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Thursday, 26 June 2014

Day 1016 - Never Meet Your Heroes

After my blog of yesterday, both Willow and George Edge left comments to say that they will NOT be returning to the BRS. This whole phenomenal MorrisseysWorld story has just been too much for some people, and although both Willow and George Edge do believe that Morrissey is behind MW, they didn't like what they saw. It just goes to show that the old adage is right; "you should never meet your heroes", and in this modern age of social media, the saying no longer applies to just a physical meeting. Willow's parting shot regarding Morrissey was, "I understand that pain, anger & depression make you lash out, but to indulge him & let him carry on - how does this help him? It's not a substitute for therapy." Can anybody really see Morrissey having therapy? Would history want genius's like Morrissey having therapy? Isn't having such a complex mind the thing that makes individuals like Morrissey so interesting?

George Edge parted with the words, "Even if it was Moz, he cannot get away in hurting other people who already hurt from life. I do not hurt people in my real life when I am hurting." If that last sentence is the truth; and I have no reason to doubt that it is, then George is either the most compassionate man in the world, or he hasn't felt real hurt. His actions towards a broken Morrissey last week would suggest the former is not true, which leaves the latter. George is a lucky man.

And on the subject of never meeting your heroes, I wonder if Morrissey ever regrets having gotten so close to his hero, David Bowie. Initially it must have been a wonderful experience for Moz to meet Bowie, and then of course, he went on to not only befriend him, but to tour with him and have one of his songs recorded by him; but did the subsequent fall-out taint it all? In hindsight, would Morrissey have preferred his image of Bowie to be the one from 1972?

And on the subject of Bowie, here is what Our Mozzer had to say about him yesterday evening in The Twitterdilly Arms:

"Imagine how it would have ruined my life had Bowie in 1971 owned a twitter account. It was only the intrigue and inaccessibility that made Bowie fascinating. Reading his mundane thoughts on twitter would end his career."

OM seemed in a somewhat melancholy/dour mood last night, and when he left The Arms, he once again closed his account.

Here are OM's highlights:

"Every day is silent and grey."

"Piers Morgan is a corporate psychopath. He's the kind of guy who has many secrets. It must be difficult for Piers now as an unemployable TV bod, drinking himself into a stupor over 'the old days'."

"At times one wonders why one bothers at all with TWITTER."

"Despite Wildean wit and my share of pretty memo nets, I still have almost no followers who care."

"Genius is often ignored during its lifetime, and ignorance is lauded."

In response to @AIRRAID25's tweet saying, "@MorrisseyParody We may lack in numbers but hopefully we make up for it in spirit": "I receive almost no tweets. Do you remember when we tweeted all day? It is clear to me that this journey is almost over."

At this point, a new visitor to The Twitterdilly Arms called Elouise (@Avirtuousvamp) chipped in with, "Or a new journey begins?", which OM retweeted. I have no idea who Elouise is, or how she(?) found us, but none the less she is here.

In response to @Heathercat222 tweeting, "But some of us do still care and hope the journey isn't over yet": "Is fruitless giving myself to such an unappreciative bunch. You true followers remain, of course, but you're small in number."

"Nobody truly understands. I am entirely alone."

In response to my tweet saying, "@MorrisseyParody Good evening. I really liked your twit piece on tattoos. I have never been close to having one, have you?": "Not since a songwriting night in a Camden pub with Boz and Lyn ended in a fight, all of us armed with blue ball point pens. Lyn created an impressionist tattoo entitled 'Sherry' on Boz's throat. I narrowly avoided an inking. Hash tag LynandSherrydontmix"


In response to @Jazissey asking, "@MorrisseyPaordy how ya feeling?": "Life is for living and death is for avoiding."

At this point in the evening, OM started retweeting a few tweets from @RadioTimes! (Please note, the exclamation mark was added by me, it isn't part of the Radio Times twitter name.) One such retweet was regarding actor Daniel Radcliffe appearing on the South Bank Show, telling Melvyn Bragg that he finds it hard watching himself in early Harry Potter films: "RadioTimes Daniel Radcliffe gets rich being crass in a kids' film; then pretends he resents selling his soul for money over a Nobu lunch."

In response to @RadioTimes tweeting that the programme Splash! was not going to have a third series: "@RadioTimes Broken's favourite program." (Ed - The real Morrissey would NEVER write program!)

In response to a photo posted by @RadioTimes of Camilla Parker-Bowles: "@RadioTimes The woman in the awful cream and beige dress looks like the usherette at my local ODEON."

