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Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Day 1084 - MorrisseysWorld is Dead & An Apology to Morrissey

I think it is time to finally accept that MorrisseysWorld, at least in it's original format, is dead. The 'Parody Moz', who we have affectionately referred to as 'Our Mozzer', has not been seen now for months; except for a very brief period last Monday when he took over Broken's twitter account, and with OM's own twitter account (@MorrisseyParody) defunct, a return looks highly unlikely.


OM's right-hand man, Broken, has recently been hinting that OM might make a return, and that "there could be another slew of parodies", but this is starting to look like yet more false promises from the man whose addiction to posting Justin Bieber pictures on twitter shows no sign of abating.

Last Tuesday, I denounced the real Morrissey (@stillMozsworld) following Broken's threat that OM would only return if I did so, but today I am retracting my denunciation, am eating humble pie, and am offering a public apology to Morrissey..... and here it is:

Dear Morrissey, I apologise for denouncing you, it was both ill-housed and ill-advised. My reasoning was that Broken, whose work I believe you are aware of, informed me that you were an imposter, and that unless I stopped promoting you as the real Morrissey (TRM)... actually, here are his exact words:

"Rat's continued insistence that the imposter without wit or poetry is TRM is frankly preposterous. I have told you and I will tell you one final time: OM will not return until you stop promoting stillMozsworld who has nothing whatever to do with MW and nothing whatever to do with TRM."

Although I didn't believe Broken for one minute, MorrisseysWorld has meant a great deal to me, so I felt that I had no choice other than to follow Broken's instruction, but what a terrible mess I've made of my blog, oh, what a mess I've made of my blog.

I hope that you can see it in your heart to forgive me for my poor error of judgement, after all, EVERYBODY deserves a second, third and fourth chance.... or will this be my fifth?, I really can't remember, but however many it is, I'm sure you'll agree that after all my dedication to the cause, I deserve another chance.

On a final note, could I please ask that you don't give up on the Blue Rose Society. It is a real shame that the vast majority of your fans have not been able to see that you have given the BRS your full blessing by wearing a blue rose on at least THREE occasions now, but there is still a desire amongst fans to bring you roses, and even yesterday an Italian twitter user called @CinziaCoccia announced that they will be taking a blue rose to your concert in Rome on October 13, so please stick with it. The rose has not wilted.

Thank you in advance for your kindness, which I realise takes strength.

Your faithful rodent blogger


Although the old MorrisseysWorld looks dead, I still have a feeling that a new MorrisseysWorld will soon emerge in the form of MorrisseysWorld.Com. If it does, I am hoping that it will be a properly run fan site, which can then take over from Morrissey-Solo.Com as the Morrissey fan site for the masses. Solo used to be a great website, but unfortunately it has now become nothing more than a hateful cesspit, and the owner of the site is now more interested in kicking Morrissey rather than promoting him.

If my hunch is right, then it is probable that there are a few people, including Kevin 'Banjaxer' Marrinan, working very long hours loading the new site with data. If the site is to be the Number 1 Morrissey fan site, it will need to have information on EVERY concert that has ever taken place, EVERY record released, and lots lots more. Loading all that information will take a very long time, which I am guessing is why the site is still not live. It could even be that the parody articles from the old MorrisseysWorld are to be included on the new MW site, although I expect that if the new site is to win over ALL Morrissey fans, then anything to do with the old MorrisseysWorld might have to be forgotten.

And now to St.Ill Morrissey's twitter highlights from yesterday.

"They will spit in your face and tell you your time is up"
"They will bruise your face and tell you it's your time to go"
"The icy lump of silence"
"The robe makes the priest and the uniform the soldier"

In response to @MadAlix14 tweeting about the Blue Knicker Society: "Can this knickers thing be put to rest please. I've no interest."

In response to @blueknickers mockingly tweeting, ""Be put to rest, I've no interest" Faux Moz sounding a little bit royal-ish. Stay in character dear, minions count on your nonsense": "I'm not a character, I'm hardly Melville Farr"


"In response to Broken posting a photo of Bieber with his trousers at half mast: "@Broken1andonly I never knew they made trousers that only reach the knee. I must buy some." (Interesting to see these two interacting!)

