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Friday, 30 May 2014

Day 989 - Testing 1. 2. Twin Peaks link to @itsmorrissey

It looks like we all missed a huge sign. On May 24, Orange Mécanique posted this comment on FTM:

I took a brief glance at the Youtube link, which is of Agent Cooper's tapes from Twin Peaks, but I didn't think any more of it.

Yesterday, a poster calling themselves Nuff Sed, posted this link in the comments section of FTM: It is a topic posted on Solow by somebody calling themselves Vanitas M. Berrymore. The initial subject matter of the thread, was to point out that we had all missed the fact that the "Testing 1 2 3" tweet posted by @itsmorrissey last week, was a nod to the "testing 1 2 testing" that Agent Cooper spoke as his first words on Twin Peaks. I am guessing that Vanitas M. Berrymore is either a Morrissey pessoa, or perhaps even Russell Brand.... whatever happened to him?..... but whoever it is, Vanitas was met with a whole torrent of abuse by Uncle Skinny, and the Twin Peaks discussion soon got forgotten as Vanitas and Skinny went head to head in an intellectual debate about MorrisseysWorld and the BRS. Here is an exert from their conversation:

May 25 -

Vanitas M. Berrymore: "How long will it take the Blue Rose Society to realise that Morrissey sent them a huge sign?

"Hello. Testing, 1, 2, 3. Planet Earth, are you there? One can only hope..."
— @itsmorrissey (his first words on Twitter)

"Testing. 1. 2. Testing."
— Dale Cooper (his first words in Twin Peaks)

You ARE sleeping."

Uncle Skinny: "Fuck off with your bullshit."

Vanitas: "Dear Mr. P, I'm not promoting anything here, I'm not a member of Blue Rose Society, I don't bring roses to his shows, I'm just stating facts, and it is obviously a fact that the once official Morrissey Twitter account made a reference to Twin Peaks, which is a huge part of the MorrisseysWorld story, and this of course with some people causes the knee-jerk-reaction to scream out loud "psychotic bullshit", we've seen it before and aren't surprised. You don't have to like it, you don't have to embrace it, you don't even have to deal with it, you can just ignore it (I heard this forum offers solutions, should a particular user annoy you too much.) But it is there, and a platform that dedicates itsself to free speech should (must) allow discussion about it. Either that, or we have different concepts of "free speech". I'd be interested in yours. I imagine it sounds like "I'm all for free speech, BUT..."

(Please don't swear so much when or rather if you answer, but if you do, I'd ask you to stick to the f**k theme, my secretary is watching and she might pick up a few new words to throw at me in the future)."

Skinny: "Free speech you like, is it? Well here's some more. Go fuck yourself, and the sack of shit your'e pulling your bullshit from. You're full of shit, and when you've fucked off, you can fuck off some more. P."

Vanitas: "I shall not discuss this matter further today, it's obviously really getting at you so much that you're not in the condition to react reasonably on the points made in my post."

Skinny: "I certainly fucking am. Now cock off. I bet you can't keep your promise of not discussing this matter further today. You strike me as the kind who strings some load of old bollocks out for effect. Go on, prove me right. P."

May 26-

Vanitas: "Once you're all done with your rants, can we proceed to the actual discussion? My theory is that MorrisseysWorld hacked the @itsmorrissey account and started tweeting in his name. That's why he issued the TTY message that it's not him, as a consequence they shut the account down. He likes that blog, but doesn't allow them to represent him officially. Opinions on that?"

Skinny: "fuck off. P."

Vanitas: "Why do you even contribute to this thread, if all you have to say is "fuck"? You're everything that's wrong with this site. One should call the moder....
Please get yourself under control in the future when talking to me.

My theory extended: The @morrisseyworld Twitter account and associated website are actually trolling MorrisseysWorld. They now redirect to TTY, as they did for some weeks, but yesterday for some minutes, they showed this content:

Too bad that the Blue Rose people prefer fawning over asking questions. Too bad that the solo people prefer swearing over asking questions. Too bad that the AYNIM people prefer frinking over asking questions."

