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Monday, 16 June 2014

Day 1006 - Everybody look and see pain and walk away..... whilst the BRS walk towards

On Friday June 13th 2014, my little rodent heart was crushed by my hero. It happened in the form of an email, and my immediate reaction was to close down my blog, delete my Twitter account, and just run to the hills.... so that's exactly what I did. As I fled to those hills, with tears in my eyes, I really really didn't think that I would ever add anything to this blog ever again, but after two days of pondering, wound licking and scratching in the dirt.... and despite my heart still being devoid of oxygen.... here I am.

On Wednesday of last week, in light of Morrissey's tour being cancelled, I sent him an email to try and offer some kind of words of support. I signed off my email as "Your friend". Here is the reply I received on Friday:

"Your friend"? You cannot be serious.

What Jesse said.
"Good riddance to false friends". 
You are one of them.

As far as I am concerned, the BRS is as dead as the Queen.


There was nowhere to go except those hills! The Jesse words that Morrissey was referring to related to this True-To-You statement made on Friday:

Jesse Tobias statement

13 June 2014
It's been quite Disheartening to see the "Facebook" Hatred thrown about by Our Former Friends/ Working Partners Kristeen Young and Tony Visconti.
I do feel that Someone needs to Speak Up for Moz in this situation as it is unbearable to watch people you once trusted , Attack and Pick Away at your Friend.
In my experience ANYONE associated with the Morrissey Camp know they are solely there because of Morrissey himself.
He chooses to tour/ work with certain people.
For Kristeen and Tony Visconti to go on about Her being better off now, without considering Morrissey's 9 years of help and promotion is Very Disappointing.
Only speaking from my experience, with the crew and Moz falling ill in Miami, for Kristeen to deny she was truly sick seems disingenuous.
I was told after the show in Miami by Crew and Security that there was some concern because Kristeen was obviously unwell.
Our crew then tried to keep her at a reasonable distance but being in such close quarters for months these things sometimes happen.
I am Upset that in this situation Kristeen could not take the tour as a whole into consideration and just comply with the postponement announcement.
One could only assume it was necessary for her to justify herself and ultimately receive some promotion out of the matter.
This combined with Tony Visconti's Parrot Like affirmation on "Facebook" that "she is better off, is Morrissey Capable of being handled?" is Repulsive.
This is a MAN who worked closely with us on a record and several sessions that Suddenly flips into Schoolgirl mode with "yeah you tell em" Chatter...??

Good Riddance to False Friends.
Jesse Tobias

I have no idea why I got lumped in with the "false friends", and I cannot begin to describe the feeling of hurt, but in the grand scheme of things my feelings are of little relevance, what is far more important is that during this desperately dark time for Morrissey, he realises that not all of his fans are like the Solowers who are once again using the events of last week to dance all over his un-dug grave.

I have reopened my blog so that the members of the Blue Rose Society can offer their support and thanks to the man who will ALWAYS be our hero.

The events of last week will soon be forgotten. Tomorrow, The Bullfighter Dies is released as a single, and in just four weeks time, World Peace is None of Your Business will be released. I am as excited as I have been for every other Morrissey release. My hero is back.

And as for the BRS being "as dead as the Queen", well we'll just have to see about that.

For Morrissey:


  1. That breaks my heart too. Harsh words to you,Ratty, & to the BRS. I'm genuinely very upset by this. It really has brought tears to my eyes. But my heart goes out to Moz. He must feel heart-broken too. And he may turn his back on the BRS, but we will not turn our back on him. He can say what he likes about us, but we we will love him regardless. And Solowers may be be deriding & criticising, but WE ARE NOT. Our love & support is here if he wants it. His light may have been extinguished, but ours NEVER will be.

  2. this fills me with great sadness. but I have no doubt we all find our way back to each other in the end.
    the past week has only highlighted even more, the difference in people: or rather the difference in some
    people who say they are fans. at the end of the day there may not be many of us left standing, but
    the question of WHY we remained standing, will not need answering.

  3. If there was anything I could do or say to make a difference I would do so in a heartbeat. But I doubt there is.

    Morrissey has had such a profound effect on my life its hard to put into words. His songs changed my life.
    I will always love & care about him. I am so deeply sorry if I caused any hurt.

    Right now it feels like part of me just died with BRS.
    My love & heart goes out to all at BRS & especially Morrissey.

