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Monday, 11 August 2014

Day 1062 - "Mistreated and Maligned"... The Harvest is over.

When yesterday's cricket match was called off due to the rain, I thought I might be in for a dull day, but Morrissey wondered into the Twitterdilly Arms just before lunchtime, and pretty much stayed all day. Before I cover what was discussed, I should mention that I awoke yesterday morning, not only to the rain, but to this bombshell news on TTY:

9 August 2014

Harvest Records

Three weeks after the release of Morrissey's World Peace Is None Of Your Business (#2 UK, #14 US), Capitol Records/Harvest have ended their relationship with Morrissey, as directed by label boss Steve Barnett.
Morrissey is once again in search of a record label.


On reading the news, I immediately took to twitter, to try and give a piece of my mind to Harvest's dreadfully inept Digital Marketing Manager, Bich Ngoc Cao (@madcao), but I discovered that I had been blocked by Bich! I can only presume that Bich blocked me following the criticism I gave her back in June. The truth was obviously too much to bear. Bich Ngoc Cao is probably a university graduate, and probably has a marketing degree of some type, but if she is typical of the sort of person that is running record companies these days, then it is no surprise that the music industry is in such a bad way. Harvest had NO idea what Morrissey was about, and without an official Twitter account to promote him, Bich and her team were lost. Harvest failed on every possible level.


Morrissey has given his reaction to Harvest on twitter, but before I report on that, first some other news. In an interview with the Guardian on Saturday, George Michael was asked to tell a secret, and his reply was, "The Smiths are reforming". This statement got some people VERY excited, but Morrissey (@stillMozsworld) poked his head around the doors of the Twit Arms on Saturday to offer the following:

"George Michael is obviously still stoned."

I suggested to Morrissey that perhaps The Smiths were reforming with George as their singer. I then suggested to Moz that perhaps he should take over as the singer of Wham! Morrissey replied, "I have not been approached." Astraea jumped in and added, "this is no time for jokes. What if George gets confused and tries to reform A-ha soon?" Moz replied, ""Some nine year old tough who peddles drugs I swear I only bought an eighth."

Wham! A young George Michael shows no shame

Here are the highlights from Morrissey's visit to the Twitterdilly Arms yesterday:

"So once again I tour with no label. Perhaps George had the right idea... I jest."

"Reforming the old group. Does anyone still remember The Nosebleeds?"

"Who knows where we move onto from here. My name is sure to stain the family name."

"The pale moon in the dawning sky"

In response to @hiddensun11 tweeting, "@stillMozsworld So many "High Castle" references": "I am working my way through. High Castle speaks to me this week. At least I have all the time in the world to read now. Sipping tea with a record on. New Ways but Love Stays by The Supremes"

"Harvest was a mistake."

"Harvest would have failed to promote Jesus Christ to the apostles."

"I just assumed they had been lost in a brewery ever since I released the album. No promotion at all."

"Do not get me started on the World Peace "Bundles"."


ME: "The ONLY thing Harvest had to offer you was their name. It was a name not worth having."

MOZ: "As much use as signing to Jet Records."

ME: "Jeff Lynne did both!"

MOZ: "I like to think my hair is a little bit better."

ME: "Not as curly. The Fall released on Jet in the nineties. I could actually see your name on that yellow label."

MOZ: "Well if anyone is listening... although one would hate to act like a spoilt Victorian child."

"All we have is each other."

"We exist in a well of loneliness"

In response to @tabootlb tweeting, "@stillmozsworld hiya Moz, what sort of venue will you be doing on uk tour?": "Back rooms in pubs at this rate."

MOZ: "The moment changes. One must be ready to change with it. Or be left high and dry. Smiths are not dead."

ME: "But THE Smiths are!"

MOZ: "Exactly Rat. Although as you know The Smiths were only Johnny and I."

HARRISON (@OdysseyNumber5): "What about Craig Gannon? :-) j/k"

MOZ: "By that extension Troy Tate is equally important."

HARRISON: "True. Andy Rourke was a pretty solid bass player, wasn't he?"

MOZ: "Yes but lost himself to his demons."

