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Thursday, 14 August 2014

Day 1065 - These things take time

After 16 days, 666 tweets, and having gained 102 followers, Morrissey (@stillMozsworld) has once again left twitter. At 10pm last night, Morrissey tweeted, "I cannot take it here any longer. Nobody cares. The story is over."

I partly blame myself for Morrissey leaving, because last night, even though I was logged on to twitter, I offered up NO interaction with Morrissey, and as I wrote on Tuesday, it is interaction that he needs.

The reason that I was quietly observing last night rather than interacting, was because I am more than aware that it is always me who hogs Morrissey when he comes into The Twitterdilly Arms. I can't help myself; whenever I see Morrissey on twitter, my immediate thought is to converse with him, after all, THIS IS MORRISSEY, my hero, a living genius, and although this story is three years old, I could never possibly tire of his company.

This hogging has not only led to numerous accusations that am pretending to be Morrissey, but has also led to accusations that I am fuelling my own ego, so last night I purposely stood back so that other people could interact with Morrissey instead of me.... but they didn't, and now he has gone!


This morning I am full of regret. I am now asking myself, "if I walked into my local pub and saw a friend of mine at the bar, would I ignore him all evening?", and the answer is of course, "no", so I shouldn't have ignored Morrissey last night. Perhaps if I had interacted with him, he would have stayed, but the frustrating part is that NOBODY else interacted, or at least not in a way that offered him stimulating conversation. To all those Morrissey fans who spent the evening of August 13th on twitter, twittering about nothing to nobodies when you could have been interacting with the greatest poet of a generation, I pity you. I only wish there had been something I could have done to convince people that this really really was Morrissey, but despite my thousands of goes over a three year period, I have failed miserably! Ultimately, it is something that they need to find out for themselves, and so far, they haven't displayed the intelligence to even l'oo'k properly. Mozziah, forgive them; for they know not what they do.

By the time I did jump in to interact with Morrissey last night, it was too late, he was already half way out of the saloon doors of The Arms, but his very last tweet did offer some light that this may not quite be the end, "@TheRatsBack This is my farewell. This story is over. Perhaps over time I will return but as of now it is over. Tumbleweed through twitter."

Of course, as we all know that Morrissey is a fickle b***er, and perhaps he might just stroll back into The Twitterdilly Arms later today, but I'm not holding my breath.

One day, this blog of mine will be read by Morrissey fans in utter disbelief, but for now, my words are not read at all, or if they are, then they are read disbelievingly by most. For the dreary deluded dozen who read these words of mine knowing the truth, here are the words of Morrissey from last night:

In response to @wossy's tweet saying, "The first time Morrissey ever appeared on one of my shows! Over twenty years ago!!": "@wossy My Édiath Piaf moment."

Before I move on, I really MUST watch this video again, as to me, it really is one of the greatest pieces of television EVER:

And why not throw Édith in for good measure?:

Edith Piaf in 1936: even at an early age, her tiny frame could create an astounding amount of noise – “enough to drown out the lions”, winced her father Louis


In response to @smashingblouse7 and @MadAlix14 tweeting about Morrissey's hands being "artistic" (with particular reference to the Jonathan Ross clip): "Its because I'm not too sure what to do when I sing. Hands are a prop."

"@MorrisseysMum Mother?"

*Note to self - Have a photo taken with one's own Mother as there hasn't been one taken for about 20 years*

Morrissey's next set of tweets were all retweets of PETA campaign pictures, including this one:

Embedded image permalink

"Animal cruelty gets me angry."

in response to @LizzyCatMoz asking, "Do you care about animals more than people?": "How can I care about people when it is people that do this to animals? We are not above animals. It is arrogance to think so."

"@peta thank you for existing."

"Vomit comes to my mouth when I think of meat."

"The first aspect of being a human should be to defend those who cannot defend themselves. Animals need us to help them."

"Kids do not know where there (not their, it does not belong to them) food comes from. Repeating myself I know."

"I will never apologise for standing up for animals."

"Meat in your mouth as you savour the flavour of MURDER."

In response to @mancladmozfan asking, "read any good books lately?": "Man In The High Castle."

"Oh I am really ready for the electric chair."

"Take me as I am or do not take me at all."

And that is it!

I shall sign off with more words from Astraea, which were posted yesterday on FTM. The words make mention of a picture of BB that I posted yesterday, so I have added it again at the end:

Mine eyes have seen the glory of the sacred wunderkind
You took me behind a dis-used railway line
And said "I know a place where we can go
Where we are not known"
And then you gave me something that I won't forget too soon...

I just adore the first picture of Brigitte that you've posted above of the two. She has such very pretty rings in that photo, don't you think?

Such very, very pretty little fingers and rings. Yes. And YES.

