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Thursday, 21 August 2014

Day 1072 - Bristled hackles and heckled bristles

It's just a quickie today, as I have been busy celebrating GCSE results and playing cricket. Broken signed off yesterday by saying that he would publish a new parody if 50 comments were left on FTM, but despite my loyal readership achieving what was asked, there has so far been NO sign of the parody. It wouldn't be the first time that Broken has welched on a promise of a parody.

In the meantime, St.Ill Morrissey reappeared in The Twitterdilly Arms last night, and his final words before signing off for the night were, "My hackles bristled as my bristles heckled". Moments later, a lengthy new TTY statement appeared, which included the sentence, "I hope to finish this statement whilst I'm still clean-shaven". As usual, those outside of the BRS would label that a coincidence, but as they will all be blissfully unaware of it's context or meaning, they won't actually label it anything at all! We few in the BRS live an over-active fantasy life, which the hardcore Moz fans aren't interested in. Funnily enough, Morrissey mentions having an "over-active fantasy life" in the TTY statement, and one would think that the "hardcore" would wonder what this means, but "wondering" might lead them to somewhere they don't want to be led, so I doubt they'll give it a second thought. The clues to MorrisseysWorld are all there, but of course nobody knows to look.


There are other little nods to the BRS members in the TTY statement, including the title; 'PLEASE CLOSE THE DOOR BEHIND ME', which I believe is a reference to me asking St.Ill Morrissey to "leave the door on the latch" the other day, so that I could copy his twitter sayings, and also LizzyCatMoz asked St.Ill to "please close the door on the way out." There is also another mention of the number 38 in the TTY statement, which St. Ill confirmed to me the other day might have been a reference to the number of followers he had when Morrissey made reference to the number 38 in the Hot Press interview. Here is the statement:

Morrissey statement

In response to 77 million questions I can only say this much on the subject of the Harvest drama. It is quite true that Harvest initially appeared like a saintly beacon of light, and they instantly packed us off to France where we recorded World peace is none of your business. The universe was back in balance, and we all considered this to be the very best Morrissey recording ever, and even the boo-hoo-suck-it-off elements of the press appeared to want to agree. At last I am born.
It all seemed too good to be true. It was. I believed that the rich soil of the album had several strong hit singles. Frayed tempers began when Harvest arranged the 'spoken word' films, none of which gave any clue as to what World peace is none of your business intended to be, or is. The films were OK, but they went nowhere and stayed there.
With every nerve alert, we pushed the label for a proper video for Istanbul to precede the album, not least of all because a single ahead of the album release might inch the album to a higher chart position. The label backed off, even though Istanbul received 55 radio plays in just seven days on a major US station. Instead, the label requested a fifth spoken-word film, which naturally had me fumbling around for an axe: no independent thought required. The UK label, meanwhile, created a quite fantastic television advertisement to transmit during the week ahead of the album release. I could taste excitement once again. The TV ad never appeared and my hackles bristled as my bristles heckled. The label responded with frosty aloofness, and I suddenly realized that we were not, after all, of the same species. I ploughed into them insisting upon "proper band videos, where the band play and I sing" - an evidently confusing concept that required seven weeks of explanation, detailed graphs and several drawn up maps.
The label suggested I come to Los Angeles and read passages from Autobiography in front of selected audiences. As frightening as that idea was, I hung on, desperate to believe that Harvest were not as cheap as they now looked. I hope to finish this statement whilst I'm still clean-shaven, so I will jump to the final curtain: during the weeks of the album release, the label were minus one single structural idea, and it appeared evident that each member of the team was acting in separate rooms without doors or windows. Mutual mistrust exploded between Harvest and I, and with fashionable pessimism, the label boss yawned and ordered the surface smartness of dropping World peace is none of your business three weeks after its release. There, now! This would not have happened to the Teletubbies.
Sorrily botched the project may now be, but it's worth it to get Morrissey out of our Inbox. Yes, I can be intensely persistent, and I certainly have an over-active fantasy-life, but the Harvest experience tells us that despite the blinding flash of teeth and smiles, it doesn't take much for the coin to flip and suddenly we're all compromised and shattered. All you need to do is disagree with the vanity of the label boss and your beheading will be slotted in between bottles of the most average champagne on the market. Just one weak-chinned drone can assert the fist of injustice and all of our efforts are flushed away. And thus ... they were.
I might be wrong, but I think World peace is none of your business will instantly disappear from iTunes and record stores and every download-upload-offload outlet on the planet, because Harvest technically have no right to sell it.
Most of the Harvest team are very nice, and I sincerely thank them for trying and caring so much - even if their promotional duties were fully undertaken by the Morrissey audience themselves, whose You Tube videos for World peace is none of your business fully provide the art that the label could not muster. The listeners instantly understood how entertainment could also be art.
Staggeringly, I still believe that there's a label out there with my name on it, and one that will issue World peace is none of your business, and afford it the respect it deserves.

