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Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Day 1008 - BrokenMorrissey

Yesterday morning, I decided to put my blog to bed, and head back into the hills to continue licking my wounds. I was so convinced that the MorrisseysWorld story had come to an end that I took down all of my blog entries, and posted this message on my now empty blog:

"In September 2011, I stumbled upon a blog called MorrisseysWorld. As unlikely as it seemed, it appeared to me that Morrissey himself might be the person behind the blog, so I started blogging my findings. What happened over the next 33 months was phenomenal, including the formation of Morrissey's Blue Rose Society. In June 2014 MorrisseysWorld ended. The BRS lives on."

Yesterday afternoon, whilst I was away in the hills (actually I was on a cricket pitch, but you get the idea), BrokenMorrissey (@Broken1andonly) strolled back into The Twitterdilly Arms. I'm not entirely sure what happened next, but it would appear that Broken lit a few touch papers, told a few home truths, and once again he managed to get under people's skin to such an extent that some of the BRS members were apparently in tears. When will they ever learn? If you go near a wounded animal, expect to be bitten.

I'm not sure how many times I have to spell it out to the BRS members, but BrokenMorrissey is literally just that, a Morrissey who is broken, and why wouldn't he be? Let's look at the facts, Morrissey has just had to abandon yet another tour due to poor health, he has fallen out with longtime friends Kristeen Young & Tony Visconti, he is witnessing yet another record company failing to promote him properly.... need I go on? Morrissey is hurting. He HAS to be hurting, and I would guess that he is currently in self destruct mode. I took a kicking from him last Friday, and it is now the turn of other members of the BRS to get their kicking, although if they left him alone to wallow in his own self pity and look at Bieber pictures, then they would be ok.

If people seriously think that Morrissey is going to stroll into the Twit Arms and be the life and soul of the party with all the shit that is currently going on in his life, then they really don't know about life. From what I have seen of yesterday's session in The Twit Arms, there are a lot of selfish self centred people in the BRS, and they only seem to care about their own feelings, and not the feelings of the one person that they are here for. The best thing these people can do, is head to the hills, lick their wounds, scratch in the dirt, and then see the bigger picture; it worked for me.

Here are some of Broken's highlights from yesterday:

"This is not the BRS anymore. There are few of us left now. It meant something more than a silly clique of trivial people. We didn't need another twitter clique. This was so much more - a group of like-minded ironists on the prowl."

"BRS is dead. It means nothing now. No more signs, no more dreams. BRS turned into a wing of So-Low. I blame Fifi, willow, GOB and Lizzy."

"As much as some of you dislike me, and Justin Bieber, I was half of MorrisseysWorld, so I don't think one can blame me."

"Art is beautiful. Artists are often ugly."

"Sometimes even bloggers can be ugly - especially bloggers!"

"Ultimately I don't pretend to like dreary types. If you're dreary, I don't want to know."

"...Sorry if that offends your bourgeois sensibility."

"Writing is just a hobby for me. I'm a professional by trade."

"I've already had 3 books of poetry published, despite the running joke on the blog. I'm writing my second novel now."

This is probably a good point to once again remind people that Broken is a pessoa, i.e., he is a character with his own identity. Broken isn't a real person that you could meet in the street, but he is a real person on the internet, with his own personality. For those who don't know, Broken is a doctor by profession, and also takes great pleasure in telling people that he is a meat eater. He also has a penchant for good looking footballers and, er, Justin Bieber.

"Fifi is not, will not be, was never anything to do with MW."

"This world is big enough for all of us, but my world isn't even big enough for those I care about and find interesting."

"If we can trim away the dead wood, who knows? Perhaps BRS can return."

"I've unfollowed a number of vacuous people today - from Willow to the utterly trivial George. Any more vacuous followers, just insult me please - I promise I'll block you."

"I believe Justin will one day play Morrissey in a biopic."

"The meat is smelling good. The proteins have broken down; there's a crispy sweet coating. Now I'm slowly cooking in a low oven. Brown and tasty on the outside, bloody and tender in the middle. Perfect steak."

"@Jazissey Those who liked Essay on the Beginnings of a New Man, largely written by me, probably find it difficult to hate me. BRS."

"@Heathercat222 Sometimes nothing means anything if we're too nice to everybody. At least you know when I say something nice I mean it."

"@kie123star @RFerdenzi Why should you be surprised to meet prats no twitter who like Moz? Twitter's full of prats and Moz is prince of prats."