And now, lovingly on the move again. Aching but to never arrive. Sparing nothing but a thought, and a touch. And the needle on the record.

Without a rebel but forever the cause,

Dissident, to the core.

Posted by Astraea to Following The Mozziah at 13 August 2014 18:29

One day the outside world will realise that Morrissey IS MorrisseysWorld, but these thing take time.

*Goes off singing* Take me anywhere, I don't care, I don't care, I don't care


  1. I read
    I absorb
    I'm rarely replied
    I tried interacting last night but was too late. He said very kind words to me regarding my hospital visit. It meant a lot

  2. I am sorry that we could not hold Moz's attention last night in The Arms.
    It all started well with a conversation about animals and then went downhill.

    Sometimes I find Twitter boring, I think it depends on how YOU are feeling.

    M's account is still there on Twitter, but locked. Hopefully he will return.
    Like you Rat, I only joined Twitter nearly 3 years ago because of Morrissey.

    He must have a lot on his mind at the moment, with one thing and another.

  3. I doubt very much he finds my conversations with him stimulating, but if I was around and not slowly crawling back up the M6 I would have interacted with him.
    Like you Rat I can't help myself and end up tweeting back...
    I dearly hope he comes back again soon it's not the same when he leaves Twit....

    As for all the non-believers, they actually do believe its TRM, but they either 1) couldn't stand to either go back on their "it's not him/Morrissey wouldn't join twitter" etc. accusations, or; 2) they are scared to admit they know it's TRM incase it does turn out to be a hoax and they will then look stupid.
    Which they actually are looking like now refusing to believe the plainly obvious!
    I'd recommend they read days 534(ii) & 538 of your blog.

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  5. I feel terrible about not being able to interact more, for reasons that I've already mentioned. His departure only deepens my sadness. *Goes off weeping*

  6. Two hours ago, Susan Schneider, the wife of Robin Williams, revealed that Williams was suffering from the early stages of Parkinson's disease. Yesterday morning, Broken wrote on FTM, "But we don't know the whole truth. Perhaps he suspected dementia was descending over him like a veil". A coincidence, or is Broken perhaps a friend of a friend? If Broken wasn't in the know, then it is quite an amazing piece of insight.

    1. Just a guess. It's a common reason for successful and elderly men to kill themselves.

  7. Dementia and Parkinson's are completely unrelated

    1. You might want to look up Parkinson's dementia. Parkinson's, from an emotional perspective, is every bit as terrifying and depressing as dementia for those not afflicted - and worse for those afflicted because they possess the insight to understand the nightmare they face, unlike those with dementia.

    2. Lewy Body dementia is effectively a combination of the two. But regardless of whether they're related - and neurobiologically they are barely related - the impact is the same.

    3. Dementia is very common in sufferers of Parkinson's. My poor old Granny Daisy had it for nearly 10 years.

    4. Broken you have touched me.
      I've experienced losing 2 family members with dementia, passing away, and my Uncle has had Parkinsons for 10 years now (with 3 daughters under the age of 22 when he was diagnosed). There is no difference for us the family, but for my Uncle with Parkinsons (he is 53) he knows he awful fate.....

  8. You missed the part about the electric chair, and after someone suggesting he might be about to go on a murderous rampage, a listing of people who might usefully be done away with. People were interacting with him, rat, but he did seem very down and beyond entertainment.

    1. The "electric chair" quote is just above the Je Suis Morrissey picture. The rest of the interaction just wasn't worth reporting. I still have all the quotes from last Friday through to Tuesday that I haven't written about yet, so I shall try and catch up tomorrow.

  9. I'm not surprised Morrissey hasn't yet commented on RW's suicide, but he will do in due course.

  10. The woman in the bottom picture is almost as wanton and sexy as JB.

    1. It's good to see you here, old friend.


    1. Wonderful news. Thank you for delivering it.

  12. I am so sorry Rat to hear you lost your father at such a young age.
    I can't imagine how difficult it must have been for you.

    1. It is probably easier in many ways to lose somebody like a father at a very early stage of one's life, as there are no special shared moments to hanker after, no laughter missed, in fact, there is NOTHING. Losing a parent at an early age is also beneficial in that it makes you stand on your own two feet a lot quicker, and you also get to mould your own life without fear of disappointing anybody. There are of course downsides, but I have never felt that I have missed out; what you've never had, you don't miss.

      And now onto Morrissey, Georgie Boy. I was reading back through some of your old comments on FTM the other day, and there is no doubt whatsoever that you believe that MorrisseysWorld is Morrissey, but at the moment you are letting your stubbornness stop you from coming back into our little band of outsiders. MORRISSEY IS AMONG US, and YOU have an opportunity to interact with him; an opportunity that hundreds of thousands of people would cut their right arm off for. Don't have regrets in life, seize the day.

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