Thanks for reading this (rashly assuming that you have), and thanks once again to the Harvesters who tried.

We are boot-camp ready for Lisbon in October, so with the will of many gods, hopefully at least 38 of you will turn up.

20 August 2014

Many people have noticed that despite Morrissey's obvious disappointment with Harvest, the latest statement sounds as though he has his mojo back. This has also been noticed in the upbeat words of St. Ill Morrissey is The Twit Arms. Maybe he's not still ill. I have a feeling that the tour arrangements are virtually ready to announce, and Moz is starting to get excited, as are we!

Here are the rest of St. Ill Morrissey's (@stillMozsworld)  highlights from yesterday:

In response to me posting my blog entry entitled 'Bollocks!': "@TheRatsBack Please refrain from public displays of indecency. Nobody needs to see your bollocks. Thank you."

In response to @GirlOnBike1102 tweeting, "I keep missing @stillMozsworld Hash tag PassingShipsInTheNight": "One day we will collide. Throw mw overboard will you? Buried at sea."

In response to me making reference to there being just two comments on my blog: "@TheRatsBack Deserting Deluded Dozen."

In response to me suggesting that Moz change his twitter account name to @itsMorrissey: "Perhaps I should change it to a One Direction song? 3 million followers in 40 seconds", to which @tabootlb replied, "Nooooooooooooooooooooo", and Morrissey responded by saying, "Such an objection. I haven't seen that long of a No since the drummer was asked if he had too much money."


In response to me tweeting, "@stillmozsworld I love the fact that MW has gone backwards. It adds to the brilliance of the story": "It wouldn't feel right if it was popular. I would probably leave forever if it exploded."

HOW TRUE, HOW TRUE, HOW TRUE. If truth be known, despite the frustrations that everybody is too blind to see, we wouldn't change what we've got for the world!

In response to @AmIMoving2Fast saying, "@stillMozsworld So if we keep it dead quiet - you'll stay?": "As silent as the promotion for my little old album."

That is it for today, as I am tired and ready for bed. I have just noticed that Morrissey visited The Arms again this evening, so if he leaves the door on the latch, I will try and catch up tomorrow.

For the record, Morrissey currently has 153 twitter followers.

Long live over-active fantasy lives.


  1. I really appreciate Moz writing this TTY statement and it's encouraging that his spirits seem to be up despite all the drama. The statement was actually posted shortly before SMW tweeted the 'hackles' phrase. Otherwise, his tweet would be quite a significant coincidence since the phrase is taken from the statement. I completely agree that MW wouldn't feel right if it was popular. Long may it live in obscurity! Now where is that parody - and those tour dates?

  2. Love the smirky Joyce part haha!

  3. I'm glad Morrissey said what he said about Harvest. He even knows it that the fans did more than the label! I hope you find a label that'll really take care of you & steps up.

    1. Can't wait for the tour! Love you Moz.

    2. Maybe Morrissey should do a Moby or Sigur Ros and farm out the video making effort to fans and directors. That's effectively what's happened with these crowdsourced YouTube vids.

  4. Great blog entry today! Of course it is all just a coincidence...

  5. I doth Mozzers' old flat cap to you whiskers, yes he did wear one when around Manchester, guess he thought that he wouldn't be noticed, oh well, he cant complain now about going a bit thin on top, squeezing that quiff under a flat cap cant really of helped I'm afraid, anyway TTY pull your finger out, bags need packing

  6. The music labels are no different from the movie studios. They are out of money and out of ideas. I know Morrissey wants to find the music label with his name on it and I know he doesn't like the idea of DIY - and I get that. He deserves a label. But that world is dead now. The label is Blue Rose.

    As someone who has DIY'd my own movie and kept 100% of the rights, it means you are truly free. I can do whatever I like, when I like. I can, as I have done, allowed anyone to screen it for free in Cyprus in a cinema if all the money goes to a good cause. There is a Blu Ray disc being handed around in Cyprus that plays to packed audiences every couple of weeks. I just get an email saying... "Can I have the movie... the money will go to..." There is only one man in Cyprus who can screen a Blu Ray - Yiangos - and I just say... "Contact Yiangos... here is his email". If I was with Paramount, this couldn't happen.