In response to a number of the BRS discussing the fact that many people follow @stillMozsworld purely because they are frightened of missing out, and that it is like a Peepshow: "I feel you are forcing my burlesque nature onto other people."

Embedded image permalink

In response to @MozFiend asking how many twitter accounts I have: "Well, according to most people, he's made this whole thing up. So about twenty-five. Including me."

In response to @AmI Moving2Fast asking if the whole thing were a huge joke: "No. I was merely referencing the scepticism surrounding me."

"Life is a sick parody of something, I'm not too sure what. Have my facilities deserted me already?"

In response to @aikeaguinea1 tweeting, "You may have to do things differently now in order to keep yourself going": "Such as? I've already cut out digestives and started on the green stuff."

In response to @aikeaguinea1 tweeting, "Because your (sic... it happens a lot round here) a man I would steer away from soy": "I'm not a man."

"I lose followers like sugar obsessed children lose teeth." (Follower numbers are actually up to 164!)

In response to @AmIMoving2 Fast tweeting, "Apparently crisps are worse for your teeth than sweets": "A lie developed by Cadbury's as they hate Gary Lineker."


"Wrestling on the shop floor, we stop and stare in awe. Some girls are bigger than others." (Is this a future lyric change?)

"Today I was listening to Radio Ethiopia. Patti Smith is more than human."

"Oboe Concert-O2"

"This blue tick lark has been the thorn in my side."



  1. ah, cheese nibbler, we have crossed swords many times over the last couple of years, but I guess it cant be helped, you rub people up the wrong way (ooh err) I actually think that you enjoy doing it as well, still, here we are, even those you have frightened away are still lurking in the background somewhere so not all is lost, I l00k forward to the upcoming concerts and who knows what is in store, I just hope I don't pick a venue that gets cancelled, after all, a Moz tour without a cancellation just does not seem right these days.. apols Moz old son, you could always whack me with a certain book I will be carrying with me..

  2. I actually tweeted:
    @AmIMoving2Fast: @stillMozsworld @MozFiend @GirlOnBike1102 @WPINOYB Is this all a huge joke on me then?

    Which was in response to this tweet:
    @stillMozsworld: @MozFiend @GirlOnBike1102 @WPINOYB Well according to most people, he's made this whole thing up. So about twenty-five. Including me.

    It was a very lame attempt at a joke, and I meant it as, I interact with about 25 people on twitter and I know I'm not you (Ratster), so is this all a big joke on me...

    Just wanted to explain.

    On other subject all together - well that's a lie because it is about Morrissey but another.... thing about Morrissey.
    I've just got to the Autobiography build up section of your blog.
    It's reminded me how excited I was before the release, I'm quite annoyed that I didn't find you all before. Then I would have then actually had people to share the excitement with!

    I didn't read the Reviewer of the Reviewers blog post when you sent me the link the other day as I've read everything in order up to now, and knew I wasn't far away.
    There were lots of items that I wanted to read almost straight away like the Manchester 2012 concert, the Hollywood High/25live and of course the Autobiography release, but I've managed to avoid temptation.

    So when I get to January 2014 I will be up to date really, but as there was a lot I didn't really understand (it is hard coming into this 2.5 years late trust me!) I may as we'll refresh myself on 2014.

    Thanks for the blog Ratster!

  3. It just goes to show, there are Morrissey fans out there that are unaware of this blog, the BRS, all of you guys that I've interacted with to included Morrissey.
    It's such a shame!

    I fell cheated (by myself), for not looking sooner.

    But at the same time I wouldn't want the masses to know/believe etc!

    I always stayed away from SoLow, I didn't like how Uncle Skinny used to talk to newcomers on the site, let alone anyone he disagreed with.
    All the Morrissey so called fans who owned "everything ever released" by Morrissey and the The Smiths, but would still slate Morrissey when given the opportunity.

    This proves that people can be who the hell they want hiding behind a computer screen. And they usually end up abusing their anonymity, because they can quite simply get away with it.

