get to the front of the stage and offer her rose to Morrissey, but as is oft the case, the rose was ignored, and Heather now joins the likes of myself, EARS and Vulgar Angie, who have ALL had their roses ignored by The Mozziah. As Heather stated though, "I had no expectations otherwise."

Our Mozzer once told us, "I am not a whore", so despite him wanting blue roses at the concerts, he will only accept and wear one very occasionally. In fact, ever since the Blue Rose Society was first mentioned by the MorrisseysWorld blog on February 24 2012, Morrissey has accepted and worn a blue rose on only three occasions:

1. From the BRS President, Kyle at Radio City Hall in NYC (October 10 2012):

2. From a nine year old, Devan at Hollywood High in LA (March 2 2013):

3. From Devan again at Santa Ana in LA (May 8 2014):

The question is, when will Morrissey next accept and wear a blue rose? Is he waiting for Kyle on the east coast leg of this tour, or is Morrissey only accepting one blue rose a year? Maybe Moz is now waiting for a blue rose t-shirt instead? If Morrissey isn't accepting and wearing blue roses, then what is the objective of the BRS? Personally, I think that BRS members should wear their blue roses to concerts, just as Wilde's followers wore their green carnation, and should then offer their rose to Moz either at an opportune moment during the concert, or during the last song of the main set. If it is refused, then we should all throw our roses onto the stage as Morrissey emerges for the encore.

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I have nothing else to write about today. The original MorrisseysWorld blog remains closed, as does the Parody Moz twitter account. The new MorrisseysWorld has not tweeted since April 14, when it announced, "Our new unofficial website, for and by Mozophiles, is temporarily redirecting to TTY". How long does temporary last?

The only sign of pessoa's yesterday in The Twitterdilly Arms, were Fifi in the toilets, and Astraea behind the jukebox. Astraea played a video of Elvis singing I'm Left, You're Right, She's Gone from 1955. The song was one of the original 5 singles that Elvis recorded for the Sun record label in Memphis. I once owned all 5 of those Sun singles, but over the years I have sold them, although I do still have That's All Right, which I shall keep forever.

Morrissey now heads to Florida, where tomorrow night he will sing for a sold out audience in the rather splendid looking Mahaffey theatre in St Petersburg.... but will the message of the rose reach any of those attending?



  1. the backdrop, the boys in black shirts and what morrissey
    said onstage was so so beautiful. If I'd have been there
    I would've cried for sure ... because it makes me teary
    now just thinking about it.

    How soon is now as an opener. then speedway.
    and the double-hit of Let me kiss you and
    then Trouble. these last 2. just too much.
    my dream. perfection.

    I love the idea of wearing a blue rose lapel style.
    also throwing them onstage would be such a strong visual.
    please start mentioning this for future gigs rat. moz
    would love it. he mentioned it before didn't he on mw?

  2. I'm awake after just a few hours of sleep, still on a high from last night. Our Mozzer has said quite a few times that he prefers to have a rose delivered to him on stage, so that we have to work for it. As much as I wanted to get on stage last night, there was simply no way because a security guy was standing directly in front of me (which made it very difficult for me to take pics, as he blocked my view much of the time). I wish I had been able to get a t-shirt made for Moz, but there simply wasn't enough time, as I had only decided the day before that I was going. The chances of me getting that close to the stage in Chicago are very slim, I'm afraid, but we shall see.

    Actually Ratty, the new MW twit account did tweet some a few days ago, right after it linked to that site with the four pictures. There were three tweets and they were deleted soon afterwards. The first one mentioned a bake off (presumably because one of the four pictures was something that was baked). The second tweet said, "I don't have any skin but that's just the way it goes" and the third one simply said "loyalty". The account had also tweeted fairly recently that the wait is nearly over, but how much longer must we wait??

    1. Sounds like a wonderful night Heather. Your post from earlier reminded me of that buzz & glow which remains after a Morrissey concert.

      The fondest of memories are treasured after such a special experience. Happy for you!

  3. something tells me Kyle will make an appearance on stage on the east coast


    1. Quality thread - I have been following it and enjoying it. Skinny has descended to new lows in his abuse. Pessoas abound in there, causing mayhem.

    2. Thanks for posting. The only things I ever read on Solow are the comments from the concerts, so I hadn't seen this latest thread about the BRS. Putting all the irrelevant rantings of Uncle Skinny to one side, it would appear that we all missed the sign about the "testing 1 2 3" tweet of @itsmorrissey being a nod to Twin Peaks. Orange Méchanique had actually posted the Agent Cooper link in the comments section of Day 982 of FTM, but we all missed it's relevance; I guess we were all too busy fawning to ask questions! Good to see that the Solowers are open minded enough to debate the whole MW/BRS phenomenon. WHAT are they scared of?

