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Sunday, 24 August 2014

Day 1075 - Full Control

Much debate has gone on amongst Morrissey fans since his recent split from Harvest, with there being many different ideas as to what Moz should do next. Some fans are suggesting that Morrissey should form his own label, whilst others think he should get his fans to fund his next album, but what the vast majority of Morrissey fans fail to realise, is that despite appearances, Morrissey is in FULL control of what is happening with his career.

Every time a record company fails Morrissey, it adds to the tragedy of his life as an artist, so therefore, in a sadistic way, Morrissey actually likes falling out with labels, as it is now a part of who he is. Despite Steve Barnett's email to Morrissey saying that they no longer wanted him, it would appear that Steve changed his mind, so Harvest would have kept Morrissey for a second LP, and if Morrissey had wanted to, he could have sat down with Steve Barnett and his team and thrashed things out so that there was an improvement for the second album, but instead Moz chose to walk away.

In Morrissey's recent TTY statement about Harvest he wrote, "Most of the Harvest team are very nice", which immediately made me think of the song Disappointed, in which Moz sings, "don't talk to me now about people who are "nice" 'cause I have spent my WHOLE LIFE in RUINS... because of people who were "nice"."

On Friday evening in The Twitterdilly Arms, Morrissey stated, "I am not desperate. There is no rush. There is a second album." Morrissey is in FULL control!

I cannot currently report on Morrissey's visits to The Arms on both Thursday and Friday, as he has once again deactivated his account, but I don't think I missed any great revelations. It has been mentioned that Moz had a go at the Friday night Moz Army quiz on twitter, but it would appear that he got bored after a couple of questions and stopped. Maybe he didn't know the answers!

There is no sign of the MW parody that Broken promised. We have once again been had!

And finally, Astraea has returned to The Arms, and on request has brought song:


  1. " I will fail. My fingers do not move so fast."
    This was SMW's tweet to me during the Moz Army quiz,
    in which he answered one question correctly.
    But this was towards the end of the session.
    The speed of the answers is too much for me, even
    if I know the correct one.
    Some of the participants have encyclopaedic knowledge
    and lightning reactions.

    1. ah, I myself with my useless memory have never taken part, not sure I would get my own name right nowadays, hence my comment that he would lose, people of a certain age just shouldn't try to compete, well that's me excuse

  2. Maybe Harvest management didn't do their research and didn't realise that part of Morrissey's public (and probably private) persona is that of the artist continually let down by his label, management etc. He battles with authority, including record companies. Methinks that Harvest perhaps forget or got too precious and over-reacted.

  3. Nice to see a new tour date announced on TTY. The future is looking brighter already...

    1. but as usual we are in the dark heather, he jumps from 6th oct to 24th.. as lizzy already said Dublin just after Lisbon, but why all the mystery.. well it is Moz we are talking about, he loves it

    2. The mystery and teasing are all part of the fun. I wouldn't expect it any other way...

  4. Glad to see Astraea back again with another great song.

    I am anxiously awaiting all the tour dates.

    1. Hello darling,

      FTM, Twatter, and indeed everywhere else are always all the sweeter for seeing your pretty face. Glad to hear you sounding better.

  5. In control, yes, it's happening:

  6. I really hope several of my fave cities are included, Vienna is one of them, not sure all the venues that he quoted in that interview are going to be included, they are places he would love to go back to

  7. I would love to visit Austria with its musical history, Mozart and the Sound Of Music !!
    Sadly the logistics make it impossible. * sad face *
    I await alternatives.


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