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Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Day 1096 - Boredom swarms around like a pesky plague (Unpublished)

*Published for the first time 22.7.16... for no other reason than I had forgotten all about it, and stumbled across it in my 'draft' folder!*

I awoke this morning to find that the AlfsButton account has gone. As to whether or not this is a permanent arrangement, I have no idea. I managed to note down a few of Alf's twitter highlights from yesterday, but when I went to bed last night he was still going, so I can't report it all. I also picked up a tweet from Saturday evening, which may be linked to the Savages refusing to open for Moz, or of course it could be related to any number of let downs that no doubt occur regularly in the world of Morrissey:

"Plans can fall through, its so often they do."


"The failure to connect with other humans both haunts and amuses me"

In response to Harrison asking how many humans are worth connecting with: "I've found 29." (Number of followers!)

In response to Kerry tweeting "Dust and pet hair everywhere": "That sounds like a new lyric. For a Christmas Album by Phillip Schofield."

"Are you all waiting for a sign?"

"What sign do you want? More dates in England?"

"Modern singers seem to mumble over the songs as if they are not confident of the lyrics or their message."

"It is hard to believe in a band or singer if they do not n
believe in their own ability."

"You can ALWAYS hear what I sing."

In response to George asking for a date: "Good grief! I've not met someone so forward since the Drummer stole my wallet."

Moz, George and Jesse then continued the conversation for a while. Here are the highlights:

MOZ: One day you will find your boy/girl/no fixed gender.

JESSE: But will you?

MOZ: I never will.

GEORGE: Perhaps you don't want to?

MOZ: It would not fit the public image.

GEORGE: Then it would be kept private.

MOZ: I hardly kept Old JW private.


In response to Jesse calling Moz a sex symbol: "When did I become a sex symbol?"

In response to Jesse asking, "when weren't you a sex symbol?": "1983. I was still a back-bedroom-victim. Or the bedsit. Delete as appropriate."

In response to Lizzy asking, "When did you realise that people were attracted to you?": "When somebody licked my face on the underground."

In response to Lizzy stating that "People still think you use a fax machine having seen that documentary": "I've come on a bit since then. I now use carrier pigeon. I am Jack Duckworth."



"Christmas with Morr-ee-say"

"Boredom swarms around like a pesky plague."

"Bitten fingernails are the sign of a handsome devil."

"Eternity annihilating itself at every corner."

"Irish Blood. English Heart. Scottish brain. Welsh limbs."

The mention of boredom being a plague and "fingernails" has reminded me of the two songs that Our Mozzer mentioned in December 2012. In fact, the phrase "Boredom is a plague" was first used by Our Mozzer in October 2011, and I even wrote a song using the title:

In May 2012, Our Mozzer again mentioned boredom being a plague ( and did so yet again in October 2012 ( I think it is fair to say that Morrissey sees boredom as a plague!

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