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Monday, 22 September 2014

Day 1103 - Need to be loved

Morrissey has NOT left twitter after all; AlfsButton remains. The status quo has not changed though, with most of Morrissey's twitter using fans STILL refusing to believe that AlfsButton is Moz. Rather bizarrely, most of those fans who refuse to believe, don't seem to have the courage to tweet Alf directly and accuse him of lying, instead, they lay into me!


On Saturday, I faced yet another abhorrent torrent of abuse from the 'NO' campaigners who just WILL NOT OPEN THEIR EYES. At first, it seemed that a number of the doubters were at last prepared to open their minds as a number of questions were fired my way, but it wasn't long before they resorted back to just abusing and mocking. Here are some of the questions I've been asked, along with my answers:

1. If Morrissey really was behind MorrisseysWorld, then why did he set out to fool all of his fans? - He didn't. He tried to get us to open our eyes and minds, and to realise that not everything that we are told is the truth.

2. Why did Morrissey issue all those denials on True to You about MorrisseysWorld? - I refer you to my previous answer. It also has to be remembered that in the Spring of 2011, when MorrisseysWorld started, Morrissey was without a recording contract, wasn't touring, and probably wanted a bit of spice and mystery in his life. Despite what some of Morrissey's fans may believe, Morrissey doesn't hang out with celebrities all day every day, he spends his time at home, alone.... as he may have mentioned in a song or two.

3. If this really is Morrissey on twitter, then why doesn't he publicise the fact? - This IS Morrissey we are talking about; a man (or humasexual if you prefer) who deals in 'unique otherness'. Morrissey didn't even promote his album, so there is no way that he would announce that he is on twitter. I also like to think that Morrissey feels that twitter is beneath him; a little bit sordid and dirty. Kenneth Williams would have felt exactly the same..... and he too would have DEFINITELY been on twitter.... secretly, of course!


4. If AlfsButton is Morrissey, then why does he only interact with a select few? - He doesn't! He interacts with those who have accepted that he is telling the truth, and that he really is Morrissey. The fact that most have decided not to follow him, and not to interact with him is their choice, not Morrissey's.

5. AlfsButton doesn't have the wit that MorrisseysWorld used to have on twitter. If they are one and the same, then why is this? - First and foremost, MorrisseysWorld was a 'self-aware parody' of Morrissey, and NOT Morrissey, but if that's a little too difficult for those who have not followed events of the past three years to understand, then perhaps it is easier to look at what Morrissey has had to face in the past four months to get a better idea of why he may have lost his wit somewhat. Personally, I am just pleased he is still alive; having any wit left is the least of his problems. Here is what Morrissey has had to endure:

A) Yet more illnesses. (He must wonder when this will ever end.)
B) A US tour that fell apart.
C) A fallout with long-time friends Kristeen Young and Tony Visconti.
D) A record label that failed him & then dumped him.
E) A failure to reach Number 1 in the album chart.
F) Four singles all failing to chart.
G) A bodyguard suing for unfair dismissal.
H) An accusation of wanting to commit murder.
I) A so called 'fan site' continuously publishing made-up stories and hatred about him, including one such story that accused him of the most hideous of crimes.

Any one of the above things would be enough to sap anyone's wit, especially somebody who suffers from depression in the first place, but to have all of the above happen in such a short period of time must have been horrendous for Morrissey. Add to this the fact that Morrissey has had a support act turn him down, his infamous hair is thinning, and he's nearer sixty than fifty, then I expect his spirit is not only broken, but shattered.

And as for MorrisseysWorld returning, I doubt very much that Morrissey has particularly felt like writing parody pieces for the amusement of a deluded dreary dozen fans, especially as half the time, those dreary dozen can't even be bothered to say hello to him when he enters The Twitterdilly Arms.

What is surprising to me, is that so many of Morrissey's fans just can't accept that Morrissey would create MorrisseysWorld or have secretive twitter accounts. He has always been mysterious, always been secretive; how many times has Morrissey ever explained the meanings of his songs for instance? How much did Morrissey give away about himself in his autobiography? Morrissey is an enigma. He is the Garbo of our era. Morrissey is Iconic. He is a genius. If anyone was going to create a Blue Rose Society both for himself and in honour of Oscar Wilde, then it is Morrissey, and yet people seem surprised by this. WHY?

Perhaps it is too much for Morrissey's fans to accept that he is on twitter. Perhaps they want him to stay on a pedestal; an untouchable God. I do understand this, but I also understand that Morrissey is human, and needs to be loved.... just like everybody else does. The interaction he gets on twitter gives Morrissey normality. If it were to become common knowledge that Morrissey was on twitter, he would have fans fawning all over him.... and he would no doubt run a mile.

Some how, despite all the trials and tribulations of the past four months, Morrissey has managed to pull himself out of the gutter, patch together his body and spirit, and is about to return to the stage, purely to entertain US. To give, really is the reason he lives.

What would be really great, is for Morrissey fans to now take Moz a blue rose to concerts, to show their love. Whether Morrissey's fans believe that Morrissey is behind the Blue Rose Society or not is irrelevant, what they CANNOT deny is that he has accepted and WORN blue roses on THREE occasions in the past three years. On EACH of his past three tours, Morrissey has accepted and WORN a blue rose, whilst dismissing ALL other flowers. Morrissey has not been forced to accept or wear BLUE ROSES, he has chosen to. Morrissey LIKES Blue Roses.

