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Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Day 993 - Boy's Left, Pam's Right, He's Gone

It is not every day (everyday?) of the week that you wake up to find; Boy George behind you, Pamela Anderson waving a blue rose, and a new Morrissey single available to download, but today is such a day.

I should point out that Boy George hasn't pushed Mrs Ratsback out of my marital bed in his quest to get close to me, but is merely following me on Twitter. As he also follows 19,600 other people, it is hardly what one might call a "close relationship". Interestingly, Boy George also chose yesterday to post a tweet saying, "Of course it's him! @MorrisseyParody", and then proceeded to follow an online bookmaker called @PaddyPower, and a facial plastic surgeon called @DrPaulNassif. I can only presume that BG is about to place all the royalties earned from Karma Chameleon on the real Morrissey being the twitter user @MorrisseyParody, and then use all his winnings from the bookie's to make himself look like Pete Burns.... thank the good lord that Morrissey must have made the same presumption as me, and immediately closed the @MorrisseyPardoy account to save Boy George's pretty face.

Boy George, Brit Awards, black eye, style, fashion, music

So, Our Mozzer has once again returned to the Black Lodge; we knew he couldn't last. With Boy George making such a public declaration, it was obvious that Moz would go into hiding; after all, if Morrissey wanted the whole world to know he was on twitter, he would have kept the @itsmorrissey account.

 Before leaving The Twitterdilly Arms, Our Mozzer apparently held a Q&A session, but as he is on East Coast American time, I was fast asleep, and missed it. Jazissey has left this comment on my blog entry of yesterday:

Earlier today @MorrisseyParody held a Q&A on Twitter after a a few messages I fail to remember except for "The earth is quite a lonely planet after all" and short after shut down the account My horribly uninteresting question was "Which are the best/worst twitter accounts you've followed?" morrissey (@MorrisseyParody) tweeted at 6:55 PM on Mon, Jun 02, 2014:
@Jazissey Best: @Menippus , @BoyGeorge @justinbieber @Broken1andonly @TheRatsBack Worst: @AustinMahone (parody of Bieber) @HrhQueenCAMILLA

I know Nicole (@bunnygal833) asked questions as well
Nicole (@Bunnygal833) tweeted at 6:56 PM on Mon, Jun 02, 2014:
@MorrisseyParody Is it difficult to maintain a flesh-free diet while traveling?

morrissey (@MorrisseyParody) tweeted
@Bunnygal833 No. Eating no meat is the easiest thing in the world to do - it's much easier than eating a dead animal.

She also asked (a good one) Nicole (@Bunnygal833) tweeted at 6:51 PM on Mon, Jun 02, 2014:
@MorrisseyParody Why the complete lack of promotion from Harvest for all of this quality material?
To which he replied saying something like If he understood that he wouldn't be bothering with a record compamy at all I did not get the full wording maybe She did hopefully

Posted by Jjazmine to Following The Mozziah at 3 June 2014 07:25

Morrissey had appeared in The Arms very briefly earlier in the day, informing @mancladmozfan that he had never watched the Morrissey25:Live film. I couldn't help myself, and chipped in with, "Morrissey accepts a blue rose during Alma Matters. It's quite a good film actually. Same plot as Grease." My comparable of Morrissey's film being like Grease, i.e. a musical set in an American High School, must have tickled him, because I got a retweet.... but then again, I am his fifth favourite tweeter!

There were a few other tweets from Our Mozzer yesterday, but unfortunately I only copied one other, and now that the account has gone, I cannot access it to post the other comments. If anybody else took notes, please let me know. Here is the only tweet I have from yesterday:

"The sadder one is, the more one hates life, yet, perversely, the more one appreciates it."