Embedded image permalink

In response to my tweet saying, "@MorrisseyParody If Kenneth Williams were alive and on twitter, he too would be following and retweeting @RadioTimes. Life is good.": "Broken is somewhere between James Dean, Charles Hawtrey and Oscar Wilde."

In response to @Jazissey tweeting, "One day to watch all the Carry on films": "I used to watch them. I no longer find the motivation."

"Carry On films are suitable only for passing the time on rainy afternoons in northern England."

"Is there a place more loveless and cruel than Manchester?"

"Once you move to the south, you have friends and the sun instead-"

"@CodySimpson You are a very boring young man. You might wide to try fashioning your own personality."

In response to @geniussteals asking, "@MorrisseyParody can you be late to the party?": "Never turn up late to a party when it's much more fashionable not to go at all."

"I don't follow Andy Murray or Eamon Holmes. Why? Because it's essential have some standards, however low."

In response to me asking, "@MorrisseyParody Are you excited for the release of the new LP, or have recent events left you devoid of such an emotion?", OM replied something along the lines that 'Yes', he was excited, but was concerned about the financial side and the critics. I can't give the exact quote, as I forgot to copy it! He followed it up by tweeting, "I would imagine @alexispetridis is likely to give his opinion, wanted or not."

And on the subject of World Peace Is None Of Your Business, Detective GWO dragged me into the filthy toilets of the Twit Arms yesterday, to inform me that whilst I have been preoccupied with all the BRS fallouts, the window of the Universal building in London has been taken over by WPINOYB:

Embedded image permalink

GWO has confirmed that it is NOT the actual bike from La Fabrique studios, and it is also NOT the real Morrissey..... although it would be funny if it transpired that it actually WAS the real Moz!

Before leaving The Arms, Morrissey asked us, "If you could ask me only one question above all others with no topics censored, what would it be? I'll answer the top question." The question he chose to answer came from @AIRRAID25, who asked, "What is your most treasured memory?" It was back to Morrissey's hero for the answer:

"My most treasured memory is seeing David Bowie on stage for the first time. He was superhuman, and I was barely even human. I am lost in him."

And then he was gone.

With OM's threat of blocking all those who follow the fake BRS account of @Nonheilsler; Southkirk, Yuna and GOB have all abandoned it, but LizzyCat, Romina, Willow, Edge, Roberto Dense, Harrison, Mad Alix and Clover Dean remain. I would imagine that Clover Dean is there by mistake, and something got lost in translation, but the others have fallen out of love with MorrisseysWorld, and they need a substitute. They aren't the first, and I very much doubt that they will be the last.... especially if Broken remains on the scene.

And on the subject of Broken, he and I have been propping up the bar of The Arms this afternoon, and we have been chewing the cud. Here are some of Broken's highlights from today:

"@Banjaxer You pretty much define 'loser.' Yet you're a part of MorrisseysWorld and, rumour has it, you'll be in the next piece."

"Boz seems to be almost as integral to MW as Our Mozzer. Mikey's role is underrated. Another key figure without whom it would all lack an edge is Broken. His presence casts a dark shadow, even nastier than OM."

"MW could have been 'the new Dad's Army'."

"@KRISTEENYOUNG supported your stance actually. Why should you be forced to toe the line on 'viral illness' by the narcissist-in-chief? Imagine cancelling an entire tour because you have a bit of a sniffle!"

Broken is right about one thing, he certainly adds an edge.

*Goes off singing*......


  1. Ok,last comment. Ratty, I always had doubts about your insistence that Morrissey was behind MW. I now believe that he is almost certainly NOT the author of MW. My belief is not based solely on Broken's behaviour, but on many other factors as well. However, I do believe that he acknowledged the existence of MW & the BRS, & maybe 'tipped his hat' to it occasionally.
    The BRS,MW & FTM will continue perfectly well without George, myself & others. So it's time for us to all move on.


  2. I knew Morrissey was not behind MW.
    my problem was with BROKEN and you.
    that is why I have left.
    you have no idea what I have been through in my life
    and what I am going through now.
    don't judge my by your standards.

  3. The above two individuals were asked to leave. But they continue dragging out the dismal farewell. So now you've been told to leave.

    Off you go now.

    Ban any future comments by them, Rat.

    We don't need them!

    1. For the past months and years, both George Edge & Willow have been convinced that Morrissey was behind MorrisseysWorld, and have avidly followed the story. Yesterday they both left comments reaffirming this; and yet today, both are in denial. Morrissey sings "if you don't like me, don't look at me", but there is now an extra line, "walk away and pretend you didn't see".

