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Thursday, 24 July 2014

Day 1044 - At last I am born

All is quiet in MorrisseysWorld, and FTM has still had NO hits from Switzerland. I think I will make this my last blog entry for a while.

The other day, I reactivated the ability for anonymous comments to be left on my blog, but it has resulted in abuse and spam, so I have now de-activated it again. Here is an example of one of the misguided anon's, although I can't help but think that it might be a self-deprecating Morrissey, although as I have already pointed out in my opening sentence, I have had NO hits from Switzerland, so it can't be:

"Solo will always be above this sorry site!

Maybe if the band and Morrissey worried more about composing some quality music and some worthwhile lyrics, the clown and his posse would have sold more than he did. Additionally, some more attention to quality lyrics instead of worrying about posting ridiculous and disgusting pics of JB, under as TRB would say, a pessoa, would have caused for more of his fan base to connect with and appreciate the release. After hearing many of the singles, countless fans decided that Morrissey has become a deluded old and bitter man who has now devolved into a sorry sod without much to say--or perhaps--without much to say in his former intellectual and intriguing ways."
Posted by Anonymous to Following The Mozziah at 23 July 2014 23:53

As it is a quiet news day, here is my response:

Dear Anon, I think you'll find that you are in a minority regarding the quality of the music and lyrics on World Peace, with most fans and critics seeing it as "the best Morrissey album since Vauxhall & I". World Peace would undoubtedly have sold more copies if the album had been promoted, but with no tour, no interviews and no advertising campaign other than a few posters here and there, most fans were oblivious to the fact that Morrissey had even released a new album.

As for your statement about the "ridiculous and disgusting pics of JB" distracting Morrissey from writing quality lyrics, this is simply laughable.Song writers don't spend all day every day sitting around writing songs, so Morrissey's time spent posting pics of Justin Bieber on twitter is no different to a bio-chemist spending his spare time surfing the internet for 'foot-fetish' porn, or a brick layer reading a Jackie Collins novel. The pictures are only "ridiculous" or "disgusting" in your personal opinion. It is actually VERY feasible that Morrissey would find JB attractive, but you are probably correct in your assumption that some Morrissey fans would not be able to accept their "God" having an attraction to a plastic pop-star like Justin Bieber, which is perhaps why Morrissey does it via a pessoa. It could of course be that it is just the 'character','Broken' who fancies Bieber, and Morrissey himself has no interest in him whatsoever. If it is the case that Morrissey actually does fancy Bieber, and he is showing us see his true feelings, then we should feel extremely privileged. The whole importance of all this will never be truly understood until Morrissey is dead, and historians study him.

Your statement about "countless fans" turning away from Morrissey having heard the singles has no basis. With the exception of Uncle Skinny calling World Peace "plodding, one-dimensional and uninspiring", the majority of fans have praised the singles, although again, due to lack of radio airplay or any promotion, the vast majority of fans would have had no idea that any Morrissey singles had actually been released.

Your final statement about Morrissey not having much to say in his "former intellectual and intriguing ways" is desperately wrong. Anybody who has followed the MorrisseysWorld blog and twitter account will be able to tell you that Morrissey is as intelligent, sharp, witty and intriguing as ever, and the lyrics to this latest batch of songs would also back this up.

World Peace would have been a Number 1 album if somebody at Harvest had done their research properly, and kept it away from being released at the same time as the biggest album of 2014 (X by Dread Sheeran). It is just like 1987 all over again, when Strangeways, Here We Come was released at the same time as Michael Jackson's Bad.

Carry on hating, old son, this world needs haters, or it would be far too sickly.

Viva Hate


That's it then. Unless that promised parody piece is posted, or Our Mozzer reappears in The Twit Arms, I am off to spend the rest of the summer at cricket grounds across the south of England. This coming Sunday and Monday I shall be at the Ageas Bowl in Southampton watching England play India, and next weekend I am off to Somerset, which has meant giving away my ticket to see Johnny Marr.

I shall sign off by offering congratulations to my  friends, Midlife Matt and STS, on the arrival of their first child, Morrissey!


  1. So it ends. And there was me waiting for you to mention the link between Morrissey going behind the black curtain in the recording studio and 'The Black Lodge'. JJaz spotted this and tweeted about it on July 17 when bits of gossip about what went on in the recording studio first appeared. I have a terrible memory but didn’t it all start off in a café?

  2. Here's hoping for that parody to appear soon. In the meantime, enjoy the cricket, Ratty.

  3. Have a good break Rats. I am hoping it will be cut short by the arrival of the parody.
    Happy cricketing.


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