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Sunday, 31 August 2014

Day 1082 - You can't kid a kidder

It would appear that I was right; the MW journey isn't over just yet! Broken left this message yesterday on my last published blog entry of Wednesday:

Rat's inclusion of a pic of JB made my day. Hence I've emailed OM to persuade him to post a new parody or at least to email it to me.

I'll keep you posted.
Posted by Broken to Following The Mozziah at 30 August 2014 16:39

Two minutes after posting the above message, Broken appeared in The Twitterdilly Arms, where he once again posted some pictures of JB, and also offered these words:

"@Jazissey @FadingGoldLeaf My favourite women on twitter."

"My favourite men on twitter: @mancladmozfan @morrisseyparody"

"My favourite person of indeterminate gender on twitter: @TheRatsBack"

In response to @Heather tweeting, "@Broken1andonly Thx for your comment on FTM - there's a glimmer of hope": "There could be another slew of parodies."

I shall now keep an eye on old FTM entries, to see if a parody piece appears. As Heather has said, there is a glimmer of hope. I wonder why Broken keeps referring to Our Mozzer as '@MorrisseyParody' when that account name is now available to anybody? OM as @MorrisseyParody no longer exists!

St.Ill Morrissey made a return to The Arms late on Saturday evening, mainly to converse with the founder of a new society calling themselves the Blue Knicker Society (@BlueKnickers). It would appear that the account has been set up as a parody to the BRS, with the author (I think it is somebody called @Mozfreek) claiming to be neutral in his beliefs about whether Morrissey is behind the BRS or not; although it is quite clear that this isn't true. Here are the highlights of the conversation:

BLUE KNICKERS: I do love to tamper with arrangements.

ST.ILL MOZ: Just do not tamper with my undergarments. It is a near criminal offence.

BK: I'm afraid it's too late for that now, all in good humour, whoever you are.

ST.ILL: Am I going to take to the stage and be slapped in the face by flying knickers?

BK: You won't. Morrissey might however, if he can see out the tour.

ST.ILL: I thought you were neutral.

BK: And why would that matter to you?

ST.ILL: Nothing matters to me but the written word. Stand by what you have written. At least.

BK: That's far too boring, let's spice things up around here.

ST.ILL: There is such a lack of real spice in your life. Caffeine on the other hand?

BK: If this is truly Morrissey, release a True-To-You statement.

ST.ILL: THAT is far too boring.

BK: Well isn't that surprising.

ST.ILL: There are many surprises in life.

BK: I'm sure there is indeed. The fact you wouldn't release a statement isn't one.

ST.ILL: What would you want the statement to say? Not that I ever do as I'm told.

BK: Anything along the lines of proving this account's validity. Don't leave us waiting.

ST.ILL: It is more likely I will prove your accounts validity then mention this one.

BK: Feel free. I await a picture of blue undergarments on TTY.

ST.ILL: Do not hold your breath. Or in fact, please do.

ST.ILL: I didn't mean that. Carry on breathing. This makes my mouth widen into a smile.

BK: There is no need to be so cruel.

ST.ILL: What if my eye is injured in an underwear throwing incident? That is cruel.

Here are the rest of St.Ill Morrissey''s Saturday night highlights:

"Blame and no praise, the way I was raised."

In response to @WPINOYB asking, "@stillMozsworld Are you Morrissey?": "I leave this to your imagination. Who else could I be? I'm not Kenneth Williams. I can speak perfect palare though. People simply refuse to believe that "He" would be on twitter. I am here and people stay away."

In response to @WPINOYB tweeting, "@stillMozsworld You are funny": "I came out of the womb telling jokes", to which @WPINOYB replied, "Not according to Autobiography.". St.Ill Moz responded, "Well I did nearly kill my mother and then my sister tried to kill me. Sounds like a joke to me."

In response to @WPINOYB tweeting to @MOZfreek that "(Morrissey being MW) was denied three times on TTY, that makes me smell a rat": "Please do not mention Rats." When @WPINOYB asked why, St.Ill Moz replied, "You have a lot to learn. @TheRatsBack", to which @WPINOYB replied, "He's the guy who writes the blog I read. Do you not like him?". St.Ill Moz replied, "Edward Gibbon would have trouble documenting the relationship." A moment or two later, St.Ill Moz wrote, "@WPINOYB Do you read or do you write?"

At the end of the day, you can never kid a kidder, and Morrissey is KING of the kidders. Unfortunately the vast majority of Morrissey's fans just don't get him... but they love his songs!

In other news, a new fan video for I'm Not a Man has appeared on Youtube:

And finally, Lauren LoPrete, the person behind the This Charming Charlie cartoon strip, has written an open letter to Morrissey inviting him to join her record label, which is called.... wait for it.... LOGLADY RECORDS. Oh the ironies if Moz were to join Log Lady Records, but of course, he won't, it is hardly Beggars Banquet.

I suppose I may as well publish this blog entry and all the others from the past few days. This journey has a LONG way to go yet.


  1. All in the title. And in my little finger.

    P.S. Can someone please tweet JB and tell him to tell his makeup people to stop shaving the insides of his eyebrows? His eyebrows are going in too far now, and it's not a good look. JB really needs to keep his eyebrows.

    This is a serious matter.

  2. Also just for the record - I am completely against the blue knicker society. It makes me think of polyester. And Elvis.
    And not even Elvis can make polyester any better.

    No knickers is the way to go.

  3. Great to see you're still blogging, Rats. We miss you in twitland. The journey certainly can't be over yet...

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  5. I knew you wouldn't be gone for long and thank Moz you are back. (I always use thank Moz instead of thank God.) By the way, that new character on Twitter yesterday Art-Hound seemed very familiar. Familiar indeed. Also, I had some fun mocking blue knickers yesterday although I don't know if they realized I was laughing at them, not with them. I really was wearing blue knickers yesterday, coincidentally of course.

  6. Hope everyone is well, it's been a while- just wanted to stop by.

  7. Six orange blobs in a row - has everyone gone undercover?

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. As I have been having problems commenting, and at times even getting on the site, I am hoping I will succeed this time. I was glad to see the dates for the upcoming tour, because it means Moz's health is better, and was happy to see he'd been chosen to help with the Ramones' CD/LP, I imagine it gave him great pleasure. Sorry, Ratty, to read about your friends wife, you will have to be strong for him if he needs it, because one can feel empty, confused or overwhelmed esp right after the funeral. That is the time one needs the support of family and friends. I was glad to see you posted one of my old avatar on your blog recently. It was the one with the old man selling roses. My son sculptured it, I just embellished it a bit--btw, he does not know I used it. Hope your summer was great.

  9. It's been a crazy week! Hope you're all doing well, you too Morrissey.


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