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Thursday, 17 July 2014

Day 1037 -"There's a song I can't stand"

In my blog entry of yesterday, I reported that despite all of Lizzycatmoz's previous hatred towards both myself and Broken, the all forgiving Mozziah had decided to once again welcome Lizzy back into the BRS. Yesterday evening, The Mozziah once again entered the Twitterdilly Arms, and he was met by Lizzy, who promptly informed the man she had been fawning all over the previous day, that she had no wish to return to his BRS, calling it "poisonous"! Our Mozzer responded by telling Lizzy, "Therefore you are banned for ever."

 Lizzy's words must have acted like a stake through The Mozziah's heart. He had offered kindness to someone who has been anything but kind, and the kindness was thrown back in his face. Two minutes later, OM left the Twitterdilly Arms, with his final words being, "Once I grew to despise the experience - thanks to certain individuals - it was time to leave." The account has now been closed.

Before leaving, OM had taken the time to answer a question that I had left for him earlier in the day. I had asked, "@MorrisseyParody When you wrote 'Oboe', was there an ACTUAL song that you couldn't stand that was stuck in your head, and if so, which one?" OM replied, "Yes - Rock and Roll part 1 by The Glitter Band."


I have no idea if OM was telling the truth about the song influencing the writing of Oboe Concerto really was Rock and Roll Part 1, but it would be interesting if TRM ever stated the same. Now that really would be a coincidence!

I have no more to write today, except to report that the midweek UK chart shows M is currently at No.2, just 6000 sales behind Dread Sheeran. Surely Moz will do something to push last minute sales... won't he?

STOP PRESS: OM has returned to The Arms. More tomorrow.


  1. How upsetting for Our Mozzer after he had been so gracious & kind.
    So I was pleased to find him propping up the bar in The Arms last night. No doubt Rats will report the highlights later on, but I am curious about the MW bar which OM mentioned.

  2. Lizzycatmoz and GOB might perhaps try a good leeching and some mustard plasters to cure their ill humours. Although I wouldn't count on either working - I think they're better suited to reducing inflammation than they are to curing eternal, snide sniping.

    So very many women in the world, who all appear to be the very woman that I will never manage to be: unglamorous, trite, and predictable.

    I'm listening to Kick the Bride right now.

    You're that stretch of the beach
    That the tide doesn't reach
    No meaning, no reason
    The lonely season

    Strange winds, the super moon, life crumbling everywhere around us.

    The lonely season is always. I clutch my veiled tenderness in my hand. I never let it go.

    1. Beautifully put, astra. While Lizzy is clearly not half as unpleasant as GOB, she is as you say trite and endlessly sniping. How astonishing that OM held out the olive branch to someone who is consistent only in her complaining and bitching; how extraordinary that SHE turned it down!

      I can't stand people like Lizzy. It takes someone like you to put it so eloquently and so desolately. As a woman, you are immune from charges of sexism and what you say is right: they are so pitiful.

      I have little positive to say today. So I'll leave it at that.

      Some people are incapable of recognising the hole that they're digging and stopping.

  3. Eloquence and desolation - like the almost the perfect intersection where a lover's mind haltingly pauses then meets... anything else. I like that you paired them together. They deserve to be paired together. They are a beautiful pair together.

    A beautiful pair. Together till the beautiful, desolate end.


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