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Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Day 1085 - Because we all want Blue Rose to survive... Your chance to interview Morrissey

Yesterday afternoon, I issued a public apology to Morrissey on my blog, and in the evening we embraced in the dirty old toilets of The Twitterdilly Arms and made friends again. I suppose that I aught to point out to any new readers of this little blog of mine that The Twitterdilly Arms is actually just twitter, but it's our own little place on twitter; a make-belief pub where passionate Moz fans (and Morrissey) meet. The toilets are the DM section of twitter. Here are some bits of my conversation with Morrissey (@stillMozsworld) from yesterday evening:

MOZ: Make your choice now and stick to it. Sorry will no longer work.

RAT: I shall just quietly observe. I became too involved. This is not about me. I am hated for loving.

MOZ: There will be no parody. Why do you even need a parody when the real thing sits in front of you as proud as a painting?

RAT: I loved the parody. Many did. Billy Fury or Elvis? Loss of sight or loss of hearing? To Sir, With Love or Heart?

MOZ: Am I being interviewed by the NME?

RAT: Does the NME still exist? Will you accept their God like Genius award next year? What 10 items that you own would you keep if only 10 could be kept? Has any other artist played such great & varied venues as you?

MOZ: My head has exploded from these ridiculous questions. I have no intention of accepting any award from them. Billy Elvis. I refuse to choose and you will not and can not make me.

RAT: My friend has called his baby Morrissey Elvis. He obviously had the same dilemma... although not with Billy, obviously.

MOZ: Morrissey Elvis? I am honoured. Although why not throw Oscar in there as well? But I am not a fan of first names Ratty boy. Otherwise I'd just be called that name beginning with S.

RAT: Can I interview you on FTM? You can ask the questions if you'd like; they would be far better than mine!

MOZ: You may interview me. I am not coming to your offices though.

RAT: My offices are in need of a lick of paint. You are wise to steer clear.

MOZ: I know a good painter. Ok. I am giving you the first interview for the promotion of my tour. I am happy to answer your questions, although if they bore me I will add my own. No pressure. I would write my own questions but I would make it too easy on myself.

RAT: I don't believe that. You'd ask the gritty stuff that others are too scared to ask. I hate watching people interview you. Most are so scared. You put the fear of god in everybody. Plus, most of the interviewers are so dull.

MOZ: I have slipped into a boredom induced coma once or twice before.

RAT: I've noticed. A Zane Lowe interview springs to mind. People who aren't interested enough to ask the right questions, but love the fact they they've interviewed Morrissey!

MOZ: Are you referencing the interview from 2009? Zane Lowe is a man that is brimming with his own self-importance but in reality has the personality of a twig and the intelligence of Kate Middleton after a severe knock to the head. Lauren Laverne was a fairly good interviewer.


Today, Morrissey has contacted me again to add the following:

MOZ: I have decided to do something a tad different. Please encourage your readers to leave me a question on your blog. I will then answer all of them. No restrictions except the bodyguard.

So there we have it, the Blue Rose Society are to be granted the exclusive first interview in promotion of the new tour. Please post your question in the comments section below, but make it interesting! Here are the questions that I had prepared before I knew that questions were being invited by others:

1. The LP World Peace is None of Your Business has been out for nearly two months now, and the reception to it has been very favourable, but with hindsight, is there anything that you would have changed about it?
2. Are there any songs on World Peace that have recently made you say to yourself, "that really is an absolute belter"?
3. Harvest clearly had no understanding of what was needed to promote an artist like yourself. Do you think this is a problem with all record companies now have, in that they haven't been able to move with the changing times?
4. What will happen to the LP now, ie would you re-release it with another label?
5. Have there been any negotiations  yet with a new record company?
6. Is there another album ready to record, and if so, when would you like to see it released?
7.  So, to the tour. Are you still able to get excited at the prospect of returning to the stage, or does the fear of unexpected problems, particularly with your health, erode your excitement?
8. The last tour, earlier this year, ended with a quite public bust up with old friends, including your longtime support artist, Kristeen Young. Have you spoken to Kristeen since, and have bridges been built?
9. Can we expect to see Kristeen back on the road with you in the future?
10. You've played some unbelievable venues in your career, including virtually ALL of the major places in London. On this up-coming tour you will play London's O2. Presumably this was on your tick list, but are there any other unplayed London venues still on your list?
11. How do you go about choosing your worldwide venues? 
12. You will at last be playing Switzerland, and on the shores of Lake Geneva no less, how do you think the Swiss will take to you and why so long a wait to play there?
13. So, to the songs that will be played on the European tour; what ones are you most excited about debuting?
14. Are there any songs on the LP that won't work live?
15. You have sung Kick the Bride Down the Aisle just once so far, and the lyrics made the audience laugh, but some fans  have called the song  misogynistic. Presumably they have misinterpreted it?
16. What songs from your vast back catalogue will be in the set?
17. Many fans were very excited to see Trouble Loves Me and I Know It's Gonna Happen Someday in the set earlier this year. Will they be remaining?
18. Will there be a full UK tour in 2015?
19. No interview with you would EVER be complete without the obligatory "are the Smiths reuniting" question, but I won't waste your time with such nonsense, although I do have a Johnny Marr related question; Nobody has ever publicly asked you your opinion on Johnny Marr's debut album Messenger, so what did you make of it?
20. Finally, do you still want your fans to bring you blue roses, and if so, will you accept and wear them?