ME: "The other two kept the beat and all Joyce does now is keep the bleat. Your current band are the best you have ever had."

MOZ: "Well I KNOW this but I am told people do not like them. Jesse is underrated by most. Joyce looks like he has lived his life twice over. He needs a face transplant. I am sure my money can give him that."

In response to @MadAlix14 asking, "@stillMozsworld how's the novel coming along?": "New chapters about incompetent record label bosses. Could write for hours."

In response to @MadAlix14 adding, "@stillMozsworld that could perhaps fill a hefty portion of bio vol.2": "It would be the WHOLE of a second autobiography. "Mistreated and Maligned."

LIZZY (@LizzyCatMoz): "Have you considered writing a weekly newspaper column?"

MOZ: "Perhaps an Agony Aunt role would suit me more. Although I'd only have time to answer my own letters."

ME: "Careful, old son. Tweets like that one are slipping you back into Parody Moz mode."

MOZ: "Is that such a bad thing."

ME: "Of course not. I would love to see Parody Moz back. How about a parody piece about Harvest?"

MOZ: "Give me a week to recover."

ME: "Do you EVER recover from those thrusts of the knife?"

MOZ: "I'm still reeling from a knife that was thrust into me in 1987."

ME: "Reeling, but still able to produce a new work of art. Do you realise JUST how good World Peace Is None Of Your Business is?"

MOZ: "A monster. I know. You know. THEY know. Everybody else refuses to know. The name is tainted."

ME: "I think you are probably right. It is the price you have paid for being true to yourself."

MOZ: "The music industry and increasingly the public cannot take real people. They need those who can read from a crib sheet."

ME: "You know you are right, and actually, it is IMPOSSIBLE for you to be wrong, because whatever you choose IS you!"

MOZ: "I was once wrong. Only once. I wore a shirt that did not match my shoes. I remained in bed for a week."

ME: "Lol. I'm surprised you didn't blame the shirt manufacturer."

MOZ: "I did. A stern letter was written. They paid for the pills."

ME: "A fairly decent payout then, that's a lot of pills."

MOZ: "Yes, I believe they are now out of business. Serves them right for making such horrible attire. Do not ask why I owned a piece."

ME: "It could have been the shoes that were wrong, and the shirt was right."

MOZ: "My shoes are NEVER wrong."

ME: "I was waiting for that."

MOZ: "I've not become predictable have I? Have I become a fat old slag already?"

ME: "A slag with great shoes."

MOZ: "The best type of slag. Perhaps we should stop talking of me being a slag. I am in need of a new label but I won't whore myself."

ME: "What old label do you fancy? Give me 3 off the top of your head."

MOZ: "Sanctury EMI Rough Trade."

ME: "I meant what old 70s retro label do you fancy next?"

MOZ: "The brain is not functioning. Well we have already mentioned Jet. Why not Curb Records and Beggars Banquet."

ME: "I don't remember Curb. Who recorded for them? Post me your favourite Curb song."

MOZ: "And before you ask about Beggars Banquet.. Nico - Camera Obscura."



At this stage, Astraea (@FadingGoldLeaf) entered the Twitterdilly Arms, and put a few songs on the jukebox, including Les Petits Papiers by Régine.

ME: (To Astraea) "I love it when you introduce us to such gems. Who the bleeding hell is Regine?"

MOZ: "Queen of the Night."

(Note: Régine 'Queen of the Night' Zylberberg:égine_Zylberberg)

MOZ: "Can I be bothered to write a scathing True-To-You post? Onwards, upwards. Then backwards, downwards. I always return to where I was in 1982."

In response to me mentioning that I like Adam Ant: "I have a soft spot for Adam these days."

"@jamieoliver Just how airbrushed is your picture? You overweight butchers apprentice"

In response to @edsheeran tweeting, "7 weeks at No.1 in the uk, it's getting more and more surreal": "Yes how surreal. Your record label has bought 300,000 copies of your dire disgusting disgrace of an LP."

"@TessDaly Have you decided on the line up for strictly? I know of someone who has just become available."