The Youtube video I posted yesterday; of Morrissey with Pamela Anderson up the Capitol Tower reciting the lyrics to Earth is the Loneliest Planet, has also now disappeared. It is still available to view here at , but as to why it is no longer on Youtube, I have no idea. The pairing of Moz & Pamela Anderson might appear a strange on to the outside world, but it makes perfect sense, as described here by BRS member, George Edge:

As I mentioned in my opening paragraph, Earth is the Loneliest Planet is now available to download, and so that is exactly what I have done! The studio version is every inch as good as the live version, and the added bonus is that it features Kristeen Young on backing vocals. There is also a fantastic guitar solo from Jesse Tobias, and it should be a massive worldwide hit, but of course, it won't be, although Harvest are doing their upmost...... TO NOT MENTION IT AT ALL! I have even had to send @Harvest_Records a tweet this morning reminding them that Morrissey has a new single out, but they have so far continued to ignore the fact, and are spending all their time promoting somebody called Banks... WHO THE F**K IS BANKS?

That will have to do for today, I am off to watch my son playing in an all day cricket match. My blog will today pass the 500,000 hit mark, and yet, after nearly 3 years, it has only been discovered by a handful of people.... and I wouldn't want it any other way!

I suppose I should explain what I wrote in my opening sentence about Pamela Anderson waving a blue rose. Well, yesterday, on the day that the video of PA with Morrissey was released, Pamela started following on twitter..... @BlueRoseSociety. Unlike Boy George, Pamela doesn't follow that many people on twitter, but it is just a coincidence.... of course!
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  1. More Twitter stuff: The official Pamela Anderson Twitter account is @PamelaDAnderson, but there's another one called just @PamelaAnderson with one tweet (from a couple of days ago) and 100k followers, AND this account has an Ⓜ in their profile (something that was introduced by @RFerdenzi IIRC, Morrissey fans put that Ⓜ in their profile names, it's like the #mozarmy hashtag). Seems like Moz and Pam fans start to mix, this might be interesting.


  2. Interesting, very interesting Rat! I tink I will follow Pamela Anderson, she's so glamour! Romina,, always with'usband tablet.

  3. Fascinating developments!
    You never know what's around the corner with BRS.

  4. I just tweeted screenshots that I took of Our Mozzer's tweets from last night. Probably the most notable one was his reply to Boy George's declaration of, "Of course it's him!": "Who else has my tone of writing? Who else hates existence with sufficient wit?" I would have to say that no one else does, which is why no other Morrissey parody accounts can possibly measure up to Our Mozzer. There's just no comparison. I'm really enjoying my recent 'Earth' download. It sounds fantastic and I love Kristeen's vocals - another stunning track!

  5. That's a proper Moz quiff, has Boy George now hired Morrissey's hair stylist and Kristeen Young's make-up artist?

  6. "Earth" will be blasting on my run today.

    It was a pleasure to speak with Our Mozzer last night. He seemed quite talkative, for the brief time he graced us with his presence.

    I hope Morrissey has had some rest in the Miami sunshine during his break. I am very excited for the show on Saturday- I will be out that morning searching for a blue rose.

    1. Blue roses are very hard to find. It's best to order them in advance or dye them yourself because they have to be specially dyed. Not all florists will do it, either - I had to call a few before I found one that would do it.

    2. I can dye it myself- there's a great flower market near me. Thanks for the info!

  7. thanks so much for the link and mention Rat, I really
    appreciate it.

    I finally heard EARTH ... it is very different to what
    I had expected ... and very complex.

    I love how this and the other 2 singles are nothing
    I would have expected. that's what I want as a fan.

  8. What a remarkable coincidence that Kristeen Young got an allergy attack at the exact same time that Morrissey gets ill.


  9. Best wishes to Morrissey and his group. Hope they get well soon!

  10. Hello Ratty, I'm a little bit worried about Morrissey, it's so sad knowing he was forced to cancel the concert, but I'm sure he'll be ok very soon as his band too. Always interesting post and very beautiful pics! Romina, with 'usband tablet.

  11. Wishing Moz and the band a quick recovery from their malaise.
    Hope they can continue the tour on the 6th June.

    Love from LizzyCatMoz xx


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