Morrissey wasn't just hanging about in the toilets of The Arms last night, he also made a visit to the main bar, but I fear that I have already written too much today, so I will keep his highlights to a minimum:

In response to @edgeindustphoto tweeting, "Whatever happened? It was a great 3 year journey": "It is not over just yet old boy. When I walk onto the stage and hurl the blue roses back into the crowd, then it is over."

"Art-Hounds will be sung at the o2" (Remember where you read it first!)

"The only thing about me that is a parody is the way I whip the microphone cord. I did it once in 1972 and it just stuck."

In response to me asking, "@stillmozsworld What 'whipping' songs are on WPINOYB? Do you picture 'whipping' in advance of being on stage or is it on impulse?": "Impulse. There are a few songs on World Peace that are certainly 'whipping' songs as you put it."

In response to me asking, "Any regrets on the track listing on WPINOYB or does it sit how you wanted it to sit?": "World Peace does not sit. It paces around the room like a baby on cocaine."


In other news, Broken was obviously none too pleased that I chose Morrissey over him, but hopefully he will find peace. Unfortunately, with MorrisseysWorld now having come to an end, Astra has decided to leave us. Her twitter account has been closed, and she left these words on yesterday's FTM entry:

If this is the end of MW as it was, then this is the end of this star-baby as she was too, and I will call time on myself.

This blog was like the strawberry compôte in a Victoria sponge, Rat. Although as I never indulge in Victoria sponge myself - I'm not entirely sure what that's to say. So some mysteries are best left untold after all, it seems.

What I did like, was that your little rodent heart was always in the right place, and that it always BEAT BEAT BEAT with love.

My heart always did too.

No stars in the sky tonight, nor in the reservoirs, nor in my eyes... but as girlwithout said just above,

As long as there is a faint pulse, the rhythm of life goes 'round.


Posted by Astraea to Following The Mozziah at 3 September 2014 00:59

Astra will be greatly missed.

It feels like a new chapter is just about to begin in this incredible story. Morrissey is no longer hiding the fact that he is on twitter; he is openly admitting he is. To date, he has just 169 followers. Will the rest of his fans manage to find him?

This morning, I have updated the BlueRoseSociety blog.

Now, get your questions in.


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Hello Sir,
    How do you think your life/career might have differed if you had not been such a successful self-saboteur?

  3. Can I have more than one? If so:

    What colour should I paint the spare bedroom? It's a kind of sage green at the moment and I fancy a change.

  4. My question is, who on earth is that screaming at the end of I'm Not a Man? This devastating sound pierces my soul every time I listen.

  5. A few off the top of my head, will now be thinking non-stop...

    Would you consider recording under your own label to release Morrissey music, with the help of fan promotion? After WPINOYB and the fan promotion on twitter, the YouTube videos by fans do you think this could be viable?

    Manc asked about the nail varnish- do you paint it on yourself (I always have trouble using my left hand to paint my right hand nails).

    If you were you retire, would you stay fixed in one place/country or would you still enjoy moving around?

    Do you have a particular place when you have written most of your post-smiths songs, ie a particular country, room in your house, feel good (or bad) town/city etc.

    Can you remember when and where every song was born/started to form in your head/on paper.

    Did you choose the cover for the album WPINOYB?
    If so why?

  6. Do you ever go back to old material that you wrote 10, 20+ years ago, that you felt was to cutting edge to release at the current time. Leave it as it is or re-jig it slightly so as it feels more current and then put on a current album/b-side.
    Or is everything newly written?

    1. Too many currents, if it passes Rat will you re-word.
      In fact you will probably have to re-word all of mine....

  7. In the recent interview with Hot Press you said that you did not know that the Nobel Peace Prize Concert would be ‘so stately and ceremonious’. This comment made me wonder if you regretted wearing those grey palazzo pants. Now don’t get me wrong because I am not one to knock comfort, but there were a lot of comments about you turning up in sweatpants. If you could turn back time would you still wear such louche pants?

  8. Every fibre in my body adores ‘Neal Cassady Drops Dead’ and I would dearly love to hear you not really rapping to it live on the European leg of Tour 2014. You mention in this song that Allen Ginsberg was ‘hosed down in a barn’. I have tried researching this (ok then, I did a little googling). This just turned up blah, blah, blah so I got a bit trigger happy and googled faster. Sadly I ended up on a porn site. My question to you about this is - was Ginsberg being hosed down in a barn a figment of your imagination?