"By popular demand I am taking a break. From Twitter and Music. The latter has been forced upon me. Leave me alone I was only singing!"

"I will leave you with this."


Morrissey returned to the Twitterdilly Arms a little later in the evening, and I managed to catch up with him again. I do hate to hog him, but very few people choose to converse with him. Their loss is my gain.

ME: "You don't seem too distraught regarding the parting with Harvest. Is it a relief? WHY weren't they interested in promoting?"

MOZ: "I find it hysterical. It has still annoyed me. They were incompetent, I doubt I have been removed from their 'Artists' page. They were never sold on me. I still believe they think they signed Van Morrison."

ME: "What brought everything to such an abrupt end, was it your criticism on TTY?"

MOZ: "These things cannot be discussed. But it was three things. That was one of them."

ME: "Was your shirt not matching your shoes one of the other two? I don't believe Steve Barnett would've noticed."

MOZ: "Steve has yet to realise he even signed me."

ME: "One day he might realise what he had."

MOZ: "He never had me. This year has been quite an unusual year. It would have crushed a lesser artist. But here I am. Still."

LIZZY: "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger."

MOZ: "I must be the strongest man alive. Apart from Nicola Adams."

ME: "Treble lol."

MOZ: "I feel I am regaining a part of myself. My humour is perhaps returning? If it can be described as such."


In response to @LizzyCatMoz worrying that she sounded too fawning towards Moz: "We all fawn. I would fawn over Edith Sitwell if the chance arose. Alas, she is long gone."

In response to @LizzyCatMoz asking, "@stillMozsworld What would you say to Edith Sitwell?": "Just where did you buy your clothes? And how much pain are you in?"

"@Johnny_Marr The black peat of the hills when I was still ill. See this mess."

In response to @MadAlix14 asking, "@stillmozsworld Is the homoerotic locker-room part about Johnny Marr too?": "Humanerotic." Moz then added, "Everything I've ever written is about Johnny. Rotten."

In response to @GirlOnBike1102 asking, "@stillmozsworld How about being the opening act for Johnny's new tour?": "We will close the show together but I will not open."


LIZZY: "Your follower numbers have increased" (Ed - currently 76)

MOZ: "I am not sure how this has happened? Perhaps they are attracted to failure?"

ME: "In the Hot Press interview you mentioned 38 people who would buy Mrs Shufflewick. Did you happen to have 38 twitter followers at the time?"

MOZ: "Leave that one to you. But there or there about. Or not. I know nothing. I'm not Morrissey remember?"

ME: "I thought you were not Parody Morrissey! I get the distinct impression that you ARE the real Morrissey, although only in this pub!"

MOZ: "I can only be me."

ME: "And yet you own many cloaks."

MOZ: "All more pathetic than the last. Or is that record labels? Who knows."

ME: "Lol. WHO knows indeed." Trouble Loves Me - Morrissey (LIVE in front of 20,000 people THIS YEAR):

MOZ: "I was ill from the very start of this tour."

ME: "Funnily enough, somebody DM'd me and told me that. The whole crew were apparently VERY concerned. And now?"

MOZ: "Better. Just. Although can one ever recover from the depths?"

ME: "Whilst there remains a stage for you to clamber on to, then I believe you will always find the strength."

MOZ: "Clamber on to or be carried/stretchered off."

"There's a cash register, ringing, and it weighs so heavy on my back"

I feel I have written far too much for one day, so I shall stop. I haven't mentioned any of Morrissey's Friday night visit to The Arms, but as most of the conversations were with former BRS members who do not want me mentioning them anymore, it makes things a little harder. I have in fact had to block a whole number of former BRS members due to the continued abuse they give me on twitter, with them even having a pop at me for walking my dog!

 Maybe I will post the Moz quotes from Friday on tomorrow's blog entry, and just leave out the names of the innocent. I can't quite fathom out why I am the one that everybody has decided to blame for their previous fallouts, when the actual person that they fell out with, was the person they have now all forgiven at the drop of a hat. I suppose the answer is because I am not Morrissey, and he is, although they only believe he is Morrissey when it suits them, and that tends to be when he's not laying in the gutter. Oh well.