    3. Nice thread, Uncle Skinny demonstrates again how talented he is as a mod. However, I disagree with the topic starter about @morrisseyworld trolling MorrisseysWorld; I'm convinced that it was Morrissey who tweeted (or told somebody to tweet) the "1. 2. 3." message, and that it was indeed a nod to Twin Peaks and to Blue Rose Society.

    4. Lord have mercy and grant me patience. The 'trolling' comment was a tease. It just comes down to what you prefer with your morning cornflakes. A tease? Or red herring?

      Personally, I love a good tease. Herring doesn't go with cornflakes at all.

      The Wood (for the trees)

  5. LOL. An epically hilarious read. And of course the only thing it was missing, like the cherry on the ice cream, and like an actual hole in my head, was realitybites chiming in with her always severely limited 'reasoning' capacity. Because Kewpie and Skinny's comments weren't enough of a cherry on top. We also all need to have a hole in our heads.

    Thank you for the comedy gold Solow!


    1. What a brilliant thread on Solow and Uncle Skinny
      once again scraping the bottom of the proverbial.
      Moderator my a*** as Jim Royle would say.

    2. You still don't get it though do you.... hahaha

  6. #BlueRoseSocialClub29 May 2014 at 15:15

    The "Fake MW trolls MW" thread... *popcorn*

    "Why is there a link to a cookery page? "ohwellenoughsaid" seems to have a pictorial flow chart for a nice bakewell tart after a long autumnal walk. What is this supposed to mean? I am lost!"

    Solo - where else can you get free entertainment like this of a pathetic Thursday afternoon?


  7. LOLO. SoLoBro are s i C. Truly happy Moz Tour is going so great. I feel like I am on the journey too, reading reviews such as JF (SWOON). Off to the Land of Rain. Hope the Sun shines on Mozzie in FL. It will.

  8. There was a lady on Jeopardy this evening named Fifi!! I was so distracted, I didn't get my normal 1 or 2 correct responses. I kept thinking could this be "Our" Fifi in disguise or what if "Our" Fifi really was on Jeopardy. Would Fifi smack Alex Trebek with a plimsoll if he told her she had an incorrect response? She could start shimmying with Alex during the personal Q&A period. It could be anarchy on the set and a great ratings boost for the slighty stodgy Jeopardy :-)

    1. I would start watching Jeopardy if she was on it!

  9. Mr. Rat, May I post one more poem by the lovely Maya Angelou.

    The Lesson
    I keep on dying again.
    Veins collapse, opening like the
    Small fists of sleeping
    Memory of old tombs,
    Rotting flesh and worms do
    Not convince me against
    The challenge. The years
    And cold defeat live deep in
    Lines along my face.
    They dull my eyes, yet
    I keep on dying,
    Because I love to live.

  10. Rats, I just noticed your comment about LMKY. Yes, I did forget to mention that it was the shirt-toss song. Perhaps my subconscious forgot to mention the shirt-toss so I wouldn't appear to be overly superficial. But let's face it - it was definitely a highlight of the evening. And as I tweeted, to follow that up with Trouble and Pigsty was simply spectacular. As you speculated, I was overwhelmed and also exhausted when I wrote my comment after the concert. It had been quite a hectic day - after driving several hours to Nashville, I had to battle terrible rush hour traffic to get the rose I had ordered, and arrived at the concert feeling rather frazzled. But the timing was unbelievable: I arrived just in time to see Moz get off the bus, and there were very few people there to see it. It was a great start to a perfect evening.

  11. This wonderful footage of the last encore perfectly captures the spirit of the evening:

  12. Footage and pictures of this tour seem exceptionally good. Always did like the coverage of the tours on MW and later on FTM, they allowed us, the voyeur, to feel as if we too were caught up in the excitement. I was surprised how quickly they got the back drop of Maya Angelo up. She was a one of a kind woman and I doubt if there's anyone exceptional enough to take her place. Glad Heather, one of the BRS, was able to be at the concert. It appears she really enjoyed herself and even described it as being magical. I just want her to know, that it is not because I am overcome with envy--which I am--but it has been magical here also as my grandson is still on his quest to find big foot in the wilds behind the house, although this eve, he no longer took a camera along, but a butterfly net. Which in itself isn't too bad, but he took his sisters pink one. I, of course, hoped no one would see this.#BRS


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