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Friday, 6 June 2014

Day 996 - The Twitter Diary of a Clockwork Orange

It is sometimes easy to forget that The Twitterdilly Arms is not actually a quiet back-street pub, but is in fact a huge worldwide stage; it's just that not many people can see it. Twitter is so full of meaningless nothingness, that when somebody like Morrissey comes along; without the use of 'official blue ticks' or celebrity endorsement, the proverbial wood cannot be seen for the trees.

As I have written many times over the past three years, Morrissey uses Twitter almost as a theatrical stage, bringing different characters/pessoas into the story. It is not always easy to tell which characters are actually Morrissey, but one 'character' that is easy to recognise as Moz, is the parody of himself, i.e. @MorrisseyParody (formerly @MorrisseysWorld). Ironically, this Twitter account isn't a parody of Morrissey at all, it is the REAL Morrissey, laid bare for all to see, but because he doesn't have the 'Official Twitter Tick', and because he bears the word 'parody', he is ignored by all those outside of The Twitterdilly Arms.


A few of Morrissey's celebrity friends know FULL WELL that @MorrisseyParody is Morrissey, but they have been silenced. I believe that Russell Brand was initially among us back in 2011, but was probably asked by Moz to stay away, in case his ego gave the game away. We also know that Jonathan Ross 'knows', as back in January he favourited a tweet by @BlueRoseSociety, even though he wasn't using twitter at that time.

The only celebrity to have openly claimed that Parody Morrissey is the real Morrissey is Boy George, who even listed him in the Observer magazine as his favourite tweeter.... but NOBODY picked up on it. The Solowers did discuss it, but the moderator, Uncle Skinny shot everybody down: (Note 'Leon's' comment on that thread, which even mentions the wearing of a blue rose as a coincidence even before it had actually occurred! *coughs*).


I believe that yet another Morrissey pessoa has turned up in the Twitterdilly Arms, but I have only just realised it. This new pessoa is @mechaniqueorange. At first I thought that @mechaniqueorange was a pessoa of Jack Shet; as he arrived at the same time as Jack's @TheRatsTalisman pessoa, but I now realise that is NOT the case. I will leave others to make up their own minds about @mechaniqueorange, but here is a diary of his tweets for the month of May:

MAY 24:


"A Taste of Twin Peaks"

"@LizzyCatMoz Roses are red, roses are blue, white shirts change colour in Jacoby's view"

Embedded image permalink

Also on May 24, @mecaniqueorange favourited a Youtube clip posted by @Rough_seas2 of Bonobo Apes.  This footage HAS to be watched to be believed. Bonobos are more human like than most human beings, and far more intelligent than anybody you will find on Solow:

MAY 25:

"@TheRatsBack Looks like somebody needs a tambourine lesson"

MAY 26:

In response to @sorcha69 tweeting, "welcome to the    madness @mecaniqueorange x":

"@sorcha69 Thank you, I find myself in the middle of a labyrinth and can't get out, the signs are all wrong!"

Also on May 26, @mechaniqueorange favourited a tweet from @PamelaAnderson which read, "Hey Fans! I'm doing a follow spree! Just follow me + Fav this tweet. I'll follow you asap! - Pamela Anderson" The account is NOT the official Twitter account of Pamela Anderson, it is an account that seems to have been set up on May 26, but somehow, despite having posted just that one tweet, the account has 103,134 followers! How? It could be because the account has an 'official looking' blue stamp next to it, but it is NOT a Twitter tick of authenticity like @itsmorrissey had, it is actually a BLUE M, as used by Morrissey fans on Twitter! An unofficial Pamela Anderson account with a Morrissey sign! What makes the whole thing even more interesting, is that @mecaniqueorange was favouriting tweets posted by a 'Morrissey loving Pamela Anderson' BEFORE any of us knew that PA was in a Morrissey video! Hmm.