*Goes off whistling Trouble loves me*


  1. OM and I seem to pass in the night, but I'm glad he wasn't left holding up the bar on his own, his visit to the Twit Arms seems to have boosted his spirits a bit so well done all who helped.

    1. same as JG, plus I am not followed, so cant get involved, hey ho, anyway the writing was on the wall with Harvest, once Moz had a go on TTY that would have been the excuse they were waiting for, it was in the pipeline for some time, what with the messed up twit account, the letters to Moz page that suddenly stopped publishing any letters, and the threat of a court case I can imagine Harvest plotting a way out and what better way than to cause the artiste himself to have a go at you in print.. yes of course I believe Harvest planned it

    2. The letters to Moz page was last updated on 17 July. The last update that I can see on the Morrissey ‘official’ facebook page is also 17 July (I don’t do FB so maybe I just can’t see any further updates). Mid-July was also the time that the Harvest Records website posted odd travel videos under Morrissey’s name.
      Strange that these areas of promotion were either grinding to a halt or going skew whiff just a few days after the album release.

  2. It was encouraging to see OM in relatively good spirits despite the news about Harvest. Harvest certainly was a mistake and he's definitely better off without them. Although the future is uncertain at the moment, I have no doubt that Moz's strength and persistence will carry him through, as they've always done before. I find this quality truly inspiring, as it's all too easy to let life's setbacks crush and defeat you.

    1. yep couldn't agree more Heather.. oh and keep it quiet in these parts but err, Mike Joyce said hello to me at Wembley on Sunday

  3. I can assure you the individual on twitter is not Our Mozzer. I believe Broken has already told you as much.

    Until you refrain from calling him OM, I shall never return.

    1. Yes, come on JG and Heather, DO keep up. As I explained in my blog entry the other day, @stillMozsworld is NOT Our Mozzer (OM), he is TRM. It is plain for ALL to see, although of course, they can't!

    2. My apologies - old habits die hard. Of course I know he's not OM, but some of the tweets have sounded like they could have been written by OM. I won't make this error again.

    3. This is getting tedious and its not remotely witty. I'm afraid 'mildly amusing' won't cut it either. Rat, this dead horse has been flogged beyond all reason in the pursuit of your insatiable vanity. Lord knows what machinations run wild within the confines of your mind but I have a feeling its not pretty or elegant or graceful. One thing is for sure... the new Our Mozzer doesn't have the style or vim of the old one. Using a Dr Who regeneration analogy we've got Sylvester McCoy where once we had Tom Baker. The meagre mewling mob that pass for an audience - threadbare and dispersed - cheer you on like a deluded dictator who refuses to see the truth. It's all over son. Gone. Finished. Broken.

    4. Oh poor Anon E Mouse, you JUST don't get it, old son. You think you are on a higher level to us poor plebs, but you are not following the plot. The person currently on Twitter is NOT "the new Our Mozzer", he is NOT OM at all, as Broken, OM and I have all pointed out. Either follow more closely instead of dipping in and out, or continue to trip yourself up and look foolish. You messed up badly on the true identity of Broken, which left you no choice but to walk away with egg on your face, and now you return with this new name tag, and you are making the same mistakes all over again. I am NOT @stillmozsworld, just as I am not Broken. May I suggest you return to the woods.

    5. I shall return to the woods, barefoot, carrying my alabaster jar of fragrant oil. At night, I will pick out Arcturus and dream of home where you and I once played and danced and sang before this mortal coil separated us into him and him. Farewell Rat.

  4. I just read my comment and frankly I sound more Morrisseyesque. Let me take over the account for two weeks when the current Morrissey decides to take his two week holiday cottage break in Jutland, Denmark.

    1. The only person who could possibly think your comment sounded Morrisseyesque is you. Harvest's promotional team would do a better job of running the account for two weeks than you.... on the other hand...

      Please don't post here again Anon E Mouse. I may be down to just 5 readers, but I'd rather have 5 people who understand what is going on rather than 50 like you who just come here to point a finger at me because of your own short comings.

      *Goes off muttering* Insatiable vanity indeed. Cunt.


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