    I actually invoiced the BBC when I sold Papa to them. Let's look at this one single deal. I have the purchase order framed in my downstairs loo. The BBC paid £50k to screeen Papa five times over five years (starting next Autumn). The free TV lock out is for two years, which means that I cannot do any other 'free TV' deals in the UK. The BBC is classed as free TV, like Channel 5 or ITV. Of the £50k, I got to keep £40k. This is because I work with a Sales Agent who works for me for 20% of any deal she completes. Normally, a film maker sells all the intellectual property rights to a movie to a sales agent (often for 25 years) who then sells it to distributors, DVD, Itunes, telly like the BBC etc etc.

    If I had gone down this route and a sales agent had sold Papa to a Studio (the equivalent of a label), let's say Paramount... then Paramount would have taken £25k of the £50k (50% of the BBC money). They would then have taken what the film owned them in marketing spend... the other £25k! But even if they had recouped their marketing spend, the sales agent that sold the film to Paramount would have taken 40% of what Paramount gave them and then recouped their marketing costs before I got to see any money (as the producer of the film). In short, there is no trickle down. These people are (a) crooks and (b) increasingly skint.

    Morrissey could easily crowd-fund the release of an album and probably pay the Rat to oversee the administration of it all. The wonderful Youtube videos made by fans point the way. You just need a plan. You could crowd-fund the creation of a label specifically to launch an album and hire the best people from Harvest to do it for you on a freelance basis. Lord knows they would jump at the chance. What do you need for this? £1m? £1.5m? £2m? To record, produce, distribute and market an album. Let's say £3m. That's the cost of a low budget movie. Think of the fan benefits you could offer?

    Create the Blue Rose Record Label. Make it fan owned, fan financed. It will set you and your fans free. It's not going to be easy because you need (a) a good plan and (b) excellent administrators to oversee it. But everything is collapsing and we need people to step forward and create new ways.

    If anyone is interested in my DIY approach its all here in this podcast:

    1. I love this idea and the name. Unfortunately, a Blue Rose Records label already exists, which ultimately doesn't matter anyway because that name would be too obvious for Moz.

    2. Excellent post Marcus, and thanks for being so open. I suspect the emotional stress of what you went through is hard to quantify, not to mention the financial strain, and perhaps it's not for everybody. What you have achieved is remarkable though and I would love to see Morrissey benefit from something like this if he could and if it suited him.

    3. It was a fun kind of stress. I loved it really. I'm happiest with the odds stacked against me. Not sure Morrissey would go so far as handing out flyers in Wandsworth Shopping Centre - although he may find the experience quite liberating.

    4. Marcus could be the new Tim Broad.

  7. wow Marcus or should that be yay!!!!

  8. Marcus you are very inspiring.
    I would like to offer my services if the above idea comes to fruition.
    I have good admin. skills and would be thrilled to be involved in any way.
    Take back the power from the big corporations who only care about money.
    The new label could be called Posse Records. ( That may need some rethinking ! )

  9. If Broken is hiding his latest (ahem, it has been hanging around for a long time) parody under a bushel, at least we have JG’s par-oo-dee set in a gramophone record shop to look forward to.
    Go put some flesh on those bones JG.

    1. It's hard, I may have to visit the Bozmeister in Camden for insipration

    2. Plenty of flesh on them thar bones for you to grapple with.

  10. I could be tea girl. I'll also have vodka and gin available with appropriate mixers.

  11. St.Ill Morrissey, don't give up on us on Twitter. We love you! I LOVE YOU! Please come back.

  12. I finally made it back to FTM(I explained why I hadn't been commenting recently on the last FTM). I was glad to read the tty statement as it clears up somethings. Marcus has some good ideas. I got to see his film on Netflix and enjoyed it immensely. We had a few in my area who had DIY films, one did rather well, but he got his entered in some film festivals first, but both did a lot with just word of mouth and help of family and friends.

  13. Did anyone see SMW taking part in the MozArmy quiz last night - so funny ? !!
    If only they knew......
    I think we should all play along one Friday night.
    Happy weekend to you all.

    1. Nope. I rarely see any of SMW's tweets. Think it has to do with the account being deactivated.

  14. one thing to be mindful of is TIME, Marcus put a lot of work and effort in to his venture the rest of you have jobs/kids etc

  15. I laughed at the ‘detailed graphs and several drawn up maps’. Does anyone remember some graph in the early days of MW where the data was flawed?


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