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Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Day 1043 - The All-Seeing Eye

The above photo, which I posted on yesterday's blog, has been identified as having been taken by the barmaid at the 'Kill Your Idol' pub in Miami, and it was apparently (according to Clover Dean) first posted on Jesse Tobias instagram page, although it no longer seems to be there. The reason the photo seems to have been added to the BRS tumblr, is because the photo has the 'All-Seeing Eye' in it, which was a major part of MorrisseysWorld. I shall leave Orange Mécanique and Broken to explain:

"I've stared at the picture of the band for a while now, and two things strike me as odd:
First, Solomon again seems isolated on that picture, like in the album sleeve of World Peace. Could that be a hint at "solo"?
Second, the all-seeing eye in the background. Wasn't that one part of the MorrisseysWorld blog?
As pointed out to Rats on twitter, the band might play a much bigger role in the whole story than everyone thinks. Wouldn't they ask questions why they're supposed to wear certain shirts? Isn't it well-known how good Morrissey and his band work together? I think people should pay way more attention to them."
Posted by Orange Mécanique to Following The Mozziah at 22 July 2014 16:16

"That is indeed the all-seeing-eye. In fact it is the symbol of British intelligence, if anyone cares to look it up, and it was specifically included on the blog. It's certainly a rather creepy coincidence.
The allegation above that willow was 'bullied' is pathetic. Willow expressed anger/frustration at my posting of shirtless biebs, and I told her to 'get lost' and blocked her. I am allowed to block people and tell them to get lost when they insult or criticise me for posting a shirtless picture of a man.
If you don't like me, don't follow me, as someone once said.
The BRS is bigger than ever. The old blog posts received no hits at all and no comments for over two years.
More importantly, we have high quality people, not low quality homophobes and divisive characters.
Parody on the way!"
Posted by Broken to Following The Mozziah at 22 July 2014 19:30


  1. Not even a friggin' anon comment? Spoilt rotten, that's what they all are.

  2. I respect BRS

  3. This is the best Morrissey site. F*** Solow.

  4. How can the band not know about MW and the BRS? BRS President @mozkidkyle is on Jesse's Instagram:

  5. Solo will always be above this sorry site!

    Maybe if the band and Morrissey worried more about composing some quality music and some worthwhile lyrics, the clown and his posse would have sold more than he did. Additionally, some more attention to quality lyrics instead of worrying about posting ridiculous and disgusting pics of JB, under as TRB would say, a pessoa, would have caused for more of his fan base to connect with and appreciate the release. After hearing many of the singles, countless fans decided that Morrissey has become a deluded old and bitter man who has now devolved into a sorry sod without much to say--or perhaps--without much to say in his former intellectual and intriguing ways.

    1. Sorry if that offends you, but, World Peace... is strong album with beautiful songs. Solow is The Snake Pit.

  6. Interesting photo! I find it hard to believe that the band are not at least aware of MW & BRS.
    Thanks for blogging Rats.

  7. I have just read through the whole of Following the Mozziah from beginning to end. I conclude that this Rat/TRB character is an absolute fantasist who has made up a whole pack of lies just to try and get Morrissey's attention. Morrissey would never write a blog or use twitter, and what is more, Morrissey didn't take off his shirt at the Palladium, he didn't make any secret signs, he didn't accept any blue roses and the cover of Hand in Glove is not influenced by Jean Cocteau. Fifi is Rat. MorrisseysWorld is Rat. Broken is Rat. Even if Morrissey did accept a couple of blue roses, it doesn't mean anything.


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