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Wednesday, 18 June 2014

From the MW Archives: Why I Created MorrisseysWorld by 'Broken'

Published on FTM April 22nd 2015

FRIDAY, 26 JULY 2013

Why I Created MorrisseysWorld by 'Broken'

I don't know why I created MorrisseysWorld Blog really. Maybe it's because I'm a fat c*nt with no life, so I thought it would be fun to make fun of Morrissey's life. Maybe it's because I'm a pointless and social phobic gay virgin in his mid-late 30s. Maybe it's because I'm f***ing bored and KFC lost that edge it once had.

I'm certainly a human being in deep, deep shit. I made that pathetic ringleader blog too, and tried to pass it off as an interview with Morrissey. Tseng didn't fall for it. Why, oh why, did I send it from all the same old internet cafes in the student area of London, instead of leaving to others to post?

God knows why Morrissey made all those pledges come true. I didn't expect him to take his shirt off at the Palladium... didn't expect white rose, or red rose, or blue rose, or the blue rose ring, or the owl eye sign, or the V-signs, or the tour announcements tallying with mine, or the white rose on linder's article, or... well... f***ing hey, you don't actually think those were anything more than coincidence, do you?

Look, it's coincidence, you moron. Peter Skinny'll tell you, if you ask him and he hasn't already blocked you.

Fifteen or twenty coincidences out of the thirty or forty things the blogger implied might happen... cold reading,... big deal. F***.

Same thing happens at solo, I mean look when they predicted Morrissey would ban david steng and, well, wear those f*** solo t-shirts, and they predicted the roses too, and the tour dates and morrisseysmum, now there's a f***ing clairyoyant.

Anyway, bollocks to this. I'm sick of it.

Surely my life amounts to more than this steam of homoerotic poo?

TRB, go on, post one more of your obsequious blog articles, mae me feel like a man!! Go on!!

God, I love the attention, I love it.

Shame I'm in a bedsit with a hairy back and bunions.

B*****d Morrissey with all that money, fame, acclaim, and here I am... f*cked.. not literally.

Anyway, the blog's over, it's finished. What's the point?

Uncle skinny exposed me long ago.

Yours apologetically 


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