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Monday, 21 July 2014

Day 1041 - World Peace is Number 2 Business

World Peace is None of Your Business entered the UK chart yesterday at Number 2; Morrissey's SIXTH album to reach No.2.

Morrissey had carried out NO personal promotion for the album, had given NO interviews, and DIDN'T promote it with a tour. At the same age (55), David Bowie released the album Heathen, which reached No.5 in the UK chart.

Nevermind by Nirvana reached No.7 in the UK album charts, whilst Setting Sons by The Jam reached No.4. The Bends by Radiohead also reached No.4 and Radiohead's last album, The King of Limbs (2011) reached No.7. Achtung Baby by U2 reached No.2, as did The Final by Wham! David Bowie's Tin Machine II reached No.23.

There has been no sign of any Morrissey pessoas in The Twitterdilly Arms, and FollowingTheMozziah has received NO hits from Switzerland.


  1. I feel sad that the album didn't hit the number one spot. I've listened to little else in the past week & have now fallen head over heels for Julie In The Weeds & Forgive Someone.

    Hoping OM is OK & is just taking some time out.

  2. A personal promotional campaign of enigmatic otherness? I do fear that Morrissey's anxiety and depression might have returned with a vengeance, hence the public shyness. Take care.

  3. Although the album most certainly deserves to be No. 1, I still think No. 2 is very admirable, considering the lack of promotion. As others have said, I just hope that all is well in Morrissey's world.


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