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Thursday, 18 September 2014

Day 1099 - No one cares

The MorrisseyParody twitter account yesterday tweeted, "NB: This is a (piss poor) parody account. I am not Morrissey. Have never met Morrissey. Rarely see Morrissey in the pub any more. And so on."

So that's that then. Only myself, Father Brian and MozFiend bothered replying to the tweet. What is more, only EARS, Moz Fiend, Astraea, Heathercat, Clover Dean and Fancy123 bothered leaving a comment on the last FTM entry. Whatever happened to all (?) those others who used to follow the happenings of MorrisseysWorld on a daily basis like excited teenagers?

It would now appear that the MorrisseysWorld story really has come to an end. Morrissey must have become frustrated beyond belief that his own fans couldn't see what he was subtly trying to do, and has therefore lost interest in continuing it. What is the point of writing hilarious parody pieces for an audience of twelve?  Morrissey's fans failed to realise that Morrissey's THREE denials of MorrisseysWorld on TTY was his way of leading them to MorrisseysWorld, but instead, they walked in the opposite direction.

Despite the many, many, many, many, many signs that Morrissey has subtly given over the past three years to prove he is behind MorrisseysWorld, his fans have been unable to see what was right in front of their eyes. I have done my bit to try and help people see by giving thousands of hours of my time to document everything that has happened on this phenomenal journey, but virtually no-one has bothered to look; although a number have been quick to call me a liar and even accuse me of making all of this up. The evidence is ALL here within this blog, and perhaps one day, Morrissey's fans will realise what they missed.

Despite MorrisseysWorld looking like it is over, I believe that Blue Rose will live on, and I have high hopes that Morrissey will continue to accept and wear blue roses on stage. I hope to be able to present him with one myself. I don't expect Morrissey to EVER explain why he wears the blue roses, but some of us will KNOW, and for me at least, that is enough.

I WILL return, but for now, here are some pictures from our journey:





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  1. And for it all... We thank you Ratty BRS will not ever die

  2. Once again, I would like to thank Rat for his past and continued effort in continuing this blog, especially now when it seems everyone has inexplicably lost interest. I also want to thank Morrissey, well, for basically everything he has ever done. It saddens me greatly to know that Moz fans are so uncaring or just too thick to see what is right in front of their eyes. I don't want to see this journey end. I can only hope that there are still some souls lurking about who believe and who do care.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. I certainly care, as I suspect many others do.
    And having commented on here on for three years, sometimes I choose not to.

    I echo Moz Fiend's words above.

    Morrissey is aware of my feelings and devotion, I am sure.

    Rat, you are the glue that holds us all together.

    I hope this journey never ends and with the forthcoming tour,
    surely there will be a resurgence of interest in your blog.

    " There Is A Light " etc etc.

  5. i normaly don't reply,but i want to say that i do read your blog and i realy appreciate all the time that you spend on your blog and your devotion to is hard to keep up with everything that happens on twitter(Moz stuff).so it might look that i don't care, but i do.i just don't always have time for it.without your blog i would never be able to find Moz on always seem to know where to look.i promise that i am gonna take a blue rose to the concerts.and hopefully i am able to hand it to Morrissey.

  6. I just passed the most exciting 60 minutes of my entire life.

    Four very attractive and stupidly well dressed men just walked into my home. One turned to the right, and walked uninvited into my closed bedroom. There, he was met by a single crumpled white sheet on my bed, and a pair of gold mesh knickers discarded on top, which I had decided completely against this morning.

    The second turned to the left, and walked uninvited into my garden. With searing eyes, he told me I had a major problem. I asked him how much time he had, and if that meant he thought we had met before. I didn’t recognise him.

    Number 3 just stood in the way of everything, and of everyone, and of their dreams, and asked me if I was the maid.

    Number 4 may have been a deaf-mute, but we will never know for sure, as at this point, Number 2 apologised for the transgressions of Number 1.

    Are you paying attention Rat? Because this isn’t just another episode of The Prisoner you know. The game of Life is a very serious business.

    Finally, I told them all that I was late for an appointment to have a double knuckle removed.

    If only everyone could have neighbours and structural engineers like mine.

    On the subject of more important matters Rat, can you please stop posting pictures of Oasis and of Justin Bieber. I thought this was a serious blog.

    Meanwhile, Greece in December sounds simply entrancing.

    1. "it's all a game
      existence is only a game"

  7. Also you posted pictures not only of the Joyce-Goat contraption thing but also of that carrot-topped gormless wonder, yet you ran out of bandwidth for my favoruite JB Vine?

  8. Rat... the darkest hour is just before... oh... look, you have to see the funny side of all this too. It is funny. What we need is one more sign... something to do with a shoe or something to do with a gourd or Spike Miligan... just something...

  9. Dear Ratty. I always read, but don't always have something to write.

    I know it's over
    and it never really began
    but in my heart it was so real

  10. If this is the end and it all sinks like the Titanic, I will be the one holding on to a scap of the wreckage, floating alone in the freezing waters. I refuse to let go and drown!

    1. You won't be alone. Some of us will be right there with you.

  11. Wow. Just wow. A photo is posted of Moz in Sweden, holding what appears to be a blue rose, and so few people seem to notice or care. If this really is the end, endless thanks to Morrissey for this phenomenal journey and to Ratty for documenting it all. Blue rose will live on forever in our hearts.

  12. Three weeks this Sunday I travel to Rome to see Morrissey. I hope Romina will help me out & guide me to a rose seller so that I can take a rose to the concert. The rose will be from us all at BRS, as a token of our love & appreciation of Morrissey.

    Our MW voyage has been a joy. I will always remember with the greatest fondness & appreciation of everyone who made it so very special.

    Lovely picture of Morrissey in Sweden.
    I echo Heather's sentiment, blue rose will be in our hearts eternally.

  13. When I said darkest hour before dawn... I didn't think it would literally be an hour before you had to wait for your sign. Ha ha!

    1. Just another coincidence, don't you know?!

  14. Thanks for the pictorial journey of the last three years - although I am not quite sure that you needed to post quite so many JB pictures...

    The publication of last nights photo of Moz in Sweden with the blue rose tucked under his arm was a classic. I guess as long as he is still having fun with it, it isn't over yet!

  15. Thanks Ratty for the pictorial account of the Blue Rose journey and to Heathercat for alerting me to the Moz in Sweden picture I had not known it was out there until then. He does look fit and happy with that blue rose discretely placed. I do hope the Blue Rose society continues and some lucky member gets to give him a rose on the next tour. Too bad they no longer have ushers rush to the stage with flowers after a concert as they do in the older movies, it make it a lot easier for the BRS--do they even have ushers who could do that any more?

  16. I love the word CUNT underneath the picture of Ed Sheeran!


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