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Monday, 29 September 2014

Day 1110 - If you dance with the devil

There is STILL no sign of a new MorrisseysWorld parody, even though Our Mozzer's request for 200 comments to be placed on my blog entry of Friday has now been reached. Will we get this new parody piece? Has it even been written? Who knows?

In the meantime, Broken (@Broken1andonly) made a return to The Twitterdilly Arms in the early hours of yesterday morning. I wasn't around, but have managed to pick up his words:

In response to Menippus tweeting, "Somehow, the mythical, paradigmatic Moz, when 'honest', 'real' and 'at ease', must lack any irony, creativity or insight": "@Menippus When 'well' he simply stares out of the window and drinks tea utterly without concern for the world. Like Countess Mountbatten."


"Gld to see George back on FTM. Loyal MWer"

"Sanity is an insane choice in this world."

"I'm not Morrissey - I'm just a shadow dancing on the ceiling."

"We are all Following The Mozziah"

"Fame is the cheapest currency."

"Each post possesses sass, style and swag"

"@therealgokwan Tour glasses are shit."


"Impermanence is the hallmark of existence."

"In thirty years, will I regret every moment I spent on twitter? Will I cry over the never-written stories?"

"MorrisseyWorld is unique - only the cognoscenti can even say for certain that it ever existed."

"If you're sad, have another wagon wheel."

"Sex is wasted on the beautiful."

"I've nothing to declare but my own genius."

Broken also posted a number of Justin Bieber pictures, which is what he does!

Broken also posted this comment on FTM yesterday:

fancy123: " I'm to believe you need 200 comments? Yesterday it was only 100. What is this? Some sort of numbers game?"

OM pissed off to Monopoly last night and won - for the 43rd time in 45 games - and he told diddums to write a brand spanking new parody with help from the world most incompetent administrator!

Any delaying tactics are welcome!

Posted by Broken to Following The Mozziah at 28 September 2014 13:40

There is nothing else to add today, except to say that former BRS member, Chuck, has joined SoLow in an attempt to let Morrissey fans see that the BRS is hateful..... yes, the irony just oozes out of that sentence.... and someone has decided to parody me on SoLow, which must mean I've hit the big time.... or not! In response to Chuck, the Solowers once again resorted to accusing me of being OM and Broken, which infuriated Chuck as she obviously knows that they are wrong. Poor Chuck, but if you dance with the devil......

In other news, I have been contacted YET AGAIN by Rob Pollard, who has been reminiscing on twitter about the hilarious parody I wrote last year in which I have Pollard interviewing Morrissey. Rather ironically, that same blog entry of March 15th 2013 also features a letter from Chuck outlining why the BRS is so wonderful, and in the comments section, another former BRS member, Girl On Bike sings the praises of Broken. As I may have said before, you couldn't make this up.

And finally Esther, and finally Cyril, I have recently found a Youtube clip of Morrissey's entry onto the stage at the London Palladium in August 2011, in which he says.....  "Welcome to My World." Could Morrissey possibly return to London a full three years later, and repeat those infamous MorrisseysWorld words at the o2, and STILL have everybody ignore MorrisseysWorld? I think we all know the answer to that one.

Understanding MorrisseysWorld:

The BlueRoseSociety:


  1. One's again,thank you for writing your blog.

  2. Cheers for the updates Rats.
    It sounds like SoLow remains dark & sordid.
    As I said yesterday, I am glad to have Broken back with us again.

  3. Thanks for posting Broken's tweets - I had completely missed those. Hoping to see a new parody sOOn.

  4. youb deleted my comment.
    it was not abusive

    you do not know me at all DO YOU?
    it's called me on twitter having a laugh and trying to cope with things
    what do you want me to EXACTLY write?????
    I am watching from afar these days after ALL THAT HAPPENED
    I never signed up as one of your staff writers

    1. I can assure you that I have NOT deleted any comment from you! Are you sure you posted one, or did you dream it. Keep the faith.

    2. The only comments that I will EVER delete are the negative or abusive ones. The BRS is about friendship between Morrissey and his fans. It always has been. It is only those full of negativity and hate who have managed to get things wrong. Those with open minds, open hearts and open EYES are the ones who are still here.

    3. I am sorry Rat. I wrote it ... and then must have got distracted by a plaid dude ... my comment was the 2nd part of the above though. I just got upset that you could have misinterpreted me and what I am about ... I am just a doof on twitter. that is all. and flirting #obvs ... never with dudes though ... just acting the doof before I CAN BE ME AGAIN. always keeping the faith ...

  5. Thanks for keeping us up to date on some of the goings on--I wouldn't have known about the solow's antics otherwise. I used to visit there, now I hardly ever go to the site, as I become depressed over reading some of the hate they hold for Moz there. I do not know how you can visit them, but one has to keep up on one's enemies. I think the worst time at so low was when they made fun of Moz's Mum when she was ill. Also, thanks for the other updates--even Brokens. Just don't allow FTM become a shrine to Justin Bieber.:-)

  6. Are you fucken kidding me!!!!!

    I am truly disappointed in them fallen roses


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