  4. Replies
    1. Of course not. Fascinating people are always welcome. Just make sure you unfollow the fake BRS leader.

  5. George is rather dramatic, isn't he? Willow is simply dull... Chuck with a new name methinks.

    Onwards and upwards.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. I have respect for FTM/OM/BRS/ (fake BRS acc) but what matters here is Moz. I'm as loyal as they come. I LOVE the BRS. But I love Our Mozzer even more.... I believe there is a mistake, I will have to go read up something's again & make some changes. All this BS is really annoying it's not SoLow here remember? I'm into the BRS Not the BS...

  7. Replies
    1. Stop stalking Moz when he's in LA. it's creepy. Do you pay people at the Cat and the Fiddle to call you when he's there?

    2. Sorry, I don't stalk Morrissey I just know

    3. Stop bothering him. You met him, now you and joe need to stop. he's a human being not a zoo animal.

  8. I enjoyed being in the company of OM last night. Despite appearing downhearted he was as sharp & witty as ever.
    I missed the one about CPB - priceless!!

    And this from Broken just caught my eye
    "MW could have been 'the new Dad's Army'."
    Now what a grand concept!

  9. As the light fades on a grey July night, the fading neon lights of a community hall in Runcorn come to life. Rosy Mires and SilliCling are methodically putting out plastic tea cups on a stained trellis table. Marcus is putting out plastic chairs. This is the BRSG – the Blue Rose Survivors Group. Its numbers have been swelled of late.

    Willow and George Edge enter nervously, they are immediately welcomed by LizzyCat, Sabine and Chuck. Hugs ensue. Some tears too.

    Outside, a rickety 1980s Ford Capri pulls up. The headlights go out. Inside, Rat and Broken lay their eyes on the entrance of the hall.

    “I want the names of every bastard that enters that sodding place.” There is no response. “Yes?!”

    “Yes boss! I’ve got my notebook,” replies Rat.

    “Every single name,” repeats Broken. His bloodshot eyes betray a succession of sleepless nights. “What’s the fucking smell?” Broken snaps.

    “It’s errr.. I think it might be my aftershave,” says Rat.

    “What is it? It’s disgusting.”

    “It’s Brut. Splash on. More of a body splash.”

    Broken shuts his eyes and gently shakes his head.

    “Did you think we were going clubbing on the Isle of White? Please refrain from putting the images of your hairy torso in my mind. There is only one image which is more disturbing and it involves John Prescott and Judy Finnigan.”

    “Can I please be excused…” comes a lone voice in the back. It is Manclad. He is sat uncomfortably in the doorless rear, plonked in a bucket seat.

    “Easy Manc,” Broken says.

    “You’re a twat Rat! A twat!” Manc suddenly screams.

    “I never said anything!” Rat yells back.

    “Shut it. Both of you. Rat, please tell me again who’s definitely still in?” Broken asks.

    “Don’t worry boss… we’ve still got muscle. Heather, Emotional Air Raid… Loughton…”

    “Ah. Good old Loughton. Trusty old warhorse,” sighs Broken.

    “Loads boss. Relax.”

    “Look!” Yelps Manclad.

    Further up the road a large group walks towards the hall.

    “That’s most of the BRS!” Manclad bellows.

    “Note it Rat. Note it down.”

    Led by NonHeisler a group that includes Cathyplus, YunaraGunarso, Southkirk and many more bustle along, animated and excited. Rat starts writing down a list of names.

    “Traitors,” Broken quietly whispers. “But tell me… is that? Is that who I think that is?”

    “Who boss?” Rat says. With glassy star struck eyes, Rat looks upon the swaying figure of a dark haired Roman girl as she swooshes along the pavement. Her classic cut white dress splattered with blood red roses sways with a jazz rhythm. It is Romina. “We can get her back. I am sure of it,” adds Rat.

    Broken shuts his eyes. He is briefly transported to a square in Rome. It is night. The youth are playfully flirting around the fountain. He can smell the sage and rosemary. Where did it all go so wrong?

    Inside the hall, the new members enter. There is a small icon of Morrissey adorned with rosary beads upon a small wooden table. Each member kisses the icon and then lights a candle which is placed in sandbox. As they do so, they quietly mumble the words, ‘there is a light that never goes out.’

    "Welcome," beams Sabine.

    1. Amusing, but ruined by the schoolboy error of referring to the diamond isle as the Isle of White instead of 'wight'. You really must leave London once in a while.