From @RFerdenzi: "@Broken1andonly Why don't you FUCK OFF! You're the biggest prat on here, by far. Go fuck yourself with a Beiber (sic) doll!" (Retweeted by George aka @Edgeindust)

At this stage, Astraea (@fadinggoldLeaf) joined her friend Broken in The Arms.

"@FadingGoldLeaf The idiots are out in force today. George is only retweeting insults, his usual pathetic passive-aggressive style."

"@FadingGoldLeaf Have you met @scooterbraun ? He made Justin Bieber famous."

From @FadingGoldLeaf: "@Broken1andonly Scooter should be just as famous as MY BABY is!"

"@FadingGoldLeaf OK you're sounding like Kate Ryan now!"

(Ed - It's been a while since we've heard Kate Ryan's name mentioned in these parts!)

I should mention that Astraea once again played the role yesterday of a Bieber lover yesterday, but did manage to post some songs too, and her song choices would suggest that she too is currently 'broken'.... well, she would be wouldn't she! Here are the songs:

My cousin Fluff (@UpthePier) arrived in The Arms late yesterday afternoon, after most of the bombs had gone off.

From @UpthePier: "Cousin Rat was going to close FTM, but whilst @Broken1andonly is in The Arms, the MW story continues. Rat is chewing fruit gums up his hill."

"@UpthePier I might ask OM to return. But only if the dead wood is cut away."

"@southkirk Intelligence is most unwelcome on twitter - just as twitter is most unwelcome in MENSA meetings."

"@southkirk You're interesting and unique. And you don't give a **** what people think. That's why OM and I adore you."

Embedded image permalink

"@southkirk I wrote  a parody piece in which you assumed a major part. The new series was best yet, but didn't get published when OM shut MW. Southkirk assumed the role of M's favourite online twitter fawner in the last series. M kept quoting you back-stage and over tea." (Ed - this tweet made me piss myself. Sorry!) (Ps. I would LOVE to read that parody piece.... even though I don't believe for one minute that such piece exists.) (Carry on.)

"I'm part of an elite on twitter - men who have Bieber pics on their profile."

"Each of the new songs has no detectable melody. So Moz's wonderful voice and his band's *ahem* best efforts can't quite disguise the fact."

"Mental in Valencia... is Morrissey running out of things to say?"

"Still, I hated the first two singles from YOR and it turned out to be a magnificent record. THPGU was ok but a bit Moz-by-numbers and AYNIM was laughable. But the record was wonderful... except for those last two songs."

"Istanbul sounds like Chris Rea covering Meatloaf. 'Bullfighter' sounds like Moz covering Lambada. World Peace sounds like Gene."

Broken has now disappeared once again, no doubt back up his hill to lick his wounds. It has now been thirteen days since Morrissey's fallout with Kristeen Young, and there is still no sign that Morrissey is anything but broken. Hopefully BRS members will put aside their own feelings, and show support for BrokenMorrissey, but what I expect will happen, is that the comments section of this blog entry will fill with those saying "Broken said this, and Broken said that, and Broken's not very nice." Human nature.

I shall sign off today with an MW archive piece, "Why I Created MorrisseysWorld by 'Broken', but first, here is the send off that GOB (@GirlOnBike1102) gave to a BrokenMorrissey as he headed out of The Twitterdilly Arms last night: "I just hope that some of the people who jumped on Broken's bandwagon of calling me homophobic, have realised that he is a manipulative c**t!" Touching words for a broken man.

*Heads back up the hill singing* Don't rake up my mistakes, I know exactly what they are, and what do you do? Well you just sit there....

FRIDAY, 26 JULY 2013

Why I Created MorrisseysWorld by 'Broken'

I don't know why I created MorrisseysWorld Blog really. Maybe it's because I'm a fat c*nt with no life, so I thought it would be fun to make fun of Morrissey's life. Maybe it's because I'm a pointless and social phobic gay virgin in his mid-late 30s. Maybe it's because I'm f***ing bored and KFC lost that edge it once had.

I'm certainly a human being in deep, deep shit. I made that pathetic ringleader blog too, and tried to pass it off as an interview with Morrissey. Tseng didn't fall for it. Why, oh why, did I send it from all the same old internet cafes in the student area of London, instead of leaving to others to post?

God knows why Morrissey made all those pledges come true. I didn't expect him to take his shirt off at the Palladium... didn't expect white rose, or red rose, or blue rose, or the blue rose ring, or the owl eye sign, or the V-signs, or the tour announcements tallying with mine, or the white rose on linder's article, or... well... f***ing hey, you don't actually think those were anything more than coincidence, do you?