MAY 27:

"@MozzeriansATW Will he surprise us with an Elvis cover tonight? Blue Suede Shoes or San Antonio Rose?" It should be noted that Morrissey DIDN'T sing either of those songs in Memphis on May 27, but the following night Moz did sing Tammy Wynette's Til I get It Right during Speedway.

MAY 28: 

A retweet of @TheRatsTalisman's picture of Cocteau's blue rose.

"Check out the episode titles:" (All episodes of the New Zealand drama, 'The Blue Rose' are named after Smiths songs!)
"@LizzyCatMoz That wasn't mentioned before? I need to get my hands on that series. The plot reads like a Twin Peaks parallel; it begins with a corpse, then people form secret alliances to solve the mystery. I'd say it depends on the BRS agents to find out what this means. I heard @girlwithout and @ericacalil are very talented."

MAY 29:

A retweet of @BlueRoseSociet's tweet which read, "Introducing Morrissey's Blue Rose Society (Updated). Please link this to ALL Morrissey fans:"

MAY 30:

"Stunning footage of the Blue Rose song in Memphis, this is MORRISSEY with Trouble Loves Me"

In response to @TheRatsBack's tweet suggesting that it should be obligatory for Morrissey to wear a blue rose whilst singing Trouble: "@TheRatsBack Would we want him to be that obvious? There's footage with him wearing a blue rose singing Trouble!"

In response to @NastyaAmes asking, "Who are you?": "@NastyaAmes I'm just an orange. Who are you, sweet child?"

"@sorcha69 I heard there's a vellocet dispenser somewhere hidden in the Twit Arms, tell me if you can find it xox". @sorcha69 replied, "I think fifi has the key in her bra...x", to which MO replied, "@sorcha69 That brings us into Trouble, I heard rumours that La Mademoiselle is a bit moody.."

A retweet of a tweet by @LIONS4Mercy of a photo of an injured horse:

Embedded image permalink

A retweet of @BlueRoseSociety's tweet which read, "@tiller91 Thank you for throwing your rose to Morrissey at the encore."

A retweet of @tiller91's tweet which read, "my smushed yellow rose at :21 (had smuggled inside my pocketbook) -"

A retweet of @Rough_seas2's tweet which read, "TAMMY WYNETTE - TIL I GET IT RIGHT:

A retweet of @Heathercat222's tweet which read, "Morrissey (Speedway) @ Ryman Auditorium, Nashville

MAY 31:

In response to @NastyaAmes tweeting, "@mechaniqueorange I'm an orange lover": "@NastyaAmes But you're not going to peel me I hope... !?"

In response to @MozzeriansATW tweeting, "@mecaniqueorange who is this? but thank you for following... is orange the new blue? ;)": "@MozzeriansATW Exactly! Only few can sport orange, but Our Mozzer is definitely one of them"

In response to @Bunnygal833 offering Veuve: "@Bunnygal33 Woo, fancy, i wasn't aware that the Twit Arms offers such exquisite choices"

In response to @TheRatsBack 's tweet about being able to say merci with a perfect French accent: "@TheRatsBack I'm going to squeeze myself, should I ever hear a Rat saying 'merci' with perfect French accent."

In response to @TheRatBack's tweet reading "mur-see": "@TheRatsBack I always have mercy my dear rodent! Say it like MERR-CI, pressing the tongue against the palate during the "i"."

A retweet of @Jazissey posting "have you seen this? Isn't it just fantastic?