Skinny: "Fuck off with your bullshit. You're a tryer, I'l give you that. I ain't going nowhere. If you don't like the response you're getting - fuck off! Too bad your transparent attempts at planting bullshit are repaeated over and over again. Fuck off! And If I'm everything that's wrong ith this site, you obviously haven't met us all. P."

"1.) You never really explained why that MorrisseysWorld thing is bullshit. You just state it over and over again. Do you have an argument, too?

2.) It doesn't matter if I LIKE the responses I'm getting. I use them to gain insight, which is my only single purpose. Already have a picture of solow now, but it's still a work in progress.

3.) It's clear that you're not the only person on this platform who makes it almost impossible to use for any decent Morrissey fan (those who actually go out to see his shows instead of complaining about setlists on the internet). But you're a moderator, deescalation is your job. Well done here. I'm open for an apology."

Skinny: "Were you not listening? FUCK OFF. And take your fucking bullshit with you. If, however, you choose to stay, I'll be with you every step of the way. Wonder why no one else is engaging with you? Its because you're a fucking one-track dullard. Your move, genius. P."

Vanitas: "It's either because I'm using this thread and not the one in general discussion, or because you were successful in indoctrinating people that "MorrisseysWorld is psychotic bullshit". I want (WANT) to find out who is behind MorrisseysWorld. Mind if I use your board while completing my mission?"

Skinny: "Will you please just fuck off. You are unutterably tiresome. A one-trick pony. P."

The question has to be asked, WHAT is Uncle Skinny scared of? And just WHO does he think is behind MorrisseysWorld and the BRS? WHO? Does he still think it's me? You couldn't make this up.


  1. Hello Ratty dear, what Unclle Skinny is scared of? Simple, he is the moderator of site that Morrissey openly dislikes, the owner of the site is banned from Morrissey's concerts, I dont know much about new users recently registered to that site, but if I take a look, quickly, I can see always the same names as Ciccia Bomba Geezer, Viva Myself, RealityMai...they use to be very angry each others and more angry with Morrissey because he was alittle bit over weight, but now he's to slim and he's currently touring with a good band, new disc, ironed shirts and ao goes on. Last, but not least, on So low there are a bunch of interesting threads where a lot of mysterious anonymous people can discuss about philosophy, music, art and yhe age of a opening singer, the identity of girlfriend/boyfriend....the tour manager, who does'nt know how to play a fiddle and he's not an Oxford graduate....I can go on all day with the list of insanity on So-low, but I'm busy! Have a nice day Rat. Romina, sorry, I can't login.

  2. As others have already mentioned, this Solow thread certainly is most entertaining. Although we can be rather slow in recognizing the signs, I don't think the BRS is always too fawning to ask questions - otherwise we wouldn't be here :)

    1. Yeah, you're right Heather, we aren't just fawnicators, we ask questions. Uncle Scummy was right too, Vanitas is just a fucking fuckety fucky fuck fuck, who should knob off back to bullshit central.

      Demi Less

  3. I don't know who BrummieBoy is but I think he's a genius and is definitely into pessoas
    I can almost swear he sounds like a character straight out of the chat must be my imagination

    1. Some of Brummie Boy posts were VERY sexual in nature, not sure Morrissey would post some of the things he wrote.

    2. No, Morrissey would NEVER do that would he?

  4. Vanitas M. Berrymore has been quite busy on SoLow latelym having joined in early May this year.

    Among the comments is a reference to The Blue Rose, a New Zealand TV screened in 2013 that we totally missed who hose episodes were the names of Smiths songs: and

    1. See more of Berrymore's comments:

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Ooops, sorry Mr Rat, as I am The Strangest Boy, but I listened to Orange Mecanique's link, It was Agent Cooper talking into a tape recorder. I believe his commuter plane almost crashed because of weather. I missed the clue or the cue. That's not unusual because Its hard to walk tall, when you're intellectually small


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