  4. ALL anonymous comments will be deleted. This thread is for BRS members to show support for Morrissey. That is all.

  5. Great to see the blog back but this news is absolutely devastating. It grieves my heart to know that we have been such a disappointment. From the bottom of my heart, I'm so, so sorry. As others have said, no matter what happens, we will always be here for Moz, loving him to the end. *Goes away sobbing*

    1. Yes, that was my immediate reaction, but may I suggest two days of scratching in the dirt, it does wonders for your vision. Feeling sorry for oneself doesn't actually achieve anything; Morrissey needs our support, and he's going to get it whether he wants it or not!

  6. We are not like the "fans" at SoLow. We are always here to support Morrissey through the good times and bad, and we will stand by him. Hopefully he knows this and one day soon will return to the BRS.

  7. I'd also like to apologize to our mozzer, as I've said in previous post, please forgive us for everything we have ever said that hurt you and truly disappoint you. *weep*

    1. ps. We're still here, too stubborn to leave. You know where to find us.

  8. Welcome back Rat, that was sad to read, hope Moz comes round soon and I will be looking out again for the Blue Rose, xxxx

  9. Are you really surprised? After that stunt you pulled with choosing between Broken and Fifi. You also tweeted that you were going to denounce Fifi. Shame on you!! Just desserts I’d say if it wasn’t that you have dragged the rest of us in the mire with you.
    As to ‘false friends’ you must be playing out the role of either the piano basher and caterwauler or the schoolgirl parrot.

    1. Dear GWO, perhaps I should explain the "stunt" as you call it. As everybody knows, in my mind, Broken, Our Mozzer and Fifi are all one and the same person, so there could never have been a choice between any of them, but Our Mozzer had recently taken to calling me deluded for believing in Fifi, so it seemed to me that he wanted me to stop mentioning her. I took this to mean that if MorrisseysWorld were to continue, then I had to prove to Our Mozzer that I would cease my delusion that Fifi was Morrissey; hence the denunciation tweet.

      Obviously I didn't really believe that Morrissey wasn't Fifi, ANYBODY with half a brain can see that, but I got the distinct feeling that Morrissey wanted to take Fifi away, so I thought it would make it easier to do so if I denounced Fifi for the sake of MorrisseysWorld. I guess somewhere along the line I got something wrong.

      The fact that you have turned up on this thread, not to offer support to Morrissey, but to just give me a good kicking seems rather unnecessary. I am already hurting enough thanks. If you were really that worried about being dragged into the mire by me, then why haven't you been interacting with Broken on Twitter? In fact, I don't recall ever seeing you interact with Broken on Twitter. Or with Fifi. I'm not even too sure why I am responding to you in this way. Perhaps I should just head back to those hills. It was very peaceful there.

  10. Although I cannot fully comprehend all the emotions Morrissey must be feeling
    at this time. I am sure that mine is one of thousands of voices offering love and
    support in whatever form he may require it.

    Rat, the weekend must have been very difficult for you, it takes strength and courage
    to come back again.Through you the BRS will live on.

  11. Honestly, I feel put down by the recent events surrounding our little troupe of blue rosers, taking into consideration how much time (years!) And effort given by both Moz (stage moz real moz) Our Mozzer including broken as well and my fellow blue rose society members I cannot thank you enough for opening your hearts to a little wretch like me
    I had some top moments with you all and we went through so much together every little heart pang that went with the journey. That is what Friendship is to me going through the motions but always knowing you have someone on your side, who would always be loyal. It hurts immensely when those bonds are pushed, snapped and whipped back at you.
    To me this feels like "life imitating art" or vice versa the crumbled ruins of the BRS mingled with those of the recently disbanded Morrrissy tour. I really appreciated Jesse's statement I was raised by a Texan Mexican they don't let things like this just slide under the skin, neither would I. I wish there was something (anything) I could do to put everyone at ease, such is my nature but I fear the damage is done we've left a sour taste in someone's mouth that no GnT or vevue can wash out.
    All I have left to say is I wish the blog authors well I will never forget this experience and will continue to support the BRS I onlywish against hope that maybe Moz might think of us as friends once more ...
    Deludedly yours,

