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Monday, 30 June 2014

Day 1020 - "This is a good album. The only trouble is, good doesn't cut it when you're that unpleasant" - Parody Petridis

I have had a weekend away from the internet, but luckily I have missed very little from MorrisseysWorld. The only sign of Our Mozzer was this comment posted on my blog in the early hours of Saturday Morning:

Menippus is cordially invited to submit material for the forthcoming article. The concerts bans and ejections committee will be meeting at his home in Runcorn. Therefore OM requests Menippus submits a couple of paragraphs setting the scene and some typically surreal and idiosyncratic dialogue for Menippus making reference to current candidates to be banned, ejected and re-banned (namely THAT MAN, Willow, Edge, GOB, Lizzy or others). The dialogue can be addressed to OM, Boz Boorer, Mikey Bracewell, Broken or Mam.

This should be submitted by Menippus to and will be considered for inclusion in the piece. The deadline is Monday.


Posted by Morrissey to Following The Mozziah at 28 June 2014 04:46

It would appear that Menippus was given this prestigious invitation on the back of this surreal piece of poetry that he posted on FTM on Friday evening:

We are Kleftiko
Unfit to go
Paper bags full of flesh and cheese
Tekenu prisoners of grease, unease, disease and knees
We wanna munch canapes atop the tallest trees
(Well, only they know how it feels)

We are Oxford coma
Regurgitating Homer
From an artificial stoma
With an artificial puckered rim;
We masturbate with phantom limbs,
And punctuation is penetration

We are testicular torsion
Clinical distortion
Untwisted and unbroken
Counting truths unspoken
We are ugly and yeah, all right, we care

Three minds collide and make nine
In the shade of Anonymity
Three by three
In the "plural of plurality"
Lie down, hush, don't be down
I swear down
It's only me
It's only the proneness of proclivity

Posted by Menippus to Following The Mozziah at 27 June 2014 18:52


I have always presumed that Menippus is a Morrissey pessoa, but maybe I am wrong. Marcus Markou once told me that he had posted a copy of Papadopoulos & Sons to Menippus, so maybe he is real!

There has been no sign of Our Mozzer in The Twitterdilly Arms, but it would appear from my timeline, that Broken popped in on each of the past three days, including the early hours of this morning. Here are his highlights:

In response to @Number10gov tweeting, "PM: For the first time all my 27 fellow Heads of Govt have agreed explicitly they need to address Britain's concerns about EU": "@Number10govt What a load of tosh. We both know it's a federal superstate and it won't change. Only window-dressing might change."

"David Cameron is the British window dresser in chief - for his role is dressing the window to sell the  EU to plebeian taxpayer."

It has to be said, it is most refreshing when Broken breaks away from his never ending Bieber obsession to discuss other subjects, such as politics; but it didn't last....

"@sorcha69 Nothing compares to Justin. I don't mind posting shirtless footballers if you think it might improve my image."

"The key topics of my twitter are: Bieber's body; fringe right wing politics; MorrisseysWorld/FTM; and.. rem, that's it! Hash tag Importantstuffonly"

One of the main reasons that so, so many people have fallen away from the phenomenal MorrisseysWorld story, is because of Broken. He has either upset people to such an extent that they just don't want anything more to do with MW, or they have left because they don't believe for one minute that Morrissey could possibly have any association with somebody who posts pictures of Justin Bieber on twitter. What those who have left seem to have forgotten, is that Broken is just a pessoa.

Broken was probably thrown into the mix to test and challenge people. Walking away from MW just because you don't like Broken is the equivalent of not watching M*A*S*H on TV because you don't like the character Corporal Klinger.

Highlight's continued:

"If posting bieber's abs makes people fuck off, then good fucking riddance to them."

It is also an interesting to note that so many people are offended by Broken posting semi-naked pictures of JB, and yet nobody was offended by the homo-erotic imagery that Morrissey used on the early Smiths covers. Is it really so strange to think that Morrissey might be interested in semi-naked pictures of men?

Highlight's continued:

In response to me tweeting, "Dear @AlexisPetridis Do hurry up with your review of Morrissey's WorldPeaceIsNoneOfYourBusiness. A nation of cottage cheese lovers awaits.": "Petridis has already written it. He's just left some spaces for the song titles and alternative 'witticisms'. 'The Bullfighter Dies' finds Jesse Tobias and Morrissey rewriting 80s super hit 'Lambada,' only without the tune. His summing up: "This is a good album. The only trouble is, good doesn't cut it when you're that unpleasant."

