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Friday, 29 August 2014

Day 1080 - I'm here with the cause.... I'm holding the torch

I continue to peer into The Twitterdilly Arms unnoticed, and although yesterday there was not much activity from within, I present my findings:

Broken (@Broken1andonly) entered The Arms at 6.49pm, shortly followed by St.Ill Morrissey (@stillmozsworld) at 7.03pm. The two didn't interact with each other, and neither stayed very long. Broken concentrated mainly on his favourite past time of posting Justin Bieber pictures, although he did have a brief and interesting conversation with Jaz (@Jazissey) about favourite lyrics on WPINOYB. Broken stated, "I like "look at that cow... in the field... it knows more than your bride knows now". Finally a song targeted against old sexist roles... not afraid to mock the female, as well as the male. The critics, of course, didn't get the progressive nature of the message; they see only misogyny."

Broken is absolutely right about critics failing to understand the meaning of Kick the Bride Down the Aisle, which I interpret as a mocking of marriage in general, and NOT just the female role within the marriage. Morrissey has always been a champion of women, and it should also be remembered that Kristeen Young sings on Bride, which she would NEVER have agreed to do if she thought it was a song of misogyny.

That was about it from Broken yesterday, although his mentioning of the lyrics to Kick the Bride has reminded me of a conversation back on Friday August 8th, between St.Ill Morrissey, Esta (@hiddensun11) and George Edge (@edgeindustphoto) on the subject of women. I never got around to reporting the conversation at the time, so now that it's a bit quieter, here are St.Ill Moz's words on the subject matter from that evening of the 8th:

"We need strong women."
"Do women have to become strong due to harshness of men? Do we cause women to change themselves?"
"Women are often shouted down when they make a point. I've seen it. The music industry cannot deal with intelligent women."

That Friday, St.Ill Moz also said these words to @southkirk:

"I'm Not A Man will lead to a shirt change."

Interestingly, St.Ill Moz also signed off that Friday evening by saying, "This is my farewell for the night. May I thank those who have returned and those that have remained. Sadness has lifted." Ever since that evening, things have seemingly got better and better.... apart from the Harvest split and the BRS being disbanded of course!

Here are St.Ill Morrissey's offerings from yesterday. I guess it's a good thing I'm not making my blog public at the moment, otherwise Broken would go mad at seeing me still writing about St.Ill Morrissey, although as Our Mozzer hasn't made the return that Broken promised, then there is actually no harm in me writing about St.Ill Moz! Here are his words from yesterday:


JESSE NOTHING (@MozFiend): What is?

ST.ILL MOZ: The entire essence of life.

Moz then disappeared, but returned two hours later to post a fan made video of Last of the International Playboys with a tweet saying, "I cannot and I do not approve-

It will be interesting to see if this video is forced off Youtube, although Morrissey has never previously bothered to have Youtube postings removed, even though some postings have cost him thousands and thousands of pounds in lost revenue, with fans using to copy songs. EVERY song from WPINOYB was made available on Youtube from day one of it's release, and therefore, the songs have been FREE for anybody who wants them.

Most artists have something in place to stop the copying of new songs using Youtube converter, but Morrissey doesn't, and I also noticed the same when Beck's new album was released earlier this year. If artists don't stop people taking their songs for FREE, then the music industry will surely die. I also believe that Morrissey's album sales were greatly hampered by the leak that appeared on twitter the week before the official release of WPINOYB. WHY  don't record companies simply employ somebody to jump on any Youtube postings of new songs, and get them remove? After a few weeks of release, it doesn't matter so much, but during the initial impact period, it is imperative that people can't get hold of music for free. Perhaps this is one of the many things that annoyed Morrissey about Harvest.


St.Ill Morrissey's last words of yesterday were another exchange with @MozFiend. Moz Fiend tweeted him to say that she couldn't access the video of Playboys that he had posted, to which he replied, "Even the internet does not approve."

That's all for today from MorrisseysWorld. The Twitterdilly Arms is pretty much empty, and the MW.Com site that I mentioned yesterday is still showing a blank page. In other news, I have today bought my ticket for the O2, but the European trip is once again looking unlikely due to my friend's work commitments; although Big Mick has expressed an interest in going, so perhaps perhaps perhaps. Buying tickets for a Morrissey concert usually involves pressing the refresh button a hundred times and just hoping you are eventually successful, but this morning it was a completely different experience. At 8.59am I logged on to See Tickets and searched for Morrissey O2. The event appeared just as the clock turned to 9.00, so I pressed the button for standing tickets, and by 9.02am the process was complete. Now, where are those inflatable red roses?

I will once again sign off with an offering from Astraea (@Fadinggoldleaf), who tweeted:

Astraea then added:
"And when you're dancing and laughing
And finally living...

Never turn the music off

Hear my voice in your head
And think kindly of me"

WHAT a song! WHAT  a song! Now, how good would it be to see that back on the set list?

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  1. Those pink and orange discs remind me of Dr Jacoby's glasses.


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