"Good night. This is Morrissey with Hand In Glove in St. Petersburg"

Also on May 31, @mechaniqueorange favourited this tweeted picture by @NatyaAmes of A Clockwork Orange, which has Morrissey laying on the book cover:

Embedded image permalink

The June tweets by @mechaniqueorange are even more 'Moz like', but I will leave everybody to read them for themselves, although I must mention three from yesterday. Firstly, MO posted this tweet:

"A moving non-official video of Istanbul Morrissey" It is indeed a really good video, which has apparently been put together using a montage of scenes from the film Küf/Mold. The only thing that doesn't quite work for me is the age of the man in the video, as I am picturing the character in the Istanbul song being a man in his late 30s looking for a son of about 18:

The second MO tweet from yesterday that I want to mention is one sent in reply to @TheRatsTalisman's tweeted photoshop picture of Morrissey with flowers that TRT had turned blue. MO wrote, "If I was better with photoshop, I'd make a picture of a Moz audience that's awash with roses." The third tweet read, "Maybe one day there'll be no need to photoshop such a scene, because it will become reality. One can dream.."

If I am wrong about @mechaniqueorange, then I have just wasted the last three hours of my life, but the hours were laying around doing nothing, so it doesn't matter..... and anyway, I'm pretty sure I'm right.

The only other pessoa to have been spotted in The Arms in the past 24 hours is Broken (@Broken1andOnly), who has been posting LOTS of Bieber pictures, including a couple at 5.15 this morning, which obviously the real Morrissey would NEVER do!

There has been no further 'official news' from either Morrissey or Kristeen Young regarding the tour, so I have no idea if my plea of yesterday for KY to remain on this leg of the tour has worked or not; although I'm pretty sure it hasn't, because I have received 'unofficial news' from the toilets of the Twit Arms saying, "Shouldn't you be rehearsing? Your Can Can needs a bit of work. However, I am jealous of your mid air splits."

A comment left on yesterday's blog entry by Romina, tends to suggest that I was wrong about Moz having a tantrum and kicking Kristeen Young off the tour. Romina seems to think Kristeen walked out on the tour because of the Atlanta concert being cancelled, or has something got lost in translation? How would Romina know? Here is her comment:

Hello Ratty, my opinion about Kristeen will never change, she's a talented and original woman and her new album is very interesting, but I think is not very professional leave a planned tour after only one show cancelled due illness and simply saying we wont. I dont wanna add something more about this and I know you're busy with rehearsal...Romina, with 'usband's tablet and with the suspect of aa surprise....
Posted by Anonymous to Following The Mozziah at 6 June 2014 13:53

And finally for today, I want to mention videos. Morrissey's spoken word video for Earth is the Loneliest Planet; which was released on Monday, has so far had an incredible 103,171 hits, but the song still won't make it into Sunday's chart. No doubt a full length video would have made more of an impact on sales, as would a vinyl and cd release, so one can only presume that Morrissey can't be particularly bothered about the charts anymore, or surely he would have pulled out all the stops?

I have previously written that I believe that the song, World Peace is None of Your Business is as strong a song as Meat is Murder. I also believe that if the single of WPINOYB had had a really hard hitting video, it could have been a massive hit. Somebody has made a Youtube video for the song which goes some of the way to sending that message:

It's a weekend of cricket for me, so I shall return on Monday, hopefully with lots of video footage from Saturday's concert in Boston, where perhaps we might even see the odd blue rose.


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Could Moz wearing a red jacket in the recent picture from Florida be a sign related to my posting of Moz battling Bob within The Black Lodge the other day. (Moz has a red shirt on in The Black Lodge pic.)

  3. That my comment that I deleted. I was trying to put my Twitter handle on the post.

    1. I cant even post a comment well today. I been staring at the monitor too long playing with images I guess.

  4. I thought that about M.O from the start!!!

  5. It's interesting that MO seems to know an awful lot about MW yet claims to be "fairly new". I found this tweet very touching: "Maybe one day there'll be no need to photoshop such a scene, because it will become reality. One can dream..."

  6. #awkward.
    Reminds me of the time that Rats thought I was Boz (in his Gaynor Tension days). I never made it to the giddy heights of Mozziah status.
    It’s not a full moon (sad I know, but I did check), so I guess it must be due to too much lying in the sun, gorging on Caramacs.