There is still no sign of a Petridis review of WPINOYB; perhaps he just can't bring himself to write one. Whatever he writes is completely irrelevant anyway. I think Broken is setting his heights high if he thinks that Petridis would ever use the word "good" to describe a Morrissey LP.

Highlight's Continued:

"Is JB trying to look dense and lopsided on his recent selfies OR has he suffered an hypoxic brain injury after am OD? Christ knows."

"Who'd have thought one could devote half a twitter feed to pics of a characterless brat with no good songs?"

SEE! Broken doesn't really like Bieber, he's just a frinkster!


To Tony Visconti: "@Tonuspomus Tony, it's me, Broken. Nice to meet you again. Dom you think you'll ever work with Morrissey again? Do ya blame him for KY thing?" (Ed - TV didn't reply!)

"Moz shirtless is offputting. Men over 35 shouldn't remove their shirts - it only breaks the spell. The more clothes Moz has the better he looks. Biebs on the other hand -"


"OM emailed me to say he's received Menippus input and the parody piece will be with you in due course. It might be farewell. Menippus provided an expansive introduction to the piece rather than free-floating dialogue for his parody self. OM actually wanted him to send segments of isolated dialogue by Menippus addressed to random characters which the story would be built. There's still time for him to submit some random surrealist nuggets."

I am very much looking forward to the new parody piece, but as I never understand a word that Menippus writes, this parody might be beyond me.

That is all from MorrisseysWorld for today, but away from MW, Johnny Marr has given an interview to the NME, and despite him being their 'Godlike Genius 2013', he wasn't impressed with them asking if he had heard Morrissey's new album, replying, "(pause) Did you hear that? That question was the sound of the bar lowering". I feel a little sorry for the NME interviewer, because the people will always want to know what Morrissey & Marr think of each other's music, and if you don't ask, you'll never know. As Morrissey pointed out to me after I wrote my infamous blog entry of Day 898, nobody has ever asked him what he thought of The Messenger. Solow have posted an article about Marr's interview, and one of the people leaving comment is Brummie Boy, who some people believe may be a Morrissey pessoa. As I have written before, I have no idea if BB is a pessoa, and as he isn't a part of MW, I am not about to start ploughing through his offerings on Solow, but his comments on the Marr interview do make quite interesting reading:

Yesterday, Ed Sheeran's 'X' made it to No.1 on the UK album chart, as predicted. Two weeks today, WPINOYB will be released, so hopefully 'X' will have fizzled away by then, and Morrissey will be back at the top.


And now we await that new 'Bans Committee' parody.


  1. Jun 27 brokentheoriginal @Broken1andonly 38 secs
    The incredible depth of George. Can you not FEEL the suffering?

    I have left FTM/MW/BRS ... so why is Broken still tweeting about me?
    because it shows him for the BULLY that he is. please can you just leave me alone.
    all I want to do is deal with the 1st anniversary of my fathers death in peace.

    1. Broken is a psychopath. But there is no need for him to get stressed at this fact. He is a sad, pathetic, witless, sub intelligent, bitter, twisted, charmless freak... But this should not really irk him because he and I are characters in each other's online play. Don't wait up for the 'hilarious' bans committee parody... written by committee, no doubt. You want to know the truth? This is the fantasy of middle income, middle England, middle aged, middle managers dreaming of a rock and roll literary life... Ouch! That hurts!

    2. You still think I'm Broken don't you? You think you understand the game. You are wrong and you are wrong.

    3. The game... oooooh, the game. Is 'the game' where an esteemed iconic pop star pretends to be a sociopath? Is that 'the game'? Fucking hell.

    4. Nobody knew it was the first anniversary because you didn't say so. But the reason I tweeted about you is because you were posting more comments on this site - where you're no longer welcome - referring to me. You say you've left, but you've posted messages on at least 50% of articles on this site since leaving.

      The best way of ensuring nobody tweets about you - if it upsets you to that extent - is to stop posting here.

      Good luck for the year ahead.

    5. I think it's time to delete anon e mouse's comments. That tawdry idiot isn't welcome here. I'm apparently a 'psychopath' because I told willow to get lost and.. erm... that's about it, really. What EXACTLY have I done? It's a mystery.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Ok Manc, I ban you....ooops I'm banned I can"t ban you....Would you like to ban me and if you like....ohh let's stay togheter...don't ban, but sweet harmony...Ciao Ratty!

