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Saturday, 13 September 2014

Day 1094 - The Return of Parody Moz

I risk facing the wrath of PoeticMorrissey today, because I am once again removing the Concert Bans parody piece from the front page of my blog, but there is good reason; Our Mozzer is back!.... or IS he? Let me explain.

On Sunday August 31st, in what now seems like a dream, I'm sure I wrote that Broken had stated that his favourite men on twitter were "@mancladmozfan and @morrisseyparody". I responded to this by writing, "I wonder why Broken keeps referring to Our Mozzer as '@MorrisseyParody' when the account name is now available to anybody? OM as @MorrisseyParody no longer exists!"

It would appear that later that day, somebody registered the @MorrisseyPaordy name, and then tweeted, "In the beginning." This went unnoticed by everybody. Well it would, wouldn't it; twitter is a large empty place when you've got no followers.

The following day, @MorrisseyParody tweeted, "You are sleeping" followed by "great idea". I have no idea what the "great idea" might have been, because I still was completely unaware of this account at this point, and I'm presuming all the old MorrisseysWorlders were too. A further tweet on Sept 3rd saying, "1st December is Dublin day" also passed by without causing any waves, but it was this tweet of yesterday that has made quite a few people sit up and take notice:

"Announcement 1800hrs UK time tomorrow (Saturday)  Morrissey"

Our old friend, Banjaxer, who doesn't seem to even be following @MorrisseyParody, has replied to the tweet stating, "No announcement due". The fact that Banjaxer doesn't follow this account, and yet has found it and drawn attention to it, seems to suggest that he could have something to do with it, so this whole blog entry of mine could be a waste of time, but the reason I have a feeling that it IS the real Our Mozzer, is because Astraea (@FadingGoldLeaf) is following the account.

All eyes will now be on the clock at 6pm, although I will actually be on a cricket pitch, so won't get the chance to look until about 8.30. If this IS all a hoax, then I will put the Concert Bans piece back up tomorrow, although as I had thought, NOBODY new has commented on it, even though 1400 new readers were brought to my blog via Solow linking the Gustavo interview. They obviously weren't inquisitive enough to look beyond the Gustavo interview.... well, no surprises there.

If today's 1800hrs announcement does turn out to be a TTY announcement, will the Solowers and other fans at last accept that MorrisseysWorld is Moz, and coming running? No, of course not!


  1. I hope your hunch is correct Rats. It would be grand to have Our Mozzer back with us again.
    Eyes peeled for an announcement this evening.

  2. The tweet from @morrisseyparody was retweeted a couple of times by Blue Rose members, maybe banjaxer follows one of them, so he's not necessarily involved with that account. In any case, I'm waiting with baited breath for the announcement.

  3. Don't forget I also follow Cheryl Cole. My little treasure.

    She also has a new perfume out, so don't forget what I want for Christmas. I've been looking for a new downscale pest repellent for the garden - this should work a treat. Only the best from Cheryl!

    And I send her my love. Too bad it won't help her with anything in life - but we should never stop praying.

    1. You make me smile, Astraea. You're our little treasure.

    2. You're the treasure, Heather.

    3. I use my barbed tongue only now and again to feel my gentle blood stain my lips the colour of roses.

      I am also the caress.

      The person who holds up the mirror and shows people their own beauty. Look into it. I am always holding it for you.

  4. 1400 hits!!!
    There is life in the old blog yet.

  5. 1401? Curiosity got the better of me.


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