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Thursday, 7 August 2014

Day 1058 - "Those that kick me do not understand me. I just need love"

Since the new MorrisseysWorld twitter account arrived nine days ago, I have been slightly suspicious as to it's authenticity, mainly because this time around Our Mozzer has used words like "gig" and "ETC". He has even used "&" instead of "and", which he has NEVER done before. I of all people should know that you should never say "never" with Morrissey, but when it comes to writing, most of us are creatures of habit, and we tend to stick to our own rules.

When Our Mozzer appeared in the Twitterdilly Arms yesterday evening, I decided to take the opportunity to try and find out if the person tweeting was the same person who has always been behind MorrisseysWorld, i.e. Morrissey. Not only did Our Mozzer pass my test with flying colours, but he saw straight through what I was doing. Here are his highlights:

In response to @LizzyCatMoz asking, "@stillMozsworld Is there anything you would like to ask us?": "I am stumped."

In response to me tweeting, "@stillMozsworld Stumped? Have you been playing cricket? Do you remember where you said you wished to play cricket with me?": "It is impossible for me to play cricket. I will break for tea though."


As OM had not responded to my question about remembering where, I tried again with, "@stillMozsworld Tea is one of the civil parts of cricket, but DO you remember the village you said you'd like to play?": "Shanklin village"

I then tweeted, "You have a good memory", to which OM replied, "@TheRatsBack I believed you were testing me. I also said I would wear a blue rose."

When I then admitted that I was testing OM because of his use of "gig, ETC and &", he responded, "Oh Rat.... How could you?" and then added, "excuse me, who said never say Morrissey would never?"

"I treat people the way I have been treated by people."

In response to me asking, "@stillMozsworld Have you ANY idea at all why your so called fans constantly kick you? I'd love to know your view": "People always rally against things they do not understand. Those that kick me do not understand me. I just need love."

I had asked the above question because of all the hatred and bile that continues to be aimed at Moz from his 'fans' on Solow, but I also had in mind the MorrisseysWorld fans who recently abandoned Morrissey during his recent illness. Morrissey's answer to my question really hit the nail on the head.... "those that kick me do not understand me". These past couple of months have probably seen Moz as low as he has ever felt in his life, with the word 'depression' not even touching the surface of how he was feeling, and yet rather than try and understand the broken Morrissey, some of his fans simply walked away, with the reason being that a broken Morrissey was no good to them, and wasn't the Morrissey they WANTED/NEEDED him to be. As one of the former MorrisseysWorlders put it yesterday in a tweet, "If Morrissey could treat people like that EVEN IF HE IS BROKEN he is not for me. I would have expected better."

In response to @Jazissey asking, "@stillMozsworld does one have to believe in one's own art in order for it to be somewhat successful?": "If you do not believe in your own art then others will not believe in it either."

In response to @GirlOnBike1102 mentioning that LizzyCat's £2.40 lottery win is nearly enough for a Ryan Air flight to Dublin: "landing just outside Dublin. In Portsmouth." Could the mention of Portsmouth be a clue to one of the city's on the next tour? Dublin has already been confirmed.

Astraea has made a welcome return to these parts, leaving the following comment yesterday:

"Let me take you for a game of ping pong," he said to me.
"I want to see how well you handle the balls," he said to me - again.

The eight words' comment made me think about your own ping pong here. And then of course it made me think about all the other kinds of ping pong there are.

I do happen to like a good game myself. Of ping pong, that is.

And my ball control is absolutely out of this world.

Must be my dab hands.

Posted by Astraea to Following The Mozziah at 6 August 2014 15:11

Astraea's comment makes me think that I might actually have been right about Morrissey's latest TTY statement. Perhaps those eight bold words weren't a coincidence after all, perhaps he really was playing Ping Pong with me!

Well, that's it for today. I haven't yet managed to see a copy of Hot Press magazine with the new exclusive Morrissey interview, but bits are starting to appear on the internet, including this classic:

Interviewer: You must have been offered lots of film roles down the years...

Morrissey: Me? Film roles? Are you serious? I was offered a Rice Krispie's commercial and a Kit-Kat commercial. Thank God I wasn't waiting for Macbeth... I'd be very upset."

Witty as ever.... and no longer broken.


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Desperately hoping that some kind soul will scan and post the Hot Press interview (please, please, please)...

    I agree that OM's tweet, "People always rally against things they do not understand", hit the nail firmly on the head.

  3. Glad OM passed your test, I was slightly wondering as he hasn't followed any of the DDD which he normally does. Perhaps he is afraid he will follow us into oblivion. Never been there, mind you.

  4. Morrissey in a KitKat commercial? My secret dreams would come true...

    1. Remember "you can't sing, you can't play, you look awful . . . You'll go a long way". An ad for kit-kat from way back.

    2. And here it is

    3. Now if only it had been a Caramac commercial.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. If OM did do a KitKat commercial he would need creative control, otherwise it would be pointless.

  7. Witty as ever - not QUITE.

    Though the new 'OM' is passable, it's not quite OM is it? No Wildean witticisms, poetic barbs or snide pop culture references; instead just playful banter a la Fifi.

    The fact none of you can recognise the difference between OM and this imposter of an imposter confirms OM's decision to leave to be the correct one.

    This truly is nothing to do with MW.

    I bid you all a good day.


    1. hence the delay with the answer whilst he quickly looked it up, oh my, you,ve just upset whiskers, who must be reeling with that Scottish independence answer

    2. Oh my befuddled head! I didn't even see you here earlier Broken.

    3. To be honest, I did wonder. As I am usually called Lizzy by OM.
      Very sad to hear that he has left us.
      I hope he will reconsider his decision.

    4. The difference is quite evident and I certainly have been wondering, but I assumed the difference in tone was deliberate, as expressed by the tweet that asked if he would have to go back to being a parody to be believed. Astraea's endorsement of the account when it first appeared made it appear to be legitimate. Was this some sort of a test?

    5. Exactly my thought, Heather. I had already written this in today's blog entry, which is currently in production. Today's blog entry also features a new parody piece, so stay tuned.

    6. thank g 00 dness for detectives heather and girlwithout.. some of us will be L 00 king from work

  8. Whatever happened about Morrissey appearing in The Archers? He's had a few mentions recently so I wondered if this was leading up to his debut on the show.

  9. Thank you for the welcome back Rat, although that might have been a bit premature. The internet is like a children's playground, with the bullies allowed to the forefront, and those who scream victim and kick the loudest of all, are often those who created the bad blood in the first place. I left last week because I had had enough of the cunts, but here I am back again. Yet now the clock strikes midnight already. There was never going to be room here for all of us.

    I'm delighted to see broken back, even only in passing, while others simply are my own cue to keep going. My love to all those who deserved it. To those who did not, our shadows will pass in the darkness like they should have done in the first place.

    Not everyone can be cut from the same piece of cloth. And indeed, we are not.

    The fake ones, the superficial ones, the ones with nothing to say... these are the things that kill me.



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