    2. If you look down his timeline and on FTM you'll see Edge has made more references to me than I have to him. He was asked to leave and continues to post here, usually about me; but then complains if someone criticises him in return.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Thanks for writing, Ratty, even though very few remain. Like you, I eagerly await the new parody piece and I hope that at least a small part of it will be comprehensible to plebs such as myself.

    1. Many remain - they all read it, and many of them comment. A few unwelcome sorts - Lizzy, Sabine - have been asked to leave, and a couple of others have left in solidarity with those people. BRS is bigger now than it was throughout the time of MW blog. But size is not important. This is about.... love. :-)

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. I've nothing of any consequence to add. Only that I am also am looking forward to the new parody.
    A MW parody is always such a tonic, we are surely in for a treat.

    1. Will OM really bother writing a parody piece for just 5 of us? Can we ever grow again from here? This feels like the dying embers of the MW fire.... unless M makes something happen.

    2. Six... there's six of us... (actually about 14 or 15 if you include my personalities disorder).

  5. I am also looking forward to the new article. Rats I think you missed the best part from Broken to Menippus about this new piece.
    ‘Just imagine you're tweeting... but a little longer. Say anything you wish... parts will be used.. adapted... twisted’.
    Can’t wait. Tick tock, Menippus is on a deadline for 23.59 tonight. No pressure then.

  6. Rat, you still don't get 'the game' - which is that Broken is Broken and whether it is you (The Rat), Morrissey (the pop icon) or Ross Kemp (the butch soap star) behind the character is irrelevant. You can only take Broken as he/she is... which is Broken. However, you Rat take Broken as something else - which is Morrissey (itself a fabrication of sorts) being Broken (a further fabrication). Some people like to play the same game as you but choose you (The Rat) to be behind Broken. And that is perfectly fine too and justified within the same criteria of the game that you play. This game is only fun if we play it with either you behind Broken or Morrissey behind Broken. Either way, both Morrissey and The Rat are fictional. One just happens to have been a better living out of out it than the other. So, on behalf of everyone who can't stand Broken... and still playing the game... fuck you Rat! And to Broken, taking him as he/she is... find some love in your heart before the last embers of hope die out.

  7. Oh dear. Your clever surreal comments as the humerously titled 'Anon E Mouse' had got you back to the place you so longed to still be part of, but now your aggressive assault on me means that I will delete all your future comments. I'm sorry you didn't 'get it'.

    1. I do 'get it'. That's the point. Morrissey (itself a pop creation) has created the fiction of Broken with which to relieve his bile. It has to go somewhere. By calling Broken out as a worthless toad, I am not suggesting that Morrissey or even the man behind Morrissey is a worthless toad. I am saying Broken is a horrible cunt. And a coward and a sociopath. However, you are so obsessed with Morrissey - like some crazed fan - that instead of playing with Broken in the normal way one would play with him (rejecting him, taking him on, telling him to go fuck himself etc etc) you choose to forgive him and show him love. You wouldn't do that if it was Ross Kemp! Or one of the Kemp brothers behind Modern Romantic sensation Spandau Ballet. What you should do is say this:

      "It is not me behind Rat that is accepting of Morrissey behind Broken... It is me The Rat who simply accepts Broken"

      In other words, the two men pulling the strings behind the online characters you have created stay out of the picture.

      This is why I... Anon E Mouse... can call you... The Rat... a witless cunt. Does that make sense? In real life, the real person behind Anon E Mouse would never dream of telling the charming man behind the Rat such a thing.

      Does that make sense you thick twat? Remember... that's not you the lovely man behind The Rat. That's you... the complete dickhead that is The Rat.

      Don't take it personally. Call me a cunt back or something. It's fine. Anon E Mouse is wayward piece of work. One minute quite funny the next a nasty little shit.

    2. Dear Mouse, the very reason that you are having to post here as anon is because you got everything so very wrong the first time around. I do believe that you now 'get it' to a certain extent, but however much you think you understand Broken, you most obviously do not. In this thread you have called him both a psychopath and a sociopath; I don't believe that he is either of those things. I do agree with you that he can sometimes be a c***, but there is a HUGE difference between being a c*** and being psychopathic. Broken has now called for your comments to be deleted, and as Broken is OM's right hand man and one of the author's of MW, I will of course adhere to his wishes. I won't delete any of your past comments, so at least you can tell your grandchildren "Anon E Mouse was me", although I should add that if you now decided to become all vengeful and vindictive like so many do when they leave, I will go back and delete all your comments out of spite. It looks like you were right about another thing, I am indeed a witless c***! Please note that I have used asterisks as I cannot stand swearing.
      Game over Anon E Mouse, back to real life.


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