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Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Day 1001 - The Curtain Falls

Morrissey has announced through his TTY website that the rest of the tour is over. He is still ill.

Tuesday June 10th
Morrissey announces the close down of the present U.S. tour with "unimaginable sorrow".
On Saturday, June 7th, following the show at Boston Opera House, Morrissey collapsed and was rushed to Massachusetts General Hospital where doctors treated Morrissey for "acute fever". Difficulties had arisen on May 31st following Kristeen Young's opening set at the Miami Knight Concert Hall, after which Kristeen confessed to "a horrendous cold", the symptoms of which were passed on to Morrissey resulting in the cancellation of the next show in Atlanta.
For the good of all, Kristeen was asked to step down from the immediate upcoming shows, but instead she decided to leave the tour entirely. Morrissey and the band wish her well and hope she is now in good health.
Morrissey received medical attention in Miami, and once again in Boston, but it was not enough to shake off the virus, the recovery time for which is too lengthy to meet the final 9 shows of the tour.
Morrissey and the band are otherwise delighted and very grateful for their experiences on the U.S. tour, some shows of which they considered to be their best-ever, most notably:
1 BOSTON Opera House
2 LOS ANGELES Sports Arena
3 BEAUMONT Julie Rogers Theater
4 NASHVILLE Ryman Auditorium
5 MEMPHIS Orpheum Theater

As Morrissey's TTY statement has made no mention of the Santa Ana concert; where he wore a blue rose whilst singing Trouble Loves Me, it is my feeling that the whole MorrisseysWorld/Blue Rose phenomenon is now over.

I expect this will be my last blog entry, but as I was moaning the other day that I didn't have enough time, I should be pleased! Needless to say, I am anything but pleased. You should always be careful for what you wish for.

Before I go, and just for the record, here are Our Mozzer's last two contributions to FTM, posted via his secretary, 'R':

Morrissey has left a new comment on your post "Day 999 - Never a third":

Our Mozzer sent me this email today:

"For Following The Mozziah Comments:

I left the building long ago. Too much hatred and homophobia infested the corridors of the Blogs, if not the Blue Rose Society itself. My right hand man Broken, who wrote much of the blog and actually created at least 30% of the tweets sent in my name (though he'd never say so publicly) has been treated very poorly. Even comments supportive of him, asking why today's blog is about Fifi - a woman with no connection either to MW, OM or Morrissey as far as one can tell - rather than about the final sad departure of a brilliant wit, poet and friend, Broken, have been deleted. Broken will find new projects; sadly I shall not. The death of MorrisseysWorld has created a void which I doubt will ever be filled. Thank you to the friends we shared the journey with. Farewell from a strange and not particularly contented place. OM"

Posted by Morrissey to Following The Mozziah at 9 June 2014 18:30

Morrissey has left a new comment on your post "Day 1000 - It's the same old S.O.S":

First Anon10 June 2014 09:15

To elaborate, I'm not saying that Fifi is a bad person, or that she is unapproachable or threatening (!!!), or that her contributions didn't or shouldn't have value to some people (although I think most would agree that they were dragged on way beyond their charms).

I'm saying that Fifi seems to directly pretend to be Morrissey in private emails with Rat, which Rat appears to believe (despite it being almost certainly untrue), and this belief is corrupting Rat's coverage of MW.

MW began (and flourished for almost 3 years) as a delicate and at times very carefully crafted satire of modern values, human doubt, the creative process, ego, and much more besides. It was flooded with that same melancholic ironic awareness which tints every work of art I adore. While Fifi's contributions (and Rat's reactions to them) may present another element of mystery, they lack all of those qualities which made MW special. They read more like the pages of a David Icke forum thread than MW - which has its charms, certainly, but is that why we're here?

The more people shift towards this particularly flimsy pseudo-mystical angle, the harder it becomes for MW to maintain the things which made it special. Fifi writes openly like an American, and probably is - fine, but she's pretending to be Morrissey. MW writes like a Brit who tries and fails to Americanise his British language in a limp attempt to carve out a new element to his own fragile identity. This is one of many beauties. Don't you people see this?

Our Mozzer emailed me today to praise this comment and to: 'thank the author. It has almost made the years of writing worthwhile - almost.'

Posted by Morrissey to Following The Mozziah at 10 June 2014 15:06


Long time MorrisseysWorlder, 'Jon the Con' backed up the above comments, and posted this yesterday:

ConMorrissey Theorist has left a new comment on your post "Day 1000 - It's the same old S.O.S":

As likely to be Moz as Our Mozzer! Only in rat's mind !!!!

Tens of signs, four denials, the genius writing, tweeting and blogging... essay on the beginnings..

But Fifi has... an American writing style and a boring obsession with Cocteau!

I know where my allegiance lies. Shame on you Rat!!!

Same old SOS

Posted by ConMorrissey Theorist to Following The Mozziah at 10 June 2014 20:11

Shame indeed.

And now we just have to hope. Hope that Morrissey gets well soon, and hope that he still wants the BRS.