Look, it's coincidence, you moron. Peter Skinny'll tell you, if you ask him and he hasn't already blocked you.

Fifteen or twenty coincidences out of the thirty or forty things the blogger implied might happen... cold reading,... big deal. F***.

Same thing happens at solo, I mean look when they predicted Morrissey would ban david steng and, well, wear those f*** solo t-shirts, and they predicted the roses too, and the tour dates and morrisseysmum, now there's a f***ing clairyoyant.

Anyway, bollocks to this. I'm sick of it.

Surely my life amounts to more than this steam of homoerotic poo?

TRB, go on, post one more of your obsequious blog articles, mae me feel like a man!! Go on!!

God, I love the attention, I love it.

Shame I'm in a bedsit with a hairy back and bunions.

B*****d Morrissey with all that money, fame, acclaim, and here I am... f*cked.. not literally.

Anyway, the blog's over, it's finished. What's the point?

Uncle skinny exposed me long ago.

Yours apologetically 



  1. for me the blue rose society was about acceptance,
    love and friendship. it was not about hate. I don't care
    *who* THAT person is/was and of their importance
    to this whole *journey* ... I will not allow Willow to be
    treated in such a vile manner ... and if you make excuses
    for their behaviour then you are just as despicable as
    they are. if this is what the Blue Rose Society represents,
    then I no longer want to be a part of it. GOODBYE.

    1. Thank goodness that trivial diva has gone. I know he's probably a lovely guy, and he's been so much a part of BRS, but the triviality of his posts and the petty two-facedness irked me somewhat. Sometimes the dead wood doesn't need cutting away; it simply falls.

    2. You are complaining about the triviality of somebody's Twitter posts? After the crap that you spew forth? Truly fascinating.

  2. The Soil is falling.....
    Morrissey Swords is Louder than Bombs.
    Maybe in the next World?

    Very sad that this entire great thing collapsed so quickly. Maybe something greater will come?


    1. There is a way of finding out who you are, I would start being careful what you say. I would certainly be careful to say you are Morrissey. Many journalists read this, and know more about the grumblings of the tour and are being tactful not to expose. Loose lips sink ships.

  3. Thank you George. That means a lot to me. I'm not sure what I did to provoke Broken's attack yesterday, but I was genuinely extremely upset at the things he said about me. I don't care how much pain he is in, I'm not his whipping boy. If that makes me selfish & self-centred, then I am. It also mean I have self-respect, & won't be treated like shit by anyone for whatever reason.

    1. Are you sure you're not chuck? You demonstrate all the same traits. You're also very good at playing the victim.

      Feel free to leave - there's the door.

    2. At least show a little finesse in picking your victims, some deserve it, she doesn't. But then you don't care.

    3. Broken, your opinion of me isn't important anyway. You've always been quite irrelevant in general. I'm quite happy for us to ignore each other. I don't consider myself a 'victim' as such. Just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    4. broken's right - chuck was ignored and blocked and banned, so she came back as willow. Why shouldn't broken block someone who circumvented a ban by changing identity?

  4. This pic of Justin's beautiful - with the sassy expression, the gold fingerless gloves and the tattoos. Viva Morrissey! Viva Hate.

  5. Wherever Broken strays, tears follow. It has always been thus. He was in particularly foul mood yesterday and Willow sadly fell foul of it. Of course it was uncalled for. Willow may be new but she has been a terrific member of the BRS. Our Mozzer is undoubtedly broken.

    1. Would suggest deleting anon troll posts. GOB and Lizzy regularly do this. Both are banned.

    2. And so? How about "would suggest getting a grip and behaving better"?

    3. Are you in a position to suggest to the author of this blog? Perhaps open your own blog. Oh wait . . . .

  6. A sophisticated but twisted little game. A puppet-man on the loose with a dozen or more internet sprites trolling narcissistic delusional Moz-cult casualties. What's not to like?!

  7. Whoever 'Broken' is, he's NOT a wounded animal; he's a sociopath. I feel sorry for him/her. It must be terrible to feel the need to be so relentlessly unpleasant. I hope he/she gets some help.

    1. Talking to yourself, moron? What simpleton planet do you inhabit? Saying you're bore of George's trivial nonsense and Willow isn't interesting at all makes one a sociopath? On that basis, Morrissey must certainly be a psychopath and you're probably ... wait, you're just a tedious troll.