  12. Rat, look on the bright side. You fell out with one of the greatest icons of popular culture of the last hundred years! Don't be sad. What a ride! You always hurt the one you love. You meant something. Remember that. You might mean something again one day. Look, he's an artist. He can be passionate, feel every feeling, see through lies and be hurt so easily. God, everything hurts him. If there was an emotional Tai Chi he could learn to deal with the daily onslaught of this awful, tedious and savage world then... but he never took the emotional Tai Chi classes, did he? Don't take it personally Rat. Don't. The blog was amazing. You didn't cause a huge crime with your Fifi/ Broken bollocks - because frankly the online game is just that: it's only a game! You made an error - within the game! Unfortunately, for the sensitive artist who feels the daily onslaught of the savage world, the online game becomes like life itself. He will get over it... Why? It was a game, that's why. The pub is imaginary, the names are not real, the songs are all on Youtube.... Okay, you do need a kicking sometimes because you can be a pompous fool but frankly, that's the other side of the same coin that makes you a prolific blogger. You can't be a prolific blogger without being self righteous.

    I don't claim to know 'him' - the iconic one. Frankly, I would never want to meet him either. Let him remain iconic. I would never imagine to call him a friend either. We can never be friends Rat. We are mere mortals at the feet of icons. And frankly, you should be one of the happiest men alive because you had the ride of rides. You walked side by side with a funny, intelligent, poet. What? You imagine going down the pub and talking with the 'real Morrissey'? How much better to be with the 'real Morrissey' here. The real him! The funny, intelligent, wise, unpredictable one. Because the one you would meet down the pub would be quite polite you know and riddled with self doubt.

    How wonderful that you can fall out with him like this. Like Lou Reed leaning across the table to whack David Bowie for fucking up the production on 'Transformer'. And did you steal from him? Did you humiliate him? Were you rude? Did you attack him? Did you fuck up the production values on his latest album? Did you fail to deliver in the studio? Did you walk out on him? No... you just made a silly mistake within a game and now you're allowing yourself to be punished. Don't be. Don't take it all too seriously.

    Just keep chewing for victory.

    Blake Hortop

    1. The comment of the year. Really sums it up in a way that only a few (if that many) people could. Keep this one Ratty please.

  13. Can I just say that your words were wonderful,but even more importantly, I LOVED that advert as a child. Oh, & Morrissey deserves a good plimsoll slapping.

  14. Mr. Rat, I've said this before (I know David Byrne said in "Psycho Killer" "Say something once, why say it again?) but I do want to say I have always enjoyed reading your blog, it really was the glue that held all of us together and I thank you for it. There are a lot of very lovely people in the BRS community who are devoted to Morrissey and will always support him. The reason why we are all here is our love of Morrissey. Sometimes things did drift away from our main focus. I've always said this, If Morrissey wants to end the BRS, the decision is his and his alone. Regardless, we will always love and treasure him and his music, lyrics, genius and steadfast support of animal rights. The main thing now is for Morrissey to get his health back, the new album coming out and things will begin to fall into place for the good. Much love to all, Harrison

    1. Well said, Harrison - this puts things into proper perspective. The BRS isn't about us, it's about the man who means the world to us, who saved us all. Although it's painful to witness the apparent end of the BRS, we should focus on being grateful for the amazing experience we have had. I'm eternally thankful to Morrissey - he has always been there for me and helped me through the darkest times in my life; I only wish we could do the same for him. Wishing him peace, light, and a quick return to good health.

  15. I had mixed feelings related to recent events--sadness, confusion, hurt, but when all is said, it remains that we of BRS, came together and are still held together because of a love for Morrissey and that, at least for me, hasn't changed. Having a virus can be frustrating as you can not just take an antibiotic, you have to just wait it out--with plenty of rest and fluids. Something one does not want to face, especially if beginning a tour and new music release. I can only imagine how Moz feels. If he does not want the BRS, so be it, but we, as a group, are still his fans, fans who, hopefully, can remain friends because of our love of all things Moz. Thanks go to Ratty for his wonderful blog, as it and twitter, are what helps keep our group together and I hope they continue to do so, especially with any new info related to Morrissey. Mr Ratty, has been doing an excellent job of this. For now, we can only send our prayers and well wishes towards Moz for a fast recovery and perhaps a boost in his immune system.

  16. Poor little fools you have now completely lost your minds. MW was a hoax. A collection of online phantoms playing you. A mind-control experiment to examine codependent social narcissism within the cult of Morrissey adulation.


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