    2. Finely tuned guitars are a poor substitute for the creative flair needed to survive outside the safe environs of the blogosphere. But imagine that day Rat when your Magnus Opus sees print! Imagine that smell of the first paperback and the cracking sound as you break the spine of that first one... "Following The Mozziah - A post modern tale of celebrity and fame in the digital age..." You know you're good. You know its good. It's only a matter of time before the world finds out. This is going to be the year Rat. This is the year the BRS goes global. Hang in there. Stay true. Stay blue.

    3. The gathering at Runcorn Community Hall sounds like a pleasant place to worship

    4. A piece in Runcorn and I remain unparodied? Am I going to have to write my bloody own?

      Was I busy leading a lesson on Prajnaparamita at the nearby Runcorn Buddhist temple, on the site of the former "Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps" pub?

  10. Over the hill and through the woods to the Log Lady's house we go.

  11. Blog is amazing really. I filter out the negativity. Still not sure who was the real Moz or fake Moz but the fake Moz seemed so real. Just to have the chance to think we were in his presence was special. When I think about this tour, his health, his disappointment , I started to cry. We do really love you.

  12. So Wesley took to the media I see...


    1. I note you are an amateur hack.

      Firstly your piece is poorly written and researched.

      Secondly the MW is not by 'Rat.'

      Thirdly nobody has ever been 'bullied' in MW.

      Sabine, however, homophobically bullied me and her friends openly acknowledged this. Willow was told to 'get lost' after making snide comments about me on twitter.

      Who has been 'bullied' and how exactly?

      Finally you are not welcome here - ban this liar.



    2. He is a Manchester Utd supporter called Dean. He was sending me death threats via twitter so I blocked him. If he continues, I shall get the police involved. The piece really is VERY poorly written, and dreadfully researched. Anybody who has followed the MorrisseysWorld story properly would KNOW that I couldn't possibly be the author of MW. The liar is banned.

    3. So the truth is --

      he is another bully, bullying he true BRS, while claiming to be against bullying; reminds me of someone.

      If he'd made death threats against me, I'd have reported him by now. He's obviously an odd fellow.

      He will be sued and reported to the police if his alleged death threats and lies continue.

      Warm regards


    4. I think we found our little anonymous troll, Rat.

    5. Broken

      Broken mirrors and contrivances,
      Get in the way,
      Of things we have to say.

      Broken promises and compromises,
      Stagnate and decay,
      Then fall away.

      Broken hearts,
      Broken minds,
      Broken souls.

    6. How can anyone take a piece seriously that was written by the same person who wrote this garbage:

      Those of us who have closely followed MW know there is evidence that Rat can't be the person behind it, so anyone hoping to uncover the truth should start looking elsewhere.

  14. The Coming Apart of the BRS

    Slowly, gently, ever so easily,
    The BRS comes apart.
    Stains of the heart.
    Hot air, passion and flair
    Only get you so far.

    The schism of the mind,
    Reflected in avatars in disarray.
    The dream dies,
    Morrissey floats away.
    Morrissey floats away.

    Slowly, gently, ever so easily,
    The BRS comes apart.

    The Rat thrashes and dashes and nashes,
    His teeth gleaming white,
    Ready to tear into the flesh of the unbeliever.
    His badge a Justin Beiber.
    The madness of his mind,
    Leaves stones cold,
    Feeling so unkind.
    It's all mine!
    It's all mine!
    Don't you see?
    Don't you see?

    Slowly, gently, ever so easily,
    The BRS comes apart.

    Alone. Cold now. Numb.
    The darkness surrounds.
    All love extinguished.
    All compassion gone.
    Death has taken my eyes once more.

    Slowly, gently, ever so easily....

    1. Not such a good piece, because you are implying that you think I am Broken. Have I got that wrong, or do you believe I am Broken?

    2. Literal Translations

      Literal translations,
      Create miscommunications,
      Adding confusion to the mix.

      Literal translations,
      Migrate BRS nations,
      Padding illusions and tricks.

      Games played,
      Honour relayed,
      BRS friends betrayed.

      Rat’s teeth sharpened,
      Hearts hardened,
      Good souls depart and leave.

  15. Peach. Plumb.

    Feeling numb.
    All my teeth have gone.

    In despair.
    All Blue Roses gone.

    1. Only gone to a kinder place. Join them in Runcorn. Succour guaranteed

    2. To Runcorn, you and I.

      To Runcorn we will go,
      With hopes and sorrows in tow.
      The lunch box is packed,
      Mother has the times,
      A ticket has been purchased,
      For the 3.49.

      To Runcorn we will go,
      You and I.

  16. It would appear that Helen Bach, the dreadful journalist who wrote the piece on the website, also wrote THIS filth about Morrissey:

    1. What a spiteful piece of utter filth!
      That woman needs shooting she is just horrendous,,,


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