    2. That's no anon. That's Sabine. I wish she'd get some help instead. Or go away.

    3. sabine is indeed a vile woman. She's now seized the opportunity to restate her position, as though broken criticising a few boring MWers somehow proves she was right to homphobically abuse him and mock his suicide attempt. What a foul c***

    4. THAT's a sociopath - sabine! No remorse, no regret. Lies, says she's sorry, then as soon as she can get away with it, says she was right after all and lies again!

    5. Despite having already been banned a long time ago, Sabine has very tenaciously persisted in spewing forth her rubbish all over the place ever since. The sociopath who just won't quit. Actively encouraged now by her braying and equally dim Twitter friends, and giving women the world over a bad name. Own goal personified.

    6. Stop replying to yourself Broken, you are worse than a broken record.

    7. Just go away Lizzy.

    8. Reds under the bed? Do you see Lizzy and Sabine everywhere? Poor little you.

  8. Morrissey needs a hug, a lot of hugs. His kicking and screaming because he hurts. Call Kristeen and give in to pride, talk it out. She knows you. Debbie Downer

    1. You seriously think Morrissey has anything to do with this twisted charade?

    2. You seriously think Morrissey has anything to do with this twisted charade?

    3. Slightly crazy makes Morrissey even more appealing and sexy. If Moz has nothing to do with this...roses at Peace Prize Concert. He is aware. If the pessoas are not him I suddenly lost interest.

  9. I am not Morrissey, nor do I care what a monosyllabic anonymous troll says.

  10. I'm not Morrissey. And I don't care about idiots.

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  12. *popcorn*
    This is great entertainment.
    Who's left now besides Rat? Just a couple of subservient cult-casualties?

    1. So true. I love it that the dude who criticised Rat for saying 'choose' is now saying 'choose'. Who would want to be part of an MW that consisted of this poisonous individual and his arse-lickers. Poor old Rat is misguided in his loyalty I'm afraid.

  13. Well here we are back again on that rollercoaster ride that we call MorrisseysWorld. As to there being few of the BRS left – I guess you could count them on one hand now.
    Pessoas come and go. Some were obvious (the short-lived parody Boz), some not so (PaulYoungMozFan), and some are figments of rats imagination (poor Kate Ryan). Broken is not Morrissey; Our Mozzer is not Morrissey.
    One thing for sure is that in MW, art really does imitate life so I am still curious about Fifi’s role. I accept that Fifi was never anything to do with MW – she never appeared there to my knowledge and there were only ever two authors and admin so she could not have contributed to the authorship of MW. So was she an interloper (à la @itsmorrissey), a pessoa or just some random individual?

    1. How do you know this? Because you were told? MW is likely the genius fiendish work of one crazy-ass prankster. Essays were much too well-written to be Morrissey's work! Did you read Autohagiography? As for Fifi, who's to be sure she wasn't one of the MW playing pieces? This is a game played by the author's rules. No one else knows them! Lol

    2. Exactly!
      'But then you open your eyes, and you see someone that you physically despise'.

    3. Broken loves GWO, but then why wouldn't he? She's everything Lizzy is not - smart, funny and laconic.

  14. I genuinely don't like to see anyone upset here.
    I do believe there is far more to Broken than the tongue lashings gives. The words from Essay On The Beginnings Of A New Man, in my opinion, came from a very deep , sensitive & thoughtful mind.
    That said, if I was Willow I know how hurt I would be feeling.
    As I said yesterday, despite a common bond or interest we will never all get along.

  15. So Broken wants to push and push to see how much people will take in their devotion or adherence or whatever it might be called. Like bosses who surround themselves with yes-men, he will end up with people that he will eventually despise for their weakness. What then?

    The BRS could have been something wonderful but after this it will never happen. It is a dead concept.

    Well done Broken, we always kill the thing we love.

  16. To put the record straight, I have not posted on this blog today until now. Not anonymously or otherwise.
    I guess that Broken takes the view that attack is the best form of defence.
    His behaviour has been vile, yet he criticises others, the true sign of a bully. Truly reprehensible.
    I am not to blame for anything that has happened Broken. You have brought this on yourself.
    You must be very sad and lonely to say the things that you do.
    Pushing people to the limits to see who you can trust is very divisive.
    I feel very sorry for you.

    1. Glad you 'spoke' out Liz, you must be 'tyred'. We seem to be stuck in a vicious 'cycle' and 'saddled' with great pain.

