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Monday, 14 July 2014

Day 1034 - World Peace Is Our Business at last

World Peace is None of Your Business is OUT! I can't remember the last night I excitedly rushed to a record shop to buy an album on day of release, but that it exactly what I have done today; not only the normal CD, but also the deluxe version. I had initially ordered the Uber Deluxe Bundle from the official Morrissey website, but I cancelled that order a number of weeks ago when I realised that it included the download, which I had already pre-ordered from iTunes. You can never own too many copies of the same Morrissey CD or record, but owning two lots of the same download really doesn't make sense, even to a numpty like me. Having said that, there have been a number of occasions when different members of my household have downloaded the same song, which infuriates me beyond belief, but I guess mine isn't the only household where this happens; this is the modern world.

My purchase today from HMV also included the limited edition 4 track EP on vinyl. For some reason the vinyl version of the LP has been delayed. As I write this, WPINOYB has entered the UK iTunes chart at Number 3, with Ed Sheeran's 'X' currently sitting at Number 1, and Jungle by Jungle at 2. Hopefully physical sales will see Morrissey soar past Jungle (whoever they are) but I have a nasty feeling that pesky Ed may prevent Morrissey from wracking up his 6th Number 1.

Most artists would be pulling out all the stops to promote a new album, but Morrissey hasn't been seen for weeks, so I am guessing that we are unlikely to see him popping up on the 'One Show' or 'This Morning' anytime soon. MancLad has posted a tweet hinting that Moz is currently in Miami, but a better rumour would have been to say Morrissey has died; that would be great for sales. A publicity stunt of some sorts is definitely needed.

There is a lot more that I would like to write today, but I am rushed off my feet, so I can't. Our Mozzer very briefly popped into the Twit Arms early on Saturday morning, so I shall report on that tomorrow. I was also able to copy his tweets that I missed from Thursday, so I shall post those tomorrow too.

Before I sign off today, I must share three comments left on my blog entry of Friday. Firstly, there is this one from Girl Without:

Is it just me, or does 'Smiler with a Knife' remind anyone else about the Leonid Albrecht novel extract?
Posted by girlwithout to Following The Mozziah at 12 July 2014 12:53

I had completely forgotten about the novel extract on MorrisseysWorld, and my memory is so bad that I can't remember the storyline, but GWO kept a copy of the extract and has sent it to me, so I will read it this evening, and then post it tomorrow; and then the debate can begin as to whether or not the song 'Smiler With Knife' has been influenced by something posted on the MorrisseysWorld blog. Personally I hope it has, because that would then enable me to enjoy the song, which at the moment, as I wrote last week, I just can't.

The second comment that I would like to share is from longtime MorrisseysWorder, 'Jon', aka 'ConMorrissey Theorist'. Very little is known about 'Jon the Con', but it has previously been speculated that he is another of Morrissey's pessoa's. Here is Jon's comment:

Interesting that broken always says his favourite steak is t bone steak!!!! Lyrics from i'm not a man - another 'coincidence?'
Posted by ConMorrissey Theorist to Following The Mozziah at 13 July 2014 10:02

It's a very interesting observation by Jon, and it's also very true, as Broken is forever tweeting that he loves meat, with t-bone steak being his favourite. It is just a coincidence, of course!

The final comment I would like to share, is from Mozzer himself:

A parody on the way? A hope trapped in the box of a dream?
Posted by Morrissey to Following The Mozziah at 13 July 2014 14:38

*Goes off singing....of course...especially on this special day*


  1. Today Morrissey has given me a spring in my step. The album has lived up to expectations & more, it is a major triumph & I would be delighted to see it soar to #1
    Interesting observation from GWO re Smiler With Knife, it will be good to read the Leonid Albrecht essay again. Despite my poor memory I think GWO may well be on to something here. I love the song, Morrissey's voice is packed with emotion which clutched my heart.

  2. Message from Our Mozzer: the Leonid story must not be republished.

    Warm regards


    1. Oh poo!
      We will just have to discuss 'Neal Cassady Drops Dead' instead.

    2. I thought it was Broken who wrote the 'Make Me a Monster, But Don't Kill Me For Being Monstrous' novel featuring Leonid Albrecht; and yet it would appear that it is Our Mozzer issuing the censorship order. Only the very ending has any relevance to Smiler With Knife, so perhaps I shall publish just that section so that we can have our debate. Hmm.

    3. bleedin' 'ell fire, I would have done it for a lot less than that.. why didn't you write me in that story, I stand by what I said to our mozzer in the chat.. great story

    4. oi.. when did broken ever end with "warm regards", right off to bed, been working all day

    5. Our Mozzer once said in chat that he removed the Leonid story from the blog because there was an obvious concert reference to the ending of the story. We never could figure out what it was - maybe just a tease?

      Eagerly awaiting downloading the album in just a few hours. Then bliss will be mine, despite the rest of my life being anything but blissful.

  3. ah I love the leonid story, I too have it saved, as for hinting about his grace being in Miami, nope not true, as I said at the time, how would I know where he is, still closer to home would be my best guess.. a lot closer

    1. No wonder Morrissey has not been seen for weeks. Too busy with this street art campaign. Pasting up WPINOYB billboard posters in Deansgate if this mornings tweets are anything to go by.


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