    1. I've always thought you were Boz too. Are you not?

    2. I love you for bringing Caramacs into the equation.

  7. DAY 944 FTM "And finally, there is the mysterious Banjaxer, who believes Morrissey has "a mischievous hand in it somewhere", but denies that he himself, has ever "knowingly had any connection with MW"...... but it would appear that Banjaxer DEFINITELY knows more about the new 'MorrisseysWorld.Com' and '@MorrisseyWorld' thing. Last week Banjaxer tweeted to say that the new MorrisseysWorld website should go live next week...... although I can no longer find a copy of that tweet..... did I dream it?"
    1. Heather said he didn't dream it and she saw the tweet.
    2. So is TRM?
    3. or is it Our Mozzer if they are not the same thing?
    4. Or is banjaxer?
    4. If is Moz then surely we missed the picture signs from last week surely they must mean something.

    1. Surely you can't be serious.

    2. They mean that this is all a pile of horse shit. The fraudster who runs this site also runs the other site and has taken many Moz fans for a ride. It is scandalous.

    3. You have not made this easy as this is not from day 944 and you have two option fours.
      No idea what the picture signs were from last week as I was beside the seaside so missed them.
      It is 4, the first 4 not the second 4.

    4. yes it is day 944 its from this page The picture signs are here. linked to it for a while lots of people saw it I was just curious. sorry about two number 4s! that is confusing. its all confusing. So you think its banjaxer? I was only hoping it was Morrissey because it links to TTY and surely Julia would stop that? and someone already made car stickers for Bummer.
      Thank you girlwithout.

    5. Oops! Apologies, you are correct, it is day 944 - which ironically has 44 comments. These double 4's doing my head in. Just looked at those pictures and I am fairly sure that I have seen that waspy one on a yellow flower in my twitter timeline at some time.


  8. Rats is the most gullible rodents of all
    Rats is the most gullible rodents of all
    Day after day he says "You're Moz, you're Moz"
    Day after day he says "You're Moz, you're Moz"
    But you're on the wrong track, and I've got the wrong shape (and colour)
    And rodents are naturally not very human (that's not hinting at brain size)
    And Rats is the most gullible rodents of ah-ha-ha-ha-hall.

    As you can derive from the lack of wit, rhymes, and proper metre, I certainly can be neither Morrissey nor Our Mozzer, or 'any' poet for that matter. I think the only things I share with him are my initials and a weak spot for semicolons, but that's just a (dare I say it) coincidence.

    1. You sloosh a malenky bit Doych.... without the humour.

    2. loving that song tangerine one

    3. You're not fooling me with your lack of wit, rhyme and metre; you're Moz.

      "Time after time you say "I'm NOT Moz", "NOT Moz", Time after time you say "I'm not Moz, NOT Moz, but you're in the wrong place and you've got the wrong face (and peel) and the Black Lodge is the loneliest lodge of all."

      Cara Mac

    4. to O.M.
      neither Morrissey nor Our Mozzer, or 'any' poet for that matter ... no BUT A PARODY ONE???!!

      Cara Mac:
      MARRY ME!!!!!

  9. Being not so twittery as some of you are, I do follow both here and on Twitter, and must say It reads like an A. Christie....wonder when the "bespattered remains" will show up. Keep up the hunt for the ONE!

  10. Banjaxer tweeted something like don't agree with everything @rustyrockets and @morrisseyworld say. THINK for yourselfs.

    Ratty replied
    @banjaxer @rustyrockets @MorrisseyWorld Er, are you saying that @MorrisseyWorld is Morrissey? Please tell us more. He doesn't say much.

    Banjaxer didn't reply to Ratty and then Banjaxer did the usual thing to delete his tweet.

    Why he keeps deleting tweets about @MorrisseyWorld ? Is because its Moz? who knows?!

