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Thursday, 12 June 2014

Day 1002 - Owning a car doesn't mean you are always the driver

Three days ago, Our Mozzer wrote, "Broken will find new projects; sadly I shall not. The death of MorrisseysWorld has created a void which I doubt will ever be filled."

Naturally, this comment led me to believe that the MorrisseysWorld story was over, but yesterday, both Broken and Astraea strolled back into The Twitterdilly Arms as though nothing had ever happened. The pair ordered a magnum of Veuve, and then proceeded to spend the next couple of hours looking at pictures of Justin Bieber. The MW story continues.


I have no idea when Broken and Astraea became friends, and they seem an unlikely pairing bearing in mind that Broken is Our Mozzer's right hand man, and Astraea is Fifi's twin. Our Mozzer has made it quite plain that he is not a Fifi fan. To put it in terms of current events, it is the equivalent of Boz Boorer sharing an evening in the pub with "Baby" Jeff White.

I don't think there is much point in anybody trying to fully understand what MorrisseysWorld is all about, but it has elements of Lord of the Flies, Life of Brian,Twin Peaks, plus much more. It would seem to me that Broken's role is to isolate and divide..... plus drool over Justin Bieber pictures. Whenever there is disruption within the ranks of the BRS, Broken can usually be found at the centre, but it doesn't make him a bad person, he is just very good at exposing human frailties and prejudices.

 Was GOB really a homophobe? I very much doubt it, she just made a couple of inappropriate comments that Broken highlighted. Perhaps Broken was using GOB as an example of how Morrissey is treated by the media. I still believe that Morrissey is behind Broken, but it is obvious from the fact that Broken was tweeting whilst Morrissey was on stage, that if Morrissey is behind Broken, he cannot be the only person to use that particular twitter account. Just because somebody owns a car, it doesn't mean that they are always the driver.

Astraea's role to date in the MW story, has been to play quality songs on the Twit Arms jukebox, and offer gentle words. In the past few days, Astraea has become more like Broken, and yesterday tweeted to Broken, "I would get a picture of his (Justin Bieber) face tattooed on my left breast." What has happened to her?

Apart from posting LOTS of half naked Bieber pictures yesterday, Broken also tweeted this to me, in response to my tweet announcing that Trouble Loves Me is still the BRS No.1: "@TheRatsBack Surely should have been "As long as you love me" by JB in the circumstances. B*****d."


When I  replied to Broken to say that the chart positions were out of my hands, he laid into me with this: "@TheRatsBack You've got some nerve tweeting me after the crap you pulled the other day Rat. still, a C****'s a c***."

Broken also tweeted:

"Morrissey grow up! A mild viral illness doesn't take THAT long to recover from! You'd think he'd been struck down with leprosy or Ebola Zaire! In fact he has a cold!"


God only knows where the MW story goes from here, but in the mean time; GCSE exams are over, the first test match of the English cricket season started today, the football World Cup kicks off this evening, and the Isle of Wight Festival has started too. Summer is here. I have asked Boy George to wear a blue rose at the IW Festival tonight in support of Morrissey and the BRS, so let's see if he does. He knows, you know.


And finally, amongst all the fallouts in Morrissey's World in recent days, British comedian Rik Mayall dropped dead. Untimely deaths always serve as a great reminder of life. Rik Mayall's forgotten World Cup song of four years ago is now heading towards the Number 1 spot. Let's just hope that nobody with a forgotten LP drops dead in the week beginning July 14th!

*Goes off singing* Kick the bride down the aisle, in a mudslide of gloom


  1. Oh Rat, I gave up reading Brit Newspapers after discovering your blog! Much more entertaining and real and challenging (keeps me guessing). Keep going. Am too horrendously busy at the present (one day I shall have time to read them all, God willing) to follow the Blogs as I would like too. I once went to I.O.W,and stayed in the 'Hendrix' suite at The George, but as it was no smoking or taking drugs or talking after 10pm, I felt cheated, never went back. Much love Ratz.

  2. I don't think it's possible to fully understand what MW is about, and the mystery is a fundamental part of its appeal. After three years of the journey, it's still an enigma that keeps us thinking and guessing. Whether or not Morrissey is involved in some of the twit accounts, the overwhelming evidence of his support for MW remains. *Writing en route to Chicago, where I plan to enjoy a mini-holiday despite the lamented absence of a Morrissey concert*

  3. I agree with Heather about MW. However I am sad that things have changed
    and are not like they used to be. The dynamic is different.
    I shall continue to read this blog and glance at Twitter and venture into the
    chatroom, depending on its occupants.

    1. moan, white, bitch, catty remark.

    2. rough translation of lizzy's latest comment:

      I hate broken again because he said he doesn't like me, I wish *certain people* would go away, so I can have my old MW back just as I wanted it.

      Unfortunately there is no MW now. Broken WAS MW, at least a large part of him.

      It's little wonder he doesn't like you lizzy, with all the petty bitching you insist on doing every time someone disagrees with you.

    3. Wow, that's nasty. Would you not feel more at home over on Solow? Your style seems to suit there more than here. Personal attacks like that are uncalled for, especially from an anonymous source. They might have more credibility if you said who you were.


    4. you play into lizzy/sabine's hands. That's how they both are.

      Both make bitchy, petty comments clearly directed at someone without quite naming them. When someone responds, everyone hates the person for the apparently unprovoked attack. It's childish manipulation, but that's what they both do best - and you prove it works.

    5. If there is anyone who can't see through Lizzy and Sabine or if anyone thinks they are on the receiving end of unprovoked attacks, they are clueless and not paying attention. Everyone is sick of Lizzy and Sabine's negativity, followed in equal measure by their mind boggling self righteousness. Two peas in a pod, most certainly.

  4. MW's demise leaves a massive void . There were many layers to it, the depth & mystery were a big part of the many qualities it had.

    I hope you enjoy Chicago Heather!


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