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Friday, 11 July 2014

Day 1031 - Our Mozzer returns, but "the magic has gone"

I have returned home from Lanzaratty, and there's a song I can stand, and it's stuck in my head. I honestly do believe that Oboe Concerto is the greatest song since Life is a Pigsty, and if Morrissey were to release it as a single it would.... ok, it wouldn't... but it should!

It would appear that as I was flying home yesterday, Our Mozzer returned to The Twitterdilly Arms. Unfortunately OM has once again deleted his account, so I am unable to report the full extent of what he said in The Arms, but thanks to @Heathercat222 and @sorcha69, I am able to offer some snippets. Rather worryingly OM apparently signed off by saying, "the magic has gone".

Our Mozzer's Highlights:

In response to @sorcha69 asking OM if he had returned due to his album being critically acclaimed: "the critical acclaim? I've never been more depressed. I must have turned into an ageing Dizzy Rascal."


In response to @Heather222's tweet saying, "@MorrisseyParody What a welcome surprise to see you back in my timeline. Still trapped in the Black Lodge?": "I'm somewhere much worse - Bolton."

In response to @loughtonlil tweeting, "@MorrisseyParody I was born, incredibly, in Bolton. Not that I was born incredibly, although it was an experience": "Thank God you only live once."

"Nobody's ever asked me why I began adopting American spellings." (Ed - Does anybody know what led to OM tweeting this, and did he go on to explain why he began adopting American spellings?)

""Kick the bride down the aisle/Look at that the field" can take its place alongside Earth is the Loneliest Planet's "humans are not really very humane" and the groaning puns on Spanish names in The Bullfighter Dies. Hash tag Petriditis". This tweet is a reference to the review of WPINOYB written by The Guardian writer, Alexis Petridis, or "Petriditis" as he has always been referred to in MorrisseysWorld.

Despite Petriditis slagging off the aforementioned lyrics, his review of WPINOYB is actually a much more positive one than he wrote for Years of Refusal, and Petriditis even managed to give WPINOYB 4 stars:

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Petriditis's review of WPINOYB is nowhere near as good as mine, which even though I do say so myself, is probably the best review written by anybody! If nothing else, my review of WPINOYB gave Astraea (@FadingGoldLeaf) a laugh, as can be seen by the comment she left on my blog :

'Mountjoy is reminiscent of George Michael's Faith'. LOL.
Are those the words of a Rat who dares to go where no Rat has gone before? No, I think it must just be the sunstroke.
How is George Michael these days, by the way?
Posted by Astraea to Following The Mozziah at 10 July 2014 17:22

OM Highlight's Continued:

"My tombstone will read, "best solo effort since Vauxhall"." (This is not the actual quote, but NOBODY took notes!!! *tuts to self* It wasn't like this in the old days when everybody took notes. WHAT went wrong? HOW have SO many people fallen away from following the tweets of Morrissey on twitter? According to @southkirk, everybody has left because they were, "frightened away"! MORRISSEY IS ON TWITTER, and yet people are ignoring him because they are frightened? You couldn't make this up! And WHY am I writing all this inside brackets?)

Due to nobody taking notes, I cannot bring any more of OM's twitter highlight's, but here are the words of @Heathercat222 to describe one of the tweets:

"Funny tweet re Brad Pitt eating a Wimpy burger. "No matter how rich you may be, we all find ourselves in the same sh*t.""

Heather also mentioned that there were some political tweets bashing Cameron and the hypocrisy of the UK government, with OM referring to the UK government as "the worst in the world". Heather informs me that Marcus Markou (@PapaSonsFilm) had some interaction with OM on this subject, but I stopped following Marcus on twitter after he went all weird and started accusing me of being Broken. *Shakes head* How the hell did I ever end up being accused of being Broken? All I have ever done is write the story of MorrisseysWorld, and yet even to this day I am still being accused by some of not only being Broken, but also of being the one behind MorrisseysWorld (See Solowers comments today:! You really, really couldn't make this up!

According to @sorcha69, Our Mozzer interacted with her and Broken (who apparently was also in The Arms yesterday) on the subject of Justin Bieber and Russell Brand, with OM saying, "Some of us find neither of them attractive."


Well, that's it! There is nothing more for me to add.  Has the magic really gone from MorrisseysWorld? Has Our Mozzer left us for good this time, or will the excitement of Monday's official release of WPINOYB manage to re-ignite the MorrisseysWorld flame? Will we ever get to read that new Bans Committee parody piece? Does it even exist?

*Goes off singing* Rich or poor, we all lose.... but you gotta have faith, faith faith, you gotta have faith.


  1. oh the magic will never go, just ask Sooty, we will all be back

  2. When you consider what has happened it's hardly surprising if OM is feeling dispirited.
    Lets hope he may pop back again soon.
    Thanks for yesterdays highlights.

  3. As I wrote yesterday, the magic hasn't gone for some of us. The tweet about American spellings was in response to my tweet saying his humor was still intact, apparently inspired by my spelling of 'humor'. I assumed that he was referring to Moz's adaptation of American spellings as a nod to MW so I didn't question him on it, but maybe I should have. I apologize for my dismally inaccurate attempt at remembering the wording of some of his tweets, but at least it's better than nothing. I do hope that OM will make another appearance in the Arms despite his downcast mood, and I hope that we might be able to see that parody piece someday!

  4. I got the sense that Our Mozzer just wasn't as engaged in twitter like he used to be apart from the regulars and a few others and its definitely not due to a lack of clever witty tweets that's for sure could it be that the bad blood between the brs sects (which had absolutely nothing to do with @Morrisseyparody account) has somehow put others off from joining in? Does our supposed reputation for banning and bullying proceed us? Regardless of that, there are still a few of us left, who still see the magic of this experience. I think others will come this is genuis and it sure is hell isn't wasted.
    Here are a few more tweets:
    "World peace is, I'm afraid, absolutely none of your business @BarackObama"
    "Loneliness is my careers one loyal ally"
    "Desperation is my best friend"
    "My twitter account will, in the fullness of time, be considered the modern equivalent of Wilde's after dinner repertoine"
    "Boredom is what drives me. I hate the boredom of life so much that I don't everwant to return to living it"
    Genius is often ignored but never forgotten. Mediocrity is forgotten the moment it passes"

    I'm kicking myself over not asking further about the American spellings...

  5. Interesting that brken always says his favourite steak is t bone steak!!!! Lyrics from i'm not a man - another 'coincidence?'

    Great to have this blog. Well done to rat for writing it!!!

    The BRS is better without some people. There's many more than 12 of us, but not everyone writes every time.

    Quality not quantity!

    Glad we have no sabine now! just decent people


  6. Dear ConMorrissey Theorist,

    sounds like that "Sabine" is pure evil but what did you expect. I've said it before and I'll say it again, those women are all the same. I'm all for feminism, but I don't even know why they're allowed to vote to be honest. Useless folk. I'm glad that you made me aware of that truly 'ignoble' person, if I may put it that way. You must excuse me, I'm fairly new to this, I'm not even a member, who is this Morrissey chap anyway that my secretary keeps talking about. And why does he sometimes wear tents as trousers. Just in case that anyone is looking for a new personal stylist, this is my twitter: @VB_VictorBlanco

    Check out my website too.

  7. We are still here, but don't always post, especially when we thought you were on holiday. I think we are just in a lull now, should change with release of WPINOYB or if MW/Moz tweets return or any reports of Moz on tour, CD promo appearances on FTM

  8. A parody on the way? A hope trapped in the box of a dream?


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