    1. I saw that tweet too. Ratty was winding Banjaxer up about voting and Banjaxer sent that tweet saying that you shouldn't believe everything Russell and Morrissey say, and that you should think for yourself; but in Banjaxer's rage at Ratty getting the better of him in the argument, he let his guard down by referring to Russell & Moz by their twitter names. Banjaxer obviously knows that @MorrisseyWorld is the real Moz and he's just let the cat out of the bag. I wouldn't be surprised if the MorrisseyWorld account now closes, or Banjaxer is sacked and loses his £47 per week that Moz pays him.

      Mario Carter

    2. Banjaxer and Rat. Christ on a bike. Could it be any more obvious? What a pair of dicks. Both desperate to get noticed by bored repressed misfits. Get a life.

  11. I have just arrived in France for a holiday. It is absolutely boiling hot, sunny and wonderful.
    Have enjoyed reading all the developments of the last couple of days.
    Just to say that I am not a fan of Kristeen Young or her music.
    I hope that she has not bitten the hand that feeds her; Our Moz.

    1. And no doubt Kristeen is no fan of yours, you nasty old spinster. You are either fawning or spewing negativity. Why do you come here? I pity the French.

    2. Hi Lizzy, hi Ratty, I hope you both enjoying a lovely evening, happy to know you're on holidays and curious about what Rat is doing...About my comment I just got to say that it must be taken litteraly and without remote or hidden meaning, it's unprofessional leave a tour planned with a lot of sold out show, but, as we say in Italy not every bad things are totally bad and, maybe, people will have the chance to listen to a fresh new band, maybe better than Kristeen and Morrissey will be on the stage totally relaxed and in top form. Have a nice evening you all. Love. Romina, too lazy to stand up and searching my mobile.

    3. Lizzy, have a fantastic holiday, don't forget to spend hubbys' money

    4. ''Love. Romina, too lazy to stand up''
      - BRS dedication right there!! ;)

  12. Love the non-official Istanbul video. I know what you mean Rats about the age of the father not quite fitting the song, but apart from that the film has been edited very cleverly to match the mood of Istanbul. And the tyres are rolled down the hill just as Morrissey sings ‘rolling breathless off the tongue...’.

  13. MO is a juicy little addition to our community. I especially liked the Istanbul video tweeted yesterday.

    Hope all going to Boston concert tomorrow have a memorable evening.

    1. Thank you! I am quite excited.

  14. Whichever one of you BRS muppets is posting on Solo as Varitas M. Berrymore, you aren't fooling anyone. The "evidence" you speak of is actually horse shit which has been spread by a lying fraudster. You have made it very clear that you don't like Solo so please fuck off and leave it to those who do enjoy the interaction of genuine Morrissey fans who don't spend their lives fawning all over Morrissey and licking his arse. If any of you really believe that World Peace is as great a song as Meat is Murder, then you are more deluded than anybody could ever have imagined. Nothing Morrissey has written in his solo years can touch what he wrote in the days of The Smiths, so we can only hope that one day he sees sense and reunites the greatest musicians in history.

    No doubt this comment will be deleted, as your lord and master doesn't believe in the freedom of speech which we all have on Morrissey-Solo.


    1. Real 'P.' or 'Parody P.'?


    2. That just made me lol, for all the wrong reasons :))

    3. ''Nothing Morrissey has written in his solo years can touch''
      ... so why be on a morrissey solo forum????
      find a SMITHS forum

    4. Must be 'Parody P.'. This is what 'Real P.' would have written:

      "Whichever one of you BRS fucktards posting on Solo as Varitas M. Berrymore, you aren't fooling anyone you fucking fuck (and so fucking forth), so just fuck off.

      No doubt this comment will be deleted, as your fucking lord and master doesn't believe in the freedom of speech which we all have on Morrissey-Solo, except when it comes to fucking BRS, I'll delete and merge the fucking shit out of anything that appears on Solo about that bullcrap. And now fuck off some more you fucking fucktards.

      The Real P."

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.


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