And now back to AlfsButton. The account has once again been taken down, so I cannot currently see his tweets from the past few days, but I did managed to take a copy of the following ones:

Thursday 18th September:

"Royal Blood - The latest hyped nonsense."

"The hairline is not what it once was."

In response to Avirtuousvamp calling Morrissey's hair "fetching": "The only thing it is fetching is hair cream."

Friday 19th September:

On Scotland: "They have remained with what they know. They have no spice in their veins."

Saturday 20th September:

"(un)social media."

"Washing my own hair is tiresome beyond belief. I mean, I cannot imagine Alan Bennett washing his own hair."

On being accused of carrying an 'umbrella' in the 'Sweden Photo': "I was holding an umbrella. Even though the sun was there for all to see."

In response to RosyMires tweeting, "You don't seriously think that is a blue rose under his arm! Looks like a bottle of water": "LOOKS like. Not it IS."

And on the subject of that mysterious object under the arm, here is what Jan Aman, the 'fan' who took the photo had to say on the subject:

"I am not sure if it is a blue rose, but maybe it was." "Maybe it was." Hmm. If I met Morrissey in the street, and asked to take his photo, I'm pretty sure that I would notice if he had a blue rose tucked under his arm or not? I smell a rat, and believe you me, I KNOW what a rat smells like!


  1. Very well said, Ratty. Will write more later when I have more time...

  2. I am sorry you've had abuse thrown your way Rats. Just because ones point of view may differ I don't get why people need to react in a defensive & abusive manner.
    I dearly hope Morrissey will receive roses from his fans as he travels around Europe. It is a beautiful way of expressing the love & appreciation we have for him.

  3. Thank you (again) for writing your blog!

  4. That Hitler video always kills me. Anyway, thank you Rat for not giving up on Morrissey or this blog and for continuing in the face of abuse, neglect, and ignorance. You write the truth even if most are disinterested in knowing it.

  5. well you were always going to cop it, even you cant imagine it any other way, secretly, I think you love the abuse

  6. The abuse happens when their "logic" is threatened and they run out of reasonable arguments to sustain their beliefs. In a way, the pattern from argument to slinging abuse means that they have been talked into a corner, it's fight or flight as they face their fear that they could be (gasp) wrong.

    Unfortunately, whenever I'm on Twitter @AlfsButton is not. Dear time zones, please help me.

    1. Wonders never cease to amaze. AlfsButton not closed at the mo, so finally I have followed!

  7. confused.
    you told me on twit we do NOT talk about that alf character (when I said he had been taking with me)
    yet here you sat it IS moz
    what gives?

    1. Tut tut George. You obviously haven't been reading my blog on a daily basis, which of course I don't mind, but if you don't, you may miss things. Let me point you to the place where the 'Alf' situation changed:

      This whole phenomenal story of Morrissey on twitter has had many twists and turns, and if one doesn't keep watch on a daily basis, you get left behind. I have tried to make my blog a place where people can come to keep up with Morrissey's movements on twitter, and as he appears in many guises, you HAVE to be vigilant to keep abreast.

      The 'NO' campaigners keep shouting 'NO' without any evidence whatsoever to back up their shouting. Some of them don't even know WHY they are shouting "NO", they are just following the heard. A prime example of this is a twitter user called @kissmyshades, who on Saturday tweeted, "I've never read it (FTM). I heard some very unsavoury things about him (me) so thought better of it." This twitter user is saying that Morrissey is NOT on twitter based purely on what somebody has told her(?). She has not followed ANY events of the past three years, and yet thinks she knows the truth. It is actually quite interesting to observe human behaviour.... and at the same time quite distressing.

    2. I have just deleted a comment left by Willow, attacking me for calling somebody called Max a "prick" on twitter. Once again, I am laid into without ANY of the facts being known. Here is how the WHOLE conversation went with Max (@MadAlix14), who incidentally I thought was a man:

      MAX: Rat's followed me twice in a week. Guess he unfollowed me in between. Fickle b*****d.
      ME: I followed you when you interacted with Morrissey & unfollowed when you took the piss. And yes, I am a VERY fickle bastard.
      MAX: I apologise for being so certain Morrissey was carrying a blue umbrella round Stockholm. It's a bloody water bottle!
      ME: Prick.

      So there we have it. I am vilified for calling somebody a prick, but no mention of me being called a bastard in the first place, or having sarcasm thrust in my face. I don't know why I bother.

    3. oh the umbrella rose thing
      I did not realise that had reference to the alf character
      I get confused very easily
      as most of twitter know
      just spank me now, get it over with
      lesson learned
      I will not make the mistake again
      I am improving my reading skills daily by the way
      (less time flexing n all that)

      George Edge

    4. Ratty, my comment was not 'attacking' you, & I'm not disputing that some people HAVE been abusive to you, but you accuse ANYONE who disagrees with you of abusing you or attacking you.

  8. Did Max really 'take the piss'? Or just disagree with your assumption that it's incontrovertibly a blue rose under Moz's arm?

    1. Who cares? It's petty school ground stuff.

  9. That should be 'assertion' not 'assumption'


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