  1. My heart is weeping because things have ended this way, both the tour and the MW journey, but I will treasure the beautiful memories of both forever. Much love to Morrissey and best wishes for a quick recovery - in my heart always x

    1. that was beautiful to read HC. I feel the same, I have interacted with so many lovely people on this journey.
      ... what a journey it has been. it upsets me deeply that so many hurtful things have been said, about this
      and previous cancellations. Morrissey has tried to complete this usa tour 3 times. it saddens me that people are so heartless and cruel. I send love and best wishes to Morrissey ... and as ever ETERNAL THANKS.

  2. According to KY who responded to the official statement: "Ok. Regarding the recent True-to-you statement from Morrissey: I did not “confess to a horrendous cold”. On Monday, June 2nd, I had an allergy attack that was over within 16 hours. I went to a doctor (on Monday, June 2nd), an allergy specialist, who gave me drugs for allergies…and they worked. I explained this (early on Tuesday, June 3rd) and offered this doctor’s phone number to Morrissey personally, via email, and the tour manager, Donnie Knutson (for proof….since they seemed to doubt me). But, they NEVER followed up with me or said doctor. Also….it is incorrect that I “decided to leave the tour completely”. I was asked to leave. Was called (in the presence of my band as witnesses) by Morrissey’s booking agent, Dave Tamaroff, and told that there would be a new support band in Boston. I am very sorry that Morrissey is not feeling well. But I will not tolerate these lies….particularly about my health. This is really too much and bizarre."

  3. I am very sad to learn of the cessation of the tour due to Morrissey's ill health.
    He must be devastated. Time now to rest and recover his strength.
    My thoughts go out to Moz and the band. Avec amour xx

  4. Rat I wish you hadn't deleted The Blue Rose piece from this morning
    it was very beautiful to read, even if it left me quite sad.
    I wish others had had the chance to see it

    1. I have to agree, re-reading it was quite an experience.

  5. Like Heather I feel extremely upset that the tour & our voyage
    with MW has come to an end in such a distressing way.
    I shall cling on to my happier memories so very dearly.
    I truly wish this had all ended so differently.
    Heartfelt get well wishes go to Morrissey,
    along with my love always. X

  6. Thank you Rat for keep blogging.
    I couldn't find enough words to portray my sorrow. Wishing Morrissey a speedy recovery, hopefully you feel better soon, my apology if I ever let you down.

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Is he in London?

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Dear old Manc, sometimes you shoot from the hip, so to speak. Silence is most golden.

    4. Apols i know nothing.. just guessing as usual

  8. Wishing Morrissey a speedy recovvery! Let your loved ones look after you!

    I also want to take this opportunity to thank Rat for all his time and effort he put into this blog. The MW journey would not have been the same without FTM. It has been an amazing ride - a bit bumpy at times - and I have met a lot of nice people along the way (some real and some fictitious but who cares!) and will always be grateful for that. I don't think it really matters who should or shouldn't have been there or whether we prefer Fifi over Broken etc. All these characters have been part of the journey and all have contributed to this 'play without a scrip' in their own way and thus created something unique! However, all good things come to and end and I get the feeling that this time it has run its course...

    See you in the Twit Arms!

  9. That's recovery with one v! I can spell, honest!

  10. What what would be most amusing is if MW Broken Astraea and Fifi were all phantom playthings of the same sock puppeteer in which case you were all fighting, crying and lamenting over nothing. Lolz-fest Arizona.

    1. Of course they are all the same person, have you not been following this whole story? The fallout was nothing to do with that.

      Jack the crackhead McVities

    2. Oh Lord, the word really has fallen of deaf ears and blind eyes.

      Yes, it would be fucking hilarious . . . .

      **bangs head against wall**

      Deafus von Dumbus O'Blindus

  11. Wouldn't Rat have known these were all the same people? Or were they all him? How shameful would it be to fool all of these good minded people? Especially since occasionally Fifi's location would show, and it would happen to be the same city where Morrissey was at the time. Can you fake that? If so, how much time do you have on your hands to do something like that. Out of all the " pessoas", Fifi and Parody were commonly believed to be him. I remember Fifi getting upset when Mum posted Aunt M's photos. Either way if these were all fakes the truth needs to come out now.

  12. What does anyone think the explanation was for Broken tweeting Jazmine while Morrissey was on stage? That Morrissey likes her so much that he tweets her inbetween songs? Or is she in on it too now?

    1. Her and Broken private message for 5,6,7 hours at a time in chat. She either thinks it's him and claims she doesn't or she knows something by now.

  13. Broken never ever claimed he was morrissey

    1. Morrissey1959 claimed to be both Broken and Astraea during chats in the MW chatroom.

    2. Did anyone else see that? I don't believe that. And what was the context? Was he answering someone who asked? Sounds unlikely.

    3. Broken said that Astraea was Moz once in chat. I do not think Broken is Moz, neither do I believe that Fifi is Moz. I think that Rat knows more than he say and I don't always believe him.
      Smoke and mirrors all around.

    4. I don't always believe me either!

  14. Astraea did say she was not Morrissey. Broken knew Rat was saying he was Morrissey and he never refuted it.

  15. Fifi never said she was Morrissey. No one ever said they were Morrissey. So to the people that thought any of the them were Morrissey, why was Broken tweeting while Morrissey was on stage?

    1. I will try and answer that question in the blog entry that I am currently writing. Ready soon.


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