  9. Ive got a floor standing tick for O2 and I'm thinking of getting a bespoke blue rose flag made. If I get to the front, will you wave it? Sorry... Really dull teen like question.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. You mentioned in one of your TTY statements that your UK label created a quite fantastic television advertisement to transmit prior to the release of WPINOYB but that this never happened. Now as you are obviously quite the little youtubing expert, if you could just upload the advertisement and post the link on Following The Mozziah blog that would be marvellous. No reply required, just a nod will do.

  11. Can you describe the band’s boot-camp training programme?

  12. Most celebrities use twitter as a means of self promotion informing their audience of events and meaningless insights about their day, having discarded this notion when you took to twitter do you feel this enhances the experience for you? For your followers?

    My two favorite songs off of #WPINOYB are Drag the River and Julie lie down in the Weeds, could you offer any insight into what inspired these songs and how you feel about them?

    You mentioned that you are fluent in polare, Do you have any favorite words or phrases? Have you considered using polare in another song?

    1. That is not even OM, much less M. Forgive them Moz - they know not what they do.

    2. Honestly these are only questions I'm curious about. I wonder if TRM or Our mozzer would have the slightest interest in them but how am I to know that? So forgive me, yes, It almost felt like the old days, ya know

  13. Bollocks. Just read the instructions again. ‘..encourage your readers to leave me a question..’. So it’s just one per reader. Damn.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. How do you feel & what goes through your mind the last few seconds before you go on stage? Do you have any rituals?

    On or off stage, what is most likely to bring a twinkle to your eye?

  15. Dear Moz, I've just realised that my third question is jibberish, but hopefully you will get the jist; although I wouldn't be surprised if it is ignored completely.
    Kind regards
    Ratty boy

  16. I very much enjoy the song "Staircase At The University". I can relate to the pressure of getting good grades. I had certain goals I had to meet or else. I still have nightmares about it. Do you ever regret not going to University and do you think your life would have been different had you moved away to University?

  17. I'm actually in favor of the idea of Morrissey interviewing himself - I think that would be quite fascinating - but I'm thrilled that he has asked for questions from us. I don't currently have any new questions to ask because mine have already been asked by others. Like Jaz, I adore Drag the River and would love to hear any insights on that song. I'd also like to know if roses are still wanted at the upcoming concerts.

  18. A simple question from a simple haiku librarian that may or may not have a simple answer:

    Why did you change (Stephen Street said "butcher") Late Night, Maudlin Street on the Viva Hate re-master/re-issue: what were you thinking?

  19. I have another question. What made you make the lyric changes to Art-Hounds from the original "real world" of 2011 to "fake world" of 2014?

    Are there any other songs that, given the chance, you would tinker with?

    Thank you

    1. I also wondered about the word change in Art-Hounds. Didn't he also change the amount of pills it takes to send him to sleep and to shake him awake? Or am I imagining that?

  20. Dear Moz,
    Do you consider WPINOYB to be you're best material? Or what album? & what inspired you're lyrics in this new album?

  21. This comment has been removed by the author.

  22. What's more important to you - humility or pride? Would you sacrifice one for the other?

  23. After two years of waiting, it seems there will only be one UK concert in 2014. It feels like UK fans are being penalised for something or other... Is that the case?

  24. If the internet/twitter had been around at the start of your solo career, would you have started MW using twitter then, and would you have done it the same way you've done it now, with denials, it is me, it isn't etc..
    Same question too for your recording "hiatus".

    If your singing career had not been successful, would you have ever auditioned for the X Factor?

  25. Dear Moz,
    When are you coming back to Los Angeles, you are aren't you?

  26. This comment has been removed by the author.

  27. Damn made an error above.

    I ask many questions of Moz when he is on Twitter !!

    However I would like to know what he enjoys about the interaction that he has with
    his fans/followers on Twitter.

  28. Amazing. You're now interacting with a fool who lacks any of the wit, poetry and insight of OM. This is a pale imitation of an amusingly coy parody.

    You have hit new depths.

    I think I'll join OM. By the pool. For a very long time.

    Well done rat - for putting numbers above BRS.

    You are now following Morrisseysmum - FTM is as drab as that.

    1. Please don't tell us that the real Morrissey isn't as witty or intelligent as the original fake Morrissey. Now, that is something you really couldn't make up!

    2. Dear Moz, thank you very much for all these emotions. What was the best and what the was the worst thing happened in your life and your music career?

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. in honour of our nearest and dearest Broken, I have deleted my comments, I await the backlash off whiskers with, well, you know, I await

  29. Doesn't all of this whole-arsed enthusiasm for an unrefined, limited, unamusing and unoriginal account devalue the original, delicate parody? How could this new effort be appreciated by the same minds which understood the nuances of MorrisseysWorld?

    Where is the subtle wordplay? The carefully engineered displays of underlying motivations and trends? The construction of an actual character?

    If THIS is the fake Morrissey you want, why are you even interested in Morrissey at all?

  30. Hello Ratty dear, how are you? I'm very exited for the forthcoming tour and for the concerts in Rome. Can I ask for something more? Not by now and I truly love the surprises....Have a nice week end you all, ciao!

  31. This comment has been removed by the author.

  32. Do you even like blue roses? Roses in a different color or another type of flower?


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