    I hope MorrisseysWorld.Com does happen and that, Morrissey does let fans know on TTY that it is an official site.
    I also hope it is properly moderated (which I guess it most certainly will be), and trolls and haters are banned.

  4. Always been here.. cant wait for the tour! MW (hoping for a comeback)

  5. This article is a self-fulfilling prophecy. Congratulations - you just killed MW. Any prospect of a new parody just went down the e-plughole.



    1. Blasted Rat – always making a mucking fuddle of things.
      MW has been killed off so many times but as long as there is a faint pulse the rhythm of life goes ‘round.

    2. Broken, you are always so quick to accuse others. Some might say that YOU killed the BRS, but a pulse has been found, and it lives on.

      If this is the last we see of you, then I wish you all the best, and may you one day find contentment.... and JB's cell phone number.


  6. If this is the end of MW as it was, then this is the end of this star-baby as she was too, and I will call time on myself.

    This blog was like the strawberry compôte in a Victoria sponge, Rat. Although as I never indulge in Victoria sponge myself - I'm not entirely sure what that's to say. So some mysteries are best left untold after all, it seems.

    What I did like, was that your little rodent heart was always in the right place, and that it always BEAT BEAT BEAT with love.

    My heart always did too.

    No stars in the sky tonight, nor in the reservoirs, nor in my eyes... but as girlwithout said just above,

    As long as there is a faint pulse, the rhythm of life goes 'round.


    1. I hate to see you go, Astra - you've been such a special part of this journey. And of course I hate to see MW come to an end, but the prospect of a new chapter beginning with the new MW site is enticing. As SMW tweeted earlier this evening, things aren't quite over yet...

    2. I too am greatly saddened to see Astra leave us. She has introduced me to so many songs that I had never previously heard, and would never have discovered by myself. Her shared pictures (with the exception of the Bieber ones) have also been greatly appreciated. Thank you Astra, and may your heart carry on beating.

      As Astra leaves, we enter an exciting new chapter, and I have VERY exciting news which I will share in today's blog entry.

    3. I read this with much sadness. Astraea, you are one of a few people who have the ability to make me feel a little less like a square peg in a round hole. I shall never forget that.

    4. Aww Ducky don't go! Your 140 character prose bring me great joy And your jukebox is one of a kind. I'll miss you and thank you for your presence star maiden.

  7. If the fans respond as they have in the past, when Moz is on tour, we should expect traffic on twitter, FTM & possibly MW (or new site)to pick up. Since I began following at start of 2011 tour, it has always been an exciting time and I expect much the same with this tour, as the fans themselves want to interact with each other and one way they did this was through twitter and the blogs. So once again I am waiting for the tour to begin with all the fun and excitement. Reading the response of the ones who have been at the concert makes it exciting for the ones who were unable to go, and feel as if they too have been there. I hope I am not disappointed. I should add that, if MW is not involved, you could always count on Mr Ratty to supply some of the info, often even little trivial items that make you wonder what his connection really is to all of this. For some of the fans, like me, it is the closest we will ever be to a concert. Looking forward to the tour.

    1. Morrissey fans with love in their hearts will FIND the BlueRoseSociety.

  8. " This story is old and it goes on........"

    Keep on chronicling Rat.

  9. My dear Mouseketeer,
    Why so quick to dismiss the JB pics? As if you didn't enjoy the sight of them as much as your glamorous Brigitte? Tisk tisk.
    Although I am glad that our little troupe troops on I'm none too thrilled about the underwear people, How will "outsiders" take anything serious now? Still any talk is still talk and those curious enough might just find their own down the rabbit hole. Rat, you've done a marvelous job documenting for future readers.
    I would like to echo the sentiments above by saying I think things will pick up as the tour begins, Oh you lucky lucky people!

    1. Those who seek will find. Some people may get intrigued by what the Blue Knicker people keep slagging off and find FTM. After all, I don't think MW was ever meant to be for the masses... I only found MW after the denial on TTY and was intrigued what the fuss was about. Found MW, instantly liked it and have never looked back!

  10. I found out about MW and much more through your blog Rat, so I am forever indebted to you. And I loved your statement that fans with love in thier hearts will find BRS. I await the news and an exciting new beginning.


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