      Oh wait, you're Lizzy, not Sabine. #wastedeffort

    2. what a pathetic bore lizzy is. She was trying to weedle her way into broken's affections in chat 3 days ago an broken told her he didn't like her... predictably she lashes out again a few days later. Is it any wonder he doesn't like this vacuous middle aged Trollope?

  17. Don't you all realize ALL of these "pessoas" (broken, astraea, parody) ARE RAT?! He won't even reveal his identify, for pete's sake! The "President" of the BRS is a CHILD. This is all for Rat and Banjaxer's entertainment. Morrissey has nothing to do with this, so please don't think that Morrissey was the one harassing all of you.

    And Broken, don't go saying that you never said you were Morrissey. Until recently, you NEVER DENIED IT, EITHER. You let Rat say on his blog you were Moz over and over again.

    This whole BRS thing is simply Rat and Banjaxer seeing who they can fool into believing this concept. Free yourselves from humiliation and stop claiming to be a member!

    1. Must say, I can believe many things but not that those are Rat. If they are then he is one whacked out person. But I can't see it. Happy to see some evidence though.

    2. So Rat remains anonymous for no reason? He's fooling you all.

    3. Why are any of you writing anonymously on my blog about ME being the person I am writing my blog about? Are you insane?

  18. I would like to thank Rat for the evening's entertainment, far exceeded my expectations and I suspect there is more to come. How nasty can old Broken get? How many pessoas will make an appearance? Who will be left? Who has yet to speak?

    Fantastic stuff.

  19. But he isn't anonymous. I would think most people know who he is because of past indiscretions by some. Doesn't mean he isn't all those pessoas but it's a long shot.

  20. Nothing would surprise me about who is who.
    I do believe we are being ' played ' by someone.
    What is happening now is a re-run of what occurred
    in February. Don't fall for it !!

    1. Like you did for nearly three years?! What about all those who were 'too blind' to see that Morrissey was spending his days tweeting? Another cult-casualty wakes up! Lulz.

  21. * oh mother i can feel the soil falling over my head *

    1. Manc, we are in serious need of some words of wisdoms from you

  22. You are all full of shit . You have lied enough times and your ill intentions will not go without some sort of karma giving you a dose. If you believe this crap or not it doesn't matter. There are still lies involved in this and abuse of other people .You are no better than those you claim disdain for and your actions prove it .You are attention seeking and false and are ready to rip anyone who tells the truth which for the most part proves the essence of your nature. There are many other ways to tear down walls but you are only thinking of yourself. As per usual. I truly hope you get what you deserve because you are slime. ALL OF YOU. You seriously need to broaden your horizons because you cannot harness everyone not even the people you step on to seek the recognition you do not deserve.

    1. As I said earlier: typical actions of a sociopath

  23. *Comes back down the hill (actually in from cricket), reminds himself of the words he wrote before he left: "Hopefully BRS members will put aside their own feelings, and show support for BrokenMorrissey, but what I expect will happen, is that the comments section of this blog entry will fill with those saying "Broken said this, and Broken said that, and Broken's not very nice." Human nature." .... tuts, and heads back up the hill*

    *Shouts back down hill* Dear Broken, please leave a list of those who you want banned from commenting on here, and they shall be banned. This is YOUR party, YOUR feelings, and I am merely the scribe. I don't think anybody took in a single word of my blog today. Never mind.

    1. 'Party'? Of one?

    2. I have it from OM that if you ban the following, MW may return - as a members only club.

      George (edge)





      ... and let there be peace

    3. Oh, great. Can't wait. Should be such terrific fun again. (Goes off up a hill chewing a wine gum and calling mental health services). Goes off again, up a hill to lick his clichés, I mean wounds. And then licks his wounds some more before chewing a wine gum, singing a tune, 'Ta da, Di dum, ta da, Di dum' before settling down to the cricket and creating another masterpiece blog entry for.... For.... For.... Himself! Day 4045.... I've been propping up the bar with Morrissey and good old Uncle Arthur (cue 1940s pic)... Goes off up a hill singing a wine gum licking his tune...

  24. Does anyone ever go outside? No? Didn't think so.

  25. Trouble is a poor substitute for great art.
    Self harm alleviates pain in the heart.
    Your best days are behind you,
    Your worst are a waking fear.
    The slow descent to darkness,
    Soothed in the sewer with Rats.
    A smile breaks across your ageing face,
    Like the opening of an old wound.


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